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Why do people hold onto chainlink while other cryptos like EOS are on a steady trajectory to the moon?

do you hate money?

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Their governance model is absolute fucking shit and total brainlet tier. I'd rather burn my money, it will moon, w/e, but it will fail in the long run.

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>step one : currency
>step two : smart contracts
>step three: oracles
i'm betting on step 3

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No, they just hate EOS and its entire toxic community and blockchain

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crypto =/= EOS
shit = EOS

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What is step 4

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unfortunately the last step the god protocol are working oracles...so there is nothing after chainlink

read this: https://blog.goodaudience.com/chainlink-the-missing-piece-to-the-god-protocol-fd455dde92ab?gi=975c2baf05e9

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Damn so this is our last way to make it

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both eos and chainlink both don't have long term futures. most alts like them wont even have volume in a few years

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Why though. Specifically EOS.

> $4B ICO
> Can employee 200+ Engineers at $200k/y for 22 years.

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Checked and this

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because just having some developers means nothing when they never manage to get any critical mass of users. no users, no developers, no speculators, no volume.

they have the budget to keep developing it, providing they aren't forced to return the money to investors in the US, which is likely to happen, but they're a platform, which requires developers first, and there's no sign of any interest.

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I don't think you've done any research.

> No Users
EOS currently outranks active ETH users by a land slide.

> No Developers
Every block producer has their own side projects to provide for the foundation of EOS. As well as a very active telegram. There are two on-going projects to create an EOS only IDE environment. Hackathons are creating interest for the platform.

> No Speculators
RAM Market? DEX for EOS Tokens. Soon REX Market? WAX

> No Volume
EOS Volume is 4th highest. Doesn't tell you what else is going on under the hood since CoinMarketCap doesn't track EOS Based Exchanges.

> Return funds to US Investors.
They specifically stated that United States investors were not allowed to participate. If they bypassed the investment round with a VPN that's on the investor not the company.

> No Sign of Interest
Various platforms such as Wax and Ultra have literally turned away from other smart contract platforms because they weren't fast enough.

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>any research
what research? eos has vanity metrics, like transactions, which are possible because their blockchain at it's core is compromised. this doesn't mean anything. eos doesn't hold a handle to eth when it comes to actual usage, developers, institutional interest, etc. its not even close. even neo has more value built on top of it in the form of tokens than eos does last i check a couple of months ago.

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hey thanks for this, I always kind of ignored the chainlink posts due to the retardation but this was really interesting. but my question is, as a degenerate speculative gambler who only wants to make $, how does this benefit me?

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>a mineable coin
>a mineable coin
good luck with that "moon" mission retard

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>EOS currently outranks active ETH users by a land slide.
Lol, eos has like 4x less active users than eth.

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A fucking stakable token cuck used as collateral dumbo

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AI assisted step 2&3

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/biz/ is full of plebbit Ethereum cultists, don't waste your time. You can only lead a horse to water. I take great pleasure in knowing that most of the brainlets on this board are going to miss out on the next golden bullrun which will be driven by EOS.

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>do you hate money

Classic pajeet shill tactics

Please stop posting here. Everyone knows EOS is centralized shitcoin

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Everyone knows that you bought your Ethereum bags when it was quad digits and are so severely brainwashed by your reddit circlejerk that you wouldn't know an opportunity if it shat directly into your mouth.

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Just stop posting. EOS is trash. Take your small dick and curry back to Dan for your rupees

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Why don't you stop posting. You're the one who's missing out on the moon missions. You have no right to be smug.

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Okay, so everyone here knows EOS will have a retrace. There's money to be made. But it's a garbage token overall, and that's the point.

Please, stop posting here.

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>I know it will go back up but I'm not going to buy it because I'm in it for the tech
>even though EOS has the best tech too....b-but muh centralized
The absolute state of reddit. EOS is the only DAPP platform that anyone actually uses and there's a reason for that.

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Hmm, wonder why you didn't zoom out. Want to make a prediction how this chart will look one year from now?

