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We're free falling bros !!!
Should I sell and get back @10k ?
What is your target ?

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We are just waming up, target 50k sats.

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Why would anyone market buy like that. Why not accumulate over the course of a week or month. You get more stinks at a better price.

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my bet would be a retest of the .000123ish level

thats where i'd look to buy

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>he didn't sell at 13.2k

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I can't take this rollercoaster no more !
Pump or dump Goddamnit !

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My grandfather was diagnosed with a form of lung cancer in 1995. The x-rays showed that the cancer was so widespread, that it had even eaten through his ribs. There were visible gaps in his chest where the bones should have been.

After hearing the doctors recommendation that he needed various forms of treatment, but even with the treatment they would give him a maximum of 3-4 months to live, he decided against all of it, and put his sons and daughters to the task of finding any information they could about alternative treatments that had any plausibility to them.

Among the things the family discovered as plausible included:

- essiac tea
- shark cartilage
- fruit & vegetable seeds - pumpkin seeds, apple seeds, apricot cores, flax seeds
- laetrine
- and any & all foods that shifted body pH from acidic to basic

He altered his diet radically.

That was 15 years ago. The ensuing x-rays taken of my grandfather in the months after his diagnosis showed a remission that was so dramatic that the missing sections of bone in his chest reappeared in each subsequent x-ray, almost like still frames of a motion picture.

Today, he's still a stubborn old bastard, but he's fit as a fiddle and alive.

What cured him?

Possibly something on that list. ^

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At that level it would be worth more than bitcoin lets be realistic

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Kek'd hard right fucking there

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Do you even says, bro? Hint 1 sat /= $1.

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fuck off this is the new floor

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