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Um. Please tell me someone else saw this racist shit from Mcafee before he deleted it

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Meant to post the “blowing air forcefully out of the nostrils” emoji but I guess 4chan is too racist for emoji ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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yeah i saw it this morning when it was first posted here lol

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lmao. get fucked nigs

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Mcafee did nothing wrong

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i mean, is he lying? refute what he's saying.

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pro tip, you cant.

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Lmao nice bait anon.

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He basically said 95% of blacks are poor, on drugs, or in prison

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his fucking wife is black you cuck

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>Inb4 it's 94%

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I thought everyone knew this by now

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What is wrong about what he said? Black culture does suck. These nig kids are shooting each other at rates that dwarf whites shooting whites

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They do but its taboo

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So what? You don't think there are civilized mostly republican blacks that make up a small % of blacks that don't know that lots of blacks are animalistic niggers?

If most whites acted like niggers and I didn't you'd think I'd have issue with thinking lots of whites are acting like niggers?

Why do you think so many black niggers call civilized blacks uncle toms. Cuz they know they are fucking niggers and they are jealous some blacks are civilized and successful

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In fact..... the best conservative voices are blacks like hermann Cain, Larry elder, rev Jesse Lee Peterson, Thomas Sowell, etc because they rip into dems and other blacks because they don't have to worry about being called a "racist" like the cuck white conservative voices have to worry about.

Your fucking stupid if you don't think there are blacks out there that are embarrassed by the rest of the niggers.

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It's okay guys, I'm not racist, I have a black friend!

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Poverty is not culture, white americans have no culture unlike blacks.

Blacks are the better at athletics, music, food, art, fucking white women, just about anything.

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Reality is racist now huh...

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Prove it

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>Blacks are the better ... music, food, art ...

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American blacks are as accurate a representation of all blacks as Jews are to whites.

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>poverty is not culture
>nigs are poor
>nigs have no culture

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"The word racism is like ketchup, you can put it on practically anything - and demanding evidence makes you a racist." - Thomas Sowell

When dylan roof murdered 10 blacks he was labeled a racist... ok... fair enough...now there was also a tennis pro girl playing in a charity tennis tournament against Serena Williams and jokingly put a pillow down her back side to jokingly mock Serena for having a big butt. She was labeled racist too. Now obv what roof did was 900 million times worse than what the tennis girl did but they are both under the umbrella of racism hence BOTH equally evil.

So they call whites racist for everything and everything...And that's the point to get whites to shut up more and more, give up more and more, and submit more and more until our eventual extinction. Just like what's happening in South Africa. So it has nothing to do with "equality" they want us dead.

The problem is pussy white people like yourself who are so scared to be called a racist.... almost as if you think lightning will strike you down if someone calls you the oh so scary R-word.

Stupid white people who say things like... "how is that racist?" And like the quote from Sowell above says... demanding evidence still makes you a racist.

And then some stupid white people dont use their brain and they'll say "no, no it's blacks who are the REAL racists." Not realizing that black people (to their credit) don't give a shit if a white person calls them racist. Only pansy ass white people are petrified of being called a racist.

When someone calls me racist I just say "yeah? So what? Do I get hauled off to jail now or something? NOPE!"

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>white Americans have no culture

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Isn't he married to a black prostitute?

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they are also better at running while whites are better at hunting
makes sense

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Black culture sucks that's why they live in poverty. Like half even graduate high school. Most adult blacks can't read at a 5th grade level. 70% illegitimacy rare. Black kids shooting other black kids in numbers much higher than whites. Much higher incarceration rate. That's why they live in poverty. Before the Great Society when America was actuall racist blacks were no where near degenerate as they are today.

Just look at the music.... it's fucking poison Clinton put all black radio station owners out of business. And they put absolute poison on the airwaves. Back in the day black music was amazing and uplifting. Little Richard, Patti labeled, Aretha Franklin, earth wind and fire etc

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When your country strips away hope and human dignity and substitutes it for perpetual poverty, that's what you get regardless of skin pigmentation details.

No doubt the resulting people are often really unpleasant assholes, but the failure is elsewhere.

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he's right you know

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You may not like it but this is what peak culture looks like

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It's the same fate for every negroes wherever they are in the world. They are biologically inferior, and nothing can be done to fix it

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This is true. It first started with blacks and it's now starting to permeate to whites which is more concerning because whites outnumber blacks 5 to 1.

But at the same time blacks are pretty dumb. There are literally zero black or brown 1st world countries.

