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Monday morning edition

In this thread, I'm going to compile the best passive income streams ordered by investment required, including both online and offline options
Little to no Investment($100-$1k)
>Social Media Marketing
>Digital Media or Marketing of any kind
>Web Development
>Freelance software development
>Affiliate Marketing
>Making Online Courses
>Self publishing Ebook(comprehensive guide:https://kindlepreneur.com/book-marketing-101/)
>product arbitrage

Some Investment Required($1k-10k)
>POS Systems
>P2P Lending
>Authoring or Online publishing
>Vending Machines
>Automated News sites or any kind of automated blog
>Automated online Arbitrage with the help of a buybot

Large Investment Required, but still very passive(10k+)
>Parking Garages or lots
>Batting Cages
>Rental Properties
>Buying Royalty rights on music, media, etc

I'm sure there are dozens of others that are out there but that's what I can think of off the top of my head.

if you have any comprehensive guide. Post them and ill add them here

Feel free to add more and share your knowledge, experience, advice with others, but I think that's a lot of value that you won't find in most threads here.
previous thread: >>11629673
DIscord link : https://discord.gg<slash>X7qHDQA

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Any beermoney advice? i want to make 100 every month,that's enough to live as a neet in my country.

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Dumpster diving / street diving around college campuses with truck / van after semester is over obtain free gear that can resell , esp Q4 -> resell via CL or eBay

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Generally, stalking your local section of craigslist/leboncoin or other local sales websites can get you nice furniture to flip.

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Drone you could fit in your backpack with a 4 hour flight time, or drone you could fit in your back seat with a 12 hour flight time? I'm only planning to make/sell one a week.

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Is the drone gonna be able to carry some weight ?

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It carries a pannable 4K camera + FLIR thermal imager, and it's hooked up to a 4G modem so it can be controlled over long distances and stream live video. Also it takes off and lands vertically.

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I think the backseat drone is probably more interesting in btb or even selling to law enforcement/firemen. Backpack drone is purely for consumer applications and you may have more competition.

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you dont want advice, you want instructions and a plan given to you on a plate
you know 100 a month is not a lot, yet you cba to even express an idea, let alone carry it out

you get out what you put in, so at least put 100 a months worth of effort

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im a wagie in a comfy job - customer support. im usually finished with work by 12 then i have 4 more free hours. occasionally some phonecall or email. any side hustles or something that can be done from work?

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lol, who are you op? no tripfag this time?
I say 4 hours so you have more room for other things than just the battery

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Don’t forget to have a good breakfast /entg/ doods

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Watercooler-anon here, design of the prototype is 50% done. The block itself will be easy to do (I do it at work), but I still need to find connectors for the water tubes. For the prototype, I'll solder them to the block, but ultimately for the final product I'll try to cast an epoxy shell over it.
Has anyone good resources on this ?

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That's a nice cow.
Think about this picture every time you eat cow flesh.

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good point
that nice looking cow would look lovely in a bun with some fries instead of infesting that poor girl with its parasites and what not

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>>Social Media Marketing
>>Digital Media or Marketing of any kind
>>Web Development
>>Freelance software development
>>Affiliate Marketing
None of these are passive income you absolute brainlet

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good spot
now you know how retarded the people are here, theres no need to stay

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butter one side of bread, press a glass against the bread to make a hole, add a lot of butter into pan, toss bread in there and fry the egg inside the bread. add salt and pepper. best breakfast you'll ever have!

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>what is automation

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That’s sounds good thanks for the inspiration

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>Automating dropshipping
>Automating Web Development

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>doesn’t know about outsourcing

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I'm wonder if I can get some advice or related stories. I work as a electrical and instrumentation apprentice for a contracting company in western Canada. Our main client is a large coal mine that issues most of their contracts may-october. Now the the winter is setting in I've gone from working ~60hrs a week to 20hrs a week.
Has anyone else experienced something similar to this type of seasonal work? What have you done to overcome the winter lul?
What's a good skills that I can self teach that I can supplement my income with over these winter months?

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Side gig bro check out the previous thread for help on that and inspiration.

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Maybe diy is more knowledgeable on this? Seems up their alley.

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>not reading previous threads
Its just a tradition at this point, the original op is gone. We've had this argument over a ton of threads
Why are you even here then? There's countless shitcoin threads with people you can talk to.

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I was in the same position. I had 4 hours of time, I did ebay reselling and thrifting on the side and the weekends too

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>Why are you even here then?
that was the point I was trying to get across to the brainlet poster
hes jumped into the general slagged it off within the first few sentences of the OP
he may as well fuck off back to shitcoin central
tldr reverse psychology

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Oh okay sorry it's super hard to tell who isn't being a dick or sarcastic through text lol.

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What's the best alternative for WordPress if all I'm building is a landing page?

I've used WordPress all my life, now I feel like I could scale down to something faster and easier.

Grav any good? Also looked at Jekyll, but I'm far from techie enough to tell.

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I've started a pretty lucrative side-business. Wonder if anyone has ideas of how I can expand.

I realised how good it could be while on holiday in Thailand. Cigarettes are popular in England but very expensive, and now they have ugly marketing on the packets so they just look like green sick boxes. In thailand they have original packaging and if you buy in bulk you can get them for $0.7 a packet.

I went on holiday there, ticket for flight was £400. I brought back 20 cartons, so 200 packets. Sold them for £5 each, 1000 pounds.

Next time I just need to find out how to bring more packets over, i'm thinking of shipping them or taking more check-in luggage.

any ideas?

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Check your laws.
You can't, for instance, bring more than 20 boxes of cigs into the US from abroad.

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Good idea, I'll check. Currently in the train finishing the design.

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illegal and profitable
I do hope you realise you are not the first person to think of this

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I had a connection in an EU country, and the airport in the UK I flew into only has flights from/to EU countries. So they have no customs checks because EU-EU is no customs.

So no way I can get caught. The asians don't care either when you're leaving because you bring money to their country.

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I'm another anon wondering the same thing. WP is great but lots of clients only need a website to display basic info for them, and the box I'm using to host it all could probably fit more if I didn't have as much overhead.

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how about furry porn development? 25k per month sounds nice for a single person.

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unironically based
not passive though, unless you set up the platform and hire your own artists
I personally couldnt get behind this though, Id feel pretty uncomfortable

no worries bro, us bongs are pretty sarcy anyway

anyone have experience with accounting? I was thinking of doing an entry level course to get my head around crunching numbers, financial literacy and what not
Id also like to learn about taxes, what I can and cant do with them

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Cool np bongbro
Don't know much about accounting but being a tax preparer could be pretty lucrative. My dad and I were just talking about this the other day. The amount they hold out of your paycheck is crazy. He's going to teach me how to keep more. Isnalso looking into maybe taking a class as well and using excel or QuickBooks to do it for small businesses and whatnot.

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Lel last week I bought "accounting for dummies" not to fall flat on my face once I can make my watercoolers. I'm halfway through but that's a weird logic.

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call me a dummy but I didnt even consider doing accounting as a hustle, I was just thinking about learning what I can to apply to my own businesses, but now Im more inclined to learn in case I can get some extra work with it.
bionic-dad sounds pretty based.
The course Im looking at, maybe Im missing some scammy subscript somewhere but it is an online course which has been reduced from £180 to £10. Insane.
Now that Im really thinking about it, theres no reason for me not to give it a go (assuming theres no extra ties like I have to pay £100 a month til I die).
Fuck it, sign me up and Ill be back here to report on any valuable info I may find

>not to fall flat on my face once I can make my watercoolers
Im sorry mate but I have no idea what youre trying to express
the book is decent? yay or nay? lol

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oh youre watercooler anon lmao I get it
>that's a weird logic
what is? accounting?

oh yeah and let us know how you get on with it all

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Just be careful of course, but I hope it works out for you. I don't know about bongland, but here they have adult schools which offer classes to older people. Like learning basic computer skills, art, english, etc. I read some guys blog about how he made it a side hustle just using excel and quickbooks making like 600 extra bucks a month. It's just an option I have at this point. The thing with me though is like, so many options and can't pick one to stick or start with.

