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Is this the typical anon budget?

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i'd say that's about right

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Yes, keep in mind that donations = hookers

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>600 dollars a month on donation

Yeah sure lmao

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dining out is $250 but grocceries is $400. a month is 30 days on average. i bet so much food goes to waste. this isnt smart at all

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Nah, the typical anon puts $615 into crypto instead of "donations" lol.

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>lives in cambridge ma

$100k is probably sub 25 percentile there

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Since it all goes to the jews pockets it's basically the same.

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>$615 on donations

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>good with money
lol that dude is literally a poorfag

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>600 a month on food
>literally giving way just as much

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I drew up a budget when I first started working then when I bought my house. They were both solvent. I don't spend more than I used to but I earn more. I earn 60k a year at 25 years, but my benefits are cheaper than his self employed ones since I work for a corporation. Also fuck roommates.

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>he doesn't call his hooker budget donations to cover his tracks


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>giving up money for donations
>Not time

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>still pay rent

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Absolute state if CNBC...
>100k a year
>Budget cca. 2800/mo
Pick one

Also 600 for donations a month? Kek!
The wish.
Only if interest payments fall under donations according to CNBC

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I make around $60,000 a year in Taxachusetts and after taxes and 401K I get about $3k a month. where's the rest of this person's money on a $100K salary?

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Poor married 27y/o phd student.

Rent 1000$ 2bedroom
Utilities/500mbps 150$
Food/hygiene 350$
Insurance full cov. 140$
Misc. 100$
Cellphone 2lines 140$
Healthcare 800$
Gas 50$

Debt 0$
Eating out 0$
Donations 0$
Retirement 0$

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>$100k a year
>$2775 per month

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>literally 2 thirds of the chart is rent, "donations" and dining out. No savings.

This just shows how much retarded bullshit you can get a free pass on once you make money.

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>excellent with money
no savings

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Fucking low iq retards dont know what a budget is
He earns 100k a year and only spends around 3k a month, the rest is obviously invested

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Notice the absence of Taxes.
Notice the absence of Savings.

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>He doesn't realize that time is money

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Transportation $130? What is this guy taking a bus???

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As a person who actually makes more than 100K, is conspicuously missing "student loan payments".
Unless this hypothetical person had that paid for by their parents, in which case it's not surprising they're so successful. They were born on third base.

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It’s the same when it goes to some chink whale in the end

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How do student loans work? My parents paid for my college. If you owe 20k, can you just pay them 20k or you have to pay some small amount plus interest each month?

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Can some taxfag do the math on this to see if these donations are doing any good?

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He was riding your mom

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The terms of loans vary. Some even have penalties for early payments (I don't, because i'm paying that shit off ASAP fuck your interest). Since 2013 or so, you continue to accumulate interest even while you're in fucking school.

I would say that it's unlikely to only have 20K student loans if you're making that kind of money. You're getting into territory that requires a professional education which can be very expensive. This person should at least have a master's degree and owe over 50K, unless they landed a magic google job right out of undergrad (in which case their rent should be sky high living in silicon valley). I'm a dentist, which requires 4 years of undergrad, then 4 years of dental school. I had classmates who owed ~300K when they graduated. I owe a mere hundred grand.

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>$825 for rent
thats probably accurate
>$615 on donations
wtf, doubt
>$400 on groceries
thats probably accurate
>$270 on health insurance
this seems high, but maybe he has platinum coverage
>$195 for utilities
that's probably accurate
>$20 on internet
the fucking plep probably gets 20mbps

The rest is minutia, INB4 muh dining out, I'm losing my will to write.

So this cuck is socking away roughly 3.5k per month in savings? How come (((they))) don't show that in the mmmmpie chart?

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Wtf are donations supposed to be, seriously

>> No.12223635

It reduces your gross income by the amount of the donation, which has a very marginal affect on the taxes you pay.

