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What's the deepest darkest secret you have that no one would honestly care about?
>Inb4 having a fat stack of link.

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blackheads are awesome to pick out of the inner thighs of women with your teeth

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Was gay for pay 15 years ago

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sister has a nice brapper

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I want to impregnate my ex. She has an IUD though...every time I came in her I was imagining getting her pregnant

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who's the girl?

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my sister

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I despise my family and look forward to having many children, utilizing my Bitcoin wealth with my children to fund combat and battle between my bloodline and the family I turned my back on.

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Ive fantasized about killing myself everyday the last three years

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i lost 10k usd from my initial of 20k

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Main methods under consideration?

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sometimes i say out loud to myself, "you must kill someone" for no reason. like i will be pouring breakfast and just say "you must kill someone"

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Ideas are worthless it’s the execution that counts.

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you can train your brain out of that, thought it might take a while. you can also take out some HVTs if you dont wanna.

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I spam threads and make a lot of memes and everyone accuses me of being a pajeet but I am white in California just trying to pump my bags

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are you european? it's probably your ancestors speaking through your genes. we're frogs in water and it's about to start boiling.

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Thats just life

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I'm unironically a cuck who enjoys watching my wife fuck other men.

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My ex broke up with me for sucking dick

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Is she hot? If so I’m game.

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I honestly thought I was the only one. So fucking hot.

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I truly believe in BTC.

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Go on....how does it work? Does she look for men and just bring them home & make you watch?

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I picked up a prostitution in Thailand and right as I was about to fuck her I touched her in what I thought was her pussy but then felt something and freaked out. I was super drunk and she was begging me to fuck her in doggy style position and I couldn’t see her dick so I did it real quick then ran away never to return. She offered to drive me home but ran and when I finally got back showered head to toe and never told a soul.

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I picture peoples reaction when they walk into a room and im hanging.
Also sticking my head under the tire of a bus befroe it pulls away would be lit.

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Usually go to swingers clubs

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Did you get tested?

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Facebook wasn’t the first social network there were tons of other ones. Execution is everything.

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Tag me in man. Or do I need to be a Tyrone? In which case ill need to borrow some shoe polish.

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Nothing wrong with some trap action, why is it a secret?

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Sorry, anon. Gotta be at the right place at the right time. Its pretty much a spontaneous thing. We never really set anything up.

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I have a little cousin that likes sitting on my face when i see her. Gets me super hard

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Used to let African shemale hookers fuck my face bareback while I jerked off laying on their beds.
My greatest fear to this day is one of them had a hidden cam setup.

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Yeah and used a condom

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Nah it’s fucking gross. Only did because I was on the verge of blackout and already was right there. Only had to stick it in. But it happened but never again. Not into that shit. I like me some good pussy

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I'm going to be on CNN one day.

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What a faggot.

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How much and did you enjoy it?

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not straight dude would even consider this
youre gay, nbd, just dont be ashamed to be a faggot

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Holy shit I love getting mouth fucked by a dominant woman. Am I going to make it? Should I just suck dick instead?

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>it's not already boiling

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When I was 16 I lost my virginity by stealing the neighbors car at 3am and driving two towns over to gang bang a nympho in her parents basement. We all climbed through her window.

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Sad sad way to lose your virginity my friend

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How disgusting would a woman have to be to have these?

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Fucking lol, thank god.

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Had "makeup sex" with a girl I dated who was a drama queen, I was over her and ready to move on, but the "sex" part sounded better than the "makeup" part.
One of the things she hated was BJ's. Would barely do them, never swallow, wanted me to pull out, didn't want any on her face, etc. So I finished off with moving from doggy to BJ before she could really object, let the first spurt go down her throat, then gave her a facial and slapped her face with my dick a couple of times. She got predictably pissed, I called her an uptight bitch, got dressed, and left.

I guess if she hated BJ's because of some traumatic experience in the past, I'm going to hell, but it really felt awesome to just let go after all the drama I had put up with.