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Web development can be pretty automated once you know what you're doing.
>get new request to make web site
>get told what features they want to include
>write up sale price and policy up to several grand
>spend a day copy pasting code and jack off
>deploy onto a sever

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>no customs
Read up on Schengen. You've got customs.

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Can confirm, this is also a great way to stock up on clothes, electronics and college textbooks.
I have literally not bought any clothes except underwear since 2014 because I began dumpster diving at all the college dormpsters.
Am also howling dozens of cell phone chargers and sell them in bundles of 5 to students for $4
Cell phone charging cords where the money's at

>> No.11647454

I've thought of doing this but have no connections to sell to here in US in my state of CA. Somalis run stuff like this and drive over state lines and sell cigarettes.

>> No.11647469

Egg King would be disappoint
But not all of us are entrepreneurial beasts like Egg King

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What should I have my filipino virtual assistant do to make me money? I pay him $400/mo to work full time

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I've been interested in ClickFunnels. Have honestly not checked out anything though except the home page. They look clean and easy to do and while it'd suck to pay like $100 a month for something like that I suppose if it works and you have a reason to churn out multiple funnels then it can be a good deal to use.

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unnatural vegetarian faggot

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The book is pretty good yeah. Accounting has its own logic, basically it's all about balance and there's no minus sign for example.

>> No.11647716

Black friday soon. If you are a dropshipper it is huge. Last year i had 12% conversion rate without even having any black friday offers on my site. My ads had 1 USD cost per conversion. Average order value about 50 usd which gives me like 30 usd profit.

Hopefully i can do it again this year.

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>there's no minus sign
sounds like my kinda business

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After the years of maths and solid state physics I've done in uni it bothers me a bit. I do understand but I'm angry at those paper pushers.

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You're paying 400 a month but not making money? Am i reading this right?

>> No.11648055

My friend told me in accounting it's not about taking out but adjusting on the next line any mistakes or deductions. I can't remember exactly what he said.

>> No.11648066

5k investment, my skillsets are advertising and knowing banking, what passive income should i pursue. I've been considering ATM machines since I know how to operate and balance them already from my years in banking

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Updated the OP template with the Dropbox link. I have stored most of my entg screencaps there for other anons to check out for ideas.
Link for anyone new.

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everything is too pie in the sky and exhausting

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You're making it sound like every brainlet can do this shit no problem. If it is really this easy why do firms still pay multiple thousands on a website?

>> No.11648240

how dumb would it be to start a crypto-consulting business? Ie teach normies what bitcoin and blockchain is, what altcoins are, how to invest and research different tokens? at what point would I need licesnses and permits?

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accounting is like the maths of money
its literal jew tier bro
you cant be mad at jews for jewing

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what is crypto? Im no techie nor am I interested in computer coins but I know that the tech behind them is pretty mind boggling to a normie
how much money is the crypto industry worth?
what does the future look like with crypto?
answer those 3 questions and you already have plenty of selling points
bearing in mind selling the course is arguably more important than the course itself

>Ubuntu Linux for Beginners
>Level 2 Certificate in Personal Computer Fundamentals
>Car Maintenance Course
>Health and Wellness at Work
>Garden Design and Maintenance Course

these are random courses on reed I just so happen to have on screen
these range from £100-£500
if this shit can be sold to normies then you can damn well sell that which has barely been touched by them

Im in a real lazy mood, hopefully you get what Im saying
take this video as inspiration, I fucking love this

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Listen, I'm not actually paying a filipino virtual assistant. Yes, I lied. What I am trying to do is spur a discussion revolving around earning a profit from one's cheap labor. Would you like to start?

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jesus christ look at that man
all the money in the world really isnt worth it bros
hustle hard but live comfy, stay healthy and dont stress when your time is over lads

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someone on the previous said he made 50k with affiliate marketing, anyone else who has similar experience here?

>> No.11649269

Jesus that pic is disgusting
Pure evil right there.
Umm I know you've posted before like the same question in past threads, same with drone guy. I'm sure you've gotten suggestions in past threads.
You could have him make content for websites, blogs, fiverr, Photoshop pics and sell shirt designs. There's literally pajeets charging 30 bucks on fiverr to copy paste stuff. I can think of more just give me a bit.
Excellent advice thanks dude

>> No.11649424

Thanks, anon

>> No.11649523

No problemo, I'll see what else I can think of. Check the last thread. There's an affiliate marketing anon talking about starting websites and like making quite a bit. You could def do it if you used your Filipino friend to write all the normies content. If you do it successfully pls come back and share any tips!

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bump from page 8. Slow day today anons?

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I guess :/ I've just been working on the forum and some other side gigs, idk about everybody else. how is everybody day

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Dividend stocks for the winter lull. Put your OT money in there. Pretty comfy desu.
Honestly if you just need a landing page, just do it without templates/plugins. My recommendation is forever to use NodeJS + Express.
Consider the following niche instead: Monstergirls.
Bookkeeping is ezpz you'll get the hang of it.

Also, does anyone know any relevant US laws for basically starting a quasi-hedge/index fund? Basically just trading /biz/'s money with my own. Google isn't really helpful.

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I've been thinking about getting into vending machines. Anyone here have any experience/tips/advice on what to expect? Theft risk? Product options? Locations? I know for sure I'm not even going to consider stocking nuts, too perishable as well as allergy risks.

I'm planning on getting a few smaller gumball/candy machines and starting from there. I know they won't make nearly as much as the larger ones but I don't have the capital at the moment to buy a huge behemoth and stock it.

I figure that having more machines would be better at the start as even if they aren't as profitable, having more machines out there could make up for it. That and it also helps to get my foot in the door so to speak.

>> No.11650619

any PROcrastinators wanna play cashflow with me?

>> No.11650695

Patrician taste
I would also suggest xenos
Very loyal following and always thirsty for content. Visit their thread on aco

>> No.11650731

Mall where I used to work had huge gumball machines by the entrances. The guy apparently makes a killing. Hires one guy to restock every so often. They are large, on wheels, have multiple spaces on each side for different types of candy.
Also look up the guy who made the "homies" toys on youtube and don't do whatever it was that he did and end up broke.

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File: 118 KB, 440x440, polka-dot-gunball-machines-at-mall-aux.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These are the ones at the mall where I worked

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>this thread

these threads are fucking retarded, has nothing to do with crypto

>> No.11650850

I've heard of the game, people say it's monopoly on steroids apparently. Never played, but I like monopoly. Worth it?

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File: 114 KB, 540x586, 9c98c5a58bd4cc66db660dc64ee3d52f661b0db77a41661b54eb9c0a2923d937.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 76 KB, 800x800, delet_this.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 1.26 MB, 1040x787, cashflow.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its free
well, you give up your email address, then you can play people online
not really on par with monopoly, bit more simple and luck-based
still, I enjoy the idea of it, buying and selling stock when you can, increasing cash flow so you can escape the rat race
but mostly the financial sheet, I just like larping I guess

>> No.11650992

ah, i see. I used to fill out financial statements playing monopoly too. Super fun. Good practice for zeroing out a bankrupt business too lol.

