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80% of portfolio is ETH and most alts got slaughtered on the ratio. looking to get a quick +30% once they bounce back
so far i've got:

looking to throw 10 ETH in each just because fuck it. shill me an alt anons

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ETH is the quick 30% anon

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LINK dipshit.

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i meant in eth, not in fiat
been successful with the august drop and mid november and increased my stack with +25 eth. looking to get 15-20 more rn

need it at ~160 on the ratio, currently it's at 200. then im thinking of throwing 8-9 eth into it

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Those coins are all garbage and will never be used.

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probably, i dont really care about them tho

ENG oscillates between 28-30k on the ratio
MFT 3300-3600
ZIL needs a bit more for more
RLC is 18k-20k, when it moons it goes to 27-30k but that's rare

ALL of these eventually bounce up to these ratios even through the hardest of dips. was just thinking if somebody can shill something.

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If you're looking for a quick safe gain I'd go OMG. Trading around .011 now and usually recovers to .014-.015. Plus it's a safer long term hold than the rest of that garbage but you shouldn't need to hold it for more than a week if you're just looking for 20%.

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thanks anon, just saw that it's dropped pretty well. i'll get layer some buy orders then.

was looking for a stack of PPT too but before i could get on it bounced with 15-20%. desu i think ETH can bounce back to 0.04 on the BTC ratio which will drive shitcoins further down, but in 2-3 days they should stabilize

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Web 3.0 is coming

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BNTY for quick pump once volume picks up

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mkr is probably the best alt to invest in for eth. its down to 3 eth from 4 eth each.

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QTUM. Read up on it and jump in while it's still cheap.

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Fucking Trx duh

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Read up on Tel

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I just bought a few 100k Cardano with some ETH, at 31.

Hold well the last months, ADA definitely will crush LTC in terms of market cap again, therefore easy win

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LUX duh

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Holo is a bargain now with the ETH pair. It has some stuff happening in the next couple of months.

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Snowblossom, dig deep and if you're not a brainlet you'll see that it has Raiblocks-style potential

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but muh pajeets

Snowblossom is going to blow up one day. Accumulate this.

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If you aren't all in ZIL, you ain't shit

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