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after reading this thread I realized how boring my life is.

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anybody thats been with a whore is cringe and you shouldnt feel bad for missing that

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HVTs? And i would i train myself?

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Sold LSD with my dead friend to the older high schoolers
Convinced this crazy girl to go off her meds so I could have wild sex with her
Sometimes I jerk it to gay porn and feel shame and then don't for a while but then I get the urge again. Yes trap porn is gay you can easily tell they aren't women in a lot of these. It's actually hotter imo if it's a really feminized guy who has no masculinity tbhfam

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i fantasize about bringing the 4th Reich into existence every second of every day

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One day, brother. Their spirits are with us in the value realm, and they call out to us to avenge them in the material realm.

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>implying you shouldn't fuck a bunch of whores while you're young and handsome and then toss them to the side for a 6/10 autistic girl who will be with you for life

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It could of been worse, I was the first one to finish.

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1. When i was 6 my male 13 year old babysitter told me his dick tasted good and to try. I did, thought it was gross.

2. When I was 7 my 13 year old babysitter told me putting my dick in her vagina would feel good. We had sex multiple times.

3. When I was 9 there was a fat kid i would tell to dress up like a girl so i could suck on his titties.

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>Also sticking my head under the tire of a bus before it pulls away would be lit.
>Would be lit
Amazing. Really though, don't kill yourself anon.

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I also stopped being sexually desirable to anyone after puberty.

>> No.11843255

I lost it at 3, too good

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If I told you my life since then you would be shocked.

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That is sad to hear. My sex stories after puberty are vanilla.

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I grew up in Zimbabwe, and over the summer my family and I went back to vote.
I was walking with two other guys(family friends) back from their house through a somewhat sketchy neighborhood in Harare and some blacks tried to rob us. One pulled a knife, I was packing and showed him I was clearly holding a handgun and told him to back the fuck up.

He lunged and I shot him in the stomach. The others in the group scattered and said they were calling the police and we headed home in another direction.

Later that week the crime scene was on the news but I'm safely back home in the states so I think I'm safe.

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Sounds like Tourette's

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i spend my days building my wealth and making fascist symbols in sketch lol.
once i make enough money i hope to go public with my beliefs.

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What do you have to lose? Certainly not your dignity

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My ex and I tried the cuck thing and she left me for the other guy. I want to kill myself every day. I can't masturbate without crying.

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Should have fucked two girls instead of letting your girl fuck another man desu.

Godspeed brother. I will join you if the chance presents itself.

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I meant shock in how normal it is after.

>> No.11843343

I’m glad you’re safe saas larper.

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I should have said link 1k eoy 2019

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1k usd frens, checked twice btw...

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Time to slot some floppies

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I wanna go down on a girl in a fursuit.

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I'm actually gay and only fuck very masculine women to cope with it

>> No.11843371

based and redpilled

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Why wouldn't you just fuck guys? You are already a fag, what else can you lose?

>> No.11843417

Its more about what he could gain.
Like HIV

>> No.11843434

What are condoms

>> No.11843440

Based and redpilled

>> No.11843443

Leila Lowfire

>> No.11843444

too late, can't switch sides at this point without disappointing everyone. it's not that bad.

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i jerk it to traps not because im gay but because porn escalation

>> No.11843478

Masculine women need lovin thoo.

>> No.11843486

If anyone cares, here is sauce for OP girl https://deskgram.net/leilalowfire?next_id=1536199013660214718_51231484

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Hi CIA, how are you

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even my father has been with hookers when he went to other countries, get a grip on reality you boring fuck

>> No.11843557

You've experimented yourself into true faggotry

>> No.11843572

y u gotta get me in my feels

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>Yes trap porn is gay you can easily tell they aren't women in a lot of these.

watching hairy masculine nasty dudes fuck a chick is gayer than watching a trap fuck a chick.. strapon lesbo shit is better but the grills have to be good actors to pretend they can feel the plastic dick

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why are there so many women that literary dont do shit except sell their looks?

