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have you accumulated enough?

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I'm still paying off my debt from the last bull run in which i was rekt cause im a faggot laggard

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No but good thing will have a couple more years to do so

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Its never enough

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Not 400 like you, I agree

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Probably not, I’ve only been able to muster up 3500. I think I over diversified my holdings.

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Is 80k enough? Am i fucked?

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Is an investment of over 30k USD in a highly speculative asset with no product targeting a trillion dollar market enough to make it were it to be successful?

Heh, probably not

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I've got 21k but I'm dying accumulating crypto, I'm turning 30 and it's time to buy stocks. That way the stock market can finally crash.

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Seriously, its probably going to drop to 20-30 cents in the next few weeks which can be clearly read from the trends. This may unironically be the last chance you get to hoard links and bottom barrel prices before mainnet. GET YOUR DUCKS IN A ROW

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57.3k here never feels like enough

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Got all the LTC and silver I need to retire before I'm 40

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If you have linklet syndrome you will sell early, it comes from the same source of insecurity, you have been warned

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Bad idea, stocks are freefalling for a while unless the central banks print the money into hyperinflation. In which case you want silver and gold because that's what the kikes manipulating the markets are buying. Stocks crash, metals go up, sell metals and buy a lot of stocks in dividend yielding companies that will not go under easily.

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