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The Chinese call this sycophantic neoliberalism “white liberal” ideology— this woman has surely never seen an actual war crime.

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im not sure :)

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surely these liberals will short themselves by not having offspring.

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When you see roasties entering crypto, it’s time to sell

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The fact that you think SJW liberalism and neoliberalism are in any way connected is proof that have the standard /pol/ level understanding of, well, anything.

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They're shorting all of Western Civilization by calling for the importation of hordes of third worlders.

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>prefix neo- refers to contemporary forms
>sjw's, leftism and third wave feminism are a modern phenomenon which fall under the umbrella of liberalism
Yeah dude, neoliberalism has nothing at all to do with sjw's or the "new and improved" ideology which is generally referred to as liberalism.

Fucking idiot.

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This is true. Neoliberalism is actually a relatively conservative school of thought.

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t. literal boomer

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Actual leftists do not like or identify with liberals. Trust me, I know some leftists IRL and have talked to them about this.

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>t. Neoliberal bootlickers

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>t. Ignorant faggot

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Honestly can't you fucking idiots take this shit to pol?

what the fuck is your problem?

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You don’t understand the difference between economic and social liberalism.

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Dumbass doesn't see the connection between importing 3rd world hordes and lowering wages.

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Ignoring for the moment the dusty old boomers who still refer to themselves as liberal, remember that modern liberalism is entirely focused on equality and liberty. Even if modern leftists, on the whole, don't share ideals with the old liberals, their ideology is almost solely focussed on equality.

If I have something wrong here, please, let me know.

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This is literally true and the fact that people here suggest otherwise is screenshot worthy. The absolute state of this board. The avg age of users on here must be no higher than 17 these days.

For all you zoomers, just so you know, contemporarily defined liberalism was used to define early 20th century movements of America using its powerhouse status to interfere in other countries around the world that it perceived to be corrupt, un-democratic, tyrannic, etc. "Liberalism" as it is classically defined is actually neo-conservatism today. Neo-con Republicans are actually the true liberals by definition. Modern day SJW leftists are actually communists on steroids. American politics are weird with their alignments, man.

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Neoliberalism refers specifically to a contemporary conservative economic doctrine based around the idea that everyone is in constant competition.
Way to double down on being a brainlet you fucking brainlet.

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>Entirely focused on equality and liberty

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They are economically dependent and almost solely consumers.

Maybe find some impact they may have on finances in academia and exploit that.

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>he thinks neo cons are actually conservative

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>Modern day SJW leftists are actually communists on steroids
Most sjws are ethical capitalists. Holy fuck this board is retarded. This is who I'm sharing investment advice with?

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As far as I can tell, these two ideas are no longer seperate from one another.

>this term used to mean X fifty years ago
>now that things have/are changed/changing, like they always do, I'm not going to recalibrate my terms because boomers
Yeah, I'M the brainlet.

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holy shit, how retarded can you be to think that you're know what neoliberalism is better than a fucking economics board.

Trump is a neoliberal
Go back to /pol you fucking boomer mongoloid

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>Neoliberalism is a relatively conservative school of thought
>relatively conservative
relative to what? Stalinism?

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>I don't agree with the 2018 dictionary
>I stick to my trusty 1945 oxford edition
Kek, well done mate.

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This looks like my soon to be ex-girlfriend who moved to NYC a few months ago for a fellowship

She's been more and more distant the last month and after cancelling my plans to visit this weekend I checked out Tinder and found her profile in Brooklyn.

Fuck modern life and this liberal mind virus

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How fucking dusty are you, old-timer? Also, calling me a boomer when you're clearly 35+ is just fucking hilarious. Did you know that in the year 2050 when someone uses the term "phone" or "neonazi" they will ONLY and OBVIOUSLY be referring to the people and the devices from October of 2018?? Crazy, right?

Fucking crusty old dog.

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Of course they are. Social liberals would generally be in favour of government intervention in the economy. Neoliberals the opposite.

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this. actual communists organize militias, overthrow governments and nationalize everything. if they vote for a democratic candidate they are categorically not communist, let alone "communist on steroids." the only real communist nation left is north korea. other countries calling themselves communist or socialist have been gradually releasing state control over industry

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Remember if you don’t let everyone know you voted you never did

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Look mate, you obviously don’t know what neoliberalism is and I can’t be arsed to teach you.

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The whole SJW movement is an outcome of the student loan bubble. There are thousands of people who have no business in a university that must be maintained collecting debt.

The universities keep them busy with soft science and historical revisionism until they are shat out the other side.

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Boomers need to be culled, God damn. The lack of self awareness in this post is astounding.

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Neoliberalism is the intensification of the influence and dominance of capital; it is the elevation of capitalism, as a mode of production, into an ethic, a set of political imperatives, and a cultural logic. It is also a project: a project to strengthen, restore, or, in some cases, constitute anew the power of economic elites.

Capital is not simply money, property, or one economic variable among others. Rather, capital is the organizing principle of modern society. It should be recalled that, in his Grundrisse, Marx explicitly argued that capital is a process that puts into motion all of the other dimensions of modern economic, political, social, and cultural life. It creates the wage system, influences values, goals, and the ethics of individuals, transforms our relation to nature, to ourselves, and to our community, and constantly seeks to mold state imperatives until they are in harmony with its own. Neoliberalism is therefore not a new turn in the history of capitalism. It is more simply, and more perniciously, its intensification, and its resurgence after decades of opposition from the Keynesian welfare state and from experiments with social democratic and welfare state politics.

