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Ok it’s time to discuss adoption and bundles. So far, insiders have seen main net and already confirmed 50000 bundles. What will it take to push to 100k?

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Shit tier FUD saged

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Explain? You must be an idiot if you believe it’s FUD. Some people are just greedy and don’t want you to get Amb at cheap prices

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Lmao no insider has confirmed shit about bundles and the image you used is a notorious FUD image intended to make the project seem like a "pie in the sky" deal which is exactly what you're trying to do with your bullshit "insider info". I'm sorry you are bad at this and that you probably lost a bunch of money with Vechain just work on not being a retard and maybe you can make your money back. Saged again.

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Russian scam

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Can we get some clarification on this meme? Wtf does this project have to do with Russia at all.

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>Ceo is a russian gypsy who was banned from Russia
>Vlad is a russian scammers, can’t even speak proper English
>the blond girl (Katrina) is russian and can’t speak proper English
>most of the devs are russian and can’t speak proper English
Have fun loosing your money idiots. Vechain has much better partnerships.

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But vechain doesn’t make you rich like Ambrosus does. You retire with $90k a year with $1.4k investment

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Sure you do.

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Source: your ass. Good project /biz/ DYOR

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Not a blatant scam, but very shady.
The first wave of masternode onboarding going on right know, right? I haven't seen a single person on biz, on reddit or on telegram that got selected to run a node, just people saying they applied.
Wonder why that is. Well guess we gets to run the first couple hundred nodes, its the AMB team. Versetti is currently buy setting up his 30 nodes and Trifa and the whole gang are doing the same.
They are earning all the bundles right now. Shady as fuck.

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Not bad FUD. However, multiple telegram members have confirmed and have talked in detail about the best way to set up nodes. If you kept up with the project you'd know this first wave is a smaller pool of tech-savvy investors in order to make sure further onboarding can go as smooth as possible.

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This anon fucks
Sure. Where is the block explorer?

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It's being created by the team to be released by EoY. That other guy is FUDding too did you not see my other post? Don't be an idiot anon that guy is a liar.

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Anon, they’ve had 2 mainnet launches. Has anybody even seen the fucking mainnet? Nobody has seen the mainnet, nobody has seen the block explorer. That’s odd don’t you think? I guarantee at eoy they will say “oooo, wait till the end of q1 for our official industrial grade hyper block launch”

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>2 mainnet launches

>nobody has seen the block explorer
I just told you the team is working on it. How can anybody see something that doesn't exist yet? Use your brain anon, work on your FUD like that other guy, his wasn't bad. Saged again m80

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Also, who is to say their partners didn't cut the deals already? For example that vanilla company trying out the AMB-Net and then deciding its too complicated or its not worth and step back from using the service.
Ambrosus would never ever tell us about that. The mainnet has to be hidden still because there are like 3 bundles a day - on a good day that is.

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Are you actually implying that these companies would sign a contract without even running a pilot first? Do you have any business sense?

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Aug 1 was “mainnet launch”
Oct 31 was “industrial mainnet launch”

Do you even keep up with the project? The mainnet is still yet to be seen. I sold my stack. Getting a scammy feeling.

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OP can you do a sample calculation to support these claims?

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No, they wouldn't sign a contract and they haven't. They did run a pilot - thats when AMB gave us the news for the "partnerships".
However they won't tell us when their "partners" cut the connection once the pilots are over.

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>buy high sell low
I'd expect nothing less anon thanks for watching out for the rest of us here. I'll take your earlier advice and invest in Vechain.

It's a FUD image, the real image has 900, 9,000 and 90,000. This was made early on with a community member's calculator but since then there have been changes to the economic model that may effect it. It's all purely speculative anyway, but with the changes I wouldn't take even the original image as being accurate.

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What evidence do you have that their recent client partnerships are just pilots? The Premium Goods vanilla CEO said in the documentary that they are partnered with Ambrosus. If what you say is the case, why haven't they announced partnerships with all the other companies they are running pilots and PoC's with? You're mixing yourself up here anon take a step back and breathe.

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totally wrong in your sources.
This pic was from 8 months ago.

And the mainneth is working "private"
First wave of people are whitelisted as we speak! To run their masternode on the amb-testnet first, before going the live-net at the end of Q4

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Anon, I’m still waiting on the explanation of 2 mainnet launches. Nobody has seen anything. What’s the bag holder explanation for this?

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i am selected with a few people.
We just got whitelisted to start testing the node on the amb-testnet. These conversations are on a private slack channel.