I make "donations" practically every month, to my money grubbing family who always seem to on the edge of some dire emergency. I don't know how people can get in so much trouble for themselves when the are living for free in a house they didn't even have to buy, and get free money from the government every month. I wish I was "disabled".

Literal good boy points

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Read the thread faggot, it's code for hookers

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I think they’re trying to guilt us into donating to some (((refugee))) programs

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wait they expect me to donate?

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great points
pic unrelated, just the great BOTUS

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if you itemize, then you feel better about it than seeing it flush down the tax hole.

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$800 rent
$250 food
$70 transportation
$50 internet+cellphone
$10 other

$150 stocks
$150 crypto
$170 student loan

$1500 savings

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>PhD Student
>Debt 0$
Nice larp.

>> No.12224560

>It's a donation if she's using it to put herself through law school

>> No.12224607

looks like this guy just wanted to brag that he has great rent, is a big charity donor, eats fine food and has low cost health insurance.

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I was raw doggin ur sister last night bruh'

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Pay your loans retard

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They probably mean Patreon and crowdfunding. I guess this where those Twitch thots get their money.

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$20 for internet is a falsehood so the entire graphic is likely fake.

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lol the people in this country that make 100k don't have time to go to a soup kitchen for a substantial amount of hours if they want to have a few hours to themselves since their jobs will likely demand a lot for that 100k even weekends baka.

>> No.12225407

How can boomers get away with making shit up like this?

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Topkek gibme ur monies

>> No.12226909

GI Bill. That's also why I'm 27 because I started later than my peers

>> No.12226941

He is splitting with roommates

>> No.12227104

>obviously invested
Sure it is.

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I don't spend that much on donations but I spend around $70 a month on them. Great for tax returns in Australia since they're tax deductable

>> No.12227243

based infograph

>> No.12227247

whooo the fuck pays 150 buck for an hour of lsat tutoring

education is such a scam lol

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NEET here
Rent Free: $0
Donations: $0
Groceries: $0
Insurance: $0
Dining out: $0
Utilities: $0
Transportation: $0
Cell phone: $0
House cleaner: $0
Internet: $0

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also, fuck wagies and fuck involuntary NEETs

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no, your just a poorfag

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>being so retarded you had to go to the military to get scholarships
Didn't know gender studies had PhDs

>> No.12228133

>non mandated insurance

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GI Bill what are you a wwii vet?

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>20 for internet
>195 for utilities
>40 for cell phone
>30 for housekeeper
>130 for car
>825 rent
Where the fuck is this? Mars? 1980?

>> No.12228243

Donations as much as rent kek!

Is this some kind of propaganda to make the young give all their money into socialist causes.

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>being so retarded he doesnt got to the military for feee money, college, jobs, and pussies
Stay blasted

>> No.12228275

>$100,000 / 12 ~ $8000 per month
>pie chart shows he only spends $2,700 per month

do you think the remaining $5,300 gets jewed by the government?

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It's literally me

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Hope you’re enjoying your Christmas Eve, /biz/ boy. Our family’s corporate partners have had our sights on your start up for awhile.

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What % 25 years olds are making 100k??

>> No.12229078

>military sausage fest
>free pussy
OK I know you are larping now. Military welfare queens are the most cucked men on earth

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I'm a 27 year old making 100k. Close enough to the age right? I consider myself bad with money. Here's my spending breakdown:

>2300 mortgage (but it's my dream house 2bqh)
>200 utilities
>100 on internet (gigabit)
>$30 cell phone
>~$50 on netflix and subscription shit
>$230 car loan (almost paid off)
>$180 student loan
>$200 on weed
>~$800 on food and alcohol, i eat out and go drinking a lot
>~$150 on video games and accessories
>$100 - random charges and shit i forgot

That's about 4340 in spending. I live very well, and I still have about 1700 left after that. Currently about half of that goes into investments, the other half I use to buy shit for the house since I just bought it. More will go to investments soon.
I'm about to get a pretty nice raise as well. If you read this far then AMA

>> No.12229156

I'm 27 and I make $128k.