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nahhh see >>11843607

it's actually gayer to be afraid of looking at trap porn

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Evolution, it is in their biology.

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Straight guys imagine themselves as the male, that's why POV is so popular
Do you imagine yourself as the trap you sick fuck?

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I basically raped with my mentally subnormal cousin when he was 8 and I was horny 10 year old

Dunno how should I feel about it to this day

>> No.11843700

because it's easy as fuck? you would do it too if you could. way better than wagecucking.

>> No.11843739

I cant even type my shit on an anonymous internet board

>> No.11843740

I totally thought this was a reply to "like to watch my wife fuck other men" at first. Kekd

>> No.11843750

+DARPA backing

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Why tho

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Porn escalation kills souls

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Fucking baaaaaaaased.

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I live in Asia and whenever I drive my motorbike past a group of white tourists I yell at them “The holocaust never happened”. The look of pure terror on the limp wristed euro’s faces never gets old.

>> No.11844337

Just got back from lunch and this is the first thing i see. KEK

>> No.11844644

Do you let them peg you with a strap on? Or do you fuck them in the pooper?

>> No.11844712

those aren't blackheads, anon....

>> No.11844727

>Also sticking my head under the tire of a bus befroe it pulls away would be lit.
strange, I had the same fantasy for a while

>> No.11844799

Same here.

>> No.11844835

You're not alone. I suspect there are millions of us.

>> No.11844869

Ah yes blame it on that not your repressed sexuality and traumas.

You faggots are the worst. Own up to your problems and decide if they are truly inhibiting you. If they are seek help. If you are just a whiny cunt looking for an out grow up.

>> No.11845062

Trap porn isn't gay. It's natural that men are attracted to/excited by dicks. You don't like flaccid cocks in your regular porn right?

>> No.11845312

Happens to a lot more men than you know, anon.

>> No.11845871

it's been boiling since before the zoomers were even born.

>> No.11846006

Make better memes then. 95% of my threads on /biz/ are shitposts/ memes and I never get any hate.

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Ehhh so you raped her? No larp?

>> No.11846054

sauce on chick in pic?

>> No.11846068

Im in love with a girl who died 19 years ago.
I wanted to tell her I loved her and enlighten her about the wicked ways of this world but she was only 13 and I 14. I knew she wouldnt understand.

>> No.11846131

Lanita Hot
Sorry fren.

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Fucking kek

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depends what part of the grill/penus im looking at or focusing on

do you imagine yourself as the grill when two lesbos are strap on fucking eachother?

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>Deepest darkest secret you have that no one would honestly care about?
All of my secrets are things that people would definitely care about, a lot, that is why they are secrets.

>> No.11846817

replace "someone" with jews, niggers, spics, muslims, fags and liberals and i say one of those just about every day

>> No.11846824

You have horrible ideas.
Seriously, don't do the bus thing, it doesn't work out as cleanly as you're imagining, what will actually happen is the wheel will tear the skin from your head and push it out of the way rather than crushing it, you very well might even survive with medical attention and end up looking like a sideshow freak due to being stupid.

>> No.11846846

I want to just leave one day.
I wish that I had the resources and time to just up and travel the world from place to place just wandering with no real goal in mind.
I'm so tired of being stuck in one place, doing the same thing over and over again forever.

>> No.11846850

>classy Gianna Michaels

fuck yeah

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my initial motivation for investment and crypto speculation was to be rich enough to rent instagram thots

>> No.11846874

I fantasize every night before falling asleep in bed about what it would be like to have ‘God Mode/Invincibility’ hack IRL
and going on an epic Shotgun Hunt, killing every Television Celebrity degenerate on Planet Earth.
All of them. None spared.

