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> Technical Analysis

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correct. except astrology is more accurate

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>implying my horoscope reading isn't disturbingly accurate each and every day

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well think about why every technician feels the need to write a book about how to make money and warren buffet and other real investors don't write any

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>horoscope makes some generalised statements that apply to basically anyone
>wow, it's so accurate it's like they now me!

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>TA doesn't work
>le edgy skeptic meme
Multi-billion dollar hedge funds/trading desks literally built off of TA. Every trading bot/algo ever built uses TA. If you're TA doesn't work it's either because your using bad TA or you're pic related.

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>t. technical analyst
>implying they aren't losing money

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people believing in TA is what makes it work

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you sure? which profitable funds were so kind to disclose their strategy to you let alone bot makers?

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