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Reminder that if you do this you're a faggot.

>but they're thots!

Think for a moment

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fuck off charls. we know you're gay

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>They live off welfare
>They vote to take more of my money to pay for themselves
>They evade the taxes they keep trying to raise on others
Oh I have thought it through plenty. They can learn to vote better next time.

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Tf anon

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>democrats are made to feel the brunt of their own policies
No, no! This is terrible! Thanks OP just unreported 100k

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fuck thots

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Something else to laugh at PUAs for: they're so pathetic that they'll even resort to unironically re-enacting Nineteen Eighty-Four to get back at women out of their league.

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We should all raise money for women who are affected by the IRS finding out they cheat on their taxes. Maybe we could pay them back for any fines or money they get confiscated?

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libertarians get fucked

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goood idea

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Shoo shoo roastie

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we could maybe use some women to advertise this fundraiser for us?

big loyal audiences, like instagram ppl

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nah fuck you, i’ll do anything to make these whores lives harder and dis incentivize being a slut

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Nah, fuck you, the IRS gives a cash reward.

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Incel alert

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>im mad because my favorite camgirl got audited why did you do that :(

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Fuck thots and fuck OP

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>Report baker for not making faggot cakes
YAAAS fuck nazis! Close that business down!
>Report thots to the IRS for tax evation

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i see your point charls but thottery must be eradicated

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The thot-com bubble
Thotli yuga
The brapture
The hoah
The whorelodomor
The Great leap whoreward
The sinking of the tit-anic
Hericane thotrina
Whorenado of trolls
World whore 2
Whorehammer Endtimes Spermintide

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World Whore 3

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nupol is nigger tier crabs pulling everything into their bucket.

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I don't, to be honest I've come to expect that there's a joke flying over my head, but when I read the convos and responses, it seems like he's serious.

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he can be serious even when he's joking. Charls is an r teest.

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>The thot-com bubble
Tell the rest of the applicants the position has been filled

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>the IRS gives a cash reward.
Yeah if the person you're reporting is dodging more than $100k in taxes, otherwise you get jack shit. Goddamn retards doing the IRS' job for them

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He's right you know

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Is he just doing it out of self-preservation? I.e. he may be in some IRS trouble should someone report him? I probably catch 1/5 of his streams, and it seems to me he would have been in support of the thotreporting due to reactionary traditionalism, obedience of moral law, or something of the like. Not trying to defend him; honestly, I'm a bit let down.

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yea that makes more sense: he's sarcastically virtue signalling to convey an important message in a humorous way

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Paying your taxes. Is literal slave mentality.

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Stay mad, faggot ass white knight.

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Are you angry I called you out for being an idiot? You aren't gonna see a cent from reporting any of these people

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>is dodging more than $100k in taxes
any decent looking prostitute who's been working for 2+ years. there are thousands of these women.

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>implying women have any sort of honor
You're white knighting over the fact that they're being made to pay taxes like everyone else, meanwhile if these women saw your ass getting beat in the street by Chad she wouldn't even stop to help, in fact they'd probably laugh. All beta male white knights should kill themselves

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charls is a homosexual

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I doubt any of them even managed to fill the form you need to report them, bizlets thought all it would take is to send them a link of their profile and get free monie

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They also need to make over $200k a year in income

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if you snitch specifically women but dont snitch any male streamer that plays video games you are obviously an angry beta male

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hope she sees this

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was she a beard?

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Roasties are more inclined to live off government subsidies (my money) and keep voting left to take more of my money away from me. But I'm not a woman hater, I hate all welfare leeches equally. Especially nogs

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so any decent looking prostitute who's been working for 2+ years.

6/10's go for $200 an hour, bub. pussy market is in a bubble rn.

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of course he feels the heat man. he's in the same boat as these whooores. he's not sucking dicks so it's ok that he's not paying taxes on "donations", right? until you fucking swine decide he's not funny or whatever and start reporting him. where does it end? not with Charls!

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He’s already been reported because of that tweet

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>Roasties are more inclined to live off government subsidies
have any proof or statistic to back that? or you just believe that because you read that post that one time on /pol/?

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no doubt.

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Lol, dumbass charls is about to get BTFO.

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I'm not saying he shouldn't be reported - if he is guilty of tax evasion, fuck him.

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>have any proof or statistic to back that?

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Are you literally retarded? You have no idea who I’ve reported or how much they make, but keep assuming, brainlet. Also if you’re going to reference Internal Revenue Code subsection – 7623(c) then at least do it correctly, you dumb nigger.

