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I study stoicism for over 10 years. Really intensive for about 2.

>age: 28
>location: Germany
>income: passive from a Franchise i own
>how much: around 2.5k after tax
>what do you do all day: walk, study, sports, yoga, meditate, shitpost on /biz/ :)
>how do you live: see next post
>do you hodl crypto: 75% link 25% rlc


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my place

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Do you remember me? We talked about stoicism in that ChainLink general thread

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i have talked with alot of people :) are you this fren?

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why are you on 4chan if you are such a leftist? go to r/communism

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because this is my "forum" where i find a lot of people who seek answers

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Damn dude you must feel amazing on a day to day basis. I know I would if I did all that shit but its like I have this madsive drive to do shit that makes me feel horrible

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nice euphemism for "I just want to spam gay socialist propaganda on a high quality forum"

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>madsive drive to do shit that makes me feel horrible

this is just a sign missing knowledge you can acquire through study, nothing permanent

you are entitled to you opinion i could not care less

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>muh stoicism
aka veganism for people who want to feel superior but are too lazy to actually do anything.
you wouldn't be a stoic if you couldn't tell people you are one.
>I could not care less (that's why I reply)

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>what do you do all day: walk, study, sports, yoga, meditate, shitpost on /biz/ :)

are you me anon?

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germanfag here too
whats your franchise you won fren?

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i sadly have to tell people to get the conversation going if you have a better way to word it please tell me

>I could not care less (that's why I reply)

this is a AMA and your trolling is nut fruitful at all maybe you should take it some place else

i dont think so :) or i have become schizophrenic who knows kek

i do not do this as promotion for that franchise so i wont tell i am sorry - food thats all i will say

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Do you do psychedelic drugs like shroom, mescaline, acid, dmt? If not you should, they kick ass

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i do sometimes not very often tho

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How do you cope with the lack of a "mission/purpose", lived like this for a while and I felt like shit internally

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my purpose in live is to achieve absolute inner peace if stoicism is not the right thing i would try something else. but it is.

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>i do not do this as promotion for that franchise so i wont tell i am sorry - food thats all i will say

You don't need to tell me the name of your company, but I am interested what you're actually doing. I would mutilate myself for a passive 2.5k/mo income. I have considered dropshipping but I'm not sure, really should just start rolling out stores until one sticks.

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its not my company i own a store within a franchise system. i have worked there long before that and once i saved enough money started my own. it was very hands on and very hard work in the first few years dont imagine anything else.

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comfy as fuck

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Imagine an orchestra, all sorts of instruments. now imagine a composer/conductor who can only make use of one instrument of the orchestra. if he were better, he would find a place and purpose even for the canon shot and cow bell, and they would all work in harmony to make beautiful music together. but this composer sucks. so he purges the orchestra and plays the clarinet

That is stoicism in its purest form. it says purge your mind of emotions, moods, passions, all because you cannot learn to synchronize them, to find a purpose for them, to work for you. their "sage" is someone who has overcome all these non-rational faculties and operates rationally, only rationally. only the clarinet.

Stoicism--honestly, you might as well get a lobotomy. in both cases you get rid of a large part of your mind, and in both cases, its a sign of incompetence, inability to master yourself. recourse to castration.

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Do you remember me?

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LOL u german nazi fuck
Trying to go stoicizm while once again destroying entire Europe..
Who bought u the franchise? Hans? Helga?

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thank you very much. i try to keep it simple and only keep stuff that has a positive influence on my inner peace. or as one might say *only keep that which sparks joy* or something like that

i dont see a question in there. and as i said to this fren already

>you are entitled to you opinion i could not care less

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I’m that fren yes. How are you fren? How is the Gf

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i bought it of course with my money and a loan from the bank

nice to meet you again how are you doing? I have no clue havent seen her in a week or longer :D she is very busy studying at the moment

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my question is why don't you just master your emotions, have them work for you, instead of castrating yourself, your libido. you can use anger, for instance, if you habituate yourself into feeling anger at the right moment, towards the right person, at the right time, and so on. learn to unleash anger towards yourself on those occasions where you fail to perform your schoolwork, for instance

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I’m doing okay, since the last time we spoke I’ve decided to not let my worries about gold diggers get the best of me and I’ve been taking dates with girls and stuff and seeing where things go.

