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This fucker literally sacrificed $68 billion to date a random 49 year old retard.

Oh and the bitch is stupid enough to carelessly share the dickpics of the richest guy on the planet with her evil bitch of a friend.

We should invent a word that means the exact opposite of based.

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His lazy eye creeps me out

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>opposite of based


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You mean JUST?

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>We should invent a word that means the exact opposite of based.

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> We should invent a word that means the exact opposite of based


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did the dick pics got leaked? where can I see them?

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this, we need to see the dickpics otherwise this pasta is BS

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look around the elites you may notice a pattern

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I am noticing my urges to kill all jews

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Is pussy worth 68 billion? Fucking bezitos, you cuck

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Bezos lived through the dot com bubble and knows an overspeculated market when he sees one.

His wealth is in amazon stock which he would normally never be able to liq without scaring investors.

A divorce is the perfect cover to liq multiple tens if billions of amazon stock without spooking institutional investors.

As long as he keeps most in cash (he will) and assuming amazon is overvalued by at least 50% (what's the p/e again?) Then this is the perfect opportunity to actually triple or quadruple his stack, even if he takes a 50% initial cut.

He's getting a free exit near the top and will be able to buy back in at 450/share.

I half think this is all being orchestrated by the two of them to be honest. Neither of them are dumb people and may have decided that if they're having a mutually agreed upon split then they may as well make some money off the sheep at the same time.

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Lazy eye that often shows only in photos is signature of autism gene. When in general population strabismus maybe 5% carry it people with autism and super high iq it is 50% that carry strabismus :)

There is no difference in 80b and 130b in his life satisfaction, at least he got short term pleasure. And who knows, maybe these people have hundreds of lovers

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>There is no difference in 80b and 130b in his life satisfaction, at least he got short term pleasure.
exactly this, I would trade millions for a single little pleasure in his position. why would he even care when he's old and filthy rich, he's not going to live forever.

and that money is not burned, his soon to be ex wife may spend it or invest it even better than him.

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Where are the dick pics?

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Bezos is /ourguy/. He's going to take out the Jews

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Yes, we all need to support him. All heil Amazon.

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God I hope Amazon stock tanks loads over this. Back in the day (when Amazon stock shit was cheap as fuck) I missed out, well my parents did but anyway, I'm hopping this may be the chance to fix that oversight.

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Im convinced this is exactly what is happening. A legal way to cash out from Amazon thats one step removed from Bezos. The guy is too smart to throw away tens of billions on a used up whore

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>This fucker literally
>reffered the shady anon on binance
>https :/ / ww w. binance. com/ ? ref =3 6244789

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No pussy that can’t have babies is worth that, that’s for full fucking sure

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wouldn't that be JUST

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Pussy makes men do crazy things. Always has. Like pick up a bible some time.

> Hey Adam do you want to destroy paradise and allow sin to enter the world by eating this apple?
> Sure!

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>Be Me.
>Have lazy eye.
Fast forward 20 years...
>Joins Bilderberg Group.

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