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And abc is going to 0 feels good senpai

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And abc making new local lows.
Maybe abc can merge mine with litecoin like dogecoin does?

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1.5k sv sell order on the usdc pair being eaten.

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what the hell are you guys talking about

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You don't like it? STIFF full stop.

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Check it out: https://twitter.com/ProfFaustus/status/1061991109914738688

The difficulty adjustment at every 2016 blocks will be restored.

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moon it
buy jihans 1M bags for 0.03 each

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At least Dodge coin has a purpose, being a meme coin. What ABC is for?

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Same point as Segwit2X from a year ago, creating pointless drama about Bitcoin futures.

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Segwit2X: PART II
Just imagine the smell after the HF

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