You reading anything good?

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>my question is why don't you just master your emotions

this is what i am doing i see anger and joy as useless they have the same worth to me. what i want is inner peace

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thats great fren! i always read the same books it is not worth to spent time on to many authors it is better to study a few very intensive

my books are:
The Enchiridion
All the work from Seneca
And Marcus Aurelius but I think he is a little bit of a downer. But a smart man never the less
And the Pali Canon just started that tho

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I studied crypto for the last 7 years. The last 5 years intensive.

I can tell you that chainlink sucks.

>age: 30
>location: Belgium

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>If you kiss your child, or your wife, say that you only kiss things which are human, and thus you will not be disturbed if either of them dies.
This is ideal according to stoics.

>anger and joy [are] useless
once again, this is the ideal for stoics. an ideal life is one that does not see the worth of joy or anger and which seeks to not feel either one of them. unbelievable. reminds me of Nietzsche's description of the last man, a lukewarm being, sensitive, incapable of tolerating too much of anything. not too much pain, not to much pleasure.

Nietzsche was right to hate Germans.

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again i dont see a question there. and yes both of those are stoic ideals which i try to live by

hate is worthless to but you do you fren

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Pali Canon looks cool. I’m currently reading some Nietzsche (genealogy of morality). Ironically enough Nietzsche doesn’t think stoicism is the answer

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just like everyone else Nietzsche is entitled to his opinion and I dont know what it is but it does not matter to me.

The Pali Canon looks very interesting yes but I can not talk about it yet for I have not understood it completely but maybe the day will come where i do a Pali Canon AMA :)

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I study traps for over 50 years. Really intense.

>age 70
>location: thailand
>income: I upload porn
>how much: enough
>what do you do all day: fuck traps
>how do you live with yourself: comfy
>do you hodl crypto: an unknown ammount of monero


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of course stoicism is not the answer. a being that thinks 95% of its mental life needs to be auschwitzed for it to live well, in fact in order to live the best kind of life a man can live, that's a german answer for you. the sickly and deluded german will tell you he doesn't hate, either. it's pure unadulterated and impartial reason that takes such a drastic stance on one's mental life.

ama about nietzsche, fren. i'm read and written plenty about him.

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your wording seems angry and unhappy and far away from inner peace. i will stop answering you now for you clearly are not interested in stoicism

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OP go to /leftypol/ on cripplechan

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>seems angry
i don't hide it, fren. I never do. i'm saying you do. i criticize stoics for their ideal, not because I think they can actually acomplish their ideal. it's retarded to conceptualize the mind as the stoics do...reason makes you free, the emotions, the passions, are a tumor, foreign to you...if you let them move the will, then you're unfree, because it's like nature acted through you. its all too naive.

if abiding by stoicism makes you happy, it's because it's a happy gloss over a frail nature. you don't have to accept that you are weak, incapable of mastering yourself and life. a weak nature, one that cannot tolerate any strong sensation, that cannot be an enemy, cannot tolerate suffering nor to inflict suffering. it's a being ripe for death, that suffers from life.

it's ultimately the culmination of the christian nature. what happens to it once it grows into maturity and finally flowers. you are that christian flower, finally free from the metaphysical baggage. what offends thee, you cut it out. and what offends thee, are whats human, all-too-human.

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No more questions? These threads are getting more quiet to my pleasant surprise.

I will go make some food now and will be back in 30 minutes or so

In case this was it I wish you all a great time and see you next time!

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Why can't I concentrate at all on menial tasks? How do I break free from internet addiction? What is your daily life like?