So while blacks were much more civilized and family oriented before the Great society and not nearly as degenerate as they are now they are still fucking dumb on average.

I mean why do you think white colonized Africa in the first place? Because Africa has unlimited valuable resources that blacks are too stupid to figure out how to harness. They are still living in grass and mud huts in Africa and digging up the dead just like they did 2,000 years ago

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>refute what he's saying.
pretty sure it's less than 5% of blacks that are successful.

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this, libtards can spin it around all they want but everyone knows what's up, it's just that nobody has the balls to say it out loud in public

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What he said was defending blacks. You're just too autistic to see.

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all 4 are just population density maps

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"The black family survived centuries of slavery and generations of Jim Crow, but it has disintegrated in the wake of the liberals' expansion of the welfare state." - Thomas Sowell

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he also did a post just before that about how he calls his nigger wife his bitch, having internalized black culture himself

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Can you explain what culture is being displayed here?

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Women like that. If more men were like Mcafee feminism wouldn't be destroying western culture and western civilization.

Why do you think there are so many soiboys out there?

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not sure if serious

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Triggered little white pigs itt

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White American culture is "distrust of govt" so yeah you are probably right we don't have much culture anymore. Since so many whites trust govt now. Which is why society is decaying

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IQ is not.

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tell me why whites aren't racist against east asians? white countries are simpy better off without niggers and niggers are better off clinging onto whites because without them they go back to mud huts, deal with it they are parasites, we don't need them

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t. nigger saw facts

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Even if the black and brown hordes genocide us whites..... we still get the last laugh because without whites here America will turn into a fucking shithole like Detroit or Haiti.

Why do you think white elites and Jew elites want to flood the country with shitskins? Do you think they have some sort of affection towards you guys? Of course not... they want to enslave the world because you shitskins are stupid and they can't enslave the world with whites here.

Whites understand freedomand liberty. Most shitskins lean socialist which is why their countries are fucking ratholes because it's so easy for dictators to exploit them. That's the NWO agenda. A world of shitskins who's only pleasures are fucking, doing drugs, and useless material possessions

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Well, he's not wrong

Also this isn't /biz/ material so fuck off with your bait thread.

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Honestly OP this is a cesspool of white losers, thanks for trying but this place is too far from the light

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/pol/ doesn’t give a fuck about Mcafee do they?

I apologize for being the wind blowing up the skirts of /biz/ but I just figured we could talk about mcafee in general here since he’s /ourguy/ crypto-wise. Lol

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blacks and poverty is like the chicken and the egg

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hahhahah what the FUCK nigger

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He isn't "ourguy". But I agree with that statement

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They are cooler than most whites are desu. Most whites I know are about as interesting as Wonder bread, high inhibition, and can't dance.

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The lowest you can score on an iq test is 80

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>can't dance

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That's what I love to see watching at NFL games before the game starts. Niggers warming up and in between reps dancing like a Zulu tribe to the loudspeaker music

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>But at the same time blacks are pretty dumb. There are literally zero black or brown 1st world countries.
Whites also managed to be "pretty dumb" for like 2200 out of 2500 years of recorded history - and pretty likely for some hundred thousand years of not recorded history before that.

Nations of brown-ish to very brown people would have been visibly better at a lot of things at various times during that time period.

>as they are now they are still fucking dumb on average
I guess by the standards of what the world's most amazing nations can do, Africa is rather terrible. But one might acknowledge that they mostly aren't more than thirty years or so behind the world average.

> I mean why do you think white colonized Africa in the first place?
It was adjacent to the Mediterranean sea for the Romans, who eventually beat their opponents on the other side of that body of water. And later on it was simply one of many weak targets for the now industrialized and strong as fuck Europe that anyhow kinda spread all over the rest of the planet wherever it could... but this one was more nearby, more reachable, more exploitable overall.

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Right, you watch. Idle Spectator #71647745. May as well be a system-generated NPC, white template, generic racist #88594.

Like it doesn't change the world if you live or die. At least NFL players are somebodies. Protags of a sports anime or side characters. You're...not much, are you, anon?

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>Whites also managed to be "pretty dumb" for like 2200 out of 2500 years of recorded history
Not really. Whites managed to thrive in harsh northern climates without modern technology. That's how we evolved bigger brains. Snow niggers > niggers.

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The life nobody will achieve.

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Even if I concede that Africans are only 30 years behind the rest of the world it is because of advances whites made.

And yeah Africa is next to the Mediterranean Sea. They were weak stupid people who easily got colonized. But even if Africa never got colonized and no white man ever stepped foot in Africa there'd be literally zero advancement compared to 1,000 years ago.