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Fuck the roadmap pic, angel and vlad specefically said these dates in their ama as mainnet launches. The first ama outside in Berlin was for the mainnet launch. Than they said oct 31 for industrial mainnet launch. Still nothing.

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This dude has it covered. Where are your sources for any of your claims? Saged again my man this is getting old

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>oct 31
at the end of this year 2.0 should be launched. Not oct 31. Never been the case

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Here you go just reply to this guy he'll have more info than me.

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>top secret
Ya ok

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lol thanks

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I've been running a node for a while and not worth it yet, might take a year or so to be. At the moment I'm losing about 80$ per month because there isn't enough bundles.

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nice fud. The live net is not running for people outside ambrosus yet. And why would you pay so much for a vps?

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I was picked in the first wave cause I'm working with huge potential supply chain customer. Running node as a service so costs a bit more..


Not trying to fud, it is just not profitable at the moment. I'm sure it will be someday, maybe Q4 2019.

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Thanks brother for your honesty. I really appreciate it.

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Do you run an apollo?
Because i assume these nodes are much heavier to run then the hermus and atlas one.
My atlas node only has to focus storage. Wich is cheap

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Quad dubs
Amb is shit. Checked

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Wrong. Angel said 1 million bundles. Stop FUDing with your low ass returns

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well that guy is right. its all speculation and they changed the economic model.

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“In 2 years with adoption” What’s it like trying to live with Down syndrome?

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That’s 1 year ago. So only 1 more year before 1 million bundles. I don’t know , why don’t you tell me what Down syndrome feels like?

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>6 months ago
>1 year ago.
One of those is correct

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Stop being retards. AMB was pumping just 2 weeks ago and this board had AMB threads plastered all over it. Now you guys are acting like it's a scam.

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People realized that their huge partnerships are only worth a few hundred bundles

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What huge partnerships? Source from the team and/or client companies on this?

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I'm the original guy that trys to post daily "ambrosus discussion threads" and this pajeet crawled out of his discord to make a fake daily general, here is the real chart compared to that bullshit.

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mr versetti
i dont feel so good

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Me neither all of the facts and based redpill posts in here have me questioning my investment. Fellow kek praising /pol/tards is it all true? Bout to sell 6millionk = 50 tril

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they have a working product, and it's at 800k marketcap, with insanely low volume (probably all of it washtraded). That means that either their token is fucking useless, or their product is fucking useless. No point at all buying this

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Imagine being all in on this russian scam

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>800k marketcap

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Bundle size increases 60% from 10k to 16k events. 60% less money that will be getting paid out to the nodes. Yikes!!

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lol how do you even make this shit up let me try

Ambrosus confirmed never even exist !! ICO money teleported to black hole sell!!!1!!!!

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The ICO money teleported to shit hole.

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Wtf are you talking about anon. If I’m a company that will be doing 100k events per day.... right.... keep following anon.

Instead of buying 10 bundles, I’m now buying 6.25 bundles. So that’s less bundles on the main.net which results in less payouts. Simple math. I’m trying to save you guys from making the mistake I made. Thank god I got out of this scam.

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Brainlet lmao I'm glad you sold too

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Explain how I’m a brainlet. Increasing bundle size results in less bundles. So even if we take versettis
>muh 1 million bundles
Which is a comment he made when a bundle was 10k events, that 1 million bundles at 10k is 625k at 16k events. Math fren. Try it.

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You are assuming all bundles are maxed out event wise.

>> No.11774258

Clients are running a business. They will max out bundles to save on cost.

>> No.11774290

If the system allows for it. You have no idea how many events will be generated per unit shipped or how things will be separated into different bundles. This is all speculative just like your 625k bundle number, which is ridiculously high and I'm not sure why you'd try and use it as a negative.

>> No.11774318

I’m just comparing how big of a difference 10k events and 16k events make concerning bundles

I doubt there will even be 1k bundles

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Anyone who's been on biz more than 6 months knows this is a scam cuz your pajeet shill team was spamming the board non stop before the first mainnet launch during summer. They claimed they had tons of customers ready to go as soon as it launched (just like vechain) and then nothing happened and all the bagholders got justed and necked themselves. Now you're back for round 2. Ballsy move I have to say.

>> No.11774509

That was a FUD campaign aimed at brainlets and I'd say it worked lol

>> No.11774627

>look mom, I used the acronym fud again

>> No.11774659

It's over. Most ICOs are scams but the ones with strong whales might get another swing.
AMB has nothing, the chart is death.

