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How do I get my link into metamask for staking on linkpool? The guide on medium only mentions hardware wallets but I keep all my link on Binance

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wtf is this "ropsten link" i just generated and staked? i'm so confused and too scared to try adding a custom token and staking real link now. is the latter what i'm supposed to do?

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Is there no way to stake real link yet? Why does the guide imply I'll be rewarded for clicking a button that gives me 100 (fake?) link and then staking it?

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just testing
mainnet not out yet

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it's just a typo. you can send your link to the ropsten address the same as any other eth address.

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Get your free link at the Ropsten chainlink faucet. Accumulate, but don't share this with others. Thank me later

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Send to this address


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Are you literally retarded?
Just send the fucking tokens to your metamask address like a normal human being. Or are you actually so retarded that you think there is some magical distinction between hardware wallet addresses and addresses generated by any other means? Might as well sell your linkies and buy Vechink, because you are prob too dumb figure out how to interact with a smart contract.

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Metamask works as an eth wallet that supports erc20 tokens like link. You have a public address. You have to keep in mind that there are several networks, main ethereum network is for the dex, ropsten is for testing the staking dapp (not real tokens). Once chainlink's main net arrives you will be able to stake if you have linkpool shares

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oh my hahahaha
send your link and some eth to your metamask address

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Ropsten Link is a chainlink shadowfork. The only way you can make it is to send all your (((real))) link to a ropsten address and accumulate ropsten link

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