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they lose free money, it's fine.

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Whats the use for link now that cryptos dead?

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Yo retard, look at the whole market

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no one is selling, btc is taking a big shit

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Mainstream smart contracts. Nothing changed.

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What the fuck is happening?
What's causing the collapse?

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This is hilarious, first real pump absolutely ruined by Bitcoin crashing

It will only get worse and that's beautiful

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relax, it's just fomoers panic selling, most probably dont even have a clue what link is

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we have to fucking decouple from btc. fucking hold 8800 you fucks

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You can't have a buy the dip scheme without a dip to buy.

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Bitcoin crashed shitload of times in the past 4 months yet it did not affect the LINK bull run in the long term
this is the same yet retards keep selling
I hope all of them miss out and end up hanging themselves

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>Bitcoin crashed shitload of times in the past 4 months
No it really didn't.

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yes it did dumbfuck

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is this a good thing for a nolinker? I kind of blew it off as dumb meme shit, then I noticed how it performs and wanted to get some, but it was already 60 something cents when I started taking it seriously. Now its back to 50 cents and dropping.

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LINK bull run started little over 4 months ago
yes, we had way worse bitcoin crashes

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What link bullrun?

Also this

There is no link bullrun, there was a single somewhat interesting pump and it just got ruined, which is fun. Link P&D group is full of retards

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Sergey market sold 2MM Link

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It's a coin some as any other. /biz/ just fetishizes it and it has a meme cult following

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nobody's selling, dumbass

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this LINK bull run
and no, it's not over faggot

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I'd like to say I don't care, but I do.
Fuck ...

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>It's a coin some as any other
Wrong, it has been the best performing crypto in this bear market

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In actual price difference, sure, but today's actual Bitcoin price is the lowest it's been since October 2017.

>There is no link bullrun, there was a single somewhat interesting pump and it just got ruined
Lol you're retarded.

Link has been on an uptrend since end of June 2018.

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Whale said he was selling 450K every 2 hours to force a correction.

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you're gonna get fuckin' rekt

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No one is selling, BTC is just shitting the bucket right now.

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>believing a random retard with no proof
if he actually did that he lost a shitton of money

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yes people are selling otherwise LINK would be keeping the value in satoshis but it lost over 1000 satoshi

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>dat volume

lol ok

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Here comes the cope.

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Against the entire market trend, which is utterly stupid. Are you people seriously expecting to attract other failed bagholders to your json parser scam in the middle of a market crash? Really?

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I was buying the dip

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>how stupid of you to perform well when everyone else isn't

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>muh pardnershids
>muh mainnet
[email protected]

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>He bought high
I felt a little shitty these past weeks not being in stink. I thought , against all fucking odds the singularity was beginning.
But then I thought of all the months Link did nothing and now i'm comfy :^)

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>Hold my bags

>> No.11743367

look at 3 month chart big guy

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Um try again sweaty. This is normal. When something goes up for no reason, it has to come back down.

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I'm not selling, iron hands. Aaaaahing internally though.

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even with this monster dip up almost 3x since the summer. cope harder

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what am I missing here. It's basically held it's value in sats hasn't it?

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It has, but BTC took a giant shit so it's an opportunity for nolinkers to cope.

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>for no reason

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Correct, no reason. Zero (0). None. A bunch of retarded NEETs getting excited about events and milestones they don't understand is not a reason, sorry hun

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Get rekd you shitcoin-shilling faggot

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after a bloodbath link is almost green in sats. what the fuck are you even talkin about

>> No.11743512

Proof that nobody is selling their links

>> No.11743514

Imagine being this deluded.

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Can you 90iq bottyl9m scrapers keep it inside the 20+ other chainlink threads or at least put your scam in the title so my down syndrome filter can catch it? Thanks losers.

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From the current Brave AMA:

Yes, the current DApp user base is small. It should grow over time, but we have to grow now -- as we do we will help the long term prospects for DApps. I think you have to see Brave as a vanguard project, meaning we are blazing the path for blockchain, crypto, DApps, etc. We bring people in an environment they are familiar with and normalize concepts for people so they get used to them. Certainly, we will get the crypto-heads, but as we popularize the browser (already have millions of users) then people will see the functioning of blockchain and crypto in the background. The tokens will be like frequent flier miles -- almost gamified by us and publishers and large publishers and brand that are monetizing their ecosystems. You could see stock games with BAT. You could see a BMW ad that says open the door for X tokens, open the hood for Y tokens, or test drive for Z tokens.