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I don't give a fuck about AMB but you must also be retarded.

That image is just a scaled up version of the original, it's not "FAKE".

Assuming the "ORIGINAL" is real, it just applies a 100x factor to everything (including the required "bundles") you fucking moron.

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Yeah TA. You know, the thing that makes money? I know the concept of making money is a bit strange and weird for AMB retards, but just imagine it like the opposite of what happens to your bank balance.

>> No.11774808

Lmao look at the brainlet. Let me explain it for you peanut head I know you lack social grace. The image is extremely misleading in terms of numbers, considering this is a start up to make such ridiculous promises from the get go makes it seem very scammy. The point is fudders use that image to make people think there will be millions of bundles at launch so when there aren't people freak out and have more FUD to throw around. However, the team has never guaranteed any amount of bundles at launch. If your brain was bigger than your small penis you could understand this.

>> No.11774869

>fud pajeets photoshop original
>apply x100 factor to unrealistically inflate the returns (dude $100000000 a year lol)
>pretend to be amb shills and spam it for months on biz

That pic exposes them (who made this thread and always try to slide it) but you're actually more fucking stupid then a pajeet lmao

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Bump for AMB

>> No.11775155

Fudder bumping for AMB lmao noice dude upboat (unironic sage kek)

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The first wave is for a small pool of testers to finalize that everything is in working order. They can't backout of having people create masternodes, then their whole system falls apart. That's retarded.

>> No.11775319

Can somebody provide me with amb physical address? I want to send them all a copy of Rosetta Stone so they can learn how to speak fucking English. They think they can sign big companies doing presentations sounding like a bunch of FOB Russians. Kek

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If you only have 10 crates of beef to sell, that's 10 bundles, regardless of how many events it uses from 1-16k...

>> No.11775432

This has not been stated anywhere by the team. Keep dreaming anon.

>> No.11775446

Ok, then explain what a bundle is wise sage

>> No.11775474

A bundle is up to 16k events. a company is not going to make 1 bundle for every single piece of steak. They will bundle them together.... bundle

>> No.11775605

And what do you think an event entails exactly?

>> No.11775739

He doesn't know he's just glad he has kept this FUD thread up for so long

>> No.11775847

Courtesy bump

>> No.11775982

wtf are you talking about? they can pack as many crates of beef into one data bundle as long as its within the 16k limit.

>> No.11776100

Based and red pilled

>> No.11776112

don't ruin bagholders dreams like that anon.
some of us are enjoy watching brainlet dreams and delusions shattered

>> No.11776146

These idiots think a company is going to pay 12 dolllars per piece of beef that sells for 7 dollars in the store. Deluded as fuck

>> No.11776180

No, its 1 product with 1599 events. Or 1599 products with 1 event. Or something in between.So you cant a million products in 1 bundle

>> No.11776201

Then they dont know what a bundle is

>> No.11776217

lmao literal brainlet stay poor

>> No.11776281

Explain. You make no sense. You goof ball.

>> No.11776328

never said you could have a million products in a bundle? literally said they can have as many crates as they want as long as the number, along with its associated events, doesn't exceed 16k data entries.

>> No.11776342

for example 10 crates of beef, each with 500 pieces could have 3 events each and still only be 15k entries, thereby fitting into 1 bundle

>> No.11776402

So what your saying is, gook beef is worth at most, 1k bundles a day. That is their biggest partnership. Good luck with your sick 10 dollar monthly node returns.

>> No.11776816

1k is very generous. Probs a couple dozen a day lel

>> No.11776928

As usual, a rational discussion about a promising project is derailed my shitskin pajeets

>> No.11777208

Continue the thread

>> No.11777432

Yes. Anyone thinking otherwise is retarded

>> No.11777716

>rational discussion
yet you're the bagholding pajeet who has no counter arguments

>> No.11777730

Wow, no wonder they have to hide the mainnet when they have like 8 bundles on a good day.
The first wave of masternode onboarding is probably 3 dudes dividing those bundles between them.

>> No.11778184

This thread will be bumped before I sleep

>> No.11778588

A single crate of beef (let's say it's only a $100 to produce) isn't a half pound of meat at the butcher shop. That was never the implication. How do you think divvying up the shipped product during the processing and repacking stage of said crate is supposed to happen? Tracking is "farm to fork". That's where event tracking comes into play.

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