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>literally who the post
Okay pajeet, take your .02 rupees, you've corrected the record. Christ you must be desperate to work part time as a wagiee to shill a shitcoin

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That graph is in eos which fell 2.7x, it looks like dice is about 3x up in eos, so about 12%? Aren't you overselling it?

The idea of using two transactions per one bet is retarded. For betting you need a server anyway to provide randomness (that's why two). There's no alternative - any other arrangement allows BPs to stealthily steal winnings by influencing random.
It's a perfect use case for state channels, which gives a better use experience - no fees and no latency.
All these transactions are pure waste.

See dicether.com or funfair
Although I admit eos gambling aps have better ui than dicether but that's only temporary.

Out of all eos apps, the only one that actually gains and requires lots of transactions is a dex. That's a slim advantage.

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forgot the chart

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EOS is an erc20 token

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eos is for losers who got bullied by chad in hs, aka ethereum.

we get it, you missed out on eth, but fuck off faggot currry nigger.

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Moon mission he says
>$21 to sub $2

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What is Eos gonna do for Susan the iguana? That's right nothing. #Craefulgang

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It may look like eth is losing interest, but actually heavier transactions are pushing out several smaller ones.
>Want to make a prediction how this chart will look one year from now?
Interest in eos will die out. Look here
A 15h old thread. The only comment is from a bot.

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>That graph is in eos which fell 2.7x, it looks like dice is about 3x up in eos, so about 12%? Aren't you overselling it?
It's a 3.1x in EOS since November 1. Over a 20x since it came out in October. Too lazy to do the math but it's doing a hell of a lot better than double digits ethereum or anything else in the market right now. The EOS shitcoin market is detached from the rest of the market because none of the tokens are on major exchanges yet.

> For betting you need a server anyway to provide randomness (that's why two)
Wrong. You can use block ID's for randomness, which is feasible with half second blocks. Some of these apps allow you to provide your own seed as well and are provably fair.

>All these transactions are pure waste.
The are generating wealth. If they weren't, they wouldn't exist.

See: >>12079114

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1400 to 90...

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Look I don't have time to argue with you culty plebbitors. I really don't care what you invest your $324.58 in. Just came here to rub it in your faces. I'll be back in another 6 months after I've accumulated more.

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>Wrong. You can use block ID's for randomness
Block id, you mean block number? Are you joking?
>The are generating wealth.
In an extremely inefficient way, which means they are going to either adapt or die
>Some of these apps allow you to provide your own seed as well and are provably fair.
This requires interaction with a server, so there's no reason to make a transaction at all.

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>Block id, you mean block number? Are you joking?
No, I mean block ID. Maybe you should learn about the thing you hate so much.

>This requires interaction with a server, so there's no reason to make a transaction at all.
no it fucking doesn't

>I-i'm in it for the t-tech

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>No, I mean block ID. Maybe you should learn about the thing you hate so much.
So it's a hash of the block? Do you seriously not realize how easily BP can abuse it?

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EOS isn't technologically advanced enough to lead the next bullrun, It'll die like 90% of the current top 20, or at least it should.

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BP's can steal everyone's EOS if they want to. It's proof of stake you brainlet.

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>be wrong
>be wrong again
>be wrong again
>continue to be wrong
>b-but I'm still right and here's why!
Click the x on my browser now. I don't know why I waste my time on you 93 IQ idiots who don't even understand the technology that you're invested in.

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making it all accessible via a webbrowser.

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A bp can try millions of slightly different blocks (at the same height) until his transaction wins. Using block hash for randomness allows any bp - alone - to always win. It's undetectable because failed tries are not published

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The fact that you haven't realized this >>12079538 within 30 seconds of thinking about using block hashes for randomness proves you have double digit iq.
Enjoy inevitable 'unlucky variance' losses caused by chinese bps on your shitty gambling apps

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Keep going wagiee dance for us and Dan

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Eos has been revealed numerous times to not even being a crypto currency as well as several times now block producers have rolled back transactions.

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bounced 20% off weekly support lvl after bleeding for weeks. Better buy some LUL. short this shit to 0 or ur a fucking brainlet

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