In way Brave can act as a massive macro funnel for a bell curve of users that come in to the platform and use the token with the crypto aspect pushed in the background. Then they can get normalized to other cryptos that join our platform, through wallets or other aspects... the modern browser is a platform -- its not 2005 anymore and we aint just a browser.

>You could see stock games with BAT. You could see a BMW ad that says open the door for X tokens, open the hood for Y tokens, or test drive for Z tokens.

>really makes you think

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So far, it looks like you are the deluded one. It's okay sweaty. You can't be right all the time.

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Back to your cave, tardboy.

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Your shitcoin is up like 3x from ICO compared to almost any other shitcoin that's mediocre at best. There is no "cope". I couldn't care less whether your token fails or succeeds. I buy low and sell high. You losers are simply shitting up this board with way too many threads.

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ICO was 9cents so it's actually 6x up, my coping friend

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How dumb is this guy? Jesus fuck go away. It’s paired to btc stupid fuck

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Yes so same as literally hundreds of other shitcoins... doesn't warrant more than 2 threads at all.

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>imagine being such a turbobrainlet that you think a coin's only merit is price action

>> No.11744060

It is stupid because you going not only against data trends (negative numbers) but also against emotional trends.

So, objectively, it's kinda 2x stupid.

>> No.11744080

This is one of the stupidest things I've read on here in a long time.

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$1000 EOY!

>> No.11744088


Have you even read anything on link? ... how are you on this board, excited about crypto (even just enough to keep tabs on it), and not thinking this could be huge? I don’t get how you think an oracle service is the turd in a sea of useless shit. Would I’ve to hear what coins you shill, prob pretty funny

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It's ok to be angry, after all, I just ruined you pump group thesis

>> No.11744134

This is low-key Chainlink shilling, isn't it?

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As a rule of thumb, Bitcoin is the only thing that matters, all alts are just ways to defraud people of their Bitcoin or Fiat.
You can simply look at the first altcoin boom. 99% of these coins do n9t exist anymore. Same will haooen to 99% of ethereum scamtokens. Giving people millions upfront for a non proven product is moronic (except as a pump n dump strategy), and one by one these projects will exit scam or whither away. A couple might survive, but none of these projects warrant more than 1-2 threads on /biz/. That is all that matters here. You are spamming like a drooling ADHD retard with tokens you hope will change your life, but statistics say they won't.

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based thank you for saying that

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filthy fuckin newfags
I hope your ass gets drilled harder than SIBOS



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Wtf are you retards talking about? It was 0.4€ only a few weeks ago. Now it's 0.5€ still right now, & I don't see it going down to 0.4 again, and I'm pissed cause I have have another 4k now and I could have got 10k link now I can only get 8000

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Being this retarded... why are you even here? Go away then. That’s like going to a VC board and saying 75% of all startups and small businesses fail and this start up an entire community is invested in and excited about is a scam. You’ve taken the crypto plunge but are too scared to try and make money... go invest in stocks if you want developed matured companies. You have no alts?? You’re a the laggard in a group of innovators, so you’re still ahead but damn

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None of your drivel matters, if you are enthousiastic about chainlink, make a general and discuss it there. When big news breaks, make another thread. That's 2 threads, all you need. At this moments, you spam scammmers have 20 threads in my filters. A couple of hours ago there were 40 (!!!) LINK threads in my filters.
Every discussion on crypto gets smeared with you spammers' link vomit. There are tons of interesting discussions to be had about crypto investing but you VOMIT all over it. Like literal retards. That is the point.

>> No.11744625

I've had great tips from /biz/, projects that were under the radar and I got in before they mooned. Resources to become a better trader. I even got an idea for a profitable bot algorithm from this board. That's the value, early info, bettering yourselves. But this link spam is preying on retards that want a lottery ticket. It's cancer and it has been going on for a year. You might want to look up what happens to most big lottery winners. They lose everything. The real gain is turning yourself into a better trader, a more profitable entrepeneur, to find sources of information that inform you before the msm starts shilling things. I urge those who want to improve their lives to filter this link spam and get better.

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While bitcucks get dumped on link moons
$1000 eoy

>> No.11744705

>he didn't buy link
>he didn't buy the best performing coin of 2018
>"Linkies are the REAL retards, not me!"
ok anon

>> No.11744731

All very rational and intelligent points that would apply to almost every scenario except this one. Hell if I never researched chainlink or didn't have a career in fintech I would probably smugly state the same thing. Makes me sad that anons as smart as you wont make it, I urge you to give one final impartial look at the smart contract landscape as defined by major research consulting firms, then come to a final independent conclusion.

