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hashgraph is literally the next bitcoin

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hashgraph my asshole, u cunt

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I saw them at the Crypto-Investment summit, didnt seem like they were selling anything outside of private banking ledger tech.

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>next bitcoin
>next ethereum

imagine thinking either of these two networks will ever be taken over

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daily reminder that centralised systems invalidate the whole point of crypto. go use a bank

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Not the right analogy. Next Ripple though, certainly. Will be top 5 on CMC before EOY 2019.

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Freetards lose money

At first they licensed the software to a consortium of credit unions, as a private ledger doesn't require the added complexity of an open one which has trustless nodes. Their public ledger and cryptocurrency are hitting market around march. Freetards complain about the binary but Hedera says they will release source code after they hit market, so as to prevent copycats from front running them. I have no reason to believe them liars

Bitcoin is run by neckbeard anarchists and is primarily drug money. Ethereum is actual hand-waving garbage ran by an autistic skeleton

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They were flashy, but the 27 trustees would be imcentivized to splinter and fork if it got big enough.

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It's centralized during the bootstrap phase, but once tokens are distributed it will be fully decentralized. According the byzantine fault, if >1/3 of the tokens were acquired by a single party (since it's full pos) the network would be vulerable, so they are bootstrapping slowly, probably over 5-10 years. As for the governing council, they are certainly letting big business from all sectors have partial control over the code. Bitcoin and monero will likely continue dominating the dark web, which Hashgraph is bringing enterprise adoption of a PUBLIC ledger. They have a former Goldman Sachs banker as CEO, basically a professional shill for old money. Fuck freetard ideology, this is where the big money is going

Read my wall of text. Hedera will only have trusted nodes for the bootstrap, but this will be a true public ledger

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when ico? how do we make money off of hashgraph? i also think it'll take over bitcoin

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I believe 36 members initially, but they will be adding more. These are established corporations from various sectors who might have something to gain from a fast and secure public ledger, they wont collectively sabotage for no reason. And really the ONLY way to stop forks is to patent the software and permission the governance the way Hedera has

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Absolute shitcoin. Who cares about GS bankers, the main dev from Tezos was a quant for GS. It means nothing.

Moreover, institutions will hedge into everything. Not pump one project like a fucking retard

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Don't bother. It's already valued at something retarded like $4B.

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If you didn't already know that but think it's the next BTC then you are clearly a naive pajeet. Educate yourself, little nigga.

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>Hashgraph shilling campaign on biz has started.
Unironically better than ripple, eos and eth (and skycoin kek, remember Synth shitting on it?) combined.
Current evaluation is a bit of a concern though, would probably dump on launch, I would wait a month or two to see how it plays out before scooping a bag

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Tell me this isn't a breakthrough

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Maybe than the current top platforms but i can't see any advantage of using Hashgraph over next gen platforms like Dfinity and Zilliqa.

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yeah, the next overhyped vaporware

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The Avalanche consensus was the breakthrough that all blockchains have been waiting for. Yeah, its fine to have other technologies being developed, however a four billion dollar "new paradigm" token is not worth buying into.

Seriously, hashgraph is no longer solving a problem anymore and is highly centralised to boot.

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>caring about tech
Tech very rarely wins against marketing ( and adoption as a derivative of marketing).

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$.12 per token to accredited investors for the presale. With 50b bars that's $6b total valuation, and like $500m circulating valuation. Coinmarketcap bases their "market cap" on circulating supply. Either way, considering gold is worth $7b total and like $4b liquid, and storing value is it's ONLY real use, I'd say there's a long way up. It could dump or pump on launch, either way you should be dollar cost averaging anyways.

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There are people with $0.006 bags out there

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Stop posting about Hedera and Hashgraph please. I want to buy in at a low price as early as possible. Hyping it will make it cost more for me to buy. Please stop.

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Found the paid shill

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It's pretty straight forward, no need for a CS or math degree, only a brainlet wouldn't understand the algorithm. Below are the full explanation and the brainlet explanation, respectively

$500m new paradigm according to CMC
>no longer solving a problem
The only problem DLT solves is TRUST and SECURITY. Render farms and centralized cloud storage are and will be cheaper and more efficient than a replicated state machine, but security, especially financial security, is also paramount. And again, "highly centralized" is not an argument. Every cryptocurrency needs to bootstrap somehow, or else be vulnerable to attack, and Hedera's steps toward decentralization are clear and legitimate

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From the institutional round? They have a vesting period of like 5 years or something. Those big money investors are making a long term bet on Hashgraph, and they won't sell until it moons so hard that they actually feel the weight of it in their multi-billion-dollar portfolios

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Reddit and twitter largely hate on Hashgraph because "muh decentralization". /biz/ was great to me with the ether call at $12 early last year, I made some grands and now I wish to return the favor. Plus chainlink is officially the cancer of /biz/ and I want us to be great again

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How do you get in early as a retail investor though, it’s impossible isn’t it? Better off buying aergo instead I think

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False. Also kys

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Pic related
Same vesting as everyone, search hashgraph tg, jeets were not happy about this

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