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Ive been making a nice bit of money through this affiliate site selling cbd. Free ecommerce site. Been shilling to a few people and its really taken off

Fuckin love residual income. Never thought Id do a network marketing but it's free. Fuck it. Been in since March and my team just hit 800. The cbd is legit too. The 10x cbd they have is patented and a game changer

>> No.11651295

This seems like shilling to me dude. I've read multiple Craigslist ads like your post.

>> No.11651311

I was triple busier today than usual. Proud of myself. That is all.

>> No.11651315

lol I was just gonna ignore that shit
cbd is the new snake oil

>> No.11651340

Yeah. I've definitely built my team with some craigslist ads. Funny you've seen some.

I was skeptical but ctfo is legit. The cbd is lab tested and helping a lot of people i know.

>> No.11651688

I've been viewing craigslist ads quite recently, for just about anything. Most of it seems scammy, but it's pretty easy to spot red flags anyways. Is it any good for making money?

>> No.11651792

wtf is this garbage

>> No.11651811

MLM, but with weed bro. Just imagine all the soccer mom Stacies out here shilling their fb groups this stuff lmao.

>> No.11651837

Yeah the work from home and make 100k has always been a big turnoff for me and i tense up

I had some cbd oil and mixed it with some massage oil this past Christmas and it really helped my mom. Word got out and I had all these other people trying to get some from me. Rather than refer them to a head shop I looked at mlms because of the word of mouth i saw with cbd.
Someone on biz was talking about selling cbd wholesale at the time too.

Ended up finding an ad on craigslist on one of the companies i researched and figured it was a sign and free to sign up so whatever. I put a few ads out and have the same friends and family buying from me along with a few active distributors and am making about $800 monthly. It's been growing which is encouraging so hopefully it only goes up. I think it would be cool if biz would catch on but it requires a bit of talking to people. I definitely believe in cbd so it makes it easy.

I never thought id hear my mom asking me to get her some. Really helps her sleep and with restless leg.

Thats my story frens

>> No.11651858

need help anons, I have access/contacts to almost unlimited amount of eastern european shit workers (cleaning, work in werehouses etc.) the whole business is ready (basically inherited everything)

But I have no clients, every werehouse/business that's in need of workers has contract with someone else already. Other than approaching new businesses what strategy should I try to gain edge over the competition and get some clients.

also I'm based in Europe

>> No.11651876

Crime scene cleanup. Contact local police offices and offer cleanup services. Make sure you say you're BBP certified too.

>> No.11651898

honestly I'll take a deeper look into this, idk if it's same anons mentioning it but seen it mentioned here too many times.

I mean how consistent and sustainable would that be though?

>> No.11651913

People die. A lot. Especially in Europe with the whole immigration thing going on. You won't be out of work for a long time.

Although, fair warning, it really is depressing work and I personally would rather be homeless over doing it.

>> No.11651926

Have you seen that gif of the kid (rainbow puking bandanna) killing himself with the tiny-ass shotgun? God bless that mans for using a tarp, makes it so much easier to clean up. Not a lotta people are that considerate towards the aftermath.

>> No.11651980

>I personally would rather be homeless over doing it
it's not like it'd be me doing the work though

and desu I'd feel uneasy contracting someone who'd be willing do this

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>> No.11652510

>funny you've seen some
It makes up the bulk of repeated spam on any Craigslist job board

>> No.11652534

What about construction cleanup? Construction contractors here in burgerland notoriously do not clean up their own mess after doing their work. You could offer that service. All you'd need is basic cleaning supplies, mops, brooms, chemicals, etc.

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File: 345 KB, 1280x2000, 1525808438285.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Launching my first site in 2 weeks. Going to be a politics analysis site.

I know it's not great for monetization but I'm really excited about it, wish me luck /entg/

>> No.11652665


>> No.11652668

What does the backend look like kiddo

>> No.11652673

Right now I have a react frontend, and an API I have written in flask that the frontend calls.

I'm still trying to figure out how to serve it etc. It's my first site.

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File: 77 KB, 950x534, 299C28A0-6348-4E94-BAA4-70C5AC6576EF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to get into web dev but how would I even compete against Wix or WordPress?

>> No.11653443

the only things wix and wordpress really do is make your site look pretty. Just get really good at CSS and you can pump out better content than them. It'll take a little longer, but it's not difficult.

>> No.11653584

Has anyone ever rented out their car? I live out in the countryside so maybe there's no market for it where I'm at but I could easily imagine charging just a small flat rate + gas cost + days used fee for some petty cash. Dunno how I would go about actually finding people to rent from me though.

>> No.11653755

I am interested in some sort of good fraud. Maybe buy credit card details and buy XMR with them or something. Anybody got any good ideas?

>> No.11653786

depends where you are (US or UK), there are sites that you can sign up to, like EasyCarClub, and Drivvy I think. If you do it solo, read up on insurance, your provider might not be happy for you to be renting your car, only to have it being used in a drive by.

>> No.11653817

kys poor brainlet scum

capitalism is a necessary pain to improve yourself so climb up or climb down

>> No.11653829

I just want some help man,im from venezuela

>> No.11653836

well then you're fucked and are gonna have to probably make money outside of your country using the internet.

>> No.11653846

I don't know an easy way, mturk surveys require a SSN maybe im not sure.

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12 hours of flight time! You got me excited about drones.

>> No.11653868

watch that trailer park boys $1,000,000 cigarette smuggling op using model trains for inspiration

>> No.11653902

Bump for ideas

>> No.11654058

Are you me?
Why are you doing my idea?

That's some long flight time though. How are you solving that?

>> No.11654113
File: 73 KB, 620x465, RPE-L-CRANARREST-0726A_26459825.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's describing what you can do once you're good at web development. I'm pretty good and I both freelance and I also work "full time" for an agency, and I copy and paste and jerk off a lot.

Also, the firms don't pay multiple thousands just based on talent, there's a lot of politics behind who they choose for projects. My agency gets paid $30-$50k per website, and they're pretty disorganized and retarded.

>> No.11654176
File: 344 KB, 1500x1015, arcadeking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yes bro gl
>I'm really excited about it
this is honestly the most important

uh pretty sure thats illegal and therefore cant (shouldnt?) be discussed here
however, for the sake of education, I would like to share something I heard naughty people have done before
>buy credit card details
>use above deets to buy gift cards
>exchange gift cards for crypto

if youre telling the truth, cant you just rob some people at an atm or farm those green dragons in runescape?

also, mandatory morning from bongland boys
stay grinding, be comfy but not complacent

>> No.11654410

Where (for education purposes) can i get more info on this?

>> No.11654478
File: 399 KB, 544x419, 600px-OB-npc-Imperial_Guard.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

DL and install
Open in TOR, pass captcha, go to Announcements - DreamMarket Staff & Marketplace Mirrors, copy and paste one of the mirror links within TOR (take out all the spaces)
Register an account and login to the market, everything is pretty obvious from there.
Be warned that you may have to sift through a lot of bullshit and not all guides will be legit or particularly useful
Also please note that I know all of this because I wrote an essay on the negative impacts technology can have on society, I despise criminals and their heinous acts of greed and entrepreneurship.

>> No.11654756

another popular app is turo i know a lot of friends who use that.

haha unironically this. just don't let the shit birds ruin it

>> No.11654831

Anyone here know how to bulk order some eastern economy edition textbooks in the US?

