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I waited 3 years to finally reveal this.
Microsoft launched azure in 2015 - Blockchain as a service.
IBM, HP, Microsoft, Oracle are launching BAAS platforms as B2B business 2 business.
Not crypto but the tech-giants will be at the for-front of this blockchain revolution.

You're speculating on the value of a service. Utility tokens represent the cost of a service,
And the cost of the service has been propped up by traders/market-makers who have zero utility for the token/coin. They are hoping some other fool will buy it at a higher price.
Majority of the tokens are in the hands of people who have absolutely zero use of them. Fair valuation for majority of the tokens = $0. You cannot write a financial statement on a utility token that has limited to no adoption.
Majority of the utitility tokens are in a bubble and can collapse anytime.
Ownership of the coin or token doesn't represent ownership (equity) of the technology, licences. If you disagree. where is your revenue-share?

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Only bitcoin, some privacy coins, some utitily tokens have potential.
The rest is worthless... 99% of the tokens like xrp, ethereum, nem,neo are trash

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>centralized entities
>not gonna make it

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>holding IOU coupons (utility tokens) instead of a tokenized security that represent REAL equity in the form of revenue sharing through ownership of the technology, licencing etc.
You are def not gonna make it.

Lets use a PUBLIC ledger for corporate entity...
Lets buy inflated overvalued utility tokens and prop up the cost of the network and leak our data on a public ledger.

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Let's give away our governance and consensus to majority of the token holders,lets give away majority of the voting to shareholders of the network who have absolutely zero affiliation with our business.
Sounds like great idea, tyrone.

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Bitcoin is CASH, now fuck off and kys

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>I waited 3 years to finally reveal this.
>B2B business 2 business.

thank you for waiting 3 years to explain what B2B means. please wait another 3 years for your next reveal

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bitcoin isn't a utility token, fag

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surprise surprise, OP is a faggot per SOP

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All brainlets, can't muster 1 good counter argument because you know I'm 200% right.
You can't prove me wrong.

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I love it when brainlets fomo into every ''partnership'' announcement, throwing away their money at bait and ending up getting rekt by a PND.
Not realizing that every partnership could represent merely a trial of the service, or simply clout in exchange for a service.

No business entity will pay for your worthless utility tokens that have been jacked up to unfair highs from their initial valuation.
Get rekt by Google B.A.A.S 2019.

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typical brainlet. How about your prove yourself right rather than having people fact check your garbage

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Typical brainlet argument...
>Doesn't know the difference between equity and utility.
>Never owned a real stock, equity.
>Never held anything besides crypto, never owned etf's, binary options, options, deratives.
>Can't provide a real argument, resorts to insults.

How about you prove me wrong.
Give me a financial statement on your utility token. Oh wait you can't.
-Limited to no-adoption, prices jacked up by savvy traders that sell into demand from normies like you.
-No real usage cases therefore no analytics to measure its performance in a real life scenario.

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They insult because you just sound annoying like every boomer that doesn’t understand that networks aren’t corporate entities. It’s exhausting.

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>How about you prove me wrong
how desperate are you for some human interaction man?

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Here is a fact check - source Forbes
31% of the fortune 500 companies are experimenting with google cloud blockchain as a service.
While you are here, hoping and desperately waiting for a bull-run.

You should suck my cock for bursting your bubble. You get your news from bullshit news sources like coindesk, cointelegraph... I get my news from bloomberg, forbes... see the difference?
You're all gonna go BANKRUPT.

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Are you the professional trader guy?
i saw your thread in the XRP subreddit.

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Now I know this is bait

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Utility tokens are designed for 1 specific purpose.
Consumption of the service.
Who is consuming your service token?

Name 1 fortune 500 company that is ACTIVELY buying your jacked up tokens and utilizing the tokens to enhance their business?
Show metrics, show analytics show tradional investors like me data so I can measure it's performance.
It's all make belief.