I live in Houston, cost of living is relatively low, because I bought a house way out in the suburbs. Big yard, 3 bedrooms, less than $210k. Went to Texas A&M University. Minimal debt because I was a manager at Whataburger while in school.

>> No.12229160

Lol I could spend way less on my cellphone

>House cleaner


>> No.12229167

100k is like making 40k in greater Boston area

>> No.12229194

what is your cell phone plan?

>> No.12229214

google fi. it's $20 base + $10 per gig. i'm usually on wifi so i only use about a gig per month. sometimes i'll use 2 but not usually.

>> No.12229219

R8 me, 24 with 5k/month gross income:

$1500 expenses:
Rent - $575
Utilities - $50
Internet - $25
Groceries - $200
Eating/drinking out - $200
Transportation (Gas/Tolls/Train+Ubers on weekends) - $150
Insurance - $50
Misc. Fun Money (mostly concerts, dates, random shit, etc.) - $250

$2700 savings:
401k - $1600 (+ 6% match)
HSA - $300
Brokerage - $500
Short Term Savings - $300

Other ~$800 goes to taxes

>> No.12229228

fucking lol
paying to eat out pussies

>> No.12229250

Better than $600 donations wtf

>> No.12229251

where do you live for rent that cheap? how is your internet so cheap? do you really have zero loans? and no cell phone?

why do you put money in an HSA?

>> No.12229329

>where do you live for rent that cheap?
Northeast US, I actually live in a fairly HCOL state but in a college town, so I split a 3 Br/1 Ba with 2 roommates who are grad students and it's fucking dirt cheap. I plan on doing this for a couple more years and then buy a place. Renting a 1 Br/1 Ba apartment would cost me almost double my current rent, not fucking worth it

>how is your internet so cheap?
It's split 3 ways, so it's really $75/month. It's just a basic internet package, I don't game or stream that much.

>do you really have zero loans?
Yes, I went to a dirt cheap state university, got a scholarship cause good SAT scores, worked part time and did 3 summer internships which covered most of it, and then my parents helped me out with the rest which was only like ~$10k

>and no cell phone?
My cell phone itself is paid off in full. Still on a family plan with my family. It's a super basic plan and it only costs them like $30/month for me and we all get unlimited data. It's nice. I don't pay them for it but maybe I'll start treating them to an extra dinner a month for it now.

>why do you put money in an HSA?
Because it's the ultimate retirement account. Money goes in tax-free and comes out tax-free. It's the only account that lets you do that. I pay a super low premium (hence why my insurance number is so low) but I have a high deductible, but I almost never go to the doctor so it's worth it. I put $3.5/year every year into mutual funds and let it grow and compound for 30 years and boom, I have a nice little nest egg to pay for health costs tax-free when I'm an oldfag

>> No.12229414

You forgot scholarships exist, any guesses why?

>> No.12229789

??? All active military qualifies after three years

>> No.12229852

You're both retarded, I paid 10k a year to study computer science at a state school and worked part time during, got ~20% scholarship from the school because I'm not a retard and now make over 100k total comp as a software engineer in a low cost of living area (Texas). I paid off my student loans in 2 years. Oh and I'm 26, but many software engineers start at 90k here. Get fucked low IQ poorfags

>> No.12229867

Also I work no more than 40 hours a week and have 21 days PTO. I'm a wage cuck but dedinitely not a ragie wagie

>> No.12229934

Physiology & Biophysics. My GRE score would make your pee pee wet. It must be embarrassing, you being below a literal bullet sponge.

>> No.12230015

>Make It in the top right corner
Even cnpc wants me to make it! This is the year, gonna kill it in the gym and break free from wagecucking!

Also where does my $15 audible subscript fit in? Does this mean I'm bad at money?

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He's fucking retarded.

>> No.12230071

Because he's not a minority, female, or other oppressed group?

