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>bitcoin crashes 20%
>the "bounce back" is only like 3%

no one even wants to buy the ""bottom"" anymore
everyone knows after a crash theres just another crash

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buy now
I cannot publicly tell you what is going on

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Because it’s not the bottom

t. Bobo

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Those are my sentiments exactly

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I could see market sentiments producing a v shaped recovery once it starts.

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Waiting until it tests 1k

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people and markets don't flip from bear to bull. they flip from bear to neutral. out of this process the bull market emerges. seems like there won't be a V-shaped recovery at this point, but if people stop selling (less fear if price isn't going down) then that is likely enough to shift it to buyers being in control

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It's been dropping since December 2017, everyone is aware of the scam now.

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this is not public, were a bunch of frens.

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>everyone knows after a crash theres just another crash
This. The price needs to get low that a lot more people can afford to buy enough coins to become whales and neutralize the current whales.

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It's not a scam, it's a decentralized unregulated online money-making scheme.
Bitcoin's value would have still gone up this year if it wasn't for the weak hands who sold.

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but why did we flip from bull to bear?

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bull markets only happen in regular stocks that represent a functioning company that produces something. Bitcoin is basically more useless than Enron. There is no need for it to rebound. It doesn’t need to go up simply because it exists as a ticker symbol on some exchange.

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Bitcoin still has a lot to go down. It's going to get to around 1k before this bleedout stops. Expect to not see 20k again anytime soon since the public thinks of Bitcoin as a joke more than an actual investment.

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Wrap it up folks. this brainmore has figured it out. Can someone call those brainlets on wall street dumping fucks tons of fiat by the millions to stop doing it because this guy on 4chan figured it all out?

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>Bitcoin's value would have still gone up this year if it wasn't for the weak hands who sold.
You can keep telling yourself that, but that's not how a market works.

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it's true though, fuckin wankers

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Too many shorts, not enough supply at these prices. Since the bottom was all bought up by iron handed hodlers the supply will still be small at higher prices so price pumps until liquidity is restored for the short term traders.

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