>> No.11655255
File: 14 KB, 500x500, entg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you guys really fucked me up with this vaporware shit

>> No.11655494


>> No.11655648


>> No.11655656

Watch A ton of vice videos on YouTube lol

>> No.11655666

Dont be a dick

>> No.11655690

Do you have crypto? Is it possible for you to buy amazon, walmart, eBay goods online and resell in venezuela? I saw that on the news. I also saw that they are withholding like food and aid that other countries give you. Stay safe out there Venezuela bro.

>> No.11655692

This vice actually has some good videos so does wierd

>> No.11655693

how to get away with stealing
lmao bionic knows his shit
internet scholarship inbound

>> No.11655770

What did /biz/ look like before the coin hype? Was it basically just threads like this? I came for the coin hype and quickly left because 4chan and crypto doesn't mix well. It's shitposting on a whole other level. I came back to see if anything was new and I found this thread. I don't think this general was here a few months ago. I wonder if it's because the coin prices have been tanking.

>> No.11655932

I also like the ones where the liberal kids with gay haircuts go to other countries and talk with people who want to chop them up lmao

>> No.11655960

Im not an oldfag but i can only assume it was more loke.these threads an maybe s ton more stock threads and memes? I may be wrong.
I honestly think the price drop and these threads are not connected when they first started, as I browse biz everyday and smaller threads that had nothing to do with crypto constantly popped up but died very quickly. It took a coordinated effort from a few of us to keep these threads alive after youngpoorfag started them. Although the price drop has helped them grow.

>> No.11656087
File: 86 KB, 800x1031, 1539021528202.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you me? I spend at least two hours a day combing kikebook buy sell trades and craigs. One secret I know is that if It's a really ugly piece of furniture you've had for a long time paint it white. Some middle aged soccer mom or parent will want that shit for their daughter

>> No.11656108
File: 95 KB, 653x766, 5690_-_Enfilade_merisier_3_portes_3_tiroirs_-_Zoom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I snagged this bad boy for my hall for 80€, it cost 1200€ in retail. Gonna keep it a few years, then resell it for 300-600€

>> No.11656124


>> No.11656165

I see you prefer IKEA

>> No.11656200

lol at you muricans

>> No.11656496

I've seen worse
This is pretty smart. I see tons of good stuff just at the side of the road walking my dog around the block.

>> No.11656588

this is what I want to do lads
set up a nice drop shipping site, get everything automated and running smoothly then sell it for a nice sum
anyone have any critiques with this method and this particular site?
Im not actually gonna buy the site, just want your insight

>> No.11656627


Go hunt and slaughter your own food big man.

>> No.11656691


Would love a woke post on flippa, I've known about flipping sites for fucking years and never once bothered to do it.

>> No.11656698

Unless it’s a shitbox don’t rent your car

>> No.11656785

I dont understand why would they sell their sites , if they bring 3k-5k profit each month, it just doesnt make sense

>> No.11656800

that particular lady said she doesnt have the time and would like more capital to invest in her main project
I understand your point though, if it was me Id just higher my little brother or someone halfway-trustworthy to manage the site for me

>> No.11656869

Also this gave me the idea to build something like this myself, since these sites doesnt look all that special.

>> No.11656874

fyi... that site is almost certainly not sold by the lady in the photo lol. probably a stock photo. using women, esp. white women, increases trust. real seller is some dude.

flippa is a great site. used to make like $2k a month with maybe 10 hrs real work a week there.

>> No.11656910

Some sites are fraudulent.
There is also a point of diminishing returns.
Running sites can be time consuming
Running sites can be costly (paid content etc)
Some trendy niches (last year was FBA) can fetch 25-30x monthly income.

If you really want to find good sites for sale Go to Empireflippers. Those are vetted. Also check their podcast for lots of site flipping info and internet profit clues.

>> No.11656919

>I dont understand why would they sell their sites , if they bring 3k-5k profit each month, it just doesnt make sense

Also because a lot of these sites don't bring in that much money. by the time the buyer finds out it's too late. also you'd be surprised at how many people just buy these websites and wind up doing absolutely nothing with them and the domain expires and poof it's gone.

the truly good websites that make real money are pretty obvious and can be differentiated from the "flips", which is what this sunglass hut place is.

if you do it right, and know how to setup basic websites, you can sell them for around 100-300 a pop. brand new. keep in mind, it has to be "impressive"" looking. basically stuffed to the brim with content. it should also seem technically impressive to noobies, which are the only demographic that buy in the 100-300 price range. ecommerce and search engines are your friend. plug and play.

>> No.11656949

back when I used to sell there was this hilarious dude that would repeatedly sell this wordpress blog loaded with thumbnails and basic info for about maybe 20k (?) don't remember. movies. basically he just scraped like imdb or some shit.

and every day he would create a new website with the same content. changed the domain name [randomword]movies.com, change the wordpress theme, sell as a new site. and someone would buy it for like $400 was his normal selling price. every day. I couldnt believe it lol. total filesize for his site was like 2gigs, but still worth it.

I did the same, scraped my own shit, only sold for like 140 haha. I guess he was more well known or some shit.

>> No.11657065

How viable is affiliate marketing? The hardest thing is finding a niche but I feel like that kills almost everyone

>> No.11657083

Smart. Buy a beater for a grand and rent that shit out. Just saw a post on Craigslist about renting your car out paying basically a grand a month.

>> No.11657096

I wouldn't call it a beater per se, only 120k miles for a 15 year old car. Runs great, looks normal.

>> No.11657125
File: 90 KB, 1024x1024, 1534205081269m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Capped my dude
This is great info! I was just about to nag you about how to do this shit and scrolled down. I've looked into it before but know nothing about making websites. Anything that can be done from a laptop is a great option. Damn I love you guys. We are all gonna make it.

>> No.11657134

I found out today hackernoon, a newswebsite is launching stock


seems interesting, I read a lot on that website.

Can anyone see if this is something worth investing in, or is it just throwing away my money

>> No.11657167

How often do you use it? What if something happens to the good car, if you buy a piece of doody that runs okay and rent that out instead would be a better option. All up to you though.

>> No.11657171

This quite possibly the worst thread on biz.

Literally none of those options are correct, the monetary investment figures aren't correct, anyone who reads this shit and believes it is a complete noob and has no place creating a business.

>> No.11657194

>Literally none
Some are, literally. Must suck to not know the difference between figuratively and literally. Now that you've opined, just be gone.

>> No.11657221
File: 12 KB, 212x173, rouxlskaard_checkem.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

he boaut in ze hakrnoon? crash et.

Hackernoon is ok for reading I guess, although I think Medium is more popular nowadays. I'm no expert in IPOs though, and I wouldn't ever admit to my friends irl that I read tech blogs because to them I am the tech blog lmao.

I haven't looked at the offering in depth because I don't even have a Hackernoon account, but I'd be careful investing if they don't have any financials.

>> No.11657246

once a day, only for about a mile though. I've managed to set everything up in my life that I could walk to wherever I needed, for now anyways. I pay full coverage insurance anyways and apps like Turo apparently give you commercial coverage for free too.

>> No.11657284

Have you read any of the threads? Some great ideas have been freely given for anons to try for themselves. The thread OP is a tradition to the first OP who posted these threads. You could LURK MORE that's the old 4chan adage.

>> No.11657304

Hey then I guess it's no problem then. Most people just use their cars for everything, like their phones. But if you can do without it, then def go for it and test it out. Hope you make some nice money on the side.

>> No.11657323
File: 52 KB, 640x1136, IMG-20180905-WA0000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wix looks like ass, squarespace is better but still has too many constraints.