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>rural and conservative is the highest
rly makes u think

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the moral satisfaction is its own reward, the money comes second. Who is to say how much an e-thot is pulling in that we dont know about. all you know is they arent reporting their income not how much.

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>vote for lefty tax increases to pay for welfare state bs
>avoid paying taxes like she avoid white knight dick


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"The IRS may pay awards to people who provide specific and credible information
The IRS is looking for solid information, not an “educated guess” or unsupported speculation. "


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Pretty sad that only two or so people ITT aren't blinded by incel rage to the point that they can't understand what Charls is saying.

This board has really gone to shit.

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>just glosses over that women and brown people take far more
REALLY makes you think.

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>Dude if you don't worship women you are an incel

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Over the course of their lifetime, the average woman receives more government benefits than she pays. Women are a net loss

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It's not about the women.

You will lose your virginity one day, maybe to a nice 3/10 landwhale.

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>reddit spacing
>citing a literal who's shitpost from Twitter
>muh Rulership
Nice try, Stacy. You're either a woman or a sõyboy based on your humor and the way you write. We're fascists here so piss off with your anarchist antifa bullshit.

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>being this new

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>Dodging taxes is equivalent to social credit

so I can rebel against the tyranny of the government with my twelve million in unpaid taxes that would have gone to pay for the social welfare of those less fortunate than me, maintain roads, maintain the military, parks, medical care for the poor, got it.

Say, its kind of weird how all these communists suddenly turned into libertarians, but I get it government tyranny, frankly no one should pay taxes. We should all just stop doing that.

OK face it op you wouldnt give a shit if some old white guy gets reported for tax fraud and loses 8 mil, youd probably laugh and enjoy it. Serves him right for not paying his share right? Unless youre a hardcore libertarian, youre a hypocrite here, because unless tax evasion is right then it cannot be wrong to report tax evasion.

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Ad Hominem attacks

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>ruining the joke

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Implying you cant get credible information? Most of the people involved in this controversy have already complained about being audited, that means the whistleblowers tip was accepted already idiot. That means they had more than educated guesses or speculation in the eyes of the IRS.

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>>reddit spacing
Jesus you retards really did get meme'd into believing this is a thing

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It's your basic slippery slope. Encouraging people to snitch on their fellow man to a government perpetually engaged in feverish machinations of further power and control will lead to disaster. It's not a complicated thought. You will be in chains in 10 years for some shitpost on 4chan that was reported to the men upstairs.

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I only seen 1 post saying being audited so far, where are the others? and how exactly are you going to get credible information? by googling them?

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>can't understand

The most charitable interpretation you could make of his (bad) tweet is that this will have unintended consequences and everyone will start doing this.

1. It creates scandal for Silicon Valley platforms that are supported by selling personal data or in the case of snapchat, literal prostitution.

2. Flooding the agency with well-documented (this will come in time) complaints will spread thinner its already stretched resources.

3. It exposes the malicious reality of state and institutional power to people who are currently its beneficiaries. Through taxation all protected classes become void. Lucre rules in Mammon's kingdom.

Wanting to stop this just to preserve your patreon welfare is pathetic. Sorry sweaty but playing video games all day isn't a real job. Make no mistake, this is the next generation of internet war. There's nothing any of us can do to stop it.

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had no idea who this guy was, look him up

you fucking got me.

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Sorry brainlet, wrong on all counts, and I've no idea how. It's really very simple

>> No.11916178

screenshot this post so that when you finish puberty you might be able to understand how dumb you were

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>fellow man
The morally bankrupt golems extracting wealth from those too neutered and placated to not succumb to the will of whatever monkey brain urge that makes their penis twitch are far from my “fellow man”. Regardless, the shackles of man will be broken long before we arrive at the point of being caged for anything said here, if not at the point. Rest assured.

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>reporting brothers and sisters to the rulership
lmao what is he talking about? They obviously already paid their taxes like the rest of us, right?

>> No.11916440

>Think for a moment
I did, the conclusion I reached is that they are thots.

>> No.11916728

>Something else to laugh at PUAs for: they're so pathetic that they'll even resort to unironically re-enacting Nineteen Eighty-Four to get back at women out of their league.
I would agree with this perhaps except that women disproportionately support the kinds of social programs that require high taxes in the first place. If they want dem programs they have to pay tax.

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Yeah that’s why I do everything I can legally do to circumvent paying more taxes but these stupid sluts literally vote for me to pay more taxes so they need to feel my pain.

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the problem is not with them not paying taxes. the main problem is that these hoes do not pay a cent in taxes, rake in thousands in welfare and then vote for people who want to raise taxes on people who actually do pay them.
they want to have their cake, eat it, give another one to their girlfriend and save the forth one for later. that's the fucking problem.

