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imagine not owning the next eth

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Imagine buying it. It does nothing but bleed fucking sats for a week and you put your sell order in at +2 sats because you genuinely regret putting half a bitcoin into this shit and then watching it moon 100 sats after your order fills at 1115

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I do own it.

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i just sold, why are u guys shilling this NOW?

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b/c we are frens, and cb listing soon, and cheapest listing coin.

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*blocks your path*

Sorry, lad. If Snow hits even a $1B market-cap by 2021, that's a 500x, minimum.

Good luck with your over-priced bags!

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name 2 exchanges snow is listed on

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That's the point, brainlet. It had $125,000 in volume on QTRADE (its only exchange) yesterday. Q-Trade! Who the fuck uses Q-trade. Take it or leave it. Ciao!

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>cheap unit price = cheap, disregarding mcap
Omega_lul, you'll lose everything

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jesus twu i didnt know you were this much of a chink pajeet

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>thinking everyone who posts about Snowblossom is -Twu.

Not gonna make it.

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But i do own zil op

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