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Goddamn, Sky going hard in this bear market. Are they even affected by price fluctuation?

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This shit is so fucking stupid. Just take a fucking arduino and build your own wallet or just get the pcb manufactured. There is no "Trezor" brand, it's an open source project. Fuck normies. Good, I'm glad crypto is going down so stupid shitheads who think you need commercial manufacturers for wallets will fuck off. Fucking idiots. Build your own cold storage. Anything else is a security compromise and goes against the crypto philosophy

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>just manufacture your own pcb bro

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They have secured a shitload of funds to develop both their hardware and software. The developers have said the price of skycoin does not affect the project what-so-ever.

It's literally the only thing that is actually developing some REAL stuff, as opposed to all the other ponzi-crap.

The flippening will be at the bottom, screenshot this.

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Yup, others will crash and burn, skycoin will just keep delivering as usual while biz naysayers cries.

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Now they just need to slowly spend that money until they are bankrupt

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The consumer hardware model is pretty key to adoption. Hope they deliver.

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>just get the pcb manufactured
the currency of the future!

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mark my words... when BTC hits sub-$100 levels, a lot of funds allready in the market will flow to the only project that actually delivers hardware, products and services , i.e. Sky.

We're not witnessing the collapse of a bubble, we're in the middle of a serious paradigm shift.

1 Skycoin will generate the fuel (skyhours) needed to make use of it's ring of utilities surrunding the core-platform. It will be worth shitloads.

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You fail to understand the purpose of a hardware wallet. You should keep no more money than you would cash in your real wallet. It's only for convenience to sign a transaction with a button.

An air gapped device is your vault. You should only occasionally pull from your vault to fill your hardware wallet.

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i agree sky coin shills are annoying as fuck. they are fucking next level shills

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They are entering developing and emerging markets such as africa, offering real and tangible services to a population that actually NEEDS this.

Do you have any clue as to the current state of the internet in africa? Do you realize that community mesh networks will be HUGE overthere? Do you realize that one needs skyhours in order to use it? What generates such skyhours, and how many of them are there?

Here in the west, we see large companies no-platforming dissidents and we see large tech companies colluding with governments and NGO's. SKY is going to be a way around their censorship, and we're only at the beginning of that trend.


If next level means actually using your brains, yes.

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costs $4.90 each if you get 5 made
the components for a trezor are pretty cheap too.
don't be a pussy, go for it.

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skyfags keep getting dumped on day after day, they still cling to this scam and praise it. Not even stinkies are THIS deluded

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Wow another shitty piece of chinese hardware! So glad that there is no control over my funds because it's worth it to line their pockets with more hardware sales! I hope they inflate the supply by 15% again this year going to fuck knows where!

Paid shillers fuck off Skycoin is a fucking scam. It is the most centralized project in crypto.

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China banned and outlawed all scams, ico's and projects transgressing their ethical codes.

The fact that SKY still operates from China, should tell you something dumbass.

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The flippening will be at the bottom.

Give me one single coin that actually gained something the last 8 months... i'm waiting.

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fucking Link? have you been living under a rock?
>China banned and outlawed all scams
baaahahahahah you gotta be trolling here

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>ethical codes
get a load of this faggot. Holy shit you are deluded

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WAU Coin is up huge this year. and the last 8 months

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>Philosophy of crypto
Meanwhile everyone is waiting for institutional adoption to pump their bags.

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you are an unbelievably deluded dumbfuck

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lmao looks like a corvette

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they are certainly holding above 1$

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all this effort just to become completely irrelevant in a few years when SV consumes all. what's the point?

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BRAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Was that a complement!!!?

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theres a part of me that really wants to invest in sky coin. i love it

but then i remember how delusional synth is and i change my mind. the ceo of a company i wanna invest in shouldnt make me wanna giggle everytime i hear his name

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Wat does this have to do with anything? There are no hardware wallets in the $30 range, and this satisfies a large market void. Almost nobody is going to DIY their shit because they aren't good with technology and need things to be done for them. If a handful of people diy their hardware wallets, good for them. It will never be a significant portion of the market. Getting this out there with support for Skycoin and fiber coins is bullish, period.

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Are you retarded?

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>centralizing a decentralized currency

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whats the point when the content of the "wallet" will be worth zero (literally and unironically)

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Lol @ no hardware security with this piece of shit.

You get what you pay for

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I lost an absolute fortune on this shitcoin

I bought in at $34 and now its worth a fucking DOLLAR

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buy now

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Except it's decentralized, brainlet.

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I bought hundreds $34 and I still have them!

This shit better go way up

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hold or hodl or whatever the fuck. accumulate only what you are comfortable losing and pay attention to volume after the skywire launch..its all you can do.

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