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i wonder if anons are starting to get these threads yet
hint: behind many of these thots, there's a faggot essentially acting like a digital pimp
quite often it's just the girlfriend taking pictures and the faggot texting the cuck
which is why you see this influx of literally seething normalfags

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Thots deserve everything they've got coming to them. And then some.

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Charles doesn’t like us or Sam anymore

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>All beta male white knights should kill themselves
This. A traitor is worse than an enemy.

Your pic made me laugh.

>> No.11918305

i mean, imagine if you got your own comedy show and you were going to make it but then your retarded partner tweets a bunch of anti-semitic shit and donates to the daily stormer and gets your show canceled and all your hopes of making it go out the window

you'd dislike the guy too.

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>>reddit spacing
>We're fascists here

Holy fuck. How new are you?

I'm all for the thot audit, but I can't ignore how much of a newfag you are.

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Charls is way more insufferable than Sam nowadays, tee bee h.

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He's right. You people saying shoo white knight and such are endorsing snitching, you unprincipled fucks. Say you found some kid in the schoolyard utterly intolerable, are you going to report him to the vice principal for some gay shit he did during recess? You've literally devolved to this subhuman form of fighting your enemies by reporting them to the IRS.

>> No.11918443

They're both washed up millenials realizing they'll never have a family. Same story you see with all these e-celebrity faggots that take money.

>> No.11918459

It’s not about the women. It’s about selling people out to big brother for laughs. This shouldn’t be celebrated.

>> No.11918462

Pay your god damn taxes you utterly despicable piece of human filth

>> No.11918485

no, fuk u, It's ok to be a dirty snitch bc everybody should pay taxes, expect starfuck or amazon

>> No.11918497

unlike you, my morality does not stop when society says it's poor form. I do what is right, always, at all times if at all possible.
If it is wrong to report it then I wont do it. If it is right to report, I report it.
"some gay shit" is not defined properly but if it was illegal or dangerous then I would probably report it, sure.
As a worthless faggot you dont understand this so let me make it clear: We dont coexist in society. You exist in *MY* space.

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>heh, you've done it, I was going to show you how much money I got from reporting them, but you just jinxed it by being not smart. Now I will never show you, hah.

>> No.11918605

>Oh my god! I heard that man KILLED somebody! I've got to report him to the police!
Fuck off you rat faggot. You're worse than the white knights you deride with your pseudo moral indignation.

>> No.11918639

christ, reddit is invading since chainlink has taken off. can't believe people here are using the term 'incel' unironically

>> No.11918672

/thread really

>> No.11918694

>Using the term unironically, unironically
Reddit is here thanks to their cashy false god, not the one true god Sergey

>> No.11918763

I think he means report fagging is gay.
If you don't like the poor just slam your car in to some homeless bum and call the cops after you confirm he's dead
You'll get off easy

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I don't care what this washed up balding schizo thinks.

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enjoy the reddit gold, good sir!

>> No.11918923


there wont be no more free porn and naked women on the internet
... LMAO

You have played yourself dumbasses.
What will happen now is the % of raping goes up thanks to autistic faggots that dont get thots.



>> No.11918934

Charls is right but that doesnt make the people doing it faggots. Yea we live in a fucked up world.

>> No.11918940

Why does anyone think its right for government to tax homemade porn? Must they have control of every aspect of life?

>> No.11918957

i'd support this if thots were actually libertarians and not just socialists themselves

live by the welfare state, die by the welfare state

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>What will happen now is the % of raping goes up thanks to autistic faggots that dont get thots.

Laugh at the world burning from my room as usual, fag.

>> No.11918963

Tax is theft!

Tax all Thots!

Pathetic children.

>> No.11918973

Those anons probably try and hide their crypto earnings from the tax man as well. Shits hilarious.

>> No.11918978

Sex isn't taxed. Making money off it is.

>> No.11918994

>white knighting whores on 4chin

>> No.11919013

Boston Thot Party when?

>> No.11919015

> Wants government gibs
> Makes money on the side and won't pay taxes

Fuck off onions-boy

>> No.11919026

there's nothing to report because streamers pay taxes


>> No.11919029

Seriously? S o y is autocorrected to onion? Fuck you too then, 4channel

>> No.11919050

if it autocorrects i sell my link

>> No.11919072

The time where "setting a precedent" mattered was in the 50's, we're in full-scale decline right now. Compete or die.

>> No.11919073

Cryptofag is this u dicklet

>> No.11919114

big if true

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Somebody get this thot

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The brappening is upon us, brothers.

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