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Look at the price movement of the past several days. It's total consolidation at each new level, while consistently moving up with strength. Sell offs are fast and strength comes immediately back in. You also have a lot of movement and volume in alts. Things are really firing up now. Thoughts?

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It definitely does look better than it has for a long time but I wouldnt call it a bull market just yet. We need to make a higher high first.

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the bears are still dancing

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Is it OK to say you want to smash her yet

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Thanks just shorted 100k

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Look at the 2015 chart, the $190~ bottom was followed by little rallies to $300~
2019 = 2015

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3 is a powerful number. there were three major capitulation events in 2014-2015. We only have 2 major capitulation events in 2018-2019 so far.

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Nah the OK-police is gonna get you if say that

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Ill allow it.

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Been looking the strongest it has in a year

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bull markets are defined by a series of higher highs and higher lows.
We only have one definitive higher low and no higher high.

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she's trashy as fuck but I would still do her raw and nut inside

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>3 is a powerful number.
nice opinion you fucking retarded boomer faggot
jesus can't we gas you old idiots yet, for fucks sake get off the computer

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Bull trap

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The bull run won't really start to kick into high gear until May. Accumulate before then.

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Why do these low iqs peak at 14 or so

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that was 2 weeks ago. this one is real

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lmao not a boomer and you don't have an argument

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No you fucking idiot, it’s not.

See my thread, this is a bull trap. The central bankers are readying another dump. We are breaking the 3k support within weeks


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people used to think that sign around the eye meant illuminati not wp

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>thinks "3 is a powerful number" is an argument
you're either a demented boomer or an actual retard, either way I pity you and your tard-mumbling

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I was saying that 2 years ago.

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This rally will fail like all the others.

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>three capitulation events in 2014-2015
>only two events in 2018-2019
do I have you fucking walk you through the concept of a fractal?

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i counted 7 from last ath

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Good luck with that. She only fucks high-test, black men.

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I was specifically referring to events that caused price to touch new ATL.

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it's alt season! bitmax, fantom & vite are undervalued gems and next to pump.

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