>> No.12640538

to preface things, I have tried all the obvious fixes. I can practice the strength of my mind in different things like nutrition, meditation and daily self-improvement projects, but studying is not one of them. I'm dropping out of university due to (((ADHD))) and my inability to study consistently

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Why is stoicism a thing now? I must find another philosophy to live on to.

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>blame da joos because he is too much of a brainlet to finish an undergrad degree (something 80% of the population could do).

Classic /biz/

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Q: >Why can't I concentrate at all on menial tasks?
A: >this is just a sign missing knowledge you can acquire through study, nothing permanent

Q: >How do I break free from internet addiction

A: >. If you are struck by the appearance of any promised pleasure, guard yourself against being hurried away by it; but let the affair wait your leisure, and procure yourself some delay. Then bring to your mind both points of time: that in which you will enjoy the pleasure, and that in which you will repent and reproach yourself after you have enjoyed it; and set before you, in opposition to these, how you will be glad and applaud yourself if you abstain. And even though it should appear to you a seasonable gratification, take heed that its enticing, and agreeable and attractive force may not subdue you; but set in opposition to this how much better it is to be conscious of having gained so great a victory.

Q: >What is your daily life like?
A: > what do you do all day: walk, study, sports, yoga, meditate, shitpost on /biz/ :)

>but studying is not one of them
you can only improve through study. or you could try adhd drugs but im an not a psychiatrist and in the position to give you any advice about that. I am not a big fan of drugs in any shape or form. I think you can overcome every problem through study. If you are incapable of study you are a poor soul and will suffer eternally (but that does not exist)

it has been "a thing" for over 2000 years if I remember correctly

be nice fren this is not the peace to put each other down there are dozens of other threads where you can do that

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to clarify i mean drugs as in uppers downers stress revilers adhd pills and so on not medicine to help your body cure an illness

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Why do you value inner peace? It seems to be a common trait of food and not much else. Personally I think philosophizing around the full embracement and appreciation of chaos is much more exciting. Chaos scares people, it shouldn't.

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>Why do you value inner peace?
Because it is permanent if you achieve it and therefor it is the most valuable thing to me

>Personally I think philosophizing around the full embracement and appreciation of chaos is much more exciting.

I am a little bit of a Kekist to i must say i was very involved in picture related

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>Personally I think philosophizing around the full embracement and appreciation of chaos is much more exciting.

and one more thing stoicism embraces chaos for it takes for granted that you only have control over your actions and thoughts the rest is chaos like you might say

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bump for more questions

if none are left today see this >>12640501

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More room pics kind OP?

Fellow germanbro here

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thats pretty much it. there is a "kitchen" behind me in that picture just a stove and a fridge and a sink. There is a toilet aswell thats it

>> No.12640916

a bathroom of course not just a toilet :)

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Then we have similar places, I am glad to see a fellow anon embrace simplicity

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i love simplicity <3

ich wünsch dir alles gute freun

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Fuck. I'm about to be 24. I really fucking hope by 28 I can have passive income so I don't have to be someone's bitch for life.

Crypto+real estate. Let's hope this god doesn't take another shit all over me.

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Dir auch Kumpel!

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if you are "someones bitch" is always up to you. noone can force you to do anything. everything you do is because you want it or dont want something.

someone can inflict pain on you to force you to do something but is still up to you to simply endure the pain and change your attitude about the situation. nothing more you can do.

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that is if you cant leave the painful situation of course :) if you can it is your duty to do so

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Fair enough, but as another pointed out it seems to revolve around the idea of removing yourself from the chaos entirely, which I just don't see as beneficial, necessary, or worth it in the long run. I don't believe inner peace to be a never endinf state, just as it is possible to obtain inner peace it must be possible to lose it. Stoicism made a lot of sense to me in my early 20's, but tempered through experience and success through chaos has brought on a strong appreciation of it as I near 30.

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>seems to revolve around the idea of removing yourself from the chaos

that is just false. you cant remove yourself from the chaos how could you? you can understand chaos and embrace it and change your attitude or actions if you find yourself in a disagreeable situation.