>> No.11744740

Thank you.

>> No.11744747


>Stinkies on suicide watch.

When will the first ChainChink bagholder kill himself?

>> No.11744782

Verifiable lie, and doesn't warrant more than 2 threads. Human scum.

>> No.11744794


>50% down
>Best performing crypto

Lol stinkies are deluded.

>> No.11744802

This is what you get for being so fucking cocky you link autists.

>> No.11744811

you got me anon. That coin with a $200k market cap did better than Link.

if you want reddit coins there is a website for that.

>> No.11744845


>Imagine having mainnet

It's never going to happen yet people are still dumping their money on this literal ChainChink scam.

You're literally betting your life on a fucking student beta project.

>> No.11744851

I'm a master of science in computer science, I don't believe the project to be interesting. I might be mistaken, but wouldn't care either way. I've missed 100s of shitcoin pumps, and will never lose sleep over these things.
20 threads in the catalog for a year reeks of an organized scam however.

>> No.11744942


Why don't you first wait till they manage to shit the mainnet out.

Absolutely no reason to hype this shit up while it's still "in development".

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>he didnt sell at $0.60+

>> No.11744970

>you’ll be sorry when you hit the jackpot on link and don’t know how to handle extreme wealth

Nice low key shill

>> No.11744988

>be Australian
>go to be bed happy ar the pump.
>wake up this morning

What the fuck did you burgers do

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It's bitcoins fault. It shit the bed and we're down in fiat but still up in sats

>> No.11745066

It's the 2nd closest to its ATH, behind only TrueUSD KEK imagine being a salty nolinker at this point.

>> No.11745142

>I don't believe the project to be interesting
Why do you believe that?

>> No.11745157

Ok so 2 threads will do to discuss this fact, right?
BTW were you salty when NLC2, tron, doge, ETN, <《fill in random shit coin here》et al. mooned 50x or more? The thought of me (or any non retard anon) being salty about random shitcoins mooning is so laughable, you don't even see the irony through your delusion.
Someone who bought NLC2 and got out in december made more than your shitcoin probably ever will make you...

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>> No.11745245


“Muh board, guise stop it” “please stop it guise... guise?”

>> No.11745328

>in December

Ok, so you are retarded, yes? December kind of gains aren't happening anymore. You can't just buy any shitcoin and expect insane gains. We're talking about the bear market. Link is the best performer in it.

>> No.11745348

Imagine selling a 1000$ coin for 50 cents

>> No.11745370


So instead of selling your crypto for USD people should have lost money on buying link because? Don't try to sugarcoat it, you're still down from the start of the year.

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>> No.11745417

Or maybe study market cycles?
Unclear whether blockchain beats a redundant server setup from a trusted party, which can be sued and which can make contractual obligations with me. Unclear how big the market for this will be. Most tokenomics are tacked onto projects to make the people who run them money at the expense of gullible investors.

>> No.11745431

I am up significantly and not worried, I invested in the technology not PND action.

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1 Chainlink will always be 1 Chainlink
I dont understand why you faggots are complaining
Aint shit changed

>> No.11745453

Imagine seething THIS hard
getting some bullish vibes off this seething no-linker

>> No.11745466

No, I bought a bunch more when it bottomed out. I'm slightly in the green.

The next bull will be different than 2017. Only a few projects will survive while the useless scams (99% of the market) will be dead and gone. Link will survive. If it performs this well in a bear market where everything is getting raped, it'll go crazy in the bull market.

>> No.11745527

Totally baseless claim. Current price action doesn't guarantee anything about the next bull cycle... this information is useless and misleading. Tons of alts had all kind of price action after the first alt bull market. Most of these coins are dead.

>> No.11745556

I'm not seething, I'm disgusted by you spamming bottom feeders.

>> No.11745597

>down 15%
>still went up 2 ranks
could be way worse. link overperforms even during crashes.

this is worrying, more and more people refuse to sell link. we might not have much time to accumulate more.

>> No.11745632

They couldn't crash link so they decided to crash btc instead. There's nothing (((they))) won't do to take what's yours. Incredibly bullish for link.

>> No.11745638

Has anyone heard from this anon? Is he ok?

>> No.11745682

But Link won't be dead, Kek, it's the most likely to survive. Hundreds of teams. Fuck outta here, Link threads aren't going anywhere

>> No.11745815

Try keep it to less than 5 threads, downie.

