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Well, /biz/?

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With Sergey

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>using points and not %

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Trump is a giant hypocrite, just like the idiots who voted for him.

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yeah none of the financial and corporate activity before our ath contributed to the demise of our country. Just a single reality t.v star, who is essentially playing another role. The Jews own him via Epstein’s circle. But Trump did expose the media for what it is. Quite a huge contribution. Arguably the best in modern times.

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Trump will be hanged next to his kike masters

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Reminder that the Dems blew trillions saving the banks.
"Occupy Democrats" should be an oxymoron, legit one of the dumbest pair of words I've ever seen that is meant to be taken seriously.

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I'd like to find the creator of that image (or anybody who agrees with it will do) and challenge him to short the Dow Jones Industrial Average with leverage during the rest of Trump's presidency...

Then explain to that person what shorting, leverage, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average are.

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Literally a republican policy that Obama merely followed through on because the damage was already done. You must be in your teens to young 20’s if you honestly didn’t live through the Bush era bailouts and have to get your history from /pol/. Absolute retardation. Kids these days.

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Using points not percent

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LIteraly a ZOG policy that was mandated mandated from TPTB that both presidential candidates espoused.

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Arent markets closed tomorrow?
>give obamas bailout buddies the opportunity to drastically manipulate markets in their favor
>they do it
>fines until bailout money returned
>dems have no funding for 2020 runs except for money laundering Netflix
>Netflix/fast n furious/bitmex/tamagachi/sunny d/UN/petsmart Rico case
The only thing worse than jail is having Nick Kroll as a cellmate. Enjoy barry

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>Ignores interest rates
>Uses points not percent
It isn't even genuine and that is what I hate the most.

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>measuring in point drops
Can we stop this fucking meme? Use percentages because they are not dependent on the current level. 800 points at DJI 10000 was a lot more than it is at 25000.
And the dow jones is a benchmark of 30 stocks, which makes it a very poor indicator of the economy at large. The total stock market is a poor indicator too especially when we just look at short term volatility.
Tard/10 fuck you for making me reply

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>not using log scale

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I see you are part of the shitskin lefties trying to raid the bored lately

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B-but Black Monday 1987 was only 500 points

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The stock market is a scam. By buying stocks for the past years you have unknowingly given the market makers a chance to quietly leave the market. Now they are crashing everything with no survivors so that they can buy back everything at 50 % rebate. That's how the stock market works. Didn't you know that?

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You make it appear like everyone knows, in which case we would all act accordingly and profit.

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>market goes up - Obama deserves credit
>market goes down - Trump deserves credit

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That’s not what market makers do. They were buying in october and selling last week. They’re always buying a selling, finding price levels with the most volume to keep the market liquid. It is a symptom, not the cause.

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(((away team))) 4 - home team 0, kek

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He's a huge fucking retard. His idiocy with "I am tariff man" really solidifies it.

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So smart who could have done this

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/thread. Literal retard logic.

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Just in case you missed it. Also, you're aware he's been instigating a trade war with China, unless you're that blind.

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dumb phoneposter

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The stock market is a boomer measurement of prosperity.

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how much of the occupy democrats fanbase even understands how stock market works? i imagine not alot

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>Left wingers bitch about income inequality
>Trumps imposes tariffs on the nation that takes all our manufacturing jobs
>Left wingers now suddenly care about how much multinational corporations make

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Retards play all kinds of unwinnable games, they merely conjure some rationalization of why they would be able to win, usually it just boils down to they feel they deserved to be rich. So in the end they stay poor

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