Truth is this - most people who need a website are not patient or savvy enough to be able to use squarespace and use it well, and if they are they start to see the limits that the product has.

The ones willing to DIY it on those sites don't have a business big enough to pay you what you deserve if the sites you make look better than Squarespace.

Also wordpress is only part of a website (CMS). Plenty of devs use it themselves and plug their own designs in. I personally hate that bloated fucking pile of shit that arose from emos creating online diaries but it's very mainstream now.

>> No.11657415


Not having the time for upkeep is a typical thing they say in the description. It's basically template-tier. If they're really bringing in that much profit, they can sell for much more. Could be legit but do your due diligence. Never take their word for it. Ask them to show you a live video of their orders, tell them to share their google analytics views etc. I think that a lot of the time these guys sell because their profit is tanking and they don't know how to fix it or it's not worth the effort for them to do so. Maybe they've noticed ad spend slowly increasing and can see the writing on the wall, maybe their site went down in ranking who knows. But they could get up to 36x monthly revenue if the business is good. Although tbf, the offer showing right now is the minimum so maybe they just want to drive up the price through auction.
Either way, always do due diligence. I'm not an expert so maybe someone who has experience buying and maintaining/growing sites right now can comment more.

>> No.11657433

Yeah, I've also heard a lot of good things about Empireflippers

>> No.11657486

>the worst thread on biz

Go back to your shitcoins dude. Or offer some good advice. Either way, coming here to talk shit ain't it

>> No.11657655

Anybody with expierence in flipping website?? is it worth it? how long it takes to build nice website from scratch? what tools do you use?

>> No.11657689

I remember bitcoin was always pretty big. Some people loved it some hated it. I have to thank old biz forgetting me to buy Ethereum at ~ 1$

There were more threads like this. Moreso in quantity rather than quality though

>> No.11657761

Buy a website theme from Theme Forest and plug in your stuff in the right spots

>> No.11657931


Checking out Flippa, it seems to be my answer to stop being a poorfag. Like the Venezuelafag, I need $500/month to start living comfortably.

I remember dicking around in Wordpress when I made a Super Smash Bros. Brawl modpack a few years ago, so I have some experience with it.

So basically, if I create a flashy-looking Wordpress about anything (hosted in the same Wordpress, of course, literally too poor to buy a domain) can I sell it for $300.00? I'm tired of eating ramen everyday.

>> No.11657946

Hey bionic could you drop the Dropbox link? I wanted to check soemthing on the affiliate anon reply.

>> No.11657965

>CTRL+F dropbox

>> No.11658178


I'm replying to myself, but checking this shit, for example.


This website gets setup in about 10 minutes, for fuck's sake, and it's selling on $200.00.

If I made 8 of said sites in a day I could potentially earn $1600 per day. Fuck.

Are people really buying that shit?

>> No.11658187

back when companies were doing the acai or teeth whitening kit rebill scam there were ppl allegedly raking in like 20k a day profit for months at a time. course this is rare. one k or two a day was semicommon among the skilled from what I read. But the killer is having enough upfront money to optimize your ads/landing pages for your offer. you have to grit your teeth and get through the potentially nonprofitable initial stages of culling low ctr ads, shit converting landing pages, etc. If you have bad gut instincts for this shit... you are gonna be big money in the hole, considering each paid out like $30. glad I never got too into it though, it was kind of a flash in the pan industry looking back on it now.

best thing to do... have your own product. turn IT into an affiliate product. have others shill it for you....

the instructions I gave were very general. I recommend start combing through the flippa listings, every single one (regardless of whether it sold or not). see what is selling, see what is not to get a feel for the current market. Identify sellers that run the game I am suggesting (new websites selling for a hundred plus), and observe them especially.

Things change over time, but what I said likely still applies.
Wordpress sites probably won't do well unless it's stuffed with original content. If you think you're gonna sell a wordpress site with some random free theme and 10 blog posts it's not gonna work like that and that's not what I'm saying. Plus original written content can be annoying to get at times.

Costs... Shitty shared hosting is ten bucks a month, prepaid for two years let's say so 240. domains are ten a pop at namecheap. After the hosting costs, your only real costs are listing fees and the domain costs.

If you do it right you should be able to get 50 per site in profit with like 2 hrs work each once you got a good feel for things. there is a learning curve. as with all things. Good luck.

>> No.11658212
File: 40 KB, 645x729, brainlet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>CTRL+F dropbox
lmao im dumb sorry :(

>> No.11658248

normies gonna be normies bro
we're suckers if we dont profit from the simpletons
lucky me so smart lol

>> No.11658252

this cunts alright.

>> No.11658311

>normies gonna be normies bro
>we're suckers if we dont profit from the simpletons

Now I think I could do that. My current problem is that I'm literally poor and penniless.

>only earn $250 a month in a 8-5 M-F job.
>from those,only have $20.00 a month to myself because I must pay some debts I had before.
>I spend those $20.00 in my daily 2.5 hours commute fare

So I can't buy domains or anything. Can I sell Wix sites?

>> No.11658369


sites shit, but they do have all those cooking videos as content.

>> No.11658463

hey, bionic an idea how about you rename the files to according what it's talking about. and maybe for future caps include a wasuro link so anybody can go back and look content?

>> No.11658465

I don't know if imposter his stuff in there unless someone else did. If have some caps I'll add

>> No.11658503

Yeah it's tough because all my caps are from my shitty smartphone. The context is difficult to understand. In some of the caps I wrote a small banner of what they're about.
Not sure what that is. I'm currently going through caps now. I'll post what I can. Is the Dropbox not good? Let me know
Thank you kind sir

>> No.11658526

dropbox is cool but id bee cool like to separate the caps about the topic their talking about the banner you did is nice but if somebody wanted to search just for social media advice they would have to search all the images to find the ones with banner, if you put banner as a filename for anything related to social media they could search in Dropbox "social media" and just show those results. you know what I ll download the current one and organize it and ill post a link so you can get an idea what I'm talking about.

>> No.11658571

I currently work a retail cuckjob and, unless I can return to university (my father can pay mostly out of pocket and I'll only have to take out <$10k loans) to finish my CS degree I don't really have any other viable job opportunities. I think product arbitrage might be my best way to make an extra few hundred a month - What are some things I need to think about when going in?

>> No.11658940
File: 317 KB, 640x450, photo_20819840_75233_48089198_ap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found a pretty solid seasonal side hustle. Using my extensive knowledge of skis, I've been able to identify incredibly underpriced deals on desirable skis on craigslist and the local version of craigslist. I buy the skis (usually) 100-150 bucks, and give them to ski shops where they sit in their store until they sell them, at which point they give me 65% of what they sell them for (400-550 dollars). I've done this with 10 pairs last month and made an extra 1500 bucks, all cash. I also have 7 pairs sitting in there the oldest of which I gave the shop 2 weeks ago since they usually sell in a few weeks. All I've had to do is drive 15-20 min for pickup and sign consignment papers. Considering asking if they'll give me a bigger percentage since im bringing them so much gear but they're the only ski shop in town that does this and they're in the prime location for big mountain ski buyers which is the type I find most often on craigslist where i live.