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To what are you referring? This isn’t a traditional investment. No one cares about you. If you don’t have an open mind to capitalize on this market because it isn’t regulated or easy for you to understand, that’s not our fault. Stick to your equities.

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Some crypto companies actually create wealth in the form of their services.
Some of them also peg their services value to the dollar value so jacked up prices are not affecting the affordability of their services.

I read that Maresk or w/e they are called have conflict of interest with their IBM partnership blockchain which is permissioned.
Permissionless is definitely needed, a lot of shit crypto companies will die for sure tho

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>tokens like ethereum
if you're going to LARP at least know the absolute basics

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the 2017 bullrun started when spotify bought out a blockchain coin that was traded. that was what gave people faith that other coins/tokens would be bought out in "acqui-hire" style acquisitions. but so far we haven't really heard anything like that.

so what we have is now an ecosystem of 2000 shitcoins all trying to solve various problems, but they hired a bunch of idiots and nothing gets done despite having hundreds of millions of dollars. we just keep seeing the same bullshit conferences, rebranding, website updates, mainnet launches, additions to exchanges, etc. but no real platform or use case besides buying gold/drugs with btc/ltc/monero.

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It's not even a investment, it's a giant pyramid scheme running on greater fool theory.
You're just too naive to see it. 90% of the utility tokens won't see real utility and def won't see mainstream adoption. You just mad cause you know I'm 100% right. I made a similar thread here in 2017, telling everyone that ethereum would collapse once ICO hype mania would die off.
We will see the same thing happening with utility tokens next year when tokenized securities are introduced on bakkt.
Total collapse of the shitcoin market is coming and I will be there laughing at you. Screenshot this.

The sooner it collapses the better, all that liquidity will be converted back to .btc thus pushing the demand for .btc to greater heights.
If demand proves greater then supply, we will see a 50k btc by 2019.
All you brainlets are responsible for this bearmarket, peddling shitcoins has driven btc down from it's 80% dominance.

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Where is ethereum now with ICO funding reduced to 90%?
What a surprise...

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Nice fud. Do you also have something positive to say? which tokens will be valuable according to you?

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your sister

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you're mostly right. there are only a few use cases where blockchain makes sense. payments and supply chain are the big ones obviously. a lot of companies are using blockchain for supply chain already and that will continue to grow but you're right its mostly on IBM/private chains. Vechain appears to be making progress on that but who knows they are chinks you cant trust anything they say. that's why most of my money is in middleware projects that can add value to private chains. even google and IBM need access to reliable and trustless 3rd party API data to execute smart contracts.

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What Middleware projects are you looking into?

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when your accidentally drop your murgh gujab with the most pajeet tier insult

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being this retarded

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>90% of the utility tokens won't see real utility
i thought everyone already knew this.

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Check em

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Tell me again how the internet will never gain traction because companies will build their own intranet

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Can't wait another 3 years man, I need to know

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go fuck yourselves people you aint buying my bags cheap
buy it at 43 cents fuck you and fuck you!

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You're a brainlet for pouring your life-savings into a service token that isn't tied to ownership (equity of the business nor the network)
Smart money (myself) we invest in businesses not the product. Learn the difference...
What kind of fool do you have to be that stupid to put real money into a obscure third party start-up service-tied coupon with half of the investors not having a clue what its trying to disrupt.
You are clueless beyond belief.
There are over 1200 utility tokens with just 1 specific usage case.
Then suddenly comes Amazon who decides to say fuck it. We are going to release chain that incorporate all the utility imagineable and put it into 1 single fucking token.

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The answer is Stratis you brainlets.

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This is getting me mad on how ignorant the posters here.
There is zero hope for you in investing.
I'm 2000% that majority of the utility tokens will fade to $0.
You can be a try-hard and shill me ''but this is uhh different.. it's a cloud based blockchain uncensored unlimited storage utility token bla bla.
Google will say fuck these guys we gonna build a better version and issue it for FREE, collect your data, analyze your behaviour and sell it to whom we ever pleases.

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>name one

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BTC BTC BTC that's all you need

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