> I don't believe inner peace to be a never endinf state

it requires constant work of course but it is permanent once you are "enlightened/wise" and I would never dare to call myself that just to be clear.

>Stoicism made a lot of sense to me in my early 20's, but tempered through experience and success through chaos has brought on a strong appreciation of it as I near 30.

maybe you just didnt understand it completely

>> No.12641058

>maybe you just didnt understand it completely

i think i read your sentence wrong. you say you appreciate stoicism. thats great :)

>> No.12641156

how can i become like u

>> No.12641167

are you asking him or me? :)

i think you need to move to Thailand to achieve that

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How many STD's do you have

>> No.12641225

you frens crack me up this is why i love this Malaysia basket weaving image board it has such a great community with a great sense of humor if you peak under the veil of racism and trolling

>> No.12641245

and I am certain this is where the intellectual elite hangs out as well. some frens just have not found the right path yet this is where i come in

>> No.12641366

once again bump for more question

if none are left I want to end it as always with wishing you all the very best!

and see you next time :)

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>he thinks the racism is a joke

>> No.12641401

sadly not always no... but I know you understand what I mean

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Can you apply Stoic Philosophy to a Business Goal?

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What are your thoughts on the Cistercian monks of the 1100s?

>> No.12641440

of course you can. if you understand that all you control is your action and perception of things that has a great influence on any business goal

but the stoics have to say this:
> "What place, then, say you, will I hold in the state?" Whatever you can hold with the preservation of your fidelity and honor. But if, by desiring to be useful to that, you lose these, of what use can you be to your country when you are become faithless and void of shame.

>> No.12641444


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i have no clue i am sorry. but if they burned people on the stake i would think they where not very influence by stoicism

>> No.12641497


checked nice

and this because stoicism teaches that is very important to be patient

>> No.12641528


I have the same portfolio plus FLO. Good choice OP

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thank you

>> No.12641735


or this >>12641366 :)

>> No.12642009

lel no, they eventually became the Templars who got burned at the stake. I would look into them if I were you.

>> No.12642033

is it of positive influence to my inner peace or does it enhance my general understanding of things? honest question

if no i will not waste any time on it

>> No.12642300

latter, I think the Cistercians took the whole stoicism thing to a new level

>> No.12642321

i like the level it is at from the old stoics. but you have spiked my interest and i will look into it at some point.

>> No.12642376

It is getting late here in krautland, i will start my evening meditation now and will probably go to sleep after that. If there is a very interesting question I will answer it before i go to bed.

Otherwise thanks a lot frens this was a great ama and I will most certainly do another one at some point. Have a great day/evening and see you soon

>> No.12642529

thanks for the sunday afternoon red pill. we could use more like these.

I'm interested in learning more about stoicism, any other great recommended reads or similar branches of philosophy. Inner peace is true wealth

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I thank you frens this is a pleasure to me, the only thing I do now a days aside from studying philosophy and developing my inner peace, is trying to help frens find the way to their inner peace if they want to

Read the Enchiridion not only once multiple times I have read it at least 100 times. I for example own 5 copy's in different translations some good some not so much (they translate slave with boy for example and I think that is just ridiculous they had slaves in that point of time and all they say is treat your slave well basically)

After that pick up Seneca he has multiple works
then Marcus Aurelius then Plato

you have quite a lot to read right there and as I said not only once multiple times!

>Inner peace is true wealth
words of wisdom right there anon

Goodbye Frens we shall meet again so Kek will!

>> No.12642875

If you are still here, should I abandon a friendship with a girl who rejected me as a boyfriend? Is there any hope left? If not, how do I forget about her?

>> No.12642907

OP, do you know Eckhart Tolle. Maybe you already know him.

His essential works:
-Jetzt / The Power of Now
-Neue Erde / A New Earth

also: youtube

>> No.12643439

bump where's OP

>> No.12643503

Hi my question is this:

This isn't business related thanks reported :)

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