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<500 iq here, but I keep seeing posts here saying that XRP is going to the moon; how is that possible when there's a possible 100 billion ripple to go around? How can it ever be expected to overtake coins like bitcoin or ethereum when they don't even have the benefit of scarcity? Its already at the 2nd largest market cap @ ~$0.50usd/ripple, how much more room is there to even grow barring something catastrophic to btc that ripple somehow escapes unfazed?

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maybe 10x? not worth the risk imo. especially when its the only thing still in the green atm. its going to dump hard in the coming weeks

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they can only keep pump&dumping with muh partnerships that never actually go anywhere for so long.
it's experiencing one of its last pumps and will unironically go to zero. XRP is a scam.

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XRP is a security and scamcoin
It's never going to it's ATH of $3.3 again, XRP holders are literally soulless npc's. They are not human. They do not have consciousness. They are all niggers and other subhumans and if they aren't they are a sub 90 IQ White who loves jews.

If you look up the definition of "retard" in the dictionary you description of XRP holders.

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I put like $300 into it @ $0.27 or so just to see if meme magic is real, but I kind of feel the same sentiments. I'd be ecstatic with 10x though. Kind of sucks missing the crypto boom boat, but it also feels good knowing I didnt all in way too late like so many others

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>XRP bad

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Dr Craig what are you doing on biz?

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>I put like $300 into it @ $0.27
see this is why it's so large: normies don't understand market cap.
everyone is looking for "muh next bitcorn" and trying to buy a stack of several thousand of whatever promises them the most and looks shiny. this shit has billions of centralized tokens and is not in a fucking stealth phase, it is NOT cheap @ cents/token.
that being said: normie hype is 98% of the market, so it might still pump like mad before eventually (who knows when) dying.

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m8 lost a lot tonight huh.

XRP is the best coin in the market right now, you mad at us or yourself?

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literally not even a coin.

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You got something on your face

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>npc calling someone an npc
see here they are, they get really upset when you talk poorly of their 40 billion supply kike scamcoin that's never going to replace swift. lmao even fucking LINK sitting at #40 is almost worth more and was worth more just a week ago.

the delusion is insane with XRP niggers, all soulless npc's retards living in a kike pipe dream. the same thing applies to XLM niggers

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thanks auntie, just bought 100k

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>best coin in the market
lmao it literally does nothing
it's never replacing swift
stay JUSTed retard

I hope you have like 100 million XRP because only whales are making money off this kike scamcoin

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>the delusion is insane with XRP niggers
if you want a good laugh, read this board


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I hate XRP but I see everyone else hating it more so I bought 5k in the summer. The majority of this board is always wrong.

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great arguments go back to pol you lame faggot.

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>hates objective truth
found the subhuman who fell for the kikescam coin, most XRP holders are always spics and niggers, the kikes really knew how to throw you retarded monkeys through a ringer

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You're fucking retarded. It doesn't matter if there are 100 billion coins or 1 thousand. Just like it doesn't matter if 100 Japanese yen equals only 1 USD, it doesn't matter that it's a "100x less scarce currency." What matters is the market cap. Fuck you. You're too stupid to be alive

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*doesn't mean it's 100x less scarce
Holy shit I can't get over how stupid most people are. You deserve to lose all your money and die in poverty along with your offspring so the human gene pool is cleansed of your unfuckingbelievable socioeconomic disability

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market cap is what he fucking described in his post. he mentioned that price of a unit alone says nothing, because the number of tokens is also important. that's just a different way of saying "market cap". are you retarded?

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Holy fuck you're a loser.

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someone's salty

>Its already at the 2nd largest market cap @ ~$0.50usd/ripple, how much more room is there to even grow barring something catastrophic
was the main point of my post

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what that retard said that is there being 100 billion "coins" means it's not scarce. learn to read and kys

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t. soulless bipedal monkey larping as a human

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You're wrong, but the market cap is also absurdly high for a "coin" (it's not crypto) that does nothing and is literally an unregistered security that doesn't get you equity in the company.

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Not only is it a coin given how tokens are singular and cannot be broken into bits -

But out of that 100 billion - 60 billion is locked away. This has the same traits of a USD currency - add more to create quantitative easing - buy back to create inflation or raise value. It’s not all out there. So what’s your concern?

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What color is your skin, sir?

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Except it's not a currency. It's just some bullshit that a private company prints for free and dumps on retards in exchange for actual currency whenever they feel like. I swear to god the average IQ of an XRP holder must be lower than tron.
>XRP cryptocurrency will be worth $10,000 a coin

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"coins" are arbitrary subdivision units that do not in any way affect how scarce the supply is. Just because you start measuring gold in grams instead of ounces doesn't make it less scarce, it's an entirely arbitrary yardstick. You're subhuman

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You are literally in EVERY thread about XRP making the same brainlet claims, so much so that I've started a collection of your shitposts to repost when XRP is clearly the dominant winner in the next bullrun and declared a non-security. You talk more about XRP than XRP shills, ffs.

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or you can measure BTC in bitcoins or in satoshis, and just because there are much more satoshis than bitcoins doesn't make BTC less scarce. Even if in the future 1 satoshi is further divided into 1 trillion microsatoshis it wont make bitcoin less scarce, because those fractions of bitcoin will still represent the same % of the overall supply, how fucking hard is this to understand?

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people like you are a result of millenia of dysgenics where governments and all other sorts of thiefs methodically killed off anyone who was smart enough to grasp rudimentary intuitive economic common sense and see through their racket and fraud, such as fiat money. That's why your kind supports socialism, that's why you falls for ponzi schemes, that's why can't even figure out that how many little pieces you cut a gold bar into into doesn't change the overall amount of gold in it

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comparing it to gold is retarded since there is a finite amount of gold on the planet and you can't make things like jewelry, gold leaf or in connectors/relays/switches/etc in electronic devices using nanograms of gold.

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XRP is finite and has a usecase

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lol what a bunch of retards

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We are no longer in the days of every low cap shitcoin pumping. Only a chosen few will survive, so I'm loading up on coins with a chance of real world usage. Go for a 100x if you want, but prepare to get rekt.

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