>> No.11658957


keep it up

>> No.11659003

i work pizza delivery from about 5pm to midnight or later 5 nights a week and want some side shit to do during the day but the small investments available in the OP are ridiculous like slumlording, or saturated like ATMs, and i dont have quite enough money to daytrade even though I'm profitable at it

what should I do cuz all online marketing shit seems like a hyper scam

>> No.11659096
File: 6 KB, 211x239, 1520321916735.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that guy on a anime basket weaving forum who think he's a big-time businessman and entrepreneur because he dropships Chinese garbage from his parents basement

>> No.11659109



>> No.11659214

Okay no problem let me work on it. I just added all the affiliate anon caps with respective filename numbers. Hopefully their all in order. Let me sort things out real quick

>> No.11659480

Look into whats selling. Get the eBay app and use the sold/compelted filter on any item you are interested in reselling. It will tell you everything. What color is selling, size, for how much more than retail, how often it's selling etc.

>> No.11659483

I'm starting an online store for pseudo-niche products. I have a manufacturer set up, just wondering when I need to worry about taxes and incorperating. I.e. how much money can I make before I need to start doing actual business shit? Only expecting $1k/month maximum from this.

>> No.11659499
File: 13 KB, 473x356, 1540293012264.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How's them shitcoins doing brohamski?

>> No.11659504

That was a fucking proven hoax moron.

>> No.11659705

Is that a common vending machine or do we both live in MTL

>> No.11659765

Source me retard.

>> No.11659990

Im in CA

>> No.11660002

How was that a hoax though?

>> No.11660102

glendale galeria?

>> No.11660159

>but the bitch is eating the chicken.
know what you got there anon? a fat bitch, not fried chicken and fucking.

>> No.11660180
File: 79 KB, 300x300, df6e7a84ccbcbd7e345edd62fdd76f12d85117520e3a953edefe36a11bae8843.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pls no doxx

>> No.11660184
File: 183 KB, 684x755, 1524658114187.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wonder if it would be possible to crowd source an /entg/ project. Like if everyone got discord and contributes in some way to a "project".

Ex: we start some drop-shipping company (i know) and coordinate through Asana and everyone contributes in one way or another. Of course this brings another issue about money and trust that I don't really have an answer for.

>> No.11660193

you live in glendale or just work there?

>> No.11660202

I "worked" there until recently

>> No.11660203

also lol holyshit what are the odds
two glendale ppl on a random thread on

>> No.11660215

ah so you dont live there

>> No.11660216

I found that if you look into a particular hustle/business idea for too long you will discover the complications it might have and end up never doing it, but there's money to be made, but it might not be ezpz

>> No.11660230

im mostly replying in the hopes that whilst I watch a movie, anyone who replies to this post can reply to mine too so I can get a pop up
lazy I know, but fuck it, might as well get anons working for me in the spirit of entrepreneurship and that

Im not into shitcoins and all this crypto jazz, but couldnt you implement smart contracts?

>> No.11660231

That would be awesome but the money part is pretty difficult. Even a family member and money don't mix. There probably wouldn't be any contracts either. It would have to be based on the most trustworthy anons with actual morals.

>> No.11660243

Yeah that's nuts right? I'm in one of the surrounding cities actually.

>> No.11660255


>> No.11660326

No I'm white

>> No.11660336
File: 211 KB, 496x369, 1463701-thor_like.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow I just wrote 800 words today. I think I worked an honest 3-4hours. Hard to reach that 8-12 hour mark that is considered the "hard work/hustler" threshold.

Things I want to work on while building my first site, writing/copywriting/grammar/wordpress. Then I'll be launching sometime this week with 3 articles. I'm really excited. I love you /entg/ and AM anons. We're all gonna make it!

>> No.11660348
File: 15 KB, 236x314, asdasdasdasd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought about smart contracts too, but desu I'm ignorant of smart contracts and their capabilities.

I guess the point would be to create something successful by way of everyone's collective input, and everyone involved can add value through their expertise. Those involved can learn about new things to add to their skill set. It can provide a framework for others to go out and do it on their own.

>> No.11660370
File: 10 KB, 245x206, 1533536603241.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Awesome dude! Congrats on your work, hope everything goes off without a hitch!

>> No.11660435

It might work if we all added and made some type of product. Like okay
>Pick a niche
>make merch or apparel
>make an online store
>make a bunch of sites and shill our product
>build up social media
>make cool designs for said merch between all of us
>share the profits

Just like an example of an amalgamation of all the stuff we've been talking about.
I know nothing of smart contracts and coin stuff as well.

>> No.11660441

ah ok

>> No.11660537

Are you armenian?

>> No.11660579

i am yeah
but im more of an autistic armenian
im not the typical fare

>> No.11660604

How about we all set up an affiliate site each. All shilling different things we all buy anyway. Clothes site, hygiene stuff sote, car parts site, music related site, etc etc. If we all contribute in what we all need in each area and all buy through the affiliate links we will be profiting from eachothers purchases we would be buying anyway. All get paid and no need for one trusting one anon with one pot of money.

>> No.11660625

thats a good idea but i feel like amazon would figure it out
theyve got machine learning tied into everything

>> No.11660672

Ah I see.
Most Armenians I deal with were customers who like to flash all their cash all the time. I also saw a lot of old Armenians on the bus.
We are all a but autistic here lol it's 4chan

>> No.11660699

Amazon is not the only affiliate site

>> No.11660708

The cash flashing is to be expected
Armenians are retardedly materialistic

>> No.11660828

That's probably why the americana and the galleria aren't dead yet lol

>> No.11660898

IM DOWN whats the first project

>> No.11660908

thatd be cool
im down

>> No.11660938

unironically Im devolping smart contracts

>> No.11661268

armenian fraud money will keep them profitable forever
dont you doubt it

>> No.11661432

Your English skills are pretty good. If you really make that amount of money, you could easily replace your salary in less than a month.

Some ideas that will basically work for your situation if you put the time in:

Go on fiverr, check if someone is doing what you think you could do and then do it too.

Create a blog in some niche and write articles. Write about something you know so it'll be easier to generate ideas, unless you've got time for research. E.g. you could write about life in your country, how you learned English, insights from your job. Then market your blog.

Go on one of those freelance sites and do random tasks for people

The most important thing is to keep doing it consistently desu. If you don't see results immediately you're gonna be tempted to hop from idea to idea, this rarely works. If you don't see any results in like a month, try changing your approach and asking for advice.

Another thing, is to learn a skill (e.g. coding). There's enough free resources online to basically learn any coding language so the only thing it really takes is time and effort. You can get reasonably decent in like a month if you start practicing from day 1 and put all your time into it. I dunno what kind of computer you're working with but it shouldn't be too much of a barrier as long as you're not running pre-xp windows or some shit.

>> No.11661553
File: 763 KB, 1600x835, morpheus sip.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It could be something like this to start.
>make some online shirt store
>print on demand designs
>make website
>build social media
An anon can build the social media with bots, an anon can make some online store, maybe square space or shopify, an anon can do designs, etc.

I work for my dad's company and got a bachelor in business and a meme mba from an online school (no bully). I know how to book keep etc., so I can help set up stuff. I will seriously consider this. It would just be cool to follow through with something with fellow anons, so I will really consider this. Just keep a lookout in this and other /entg/ threads.

I gtg for the time being. Gotta call a customer and then drive home

>> No.11661587

how do you even make money if you end up with 1 month of self-taught coding experience?

Nobody is hiring you off of that, even something 'easy' like Python

>> No.11661588

Check out invention therapy on youtube the guy has a lot of great advice for entrepreneurs

>> No.11661728

>work in coal and want a renewable energy house

>> No.11661800

Nice. Basically what i was thinking. I want to personally do this for my meme page. An anon suggested printful + shopify. Or printful + woocommerce. Haven't figured out bot stuff yet, im currently working on that. I would love to do this with you guys because id get actual experience building up my own page too. Will wait for your return. If you're a good anon with some morals it would be great to have a bookkeeper with exp.

