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Metoo, feminism, false accusations, unfair court system for child support - these are all at all time high

Why do so many men still pamper women and try to get their attention and cant control their dick? Are these ppl so weak minded? These cucks bring a bad name to men as a whole.

Are women of any use ? Give me any real real reason why anyone would waste time dating in 2019

I have dated a couple of them and ALL of them were so boring, irritating and i just kept wasting my time

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The female bubble bursts when the weak men they have created are overrun and killed or otherwise displaced by strong foreigners or those from a different cultural background which does not care about their bullshit.

Its self destructive the only sad part is the civilization that enabled it dies with it even if it was a good civilization.

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They also pay less for car insurance
Women's use case is making babies

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there's no bursting this bubble
I for one am happy that women are working to pay my gibs

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> Business & Finance

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I'm sad to say that I don't think this bubble is anywhere near it's peak yet.

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Mainly this, but if enough weak men become strong before the foreign culture takes over, some of the original culture is preserved. Stay strong. Let the weak drown.

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>implying white men will lose the war

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Jesus comes back, the angels burn the chaff and harvest the wheat at which point you receive your real, spiritual body which is not gendered.
One will never interview a woman whom is not attached to her gender identity fetish, and rejects 'the little boy' inside of her (hatred without cause).

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>When will the female bubble burst?
Very very soon

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You've got to be flexible in a market environment fren. I shun all thots and rent apartments to single mothers, it's very profitable.

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as true as link $1000 eoy, gets are dead

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>at which point you receive your real, spiritual body which is not gendered.
Of course your body is gendered. The body with which you live in this life will be the one that gets resurrected. Sorry but if you're a man in this life you will be a man in the next

T. Traditional Catholic

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Who cares? Just don’t interact with women if you don’t like them. I don’t understand why so many poorfags here are concerned with macro topics. Politics don’t affect you, what you see on social media doesn’t affect you, just live your life and stop pretending large forces affect you. It really is that simple.

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I have the feeling that it already popped and women are kind of embracing the conservative viewpoint again and that they are not fighting as much for feminism anymore. They acknowledge the differences between the genders. The battle between the genders is over. A lot is becoming right-wing, conservative, ... etc. At least in my environment (Flanders, Belgium). We're pretty conservative and racist. The good life.

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Yep, never gonna happen, r-right femanons?

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Desperate cucks go behind them like a dog, this is the reason women takej advantage . Imagine if all men were strong enough and dont give them attention and sex, these bitches will become desperate and get wiped off

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I have seen many of my friends do this and kept telling them - dont give them attention, she will take advantage

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not saying never, but not ''soon'' 10 years for the first decent models and 20 to 30 for mass production and adoption

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No doubt, at least 20 or 30 years.
>Meanwhile in Japan

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Because you end up like me, with a beautiful wife who loves me. Every night I fall asleep with her head on my chest with her tits in my hand. When we fuck we cum together most of the time which is the most fulfilling feeling in the world. we're so deeply in love we just can't stop kissing and rubbing on one another.
We trade massages every day and trade off cooking for one another. She has a rewarding career and together we make enough money that I can fund my link stack without being in the poorhouse waiting for the singularity.

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Today. Jeff Bezos' divorce being front page news for the next year will end it

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nice larp . but wait till she initiates divorce one day lmao

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