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So far. Astrozenica, tuv/sud, migos, Patek phillipe. This is your final warning to get in. You have 2 weeks or so to keep accumulating, maybe less.

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We will see a very good amount of bundles at mainnet launch.

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Signed contract with nds to track EVERY single piece of beef on amb.net. This is your final warning to get in.

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Just fuck off you scammer pile of shit

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then what?
this shit never pumps

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>hurrrrs das a skam

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Jesus christ

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Then moon

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Russian scam

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Target price 5k?

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Much higher than that. Once the mainnet goes live and people see how many bundles and who amb is working with this shit is going to literally explode.

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Any estimations?

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where do I get Ambrosus

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If you use 10% yearly return on holding a node as an acceptable investment return

>10k daily bundles gives us 1usd per amb
>100k daily bundles gives us 10usd per amb

That’s simply using what returns most investors consider acceptable. Throw in hype and fomo and it can very easially be much more than that. Amb will decouple from btc because of the fact that bundles are paid for in usd. The valuation will basically be solely based on bundle numbers at first, also SCOs will drive up amb value.

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Thank You anon

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Another important thing to add

Fuck baeshoor, fuck Kevin, fuck Kate and fuck the whole tg group.

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kevin is nice and helpful

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What’s the estimated daily bundles on launch?

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Take your jannie ass Back to tg Kevin. Your kind isn’t allowed here.

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288 heartbeat bundles per day is all that is guaranteed. Iv dug around quite a bit and I’m pretty condense we’ll see 5 figures by the end of feb

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your mom isn't allowed here

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Good one!!!!

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Versetti said 1 million bundles

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>with adoption in a couple of years. Stop taking shit out of context senpai

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>with adoption in a couple of years.
Stop taking shit out of context senpai

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thanks OP, hard to find other BASED ambrosus support on this site

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thanks bro

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ALL NODES will be on boarded by summer. Everybody who applied will be running a node. Amb is expecting lots of bundles. That’s the only reason they would be onboarding EVERYBODY.

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I just want my xmas shirt.

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Fuck you and fuck your shirt. Real talk

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oh wow, a bunch of literal who's are partnered with a scam coin! im all in!

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You must be stupid if you think AstraZeneca is a nobody and Migros

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This might be a scam but these companies are not literal who's

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>Real talk
whats good tyrone

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It's over AMBlet. Supply chain wars are over, u lost. OriginTrail has mainnet live, signed a partnership with Oracle to be offered as a solution to their clients, signed a partnership with BSI which created ISO standards, GS1, deloitte, and 70 more... While getting funds from EU to connect millions of farmers to blockchain. The fact that it is not being shilled here daily speaks volume too.
Cope AMBlet

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>what is speculation?

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>5.4mil mcap
>supply chain wars are over
My literal sides

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U think this matters while prices are purely speculative?
What standards does amb comply too? How are they gonna beat the adoption cycles of legacy companies? OT has it all figured out

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No body is talking about it because it's

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Scam or no scam, this is about to pump hard. Lots of accumulation going on at these prices

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the ambrosus coin on bynance sir, buy plenty!

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3mil trac is already staked in nodes which interact with eth blockchain aswell as contain code for hyperledger which is used by Oracle. Company has enough funds for years to come while u Amblets shitpost on Tibetan cheese fermenting forum. The only thing amb has over OT is binance... Face it and cope with it

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Give me my shirt.

Nobody talks about TRAC because it's dead.

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Trac.... hahaha ya ok.

Amb sensors are being mass produced as we speak. Maybe trac can lease some from amb

Amb will be hosting stos, trac won’t

This supplychain stuff is just the beginning, their end game is using IoT and gateways (they already have patents) for smart cities ect. Amb is far far beyond trac which is nothing more than a 1 trick pony.

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Yes pls buy amb sir, very good coin sir.
Literally every relevant company using blockchain for supplychain will use OT, if u can't see the pros of such a small MC u don't deserve to make it. Not to mention that even Evrythng saw it as a better solution.

