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>tfw sexually frustrated

This is the worst feel. I don't want to fap because it saps me of my energy and motivation and makes me a brainfoggy peice of lazy of crap. On the other hand I really need to stick my penis in something. Sometimes it physically hurts. What do Ido /biz/? I just want a qt gf with skinny legs and a decent size brapper who can give me children

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>fapping makes me lazy
Never understood this one

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depletes your zinc and other nutrients, satiates your brain with dopamine rush, makes you sleepy after

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So take a multivitamin. This does not affect you in any meaningful way, it's psychological.

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>I don't want to fap because it saps me of my energy and motivation and makes me a brainfoggy peice of lazy of crap.
don't spend hours looking at porn looking for the perfect nut. just fap and get it over with if you're not going to fuck something.

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The problem with fapping isnt nutritional its that youre gaming your dopamanergic system associating reward with an activity that shouldnt be rewarded.
The frustration you are feeling is apropriate, use it as a motivator to achieve something worthwhile

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If god hadn't meant for masturbation to be pleasurable, he would've made it not pleasurable, just like you can't tickle yourself.

But you can touch yourself, and it feels good, and that means it was meant to be that way.

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>Creating the need in your body to replace what you just lost
>what you just lost is literally part of the formula for creating life
>everything that goes into that was taken from your body
>This does not affect you in any meaningful way

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>"associating reward with an activity that shouldnt be rewarded."
pretty sure the point is it being shallow pleasure. the same way some (or many) people consider sex in general to be shallow pleasure. because it doesn't make you happy in a way that is really substantially satisfying or "deep." (think of it as an act releasing simple carbs, rather than complex carbs...)

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Just fap already and be done with it.
But don't use porn.

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OP try fapping til you just reach the point of no return, let yourself tip over it just a bit, then clamp down on your PC muscles (piss muscles). If they're strong enough you'll still have muscle contractions but no jizz will come out, and you'll have a mini-orgasm (lasts like 1-2 seconds).

When you do this you don't get the turbo brainfog and depression from a full fap since you save your seed. But it still feels good and if you do it 2 or 3 times you'll usually become satisfied enough to stop thinking about sex for at least a few hours.

I do these like 4-6 times a day and I haven't actually spewed my goo in over a month, and I feel pretty good overall (maybe not nofap good, but I'm also nowhere near as sexually frustrated so it's a good tradeoff)

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Go fuck then. Christ.

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>body makes over 2 million new blood cells PER SECOND
>a few million sperm cells are going to affect the body in a meaningful way

Also sperm cell production is pretty independent of how often you ejaculate anyway.

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I used to do this until it gave me epididymitis.

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business and finance

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>4-6 times a day
>I'm not that sexually frustrated

Jesus christ what a retard.

I fap once a day and have a nice cum and stop thinking about sex afterwards. Take a fucking multivitamin and get more healthy if you are getting brainfog or any of these other meme issues low test faggots get. I honestly often feel more clear headed and motivated after jacking off than beforehand when my mind was dominated by thoughts of women.

>feeling depressed after jacking off

Just KYS lol. I've never felt like that. If you feel like this you are broken and need to die.


This is a very good point.

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Nofap here, I feel your pain. Hang in there bro

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but god isn't real.

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if I fap normally I'm one and done for the day, it's not like I'm hypersexual. Problem with that route is I always get bitchy depression, lethargy and brainfog after. Call it meme or nofap delusion, I don't give fuck, I've been experiencing the same heavy set of symptoms after full orgasm with consistency since I was a teen, certainly since before I got on the internet and read any nofap bullshit.

I can do the PC-squeeze orgasm 4-6 times in a day because it doesn't kill my libido to the same extent as a full O. It's like 1/4 the effect. And gives me 0 bitchy depression symptoms.

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just get a gf

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i used to do this but after weeks i cant control it anymore, now ive come to the conclusion that you shouldnt be touching yourself at all

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I am so glad I am not you. I actually really like porn to the point of considering it a hobby. I've noticed that I like porn much more than most other guys who just consider it a means of getting off. I really enjoy my daily jack off sessions and unless I am jacking off at the end of the day after work, I don't really feel tired afterwards. If I fap in the morning, sometimes it helps me clear my head for the rest of the day.

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Women (or men depending on your preferences) should be the byproduct of your awesomeness, just like kids are the byproduct of sex.

Do things that are good for you (eating healthy, improve yourself in the areas you desire and the frustrations will go away and you will be granted with good pussy (or dick, depending on your preference) It's all about mojo my fag

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>>tfw sexually frustrated

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Damn bro I know these feels

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he becomes real when one summons him with a good stiffy.
theres a reason ppl cry out "oh god"

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Top fucking kek

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The knowledge of good and evil, thats why we are different to animals
We can choose sin

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Its a less extreme version of doing cocaine
Wheb you do cocaine you could be homeless with nothing and not have a problem with it because your reward system isnt attached to reality

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You think you got problems, try being addicted to ERP.

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But sex triggers different hormones in your body then masterbating does

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DOnt do this youll break your penis and have internal ejaculations. Also youll be even hornier as youre body will be in higher hormonal state

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Pretty sure sperm cells are more taxing to produce

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enjoy your prostate cancer . this is a fucking terrible idea

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Literally came here to post this exact thing. Nutting on the regular is the best possible thing you can do to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

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>tfw still sexually frustrated

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Look up those /fit/threads where no fappers measured their test.

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Moderate fapping works well for me. Fap once or twice a week maybe once or twice a day.

I feel good without feeling guilty. Also, having been productive and done positive things (exercise, cleaning my house, eating healthy) make me feel better.

In my case, Catholic Guilt definitely played a role. Viewing it as a negative yet doing it can make you feel bad, man.

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