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Would now be a good time to start hoarding silver, or will it drop even further and bottom out around $10 or so? Even if it does I guess I can just buy more. How much do you guys think it will go up (or will it)? Everything I read online is just so all over the place, some people think it will drop to $10 then go up in 2 years, some fanatics say it will spike to $150 by the end of 2019, some say it will shoot up to the moon beecause of JPMorgan's (among others) hoarding and price manipulation.

I cant see it dropping more than 30% (it cant go lower than it costs to produce it, otherwise mining companies will just shut down to drive the price back up), there is a negative production rate right now, but with how much is in circulation/big banker's coffers, I dont think it matters. I mostly just dont want to buy a bunch and be sitting on it for 10 years waiting for prices to go up.

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Just accumulate a little bit knowing it probably won't moon but it's nice to have something tangible

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Been following it a long time. My best guess is that it's going to continue to timidly flutter a little down toward 12ish, then flutter up for a while until some significant events occur. When more people start to remember silver as a stable investment (they've had a bit of fascination with other things for a while now), and they wise up to how undervalued silver has been for a while now, there's going to be a very tidy increase.

Silver isn't bitcoin. It's not going to go to $1000/oz. Well, it might have that kind of actual value in an unlikely apocalyptic sort of scenario where it's one of the only reliable sources of monetary exchange, but I'm not expecting that. But... it will closely track gold, always has, and it's been drifting toward undervalued in comparison for a while now.

I actually slowed stacking any gold (I don't have much, I'm just a small time collector) in favor of silver a while back. It's a better value in my opinion, it's extremely fractional, exchangeable, and available in comparison to gold.

I love precious metals, mainly for the fun of collecting, so I've followed a lot of info on them for years now. Great to own, never be discouraged, it's the most can't-lose thing out there. But do NOT believe any kind of "going to the moon" hype. Ignorant speculators throw that crap out there regularly. Just ignore it, it's background noise and it isn't a good reason to buy.

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>buying depreciating rocks

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Ya I really havent bought into the "$1000/oz buy my investment course and Ill show you how" memers, I do think $150/oz is somewhat realistic though depending on the extent of JPM's price manipulation. Just look at what happened shortly after the lawsuit in 2010
https://www.cnbc.com/2018/11/12/ex-jp-morgan-silver-traders-guilty-plea-could-boost-manipulation-suit.html (3 days ago, I actually didnt know it was in the courts atm until a minute ago)

Also silver has a shitload of real world uses, much more than gold.
Its the most conductive metal on the planet, used in every single electronic device, solar panel, used frequently in the medical field, used for heating/air condition welds (I think its called brazening?), etc.

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>It's not going to go to $1000/oz
you seem to think the dollar is going to last forever

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>tfw you will see 1000000$ for a breadcrum in your lifetime, probably sooner than later

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>hating america so much you think the dollar will collapse so you lose all your money buying metals

I cant stop laughing at you retards

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>urrhh durrr if you use your brain and logic you are anti shartland

the absolute retardness of civcuck NPCs

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nice selfie
Its funny you think metal price is determined by its industrial use, and that Banks are "suppressing the price" when theyve actually pumped it to bubble status. Now dumping on you retarded doomsdayfags as QT continues

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based boomer

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no one can be so deluded on earth, i'm now sure you are just a trolling zoomer

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How much money have you lost buying silver at 17? :)

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I don't own a single ounce of silver dear mutt, but if i had to chose i would prefer silver at worthless Q4 dollarinos every day of the year.

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how can it be pumped to bubble status when its the lowest its been in over 15 years and has been hovering at around $15/oz for the last 4?

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So you dont even put your money where your mouth is? I guess doomsdayfaggots are just poor retards after all

It was pumped to bubble in 2015 before commodities popped. Theyve been selling into QT and will continue to do so

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No wait

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>posting your Mutt bait in every thread

You're on the wrong board, tourist. We don't play that shit over here. We're about making money, not your fantasy tribal wars. Now back to /sp/, /pol/, /int/ or whatever subreddit you crawled out of.

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How do you guys have money to afford stocks AND crypto AND gold? I can't even afford lunch lmao

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Those are some of the finest digits Ive seen this side the mississip
gg anon

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>So you dont even put your money where your mouth is?
Please quote where i said i invested in silver or even said it was a good idea you dumb sharter, oh you cant?
We were speaking of how worthless was the $ in it fundamentals and you started to whine and cry muh land of the free

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Here's a question. This isn't the first time i hear people talking about hoarding silver - a couple of acquaintances also talked a great deal about silver in particular over other precious metal like gold or platinum. Why is that? I've never looked into the matter so i'm curious.

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Check my digits >>11771111 and begone, troll. Shoo, shoo

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Look at the gold: silver ratio
Silver is also more liquid for everyday transactions. Good luck trying to trade your .3g of gold for a bag of groceries when you can just hand someone a 1oz silver bar

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historically the gold/silver equivalence always have been around 1/20 and nowaday it's 1/80, which mean silver is really undervalued.
Also COMEX paper manipulation in silver is even more extreme than with gold, the market cap of silver is like 2$ billions, so very easy to supress for banksters.
But more important, we recently saw move of big investment banks starting to stock a shitload of silver, and it could signify something really important.
During past history, 2 times the gold standard was suppressed and shifted toward a silver standard on a global scale, once during the venetian banking cartel domination during the 12/13th century, force by families like garibaldini or medici. And another time during the east indian company/ england domination just before the opium wars. Both time Italy and England had very bad external commercial balance.
Both times, the empire dominating the world economic and military policy decided unilateraly to shift to silver standard, making the price of the metal mooning to no end. They beforehand stacked up silver buying it with gold (with the italian florin for example), then forced this policy, having almost a monopoly on silver while others countries were piling up gold but had no reserve of silver. Then they started to buy the gold from these others states on the heap while the demand of silver was raising. Finally they swaped once again to the gold standard once their vaults were full of gold.

