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Oh look, another CP support thread

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What a time to be alive

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He's going to fucking do it, isn't he.

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Baswd and Satoshipilled

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Is this like a subtle red-pill? Because I never see any mention of the Bitcoin chain having CP, which is what SV forked from. So they both have the same images.

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took me 5 seconds to google


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If it's a subtle red-pill it is unintentional. I think at least some of these morons actually think the CP narrative is their best attack. Hilarious.

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It's a good attack because anyone buying Satoj Vision is a literal retard, so you need extremely retarded fud for them to understand. Noone buying satoj vision has any idea what signing a transaction means, so you must give them nice simple tabloid headlines.

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I hold an assload of BSV and have been around since 2012. You are clueless but all these SV threads on /biz/ right now are pretty entertaining. Thanks!

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>have been around since 2012
Here's a little "red pill" for you, anon There are two kinds of people who were into crypto early -- high IQ risk taking visionaries, and utter knuckle dragging retards who happened to send their money to the one Nigerian prince that actually delivered. Holding satoj vision makes you the second kind. Congrats on being so lucky!

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>Telling an OG he was "just lucky"
>Bumping SV thread
AHAHAHA, please keep posting. This is great shit.

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hey i've been gone from biz for a while
just checked out your weird scam
thanks for the laugh

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>his signature isnt a 200 line ascii horsecock

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Post a transaction of the last 3 digits of this post or gtfo you fucking newfag brainlet larper. I refuse to believe anyone gullible enough to believe crew satoj could have survived since 2012 without getting liquidated.

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>I refuse to believe anyone...
And that's why I likely hold 1000x more capital than you.
The same morons who couldn't into bitcoin back in the day are the morons who today cannot understand the actual terrain of the crypto space. Better luck next time.

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You think it's so **obvious** that BSV is a scam for exactly the same reasons the guys who now cook my food every day thought bitcoin was a scam back in 2013: you are a basic bitch NPC who needs the majority to be onboard before you unfuck your worldview. Don't worry. It's coming.

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>I make wild claims and refuse to prove them
Is that you creg?

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Guys I think this is really creg. He's threatening to release the vishnu.

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And also very bullish

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>t. creg's phone

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idk who showed him 4chan but this faggot needs to leave

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>Imagine being this obsessed
You see him in your dreams, don't you? Show us where Bad Aussie Man touched you.

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>t. creg's mom's phone

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It's Shadders you noobs

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>It's coming
sounds like something i've heard before
>flippening on the 15th if may
another reddit cult member

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i love this painting

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>BSV = baby sex vision


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Bitcoin is safe from CP because it's not economically viable to spam it. Meanwhile retardo-ville economics of large blocks allow for any nigger to store actual files on the blockchain for peanuts.

Note that linking to CP isn't a problem at all, the problem is HOSTING it, which niggerchains allow for due big blocks + low fees.

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do you know what sage is?

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>It costs 1 dollar instead of 1 cent to upload CP to my preferred chain, therefore my chain doesn't have the same issues as yours

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Trust me, that guy wasn't sage-ing shit.

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>his main argument is that it costs too fucking much to actually use BTC for anything

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>BTC is safe from abuse because no one in their right mind would actually use it

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Why would I sage this? Bitcoin Spicy Vindaloo threads are hilarious.
The only "sage" here is the bit in your curry.

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Bumping to help the village idiot keep BSV living rent free in everyone's heads

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>my blockchain is more useful than yours because it has CP hosted by trolls on centralized datacenters due niggerconomics

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