>> No.11745829

this no-linker is shook to the core. absolutely bullish

>> No.11745848


>> No.11745861


>> No.11745868


In technology? That isn't even colse to usable yet?

You're a gambler thats what you are.

>> No.11745891

>No, I bought a bunch more when it bottomed out. I'm slightly in the green.

Oh yeah but almost everyone who bought at the start of the year is close to 20% down AT LEAST.

>> No.11745907

Ok anon you've made your point how about adding this thread to your filters and stop posting now

>> No.11745909

We're top 40 because everything else is dumping harder! Huzzah

>> No.11745947

I’m pissed because I went all in at .55 cents. Bought the 10k to make it A few days ago . And didn’t sell at .60. I could have had a few extra thousand link if I bought today.

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don't swing trade, you've made it anon

>> No.11745972

Yelling cope like true NPCs. There is 0 cope in my system, friendos. I just want you to stop spamming, as per site rules.
You're too stingy to just buy a banner, even.
Until I see less than 5 threads filtered and less than 1 thread a day escaping my filters, I will call you downies out for what you are, drooling retards shitting up the board.

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>mmgrgllff......me mad...at link.......grr....

>> No.11746019

Then sage and report

>> No.11746046

Buy a banner poorfag. Spamming and worn out memes is all you have.

>> No.11746062

I've reported tons of threads, we are a year in, a fucking year. Mods are bagholders, there is no other conclusion.

>> No.11746065

Imagine real companies using a network where the unit of value can drop 15% in minutes for no reason other than some completely unrelated dinosaur shitcoin called BTC committing suicide. Can you imagine? I can't.

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...glgghhh...me report.....threads....spammers!!...

>> No.11746107

imagine being so retarded you mistake passion and excitement and vision for "spamming"

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>> No.11746137

yeah I guess the bazingacoin and 0xbtc posters are just enthusiastic and shit as well right
fuck off lenocinium shill

>> No.11746146

Thanks for aiding us with the generation of maximum link spam, marine. It’s guys like you who keep our shitty threads at the top of the catalog, perpetually pushing down any useful, productive conversation. Thank you for your service of making this board a steaming pile of shit

>> No.11746150

janny deleted my post IMMEDIATELY
lenocinium shills are janitors holy fucking shit

>> No.11746168

Or perhaps you fail to see why so many people are hyped about this project
Either way you obviously are not going to convince anyone on this board so if you keep posting you just come out as a coping faggot.
Just let it go

>> No.11746169

>what is sage

>> No.11746171

>40 threads at the same time yelling 1000eoy isn't shitting up the board
Lol is this litetally your last hope in life, fucking retards?

>> No.11746237

I'm about to load up some more fiat now boys.

When Bitcoin shits the bed is it better to trade on the ETH or BTC pair? Normally I just trade on the ETH pair, but maybe it makes sense to go with BTC this time.

>> No.11746317

I just realized that this is the same type of person occupied with "claiming waifus" and anime pillows... magical thinking... literally never going to make it and manipulated by PnD groups. Fucking lol.
But still, stop spamming the board. Whenever you come into my sights I will hit you over the head with reality! 1000eoy fucking lol you scum

>> No.11746339

If you want to stay in your echo chamber and live in magical fantasy land, stay in my downie filter you drooling losers.

>> No.11746355

>>40 threads at the same time yelling 1000eoy isn't shitting up the board
If you didn't filter the threads you wouldn't miss the valuable discussions about the tech and tokenomics and so on.
I really will never understand nolinkers. you will kys in a few years

>> No.11746435

More than 2 threads about this project at any time are spam.

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>> No.11747020

LINK = Sergeys daily Mickiedees

>> No.11747129

Why is it that none of you have even the slightest regard for anyone else on this board? It's bad form and it is gradually making more and more people hate you.

>> No.11747150


The spam is the reason I won't touch link ChainChink with a 10 foot pole no matter how it's pumped. I believe a lot of people think the same way.

Plenty of other shitcoins to make money with.

>> No.11747160

Wtf is this your first day on 4chan?

>> No.11747166

That's better than being 95% down like everyone that was holding absolute shitcoins. Again, I'm not saying Link didn't have losses in this market. Just that it's the best performing. Cope

>> No.11747175

It begins, OMG it is dumping upwards. Blast off is emanent.

>> No.11747178

anyone with a portfolio worth anything decent just trades btc on margin
lade adopters trying to cope with dreams of a 10t market cap for their shitcoin is just sad desu

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>> No.11747426


>Imagine having a compulsive urges to post pictures about yourself in a chinese basket weaving forum.

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