I don't like black people in general but what I'm saying isn't even biased or racistz it's just reality.

And i also have the presence of mind to understand that most of black peoples problem is because of govt

But the unirOnic part about that is...... blacks are so easily manipulated by the govt. many blacks complain about police oppression which they are largely correct about....but the funny thing is blacks are so stupid they don't even realize that 90% of them vote for more govt and more taxes by voting for dems....

And where do they think that tax money goes? To fund the militarized police state that oppresses them! So black people are so dumb they have been manipulated into voting for more govt and don't realize that big govt they are voting for funds the police state which oppressed them.

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fucking BASED

reminder THERE ARE STILL PEOPLE that dont believe in RACE AND IQ

holy fuck Africans eating dirt for 6 thousand years and people think we all have the same IQ

Almost forgot... FUCK NIGGERS

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Eh. This is what the very brown people were up to thousands of years before Europe was able to leave us any substantial body of written recordings.

You could naively say it's just blocks of stone, but actually this was arguably something the now excessively successful white-skins could not do with their shoddy logistics and technology at this scale until quite recently.

Of course science and industry busted all that shit, now the more powerful big nations / unions of nations could put a set of three bigger ones of these up in a third the amount of years it is estimated it took to erect one, if they cared. Yes, that's amazing, but I don't think there is some genius evolved from having skin pigmentation x or y. It probably was just starting out with science [and the required education] and industrialization earlier and with more determination.

I think the rest of the world more or less caught on that it works. They'll not be in the same place very quickly, but they're definitely getting far less "stupid" now.

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WRONG! DNA evidence show it wasn't dark black Africans who made the pyramids. They were Mediterranean/Europeans


You honestly think black Africans made that architecture?

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How does it feel to be BTFO?

It's like when I was in high school and they were having us read about "Afrocentrism" in textbooks and how everything good came from Africans.

My parents and many others were like wtf is this bullshit?

Typical communist public schools

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Triggered by the truth, sorry OP you fucking brainlet.

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Very much brown Africans. Also, they obviously spread their genes in the region and along the river and stuff.

The point is, it's not like the northern snow made everyone cleverer.

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It's funny, /biz/ has higher quality politics discussions than /pol

>> No.11859482

>truth is racist
Kill yourself, commie.

>> No.11859510

It's not racist. It's the truth. Black people commit 90%+ of violent crime in the US while being a tiny % of the population.

>> No.11859512

>the truth

Oh my fuck. The absolute state of black "people"

You're in the wrong place OP, this is a sundown board

>> No.11859523

Our guy

>> No.11859526

>it's not like the northern snow made everyone cleverer.
That's exactly what happened. The harsher the environment, the smarter one needs to be in order to survive. Those who lacked long-term planning abilities perished, leaving only those with bigger brains to propagate their genes. Natural selection. This is the obvious explanation for why IQ correlates with skin tone and why Europeans managed to do more in 2000 years than Africans managed to do in 200,000 years. The only reason it's not "common knowledge" is because it completely destroys ideals centered around equality and social justice.

Also Egyptians weren't black. They were Caucasians from Southern Europe.

>> No.11859558


Based and redpilled

>> No.11859597

*Around 70 percent of Spanish and 60 percent of French men also belong to the genetic group of the Pharaoh who ruled Egypt more than 3,000 years ago.*

Pretty much mediterranean.

And wtf has to do even egyptians on niggers? Its more than 3000km away.

>> No.11859605

> how everything good came from Africans
That of course would also be bullshit. Eurasia had a lot to do with it all. Before and leading up to science, and obvious the revolution from science and industry itself.

>Europeans managed to do more in 2000 years than Africans managed to do in 200,000 years
That seems incorrect. More correct in my mind would be that Europeans managed to do more AFTER like 199700+-100 years than Africans after the same+100 years or so?

>> No.11859615

>Has been into space
Lost here

>> No.11859626

>That's exactly what happened.
TIL eskimos are the smartest niggers to ever walk the earth.
Move over ancient greece, eskimos put you to shame with their big brains!

>> No.11859669

Are you black? You realize that you can be black and intelligent even tho most blacks are dumb.

I don't like blacks in general but you don't think I can tell the difference between some eubonics speaking potential gang banger black and some good black kid who is doing something productive like playing the violin?

You know what blacks real problem is when they call people racist? What it comes down to is they are insecure. That's why they cry racism. They deep down know they are fuckups and have to try and blame whitey for their fucked up culture and behavior.