>> No.11661825

Heiled (off by one)
Thanks will cap and put in the Dropbox for other anons

>> No.11661886

I think it's more about being off the grid.
I'd love to have a small nucleator thorium's generator that only needs some maintenace and if I need any serious repairs I could call out as technician.

>> No.11661900
File: 36 KB, 400x400, 7878765657565.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Keep your generic bullshit tips and large investment $10k? Not even in africa would that be large for a business fucking kek

>> No.11662080
File: 27 KB, 500x479, 1533066728668.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you sure? They live off of like 50 cents a day recycling e-waste and shit. Probably get free guns from the US, steal from their neighbors. All you need is a machete to cut off an albinos arm and sell it to a shaman for a good price. I doubt that machete costs 10k nigga

>> No.11662311

you think they mine diamonds with shovels you dumb fuck?

>> No.11662488

I didn't say anything about mining diamonds, and I doubt the Africans themselves are the ones running the diamond mines. Businesses don't need 10k. Facebook market place exists lol I see Mexicans selling shit on there all the time that probably doesn't cost more than 50 bucks. Still considered a business no matter how small
>dumb fuck
Another bitter faggot projecting his insecurities itt.

>> No.11662561

Been writing code for 8 years.

How do I contract work for more than $10 an hour? Freelancer and such pay 3rd world wages.

>> No.11662616


It's real man.

>> No.11662684

what are you talking about post it here

>> No.11662711

I'm a software developer by trade and always have some side projects going but my hobby is motorcycles. I realized that I'm 3.5 hours away from one of the better known places to ride in the US(tail of the dragon). I was wondering if it'd be viable to get a van and trailer and sell group trips. They can load up their bike and gear, pass out in the truck/van or just eat and chill. Then ride all day without worrying about being tired from the trip up and back. also would include basic tools, snacks, and drinks. seems like it'd be profitable to do about twice a month in the warmer months.


>> No.11663103

its 9:19 in my part of burgerland, ill catch you guys tmmr 4:00 sharp. goodnight /entg/

>> No.11663667
File: 68 KB, 1000x800, 1534734973590.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I run a Financial Advisory Consultation Firm and educate people on my day trading course I self authored.
Post email for access to the inner circle.
This is my final post.

>> No.11664439

I know nothing about bikes other than me+bike=public hazard but this does sound like a cool idea
I think your biggest problem will come from precisely this - thinking about it too much. You can come up with so many reasons why this wouldnt work, better Id say to just save up some capital, take some time off work and go absolutely ham at it, even if it means losing money at first (assuming you can save enough)
You live in burgerland pal, you can literally sell anything over there.
Godspeed, brother.

[email protected]

>> No.11664459

Coming from the guy advising people on how to operate a gay biker parade taxi service.

>> No.11664464
File: 111 KB, 1024x564, spaced.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>gay biker parade taxi service
when you put it that way, it really does seem profitable.

>> No.11664500

Yeah I'm sure those daddies want some $oyboy from /biz/ to chariot their harley in his Toyota Tundra.

>> No.11664518

you have a seriously negative attitude for someone selling a day trading course
or for any salesman for that matter
even if he tried and failed miserably, he would still appreciate the experience and would feel a lot more enthusiastic about any future endeavours

>> No.11664656

I'm not selling it I'm giving it away. If I was selling it I would keep it because it's priceless.
It's charity.
You should buy it because you could make your family rich.
One way or the other I don't care.
I have clients and skills that you do not have.
Sometimes when you advanced past the stage of unbridled capitalism your definition of a salesmen reduces from a door opener to a gatekeeper.

>> No.11664670

gatekeepers stand at the gates and wait for new arrivals
they dont venture from the gate handing out brochures
check mate heathen

>> No.11664748

I never left my house and started a business. You probably pay taxes. You are the unironic commercial salesmen not me. I work sovereignly from my own domain. You will never succeed because you fail to recognize your own rescue.

>> No.11665263

woah im surprised this thread is up with only 8 replies lol. slow night on biz.

>> No.11665340

we're here to stay
you have any further info on the smart contracts youre developing?
also, do you have any "smart contracts for dummies" tier info/resources to share
I could and will Google it myself, but right now Id rather just be a lazy shit

>> No.11665423

I'm so fucking glad this is growing, I definitely recommend this dude youtube course
he explains everything well and through. and that where you can start. and hey if your down for it I'm working on a solidity project, id love or other solidity developers to join.

>> No.11665509

bizboz @ airmail.cc
Don't let me down.

>> No.11665530

dude this is big fake https://www.linkedin.com/in/amber-burke-45b4356

she works AT flippa? One recommendation at linkedin telling about purchasing a website. So her job is fulltime selling profitable websites. lol

But it seems to work if some here are thinking of really buying. Maybe I make flippa2 and the slogan sell your website with even more profit then at flippa.

>> No.11666117


Probably not, but you can start your own projects, start contributing to open source projects etc. You can build up a lot of experience. And he'll learn a skill on the side which can get him much more in the future.

>> No.11666219

image is from a textbook and is unrelated to the post. I just wanted to some advice on making some extra money throughout the winter

>> No.11666632
File: 63 KB, 671x516, back.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so I'm bumping from page 7, where are my /entg/ boys at?
info: If you ever need a book to read don't forget about(archive.org) they have 15,000,000 books and there are so many on business, all for free.

>> No.11666806

Oooh that doesn't age well with the whole me too Kevin spacey thing lmao

>> No.11666823

Hes a fucking schizo troll dude hes been at this for like 6 threads. Last thread he calmed down a bit but he's nuts again. It comes in waves.

>> No.11666834

Nice dude will keep that in mind.

>> No.11667637

What entrepreneurial ideas do you anon have? what are you doing this moment to act on that brilliant idea ?

>> No.11667691
File: 1.49 MB, 1890x876, monty9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw actually creatign furry porn.

>> No.11668179

Did you make it then? Are you making 20k a month?

>> No.11668232

This is especially good as a side hustle during tax season. If you go full no life you can schedule a few clients every evening at $50 per and make extra on top of your wagie 40hrs. Consider making house calls to make things easier for them and make your service more valuble.

>> No.11668302

I got a 3k bonus

What should I do with it?

>> No.11668311

Yeah def something to look into. I just bought some bookkeeping and accounting books. I could probably learn a but more from my dad and do it as a sidehustle. Thanks for your input dude.

>> No.11668724

>tiny-ass shotgun
I watched that shit live. I can tell you that wasn't a small shotgun. It was tacticool through, which does make it not look threatening.

>> No.11668811

How do I make stuff appear after an API call in react?

>> No.11668876

Just letting you guys know i have been updating the dropbox. More caps and some sage wisdom. Trying to make everything easier to find.

>> No.11668893

It me I forgot trip

>> No.11668979
File: 116 KB, 700x934, 1539471254566.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>eBooks and Texts
>23,156 RESULTS
Praise Pepe for this blessed internet.

>> No.11669211


>> No.11669301

Also add libgen.io / gen.lib.rus.ec to that list. And if you torrent, MyAnonamouse is a cakewalk to get into, has tons of ebooks and audiobooks, and is easy to stay part of (incredibly unlikely to get banned). I also hear that Scihub is good for sciencey stuff.

>> No.11669946

Thanks man.

For those who did not save it, the link posted in a previous thread, full of AM gold : https://warosu.org/biz/thread/1835678
Bionic, maybe you could put it in the Dropbox?

>> No.11670009

Got it I'll cap and add to the dropbox.