>> No.12230135

I'm white as fuck and still got scholarships. You just have to have a good GPA and apply everywhere. I went to a shitty nigger-tier high school (inner city) and managed to get a 3.7 GPA which helped a ton on scholarship applications

>> No.12230167

Scholarships that actually made a difference, or scholarships to ease the sticker shock?

Planet money had a decent episode on overpriced private colleges having absurd sticker prices along with plenty of "merit" based scholarships.

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>400 a month grocerery

wtf. I've litterly been eating on like 40 a week this semester and I thought I was eating really good

>> No.12230215

Depends on where you live. A pound of ground beef where I am is 5.99$. Sirloin 7.99$. Flank 11.99$. Bacon at the normal grocery store is 7$, but I can get at a discount store for 4$.

>> No.12230245

What the fuck

I'm 28 y/o Boomer here trying to make it by spending 150/month on food. Fuck that bullshit

>> No.12230275

>going to a private liberal arts college
Enjoy the 200k loans with your gender studies degree. If you want a real education go to a state school, if you're paying more than 10k/year you're getting ripped off

>> No.12231319


Yes, to the bitmex insurance fund most likely

>> No.12231331

>Pay you loans retard
Loan is at inflation rate. No point in paying

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>> No.12231430

The biggest trick ever pulled was convincing people that money is more precious than time or health.

>> No.12231663

Donations. Good goy
Actually jewish

>> No.12231674

This. Only poster in this thread who gets it.

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this. once i realizedthat money is worthless everything changed.

I am a ceo of a small company. I earn alot of money even though I pay my wagies a way above average sallery. And you know what guys? I know alot of my wagies that dont get it. They actually have more money then me (I donate most of my money) I live in a shitty 1 bedroom apartment dont have a car, have 2 sets of clothes. Own a cellphone and a laptop thats it electronics wise.

My bills are like 800€ a month every wagie could aford that. But they dont. They think money has value to make them happy.

Wake up frens its the stuff that owns you.

>> No.12231773

i forgot to mention that i would trade freetime for money every trade i get. thats why i work like 20 hours a week most of the time. sure sometimes its like 60 - 70 that just comes with my job but i would rather hire another person who does that work for me then to get like 4k or whatever extra a month.

>> No.12231810

BOLLOCKS. Absolute bullshit. You are lying to us, and you're lying to *yourself*. Your entire life is a LARP.
Wait till you or a loved one get a serious illness that needs expensive medical treatment, then we'll see how fucking zen you are about money.

And by the way, being able to set your own work hours is a function of money, you fucking cretin.

>> No.12231838

i luckely live in the eu we have something thats called helthcare over here so i dont have to worrie about that. but i feel your pain bro.

you dont get it do you. i bet you have bills way over 1.5k a month. you have to work like shit only to pay those bills. then you still want more stuff vacations that nicer car that new iphone whatever, and then you are seriously asking yourself why you have to work that much.

money doesnt determin anything. you do. you decide what you do and think.

i would bet money that you spent like twice as much money as me. even tho you earn 1/10

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File: 1 KB, 200x200, chart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Be a santa anon, and donate me some BTC

>> No.12231864

why do burgers even complain about having it hard when literal babies can make 60k-100k a year
in europe you're lucky if you're pushing the equivalent of $100k by your 30s, and half of it will go to taxes

>> No.12232988

People generally only start at 70k+ in high cost of living areas

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70% of budget should be investments.

>> No.12233229

>this seems high, but maybe he has platinum coverage
I pay $288 a month and have shitty bronze coverage. My only other options are short term health coverage, or no health coverage.

>> No.12233252

100k will never get him a house where he works. Boston houses are 1m and the tax difference higher up is insane. Adding 30k to a 25k salary is way more post-tax money than adding 30k to a 70k salary.

>> No.12233255

Or they have families, and aren't some lonely guy that will die alone with no children to carry on his family name

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