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>quit my job at the peak of the bubble because i had 6 years salary worth of shitcoins
>didnt actually sell anything though because le hodl meme and didnt need the money at the time
>market shits itself and i tell myself its just a dip
>keeps dumping and i wait for a bounce to sell
>never bounces
>complete crypto death and im running out of savings. $2k in the bank and $13k left in crypto
>still no job and no explanation for the resume gap
should i just end it biz? wat do?

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become a margin trader on BitMex

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Why not jsay you made some money on the Bitcoin bubble and decided to take some time off, but you can't live on it forever so you're looking for work now. It isn't a crime to take some time off work because you came into some money, employers might actually think you're smart and they'd be lucky to have you.

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Lel, I nearly did this. Decided against it at the last minute

The only difference though is that I know this is hell, and winning isn't possible. The bubble was simply there to give you a lot of hope, so that it hurts so much more when it breaks you down

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