>> No.11670029

well shit.. i ended up falling for the stem meme

gonna graduate with a 15/hr help desk job as my only option.... fucking kms.

is entrepreneurship a good option?

>> No.11670052

the greatest passive income is dividend stocks. if you choose some high growth dividend kings, aristocrats or contenders (KO, PEP, LOW, ITW, SBUX, MSFT, AAPL, XOM, WFC, JPM) and contribute continually and steadily, you'll have a income generating machine. I get paid approximately $50 per day on a portfolio built on $350K. The dividends on almost all of my stocks increase between 6-20% per year, therefore this amount can continue to grow without any additional income. I DRIP so its all reinvested to get more income generation. Its the best true passive income

>> No.11670078

DRIP isnt passive income its simply investing

also $350k is basically a full retirement portfolio already unless you are spending an enormous amount of money all by yourself annually

>> No.11670107

getting dividends and having them automatically reinvested is passive income

and $350K isn't even close to full retirement portfolio. I could not touch it, wait 20 years then I could retire on it, but I want to retire in 10-15 with all my expenses covered, all my insurance covered and some fun money and the ability to continue investing.

>> No.11670120
File: 152 KB, 1280x720, 3770EBBE-5D1E-49FA-9D4B-31055FE994E8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thinking of diving into 3D as a form of freelancing.
So much things people need 3D for, modeling, advertising, animation, infrastructure, movie production, etc etc.

Any thoughts on this direction for a career path? Ultimately looking to be permantely hired somewhere, don’t want to freelance for an awful long time

>> No.11670135

You have all your investment in equity?
No bonds at all?

Noob investor here

>> No.11670185

i have bonds, but those are in my mutual funds. i have a dividend portfolio simply for generating compounding passive income. KO has basically been a bond for me over the years though

but 90% is in equity and probably 10% bonds

>> No.11670197
File: 735 KB, 1616x1639, 1540124848718.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11670290

Stem eh?
Can I offer you a schizo option?
I have some greentexts from MIB anon who says stuff about having a stem degree and walks you through how to maybe get approached by the gubmint to keep secrets and aliens and stuff. Could be a larp but if I had a stem degree is give it a try myself. I'm a poor brainlet though.

>> No.11670317

All I have is info from the last anon I talked to about 3D printing. Pretty sure there was one anon who was a 3D modeler of some sort. I've seen a lot of ads for people looking for 3D modeling and such online. I bet if you do some cool projects and post on youtube someone might notice. Don't really have any personal knowledge.

>> No.11670330

How do you do you build this up with like 2 to 5k?

>> No.11670499

Alright thanks. I am already learning how to build a portfolio and network, so I got an idea of where to start with that. Was just asking in case anyway thinks it’s oversaturated or the money isn’t there.

>> No.11671391

learn all you can!

>> No.11671587
File: 47 KB, 404x711, ss (2018-08-21 at 01.53.46).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One of the aspiring AM anons reporting in. I feel like tripfagging but I'm still kind of shy.
Anyway. I'm here to report that I've worked a solid 4 hours or so. It's still not enough... I've mentioned I want to work longer, but it's like I've run out of road and have to backtrack and find another road. I've eliminated 95% of my internet browsing. I just checked election results and /biz/ Had some lunch and paced around like Sherlock Holmes in my room. What the hell is missing?

But on a positive note, within that 4 hours I've written 900 words today! Taking a brief break to report for the day. I'm gonna get back to work after this message. And I'll keep writing til I have to prepare for my night job. Maybe I will make it to 6.5 hours!

I have my own research bank of important things to know in internet marketing. I'm very proud of that. Between reading this thread, fastlane forum, and various forum threads, watching YT videos at 1.5-2x I feel like I'm learning fairly quickly. But at some point I Must execute. In that case I've written down an important system outline. Of what I will be doing day to day and week to week, month to month, you get the gist. I still need to buy that domain and host. But I will have 3 articles ready to go.

In my outline i need to trim the fat on some of these articles. Do some more proofreading. Does anyone know a good way to beef up writing skills for articles? My only experience in writing is how I write on 4chan. I know very little about content writing. It's not that I want to be a writer, but it appears to come with the territory. I'm more of a visual person, I plan to use pictures/gifs as suggested by Kopywriting Kourse.

Lastly, I'll figure out wordpress and hopefully get ranked on google as the professional AM anon suggested. We're gonna make it entg anons! No matter what, don't let the shitcoiners take our spot on /biz/!

>> No.11671696

>$30-$50k per website
Jesus how is that even justified. I mean I can see that for a huge ecommerce website or something like that but not for a regular old small business site. Are you in a big city or something?

But yeah you gotta get good and really bust your ass to get there. Most of the time I don't even think all of my education and struggle was worth it and wish I had gone to trade school or just kept working the jobs I had.

>> No.11671727

That being said you can do real good but you need social skills to make any real money these days.

>> No.11671875

A day late, but good advice anon.

Fiverr and Freelancing doesn't work here in Pooru, I've tried, but a blog is something I've always wanted to write about. I don't know how a blog could earn money other than ads.

Peru is a fucking magical country and I could write about tourist destinations, or maybe I could sell some peruvian stuff like clothes in an online store.


Gotcha. I see what you mean now.


>> No.11671917

Anyone have any experience starting a MSB like a check cashing company? Seems like an easy way to make money off tards

>> No.11672037

You could also have donations, offer merch, offer affiliate links/discount codes to things mentioned on your blog, contact companies and review items that have to do with your niche in return for that item and resell, stuff like that.

>> No.11672076

Great work ethic buddy! I don't know much about writing but I bet looking into basic paragraph structure that they teach you in high school could help you as a base for your articles. I forget what it's called but you should look into it. Basically tells you how to structure it and make the points you want to make without going off on a tangent. Basics in English and writing is probably the best place to start. Don't forget to take breaks because you can only absorb so much knowledge at one time. Summarize what you've learned so you always have that info to look back on. Check the Dropbox for the AM anons caps if you need it. Good luck and keep us posted!

>> No.11672217

whats your WPM speed? maybe you can do more exercises on that which will greatly benefits in the long run, helps me out during coding. Since you already read some tips and everything, what have you learned? share them with us too! I know I'm always down to learn from others! a tool that could help you is Grammarly, it proofread and checks for typos and grammatical errors it's a lifesaver for online work. and you can get the premium edition and they have and in-depth grammar insight and all that, definitely recommend.

>> No.11672260
File: 12 KB, 319x267, check.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and tripfag bro if your regular their no shame to it, theirs no special feeling either, it just helps other know who they're talking too!

literally, all the boomers I know are traveling to Peru, you definitely should capitalize on the tourism their. Especially since you're a local, you'll have better information then this hippie blog writer that go for a week and think they know the whole country and culture.

>> No.11672454

Yeah this! They have free websites that test your typing speed and you can practice everyday yo get faster and more accurate.

>> No.11673330

polite bump

>> No.11673372


Hot damn! I stay away from furry porn because I like my furries wholesome, but for $27k/mo I'd draw all the animal dicks the internet wants.

>> No.11673501
File: 7 KB, 207x243, 550.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>trusting your business to pajeets

>> No.11673783

I want to become a slumlord, but I'm in Canada so that is impossible.

Is it possible to do this kind of thing in other countries?

>> No.11673800

There is no money in shitty tiny drones. You can buy them everywhere. A larger drone with an actual purpose, you can sell one of those a week... and for a whole lot more money than the toy.

>> No.11673839
File: 90 KB, 878x827, E2892C23-D685-4D67-84DE-52473A429E90.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>doesn’t hire good fashion serbs

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