>> No.11846885

Feels bad. That’s all I want in life, idc about the consequences. Would be nice to see her have a life long connection to me

>> No.11846895

Not my taste even if was into fancy cars and instahoes.

>> No.11846909


>> No.11846943

I like the smell of funky pussy and underboob.

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>not the other way around
Welp as long as nobody suspects your a fag irl its all good

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I'm an Eastern European who is 30 years old and have been a neet since I finished high school, literally never worked half a second in my life, just mooching of my mom. Since my crypto "investmrnts" haven't exactly panned out I realize I can't continue on like this and I need to find a job or go to uni or do something, but I feel stuck and hopeless because except for making shit up there is nothing I can put in my CV in order to fill in the massive gap I created. Trying to find ways to re-integrate into society is keeping me awake at night.

>> No.11847208

God speed anon, doing the lords work

>> No.11847226

I pissed in my pants during class when I was like 12 or 13 years old. I pretended that nothing happened but everyone knew.

>> No.11847285

>porn escalation
this is what a famous rapist murderer said: started off on dirty magazines, ended up killing dozens of women

forgot his name

>> No.11847572

I was actually too much of a brainlet to get into crypto so I started dropshipping as a side gig instead. The dropshipping is giving me $1k a month and honestly I'm pretty happy.

>> No.11847677


Do you have any in link?

>> No.11847835

it's real nigger, i've experienced it too. porn bad dont watch it.

>> No.11847842


>> No.11847909

If that’s legitimately your thing and weren’t brainwashed into liking it by the porno and media you consume then I say go for it. If both of you enjoy and consent then there isn’t a problem anon. But you should definitely let me bust a thick hot load in your wife, especially if she’s white.

>> No.11847941


>> No.11847970

we are all frens. share your story anon.

>> No.11848067

I’m a serial sex addict. I live in Asia and fuck almost any girl, the more challenging the better. I usually fuck 2-3 new girls each week. I lost count of how many girls but it’s over 400. I’ve only had sex with 1 white girl and could barely get hard. I never meet them again; but always pretend I’m into them. I never use a condom but I have herpes from one of them, I regularly get chlamydia and it’s one of my biggest expenses shelling out the medicine to fix my painful balls. I’m so broken that I have a perpetual hangover from drinking with bitches I don’t care about and don’t think or feel about anything apart from sex. It gets old and every time I finish I lose interest and feel that I’ve fucked my life up.

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File: 41 KB, 320x480, b261910d2c1e677997e20f6234adae39b94a764e0cf708b9d2979d73fd530a15.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got a blowjob from a stripper today. Wife makes no effort to blow me and I resent that.

>> No.11848109

You def have a sex addiction
Go to a place called the cabin in chang mai

>> No.11848122

Explain this picture to me, OP. Is she fucking that guy or what?

>> No.11848146


Can you tell me how bad herpes is? Is it no big deal? Or a big problem?

>> No.11848180

It sucked at first and I thought I was done. Now I’m on aciclovyr and just take it twice a day. Never had any further episodes and as far as I know, the % of someone catch it is negligible enough that I can’t feel guilty for their stupidity.

>> No.11848190

I wanna be tracer

>> No.11848200

I do this without the sex. I just drink and do drugs all day while hanging out with thots who I physically throw off of me when they try to initiate sex.

I'm just sad and it fills the time desu. I'm really tired though.

>> No.11848239


Same, but I deliberately pretend to be a pajeet. I shill stuff I want to buy so people think it's pajeet shilling, and assume it's shit, which therefore fuds it. 4d chess.

>> No.11848355

It stopped being fun for me ages ago. I just don’t have anything better to do. I’m late twenties and most of my friends are married or whatever, so I fucked off. I like the ‘challenge’, most of the time the sex is bad.. every now and then I meet one who’s amazing and I end up regretting that I’m not unable to do relationships and I fuck her friends and she hates me. I’ll eventually get too old or ugly to score with cute girls in japan / Korea and have to be forced to go China.. then somewhere worse like Philippines or Thailand like all the ugly creepy old white bastards.