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>solving the problem of data storage via blockchain
>one trick pony
Pick one

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I'll stick with OT thanks. Real project with real customers and already in main net...

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Yup you convinced me. I'll invest in your 5 nobodies from some slav shithole. Thanks for the shill.

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Real customers. Lmao, there is barely any activity. When token swap? Why do we need trac when it’s nothing more than an er20 token. Eth can do the same thing

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>what is blockchain agnostic protocol

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Go make your own thread about your useless Slav shitcoin. Nobody’s cares about that dead probject run by a bunch of literal nobody’s who look like the East German Allstars

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>slav shithold
>bitstamp, nicehash, being able to buy shit with crypto in stores
I'll stick with my nobodies that work with EU and landed Oracle, Gs1, BSI, evrythng and many more over ur meme guys from amb that pay bizonacci to shill their shit to biztards

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So how are Oracle bsi and all these other companies ACTUALLY USING trac?

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The future is in companies using blockchain without even knowing it, has to be seamless and integrated with legacy systems

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You better stick with them, they need to feed their gypsy families off retards like you.

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Yes yes... Ad hominem. Guess u win AMBlet

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They are literally useless partnerships with no use.

Amb partnerships like nongshim are explained in detail. TRACK EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF BEEF FROM BABY COW TO CONSUMER. You do see the difference in how parterships work with amb compared to trac right?

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And you wanna talk about working with governments, look at the eu hive honey initiative and also look into the South Korean beef initiative, not to mention amb is already in talks and doing pocs concerning smart cities and IoT. Vlad triffla is as legit as it comes.

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You are retarded if you think Vlad Trifa will develop a better product than some 5 shithole slav nobodies. Buy TRAC sir.

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Are u braindead? OT has such partnerships since before they were even a blockchain company, poultry, wine, dairy etc, usecases were documanted in detail. If u can't see the relevance of Oracle building software on top of OT protocol which is readily available to all Oracle clients utilizing hyperledger while storing data via OT layer and if u can't grasp the fact that this is not about food but for all kinds of data then u should stick to ur tracable beef jerky

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It is a start yes.


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Still no use in the mainnet. Thanks for proving my point.

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Maybe you can finish school if you sell your 500 tokens. I'm sure they can teach you how to write proper sentences even in your slav shithole.

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615 offers were completed in beta since december and ends sometime next month . Adoption cycles of big systems take time. Still did more in less time then amb

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Maybe you can re-read what i wrote. I understand the sentances are a wee longer then what your cognitive potential allows you to grasp, but I am certain you can grind through it and make it work

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Yes, we already know how smart you are. You invested in TRAC!

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Nice you found a spelling error. Must be the highlight of your day. I speak 5 languages and sometimes make those in all of them. However since you found it, it must mean you are right and I am wring

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I told you we already know you are a genius. You own TRAC!

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Fuck off Fio, go back to your trac shithole

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AMBfag here. Vlad Trifa founded Evrything - the company was built on his knowledge. There would be no reason for Ambrosus to pay a company to provide them with something that they already have sourced. Personally, I believe OT is creating a solid product, but don't misrepresent the situation as if Ambrosus was vying for a partnership and Origin Trail snatched it out from under them.

Oh, and obviously OP is bullshitting. Mockups on a test-net have no concrete intrinsic value with regards to assessing partnerships. There's been a load of evidence that AMB is affiliated with two of those entities in some capacity though.

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>op is bullshitting
>load of evidence of affiliation

Pick one

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The Astrozenica image isn't real btw, its a photoshop of the Patek Phillipe watch testnet product. Stop lying OP.

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lets see how many bundles amb actually does. even if it manages to reach 10k bundles id be surprised since each bundle consists of 16k+ transactions. amblets gonna get a rude awakening and OP is feeding retarded info to try to pump his bags

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A bundle can be 1 event or 16k events. Depends on the use.

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OrginTrail is building a decentralized IoT network with proprietary sensors?
Nah, fuck off with this shit. OT and Ambrosus will likely be complementary technologies to one another

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