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What makes you think Government won't destroy Crypto?

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the whole point is that the government CAN'T.
>these are the retards that make "Bitcoin is useless" threads
also don't mistake me as a bullfag, we're going to 1k

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probably because if they were going to, they would've buy now. or they definitely would've in december

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The government will simply begin inputting random sets of 12 words into various recover-wallet interfaces until they have confiscated all the coins.

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Arizona and Ohio accept Bitcoins for you to pay your taxes. Of course, this also means I wouldn't expect crypto to be the kind of decentralizing, anarchist revolutionary kind of shit it was billed as.

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>thinks the gov can't do anything they want

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yes a government can ban math, you got us

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But they tax crypto, anon.
Why destroy it ?

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You're presupposing that crypto would "take over" in the first place as a competitor currency (it won't).

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Regulations, this >>11914395, China banned certain use of it, etc. They can do whatever they want, coper.

Refrain from using that unoriginal meme when you're wrong, you only embarrass yourself and look like an NPC.

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It can destroy fiat. If crypto's not better than fiat, it's pointless, no one will use it, no taxes.
So you're long on hype?

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I think blockchain/crypto might have some business applications, or that BTC could be used as a settlement layer between countries, but I don't see it becoming a reserve currency or national currency.

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Oh they most certainly will.
Gold/ silver/ PMs will lead the pack in the 2020's.

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Government invented BTC retard. It's a trojan horse to usher in a distopian society where all economic activities of the individual are publicly tracked. And it's welcomed with open arms.

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The government doesn't have to. It's collapsing because of how terrible its industry leaders are, and how permissive the crypto-masses are in letting it all happen.

Don't believe me? Where are the thousands of people complaining every day about Tether manipulation? Most of the dumbfucks left in crypto think it's a good thing and it's helping them

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