>> No.11848400

I paid a goth girl to tie me up and sit on my face. Honestly, way better than going to a strip club.

>> No.11848499

that im a fucking degenerate.

>> No.11848561

Sometimes I wear panties when i jerk off. Not even a trap i just like the way i look in them, many of the pairs were borrowed from friends and family.

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I sometimes think about killing people as they're talking to me. I'll be listening to someone as they talk and I zone out and start thinking of just gunning them down or stabbing them or just pummeling them out of nowhere. Or sometimes instead of attacking I just think of doing/saying something really ridiculous in the middle of work that would probably have everyone hate me and then be fired for. But I only have these thoughts when I have boring conversations with coworkers or new people I meet. I feel like this is more normal than I think. I always just thought it was because I was interacting with NPCs and the sheer boredom or stupidity of certain convos just has me trailing off thinking about the outrageous thoughts I mentioned

>> No.11848916

I hope you do that for link tbqh

>> No.11848960

I've done that with one project. I was shitting on it and then posting on my phone saying that it was the best thing since buttered toast with a bunch of obvious lies and reddit spacing.

>> No.11849080


>> No.11849235

top jej

>> No.11849253

i’d piss myself laughing if some random slope yelled this at me

>> No.11849285

>thinly veiled FBI thread

>> No.11849352

legit fucked my mom and sister. not at the same time.

>> No.11849383

That picture reeks of desperation

>> No.11849411

My cousin came over to my house one day (we were both 14). She said she was curious about what my cock looked like. I pulled it out and she suddenly put it in her mouth. We ended up fucking and I came in her pussy. Two months later she tells me she's pregnant. I had to sell drugs on the side so I could afford an abortion.

>> No.11849453

Me too, I legit fucked your mom and sister, not at the same time

>> No.11849514


Of course, what else?

>> No.11849517

Hey... same I just turned 30 so most of my spare time is spent with 18-22 yr old thots getting shitfaced with and watch them be idiots. My dad also just died of cancer last week so I have stopped hanging out with them for now, I couldn't stand the constant condolences and their offers to 'distract' me.

>> No.11849532

I cashes out in January and spent it all on whores and drugs, caught 3 different std's and now I'm poor again.

>> No.11849840

I’m a nymphomaniac but luckily so is the love of my life

Also I was jerking off in the bedroom with my brother sleeping in the same room for years. Idk if he knows, he was only 10/11 then :/

>> No.11850631 [DELETED] 


Bad analogy. If frogs are in water that is gradually heated they'll probably survive even if it's boiling. If they don't have time to adapt (water is boiling from the start) then they'll die.

t. biology ethusiast

>> No.11850788


how do you meet girls that age?

t. other 30 year old guy

>> No.11850817

>that weird guy who hangs around his little brother’s friends

>> No.11850910


>> No.11850955

Go to Asia. Get used by Asian teenagers for your money and big white cock.

>> No.11851035

Back in late 2016 I kept getting Bogged every time I bought some Bitcoin, and after the "big crash" on January 5 2017 I sold it all and bought about $10k worth of ETH out of frustration, just to see if I'd get bogged on ETH too.
I told myself I'd hodl if the next 1h candle was green, and sell if the next 1h candle was red. This was early January 2017.

The candle was red, so I sold it all and left crypto altogether until late that summer.

>> No.11851091

Did exactly this, but my 6/10 autistic gf wasn't a virgin when we got together, and I don't know if I should marry her or not.

>> No.11851193

I went back to college to kill time and give me a reason to get out of bed.
to be fair none of them believe how old I am and when I show them my ID their daddy kinks come out full force
I'm in california tho, and they are white.

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I fuck shemales

>> No.11852309

Mr Rhino?