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That's a good point. Teach them leftist ideas, then when they get out they're saddled with debt which makes them even more likely to hate capitalism.

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>social liberals can't be economically liberal
>economic liberals can't be socially liberal
Except that's wrong, and they can be, because adjectives aren't titles with static meaning.

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Neoliberalism values market exchange as an ethic in itself, capable of acting as a guide to all human action and substituting for all previously held ethical beliefs. It emphasizes the significance of contractual relations in the marketplace and it holds that the social good will be maximized by maximizing the reach and frequency of market transactions. It seeks to bring all human action into the domain of the market.

Neoliberalism is not simply an ethic in abstracto, however. Rather, the locus for its influence has become the neoliberal state, which collapses the notion of freedom into freedom for economic elites. The freedoms it embodies reflect the interests of private property owners, businesses, multinational corporations and financial capital. The neoliberal state defends the new reach and depth of capital’s interests and is defined against the embedded liberalism of the several decades following World War II when market processes and entrepreneurial and corporate activities were surrounded by a web of social and political constraints and a regulatory environment that sometimes restrained but in other instances led the way in economic and industrial strategy. Hence the name "neoliberalism."

At least, this is what modern leftist thinking would say. There's another definition that hinges on Bretton Woods and all that, but fuck that boring shit.

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And far more likely to vote for the hand outs Dems give.

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Which is why I said generally.

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he said, now realising that several decades ago "generally" was "almost always", while today it's "well, that depends on who you ask".

Like I said, things change.

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OP was lumping what he sees as leftists in to the neoliberal camp. That’s plainly wrong.

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It WAS painfully wrong, a long time ago. It's LESS WRONG today, and tomorrow, well, let's just see where this goes. Holding onto your old definitions of what a term means, when its form and function as an ideal is entirely dependent on the relationship it has with the relevant political environment, will only get you left behind.

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Neoliberalism or neo-liberalism[1] refers primarily to the 20th-century resurgence of 19th-century ideas associated with laissez-faire economic liberalism.[2]:7 Those ideas include economic liberalization policies such as privatization, austerity, deregulation, free trade[3] and reductions in government spending in order to increase the role of the private sector in the economy and society.

kill yourself

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boy look at all those books. surely they must be intelligent if they've read all those books

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See thread starting here >>11565825 and try to follow the big boys; I'll give you some time to catch up.

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fuck off. you're an idiot.

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idk, you tell me. pic related is one of those darn lefty snowflake neoliberals

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>deletes his moronic post which had already been addressed
>starts throwing nothing but empty insults in an attempt to feel better
Oh I am laffen.

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"how can we short X" with a political post should be a ban from this board

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>I’ll take what is hyperbole for $800, Alex.

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I understand the distinction; I think that the term can also apply to radical marxism/feminism and social justice warriors. We may just be debating semantics at this point, in which case I gracefully concede the argument. Why so rude?

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>implying we hate either of them less because of this

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>this. actual communists ...

read this, so you understand what you're actually dealing with:


this whole communism-deal isn't in any way new, or even an invention of the last 200 years.
this shit has been around for millennia under countless names.

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These conversations are often cogent economic assessments; /pol is all bots at this point run by a number of state and nonstate actors. our community here can relate the discussion to economics.

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I deleted it because I copy-pasted parts of the wikipedia's navigation. It was unreadable. If you truly want to read the text-book definition of neoliberalism again, I can post it again, but up until then, given that you have been proved wrong at least 50 times in this thread, I suggest you kindly fuck off from this board, because you do not belong here.

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Molly looks a lot like a cunt I used to know. If she’s who I think she is, she’s definitely still whoring it up. Where did you find this image?

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>after realising his mistake, deleting his post and hurling insults, he then pretends there was no mistake and begins a circlejerk
How does it feel to be at the mercy of your ever-so-smooth brain, with its enormous capacity for cognitive dissonance?

Is there any reason this post was directed at me? We haven't had any previous discussions.

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>triples down on his old, broken, and most importantly, IRRELEVANT definitions
Given your inability to follow and understand a discussion before jumping in, this is hardly surprising.

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here, idiot, have that post again:

>Neoliberalism or neo-liberalism refers primarily to the 20th-century resurgence of 19th-century ideas associated with laissez-faire economic liberalism. Those ideas include economic liberalization policies such as privatization, austerity, deregulation, free trade and reductions in government spending in order to increase the role of the private sector in the economy and society.

see? you are a fucking imbecile trying to distract us from what fucking moron by pointing towards that one poster who deleted his post due to formatting, and ignoring the other 10 guys who also clearly pointed out that you are a fucking idiot. kill yourself.

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>people too retarded to understand that there are different forms of liberalism

>> No.11566620

See >>11566569; also:
>that one poster who deleted his post
It was you, fourchan uses ID's you absolute fucking retard.

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>What is economic liberalism
>What is social liberalism

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what? are you retarded?

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This is like calling yourself a Catholic Atheist Hindu Scientologist. Do these people not realise that even if sexuality is a spectrum you can’t occupy random parts of the spectrum at the same time.

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>deletes his second post after realising he literally can't NOT make mistakes
Dude, your killing me, please, no more.

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