And it's partly true too... except they are voting for more govt and more taxes which unironically fucks them.

Blacks don't want "equality" they want whites dead because they have been brainwashed to be angry at white people who have no power over their lives whatsoever. They want whites gone because they don't want any evidence of us around to know what they aren't nor ever will be.

>> No.11859719

>More correct in my mind would be that Europeans managed to do more AFTER like 199700+-100 years than Africans after the same+100 years or so?
The point is that almost all of the technological development of human civilization occurred after European and Asian peoples were established as distinct races, and said progress is a direct result of their adaption to colder climates. Meanwhile in Africa, no progress was ever made during that entire time; they still hadn't so much as invented the wheel until Europeans discovered them.

Eskimos have an average IQ on par with East-Asians. The problem with extreme climates like that is that there isn't really much time to do anything except survive, so civilization never really has a chance to develop.

>> No.11859730


We, or at least most of us, are logical ppl, cant give two fucka about your skin, your iq however have its importance to our society.

>> No.11859745

>Eskimos have an average IQ on par with East-Asians.
Nope it's actually 91, barely above south east junglenigger asians.

>> No.11859760


Holy fuck, I love McAfee now.

>> No.11859767

You're right, I was thinking of Mongolians. With that said, 91 is still significantly higher than civilization close to the equator.

>> No.11859786

friend = wife...go back to school

>> No.11859795

Lot of npcs here talking about how racism is bad

>> No.11859804

Australian Aboriginals for example have an average IQ of 64. Wait for it...

>> No.11859850

> they still hadn't so much as invented the wheel until Europeans discovered them
Wat. Egypt and multiple other parts of Africa I don't remember by name had organized groups of archer chariots and shit before 1500 BC [wheels with spokes, yes].

Parts of Africa didn't widely adapt wheels for transportation, but that doesn't mean they did nothing else at the level of using wheels.

>> No.11859879

Yeah 91 is much higher than actual niggers.
Was reading a theory recently that areas which had geography which made it easily defended were the most apt to productive farming and thus to civilization

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>> No.11859921

they think people are racist because they don't like the skin color or some shit, when it's always been about the behavior

>> No.11859954

The wheel was invented in Ancient Sumer and made its way down to North Africa via South Europeans and Arabs. Sub-Saharan Africans were literally still living in the stone ages they were discovered by Europeans.

>> No.11859963

Black wife kek

>> No.11860078

If it actually has this origin, then everyone but the Sumerians was also equally too dumb to invent the wheel and had to learn it from whoever was on whatever way from the Sumerians to them.

Doesn't really make the Africans more stupid than anyone else other than the Sumerians. Which I doubt whose direct regional ancestors came up with 9/10 of the devices and techniques they used every day.

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File: 1.32 MB, 1072x858, noblacks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol dumb nigger

>> No.11860961

Nice. I have a lot more respect for McAffe now.

>> No.11860981


>> No.11861011

>Black culture involves voodoo and chicken
>Cant swim
>Cant lift heavy weights
>No other sort of athletics besides running and jumping
>Food is ok, Jerked chi ken is fucking delicious
>art... kek
>Fucking some white women maybe
>thats it

>> No.11861056

Never thought I would 100% agree with his tweet, but here it goes.

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Unironically based and redpilled

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What about Pajeet civilization?
>highly developed philosophy and metaphysics
>highly developed medical techniques especially in surgery, basically invented plastic surgery and rhinoplasty for injured soldiers
>strains of empirical philosophy and the scientific method while Aurelius was whining about virtue
>advanced architectural techniques
>spoke the language of the Aryans, Sanskrit, closest to proto Indo European

>> No.11861516

this better be a joke

>> No.11861540

Can't lift heavy weights?????

>> No.11861575

Poos used to be pretty based
What happened?

>> No.11861579

hyper jej

>> No.11861589

Uprising. They were ruled by white ppl until they got fed up and overthrew them, then their cities fell to ruin afterwards.

>> No.11861612

No I mean ancient poos; those temples and shit aren't recent and nor are any of their contributions to philosophy.

>> No.11861643

Niggers are also good at getting 6 warning shots to the back

>> No.11861722

Holy fuck, my thread is still up? Consider yourselves baited, why haven’t the mods deleted this cancerous pol shit? Kekekek jej rofl

Except for the ones who reposted ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, you’re cool. especially >>11858825

>> No.11861723

Muslim invasions

>> No.11861731

Wait... He's not dead? I swear he died.