>> No.11852551

Why don't you get the ball rolling then, you fucking pussy

>> No.11852568

are you me?

t. western european

>> No.11852659

all my money is in chainlink ($link on binance)

>> No.11852687

Dafaq aint about biz

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File: 1.06 MB, 287x206, 1518790735680.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice, good job anon.

>> No.11852761

>Only did it because I was on the verge of blackout and already was right there.
>Not into that shit. I like me some good pussy
Sure you do, buddy, sure you do.


>> No.11852809

I swore I would never have sex with a lady boy before going to Bangkok solo. One night I was talking to some short pretty Thai lady and she told me she did massages. I had a little money on me and offered to go back to my hotel after a drink or two just so she can give me a massage. She gave me a happy ending too and I said take off your clothing, she joking refused and said ‘no only massage hehe’. I don’t know if it was a combination of becoming sober or the gay laugh, but at that point I decided to ask “are you a lady boy?”. She said “yes”, BOOM! I fucked up. I thought well, I’m in too deep now, might as well do it.

>> No.11852819

I would be worried about the aids more than anything else

>> No.11853126

This would legit be me if I lived long term in Asia. I’m white, British, 23 and could not get enough of dat Asian poon tang.

>> No.11853326

is this genuinely how gays cope?

>> No.11853349

>When I was 7 my 13 year old babysitter told me putting my dick in her vagina would feel good. We had sex multiple times.
to be desu I wish this happened to me

>> No.11853364

this is actually Hell, and you brought this on yourself

I truly pity you

>> No.11853408

Come in Bangkok in January...
I stayed there 3 months last year and I fucked 72 qt asians. Some traps too hihihi

>> No.11853709


This, every day without fail for about 4 years now. Also my fantasies are extremely elaborate, I probably spend about 45 minutes in total planning the whole thing out, and then I visualise doing it and I really try to imagine that final moment when everything goes black. And then I get MASSIVE goosebumps, my visualisations are always super vivid so it leaves me pretty exhausted but I literally cannot stop.

>> No.11853777


Doesn't this simply reveal how autistic the Romans were? Because I was exposed to very little social conditioning, my parents where very careful to have me grow up without any freaky kinks (they grew up in SFO so they saw first hand how messed up people were because of dumb shit) and so I can say I have a very natural sexual attraction that is free from social bullshit.

I like womens bodies, every aspect of them, and dislike male bodies. I am a man. I refuse to believe in any social/religious/ideological reasoning that this is in ANY way wrong. That I am inferior if I like eating pussy relative to man who fucks little boys. I think the only way you can reach that conclusion is through severely convoluted social conditioning.

>> No.11853795


>> No.11853816

Bundy, it's on video

>> No.11853976

No, you just have daddy issues.

>> No.11854915

Not saying shit. For all I know I can be tracked and this will be used against me. Fuck you nigger

>> No.11855004

My wife loves to be humiliated by me and I don't enjoy it. She likes it when I look at other women in front of her and yell at her when she does things I don't like. We got into an argument once and she asked me to slap her so she'd lean her lesson and thats where I drew the line.

I hate it because I love her and don't want to be mean and i don't know how to turn it off.

>> No.11855228

I turned 33 in September and still have yet to go on a date or touch a boob because I never leave the house between work or the gym or to shop.

>decent looking

>good physique

>medical sales job $$$

Too depressed and self loathing from being an adhd ridden, porn addict autist in my earlier life to try again.

Am I actually missing out on much?

>> No.11855269

You should force her to have sex with a black guy in front of you. Just imagine how humiliated she would feel.

>> No.11855699

nothing more than character development, pussy isnt even that good but chasing it is what eventually leads to confidence and stable adulthood

if youre not concerned about that then u do u bro. whatever makes you happy

>> No.11855792
File: 188 KB, 1500x1500, 915ZkW0WgZL._SL1500_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.11855834

If you don't do it she will find someone who does. That's women for you.

>> No.11855945

let it go loser

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