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Now that we know that all decentralized blockchains will eventually fail due to resource usage issues and miners, isn't it about time we start talking about DAGs or coins that do not have these shortcomings? NANO for example could be considered the BTC of DAGs, requiring virtually no data to send or receive a transaction, scaling to an estimated 7,000 tps (higher than Visa), while remaining free to send, and instant to receive, yet this coin still remains decentralized and is fairly well distributed. This contrasts with a coin like XRP, which can send and receive transactions fairly fast, and perform a large number as well, but suffers from heavy centralization issues, especially with the supply. Correct me if I am wrong, but an XRP account could be shut down for certain types of wrongthink, while this would not be possible with a coin like NANO. This to me speaks of the essence of what made BTC in the first place, NANO like a phoenix, being the reincarnation of it.

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Let me help you with that.

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oh yeah, what ever happened to you Nostradamus cucks and that stupid magazine cover from 10 billion years ago
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Doesn't ripple labs own 60% of the supply of the coin? I read that at $3.00 per ripple that the CEO would be the richest man in the world.

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Ethereum 2.0 must be phoenix.

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if its on a decentralized DAG perhaps, but the current ethereum, even scaled will end up using way too many resources to run. POS > POW by far for longevity.

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Locked in Escrow;
Not accessible or spendable.

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