>> No.11861762

Islam ruined India and Hinduism. Jesus was a jew, he destroyed European culture. The biggest jew in control of Europe is the church not the Rothschilds. Abrahmic/Afro-Semetic religions are the cancer of this planet. Return to Indo European culture you tards

>> No.11862077
File: 193 KB, 900x1092, red dit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The whole "Let's go take over the non-/pol/ boards of 4chan" op by those redditfags and /leftypol/ continues.

>> No.11862112

Kek. What an idiotic rebuttal

>> No.11862118

wtf I love skycoin now

>> No.11862173
File: 199 KB, 467x456, evans.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

holy shit

>> No.11862360

It's 100 percent true you politically correct KEK.

>> No.11862381


What the fuck

>> No.11862451

he's married to a black woman, he should know.

>> No.11862789

Where's the lie?

>> No.11862799

What a piece of shit.

>> No.11863125

Almost all magnificient architectural works have unclear origins and have a distinctive 'style' (e g. mathematical refinements). Architectural styles throughout human history can be traced back to a certain origin but these ancient temples or monuments are too different - they're like a global anomaly in the timeline (yonaguni monument, gobleki tepe, Xi An pyramids, Yangshan Quarry, giza, easter island, cambodian pyramids, incan ruins, petra jordan cave city, etc.)

>> No.11863196

he is kinda wrong. my only experience with black ppl was at low wage jobs of which after every break they would come back to work high as fuck on weed or pills. they are the lowest performing workers ive ever worked with. ive never had a black co-worker that challenged me on a performance lvl. ive always been a hard worker no matter what the job was. im just glad i graduated college, dont even have any blacks at my current job, working in the financial sector. i dont know any successful blacks, my experiences with them have only confirmed the many stereotypes about them to me. so from my own personal experience, McAfee is right and wrong at the same time.

>> No.11863203

>le 5% face.
Oh wait shes the 95% because she was a literal prostitude.

>> No.11863213

This is what is wrong with niggers today. Instead of seeing a dose of reality like that and taking some time to reflect on it and do something about it, they just shoot the messenger and cry "DAS RACISS!!"

>> No.11863214

McAfee only fucks prostitutes by his own admission.

>> No.11863528

Kek, none of these points can actually be refuted

>> No.11863546


checked. interesting too.

>> No.11863577


Except for the IQ, I doubt they were able to get a gorilla to do the same IQ test humans do.

>> No.11863592

hes not wrong anon, but he did miss out the welfare option

>> No.11863915

>Establishes space program as a 'developing' country
>Still can't take the poo to the loo

>> No.11863937
File: 133 KB, 1320x640, 6035EC6A-5432-433C-9B11-F62180FB6CA9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>blacks can’t be professiona-

I’m guessing he’s just mad that he will cut off his dick becaise of a nigger

>> No.11863965

he's a black-jew

>> No.11863967

the ruling caste in ancient india were whites, what you see as todays poos were the lower caste which did the manual work, kinda like the egyptians

>> No.11863995

Macafee is confusing blacks and niggers. Blacks are hard working and virtued intelligent people while “blacks” (which macafee really means niggers) are rude, loud mouthed, emotionally sensitive, uncultured, lazy and dumb ignorant people.

But don’t get me started on white trash and rednecks, that’s a whole other issue.

>> No.11864009

nah they’re all niggers

>> No.11864031

Pretty sure they can, they were able to measure koko the chimps IQ so as long as the gorilla was fairly tame they would be able to do the same

>> No.11864528

nice time quads

>> No.11864871

imagine if somebody puts out a smart contract that gives out XRP for dead niggers

>> No.11864908

Poverty is their natural state you dumb cuck. There was no sripping of anything

>> No.11865051

McAfee is an idiot but this looks like his account was used by someone else. He's got a better writting style than that (unless he was drugged to the gills when he wrote that).

>> No.11865249

checked and highly based

>> No.11865265

This McAfee guy is very problematic with his open racism

>> No.11865267

>the pyramids were built by nogs

>> No.11865289

Prove him wrong you fragile snowflakes

>> No.11865335

web.archive.org remembers.


>> No.11865381


I feel like it's just a matter of time before enough people realize their upbringing was bullshit. Maybe the most recent generation will move past this "save the black man" nonsense.

>> No.11865393

>evolve in an environment where long term planning isn't selected for since grow season is year round
Yea that totally won't affect your behavior, IQ and physiology.

>> No.11865402


>> No.11865444

Didn't realize Africa is a technological Utopia. They finally figured out agriculture, huh?

>> No.11865481
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>> No.11865492

Go home chink, you’re not welcome here either.

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