Now, we have the same exact situation with USA than during the crusades with Venice and England with the silk road during opium wars :
- a big empire
- a devaluating money, with a very bad external economic balance (import en masse, export nothing but liquidity)
- an economic domination (petro dollar monopoly) and a military domination (main supertanker sea gates)
- start to sneakily accumulating silver in big quantities

US could very well decide to establish a silver standard, transfering the debt to let say 2500$/ounce.

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And force others countries to adopt this standard too, taking them by surprise while they accumulated gold for the past two decades at an very big price (especially India-China-Russia) but left silver unchecked.
It's exactly how the british put China onto their knees back during the mid 19th century. And history always repeat itself.

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why wouldnt they establish a gold standard tho, since were at a FIAT standard right now?

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Its called having a fulltime job that pays above min wage.

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Woah, thats crazy. How can I get one of those?

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because US stocks of gold are literally 0. Fort knox refuse any audit and the few bars they have left are fake bars full of tungsten.

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silver going to $2500 an oz after the dollar inevitably collapses

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Makes sense, but these are all incredibly intelligent/educated people on both sides. Surely countries like China or Russia would see something like that coming from a mile away. China is importing more silver than it ever has at like 475+tons/month, for example. Although a lot of it is for industrial uses, I cant see all of it being for that. I can't really see one country dominating the market in the same way as 800 or 200 years ago.

I do still think it will rise considerably

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>muh space mining
it's a meme

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True, i don't really think my scenario will happen, it was more for underlying how things can shift pretty quickly and that we should never underestimate a metal who was used as money since ancient egypt.
But yeah, it's not probable, but with desperate times come desperate measures. And i don't think US will give always its domination so easily.
Another important point to take into account is the fact the biggest silver mines are in Peru, Argentina and Mexico, which are all on the american continent, so US could eventually keep a very close eye to silver mining capacities and easily protect them.

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Also i want to apologize for my awful english, but it's not my native language and i tiped it too quickly. But it seems you understood me, or i should say decyphered my message, so it's the most important.

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How do I buy silver?

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Sorry i misread your message. You are misled if you think it's a fiat standard in application right now, it's an oil standard.

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Good points, and don't apologize it was easy to understand. By having mediocre english as a second language that means you know at least twice as many languages as 90% of the people here.

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>50 years before 1st commercial mission
>blows up on launch
>wait another 50 years.


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Where are u located?

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thank you fren for your comprehension.
Do you own any silver ? I myself don't own anything but considering how low the prices actually are i'm really tempted to pick a lil stack just in case of. If i remember well, for the first time (ever?) last year we consummated more silver than we produced. Not really because silver is rare (actually silver is a subproduct of others mined metals if you except the few south american silver specialized mines, because its 'glued' to all kind of metals, like copper and gold) but because at 14$/ounce it simply not profitable enough, if at all.
Other interesting point is silver main industrial use is for electronic components and it's impossible to recycle the silver used in circuits, so the stock is decreasing for real, while gold is almost always totally recycled.

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i've heard acheter-or-et-argent.com is a good place to buy coins and ingots.

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Everyone should own 100 oz of silver as suicide insurance. Just ask people living in Venezuela.

Own 500-1000 oz of silver if yoy want to make it. 5000 oz if you want to whale out and become a 1 ton stacker (32,000 oz) if you want to be your own private bank.

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I only own like 50oz, maybe 55-60 or so if you count my old canadian 50c pieces and american silver dollars, but Im thinking of dropping considerably more into it.

Only problem is Im not really sure how to store it, I only rent and don't think I'd be able to secure a safe to anything without giving up my damage deposit, so that's not really an option (safe's stand out and are relatively easy to just steal and work on somewhere else), and safety deposit boxes at my bank are like $60-$100CAD/year which I can't really justify with how much I own, I'd be losing like 10-15% just in fees per year. Right now it just sits in my closet in an old shoe box

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Can't you adk your parents to take care of it?
I'm in the same situation as you are in. I invested in old magic cards last years and stocked it on shelves at first, but having 10k€ of cards, open to anyone who could force in is kinda spoopy. My dad have a safe vault at his home so i asked him to take care of my most expensives pieces. This way i know they are safe and i store them for free.

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I had a look around and half a kilo (1 lbs) costs around 277 euro, but to sell it they pay you only 196. How would I ever be able to make money out of this when the spread is 40%??

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yeah thats what put me off too, big buying stores are fucking scammers. Basically you are left with the craiglist/ebay option if you want to get your full value back, where you risk to get also scammed but this time entirely with no recourse.
That sucks.

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I did some more searching and the best spread I could find was 10%. Even then you have to go through scummy looking dealers that will probably charge you extra fees or whatever. Banks and governments probably have better means of acquiring these precious metals, but for your average /biz/ tard it's not a good investment.

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Not an option really, I'm 100% on my own and my parents are terrible with money and ask me for loans all the time. My mom would open her mouth and get scammed out of it somehow and my dad would "reinvest" it on some moonshot he overheard of at a sports bar.

Banks will buy it at competitive rates. I'm pretty sure CIBC here only charges $40/transaction +0.25% of trade value up to $20000, less if more than $20000, but that's for certificates. It does say they buy raw precious metals though. But they can decline it any time for any reason, so if the price skyrockets I could see them refusing. I also got 95% on some silver coins when the price jumped in 2011 from some random pawn shop in my city. You'd probably have to look around and probably wouldn't be able to unload huge amounts at once. Just gotta be smart about it

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>sound advice on the second post
what the fuck

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because china and russia own all the fucking gold

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