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should i just throw my skyminer away?

all my friends that come over that i shilled skycoin to in Q1 this year ask about it every time they see the miner at my apartment. im tired of pretending everything is fine :(

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Loosen those weak hands and mail that thing to me.

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mines a DIY so i just tell anyone curious it's a web server. i'm honestly afraid to tell the truth and inevitably come off as a massive retard should they ever look up a chart. it's been hard to take the project seriously ever since that absurd chinese "kidnapping" saga

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>that absurd chinese "kidnapping" saga

That was fucking hilarious as an outsider who never had any SKY

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Yeah, kidnappings over crypto never happen in rl.

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>He still believes it was real

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>kidnappers haven't posted since May

Yes, I'm sure the very honest Chinese marketers just abandoned their normally used social media accounts by way of coincidence, lol.

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>an outsider who never had any SKY
Yeah, well what do you know about it? And why are you posting in this thread to begin with? Since when do people on /biz/ care about coins that aren't pumping?

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The whole kidnapping thing is super weird. I guess it could be legit. I just don't see why Synth would theoretically pull of a scam. There were thousands of scam coins last bull run, which delievered nothing and made many anaymous devs very rich. Skycoin is a pretty old project, Synth's real identity is pretty easy to find online, and the project actually sounds really cool and has at least a preliminary, functioning project. I just don't see how this could be a scam, there are so many easier and safer ways to pull off a scam than to do what Synth and his team are doing.

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>Since when do people on /biz/ care about coins that aren't pumping?

Because Sky was one hilarious ride to watch with how hyped it was and how hard it crashed overall

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>*Altcoin name here* is the blockchain equivalent of juicero.

This is fantastic bait. So universal. Go off yourself now, Ameer.

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Tell me why a glorified web scraper needs to be decentralized.

Oracles don't exist and Chainlink isn't even close to one.

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>trying hard to make me fraid while making me feel comfy instead.
I reckon you ain't seen nothing yet.

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It doesn't need to be decentralized, I agree.

However, take a look at pic related. The problem they're facing right now is alleviated by using a decentralized oracle, or one created internally (which would require a stupid amount of... synergy...to accomplish).

Why NOT use ye 'glorified web scraper' in this instance?

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Why exactly are you comfy?

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Hire two different companies to scrape the same data and cross reference the results. Done. Hire a third if needed. All cheaper and faster than farming it out to the third world on eth's blockchain.

Just like Juicero was ridiculously overengineered and completely pointless, costing close to $1000 per unit and requiring a minimum juice subscription compared to what an already existing $100 juicers could do with ease.

Even if Chainlink's model was commercially viable, it'd be better run on Skycoin's Fiber as its own blockchain. It could also utilize the full programming language of CX and the computational and data resources of Skywire to better pull data rather than the limited scope of smart contracts.

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Because many of us have been accumulating at $2 while Skywire mainnet looms on the horizon.

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I pay due attention to brainlet shills like yourself, while employing DYOR. Also, i didnt buy the fucking top and sell the bottom like all you poors. I'm down 20% on my bags but it's a bear market and i can't be arsed to chase your shitcoin pump and dumps.

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This is a buy signal

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What exactly am I shilling?

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Not trying to be a dick but I was not ever talking about Skycoin. I was simply defending my position on decentralized oracles as a promising asset and you went on to talk about the wet dream of fundamentals that is Skycoin.

You have a huge confirmation bias, and it's showing.

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>lil ole me not doing anything at all.
Shilling your narrative. A hearty Kek indeed.

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Nah, I was done talking about why it's pointless, so it was time to move on to how if they can figure out how to sell their overpriced equivalent of Keurigs or Juiceros or whatever, it's better done on Skycoin.

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Okay, now you're putting Keurig in direct comparison to Juicero. Don't make me point out how fucking stupid you sound right now.

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>guys, kcups are definitely not overpriced shit
>guys, juice packets are definitely not overpriced shit
>guys, chainlink is definitely not overpriced shit

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The scam is they’re selling you ‘hardware’ at an absurd mark up that they’ve convinced you will be useful on the future. You bought the miner, you’ll buy the satellite, the hardware wallet etc. They’ll keep pumping this shit out until people stop buying it. None of it is connected to the currency Skycoin because it isn’t a crypto. There’s no consensus. It’s all centralised.

To ease you in they told you that you can build your own miner. Fine. Try building your own satellite or hardware wallet. Even if you can build your own there are plenty of gullible idiots who will buy the real thing.

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Also it’s not an old project at all. Check the git hub. The first commit may have been a long time ago but basically nothing happened for years and it’s only recently started coming to life. And even then most of the commits are bullshit. There’s no consensus and there never will be. They’re just going to keep selling their ‘hardware’ to idiots.

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except kcups are still popular as fuck, normies don't care

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Why? Making a miner is cheap af and it pays itself off in like 5 months. Plus you get a bunch of rasp pis that you can use for all sorts of neat shit after theyre not needed anymore

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Yes normie, we know you don't care.

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Kcups are modestly priced, and you do not need to buy Keurig (tm) cups to use the machine. It is "decentralized" and thus has been successful.

Juicero packets you can squeeze by hand, without ever buying the machine. This it has been unsuccessful.

Why don't you get this? We all have blind spots but Jesus...

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What's the absurd markup? $600 is pretty reasonable for the specs on their official miner.

You're confused on what a cryptocurrency is or isn't. Skycoin definitely has cryptographic properties. It uses a masternode until they're finished working on consensus after they release the primary user of said consensus, Skywire.
From a development standpoint, it's much more organized to easily create all these pieces and tie them together with consensus once satisfied.

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>modestly priced
hahahahahaha, yes goy, keep buying 2 cent plastic cups with 5 cents of coffee grounds in them for 70 cents

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or buy the chad strainer cup and put in whatever you want

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People do. It is convenient. Stop being so fucking autistic and antisemetic.

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I'm jewish you autist.

Do you guys also wear velcro shoes because laces are real hard?


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lol hipster jew

I'm done with this thread. You obvious glow-in-the-dark Skycoin shill.

At least you earned your shekels tonight. I REPLIED!

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Quite the detective. What tipped you off, asking OP to mail me his miner?

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who here french press master race?

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What's so funny ma'am?

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I know right, why can't a company just charge us what they paid for things? What the fuck?

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>hm, I guess I could buy this little plastic cup with 10x markup

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Checking in. Got two of pic related. One is silver, one is gold. Bodum french presses are the GOATs.

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in 2014 a friends asks if I want to split a bitcoin miner with him

i take a look at the market and say no

fast forward chrsitmas 2017 btc is at 20k

satoshi i have failed you

now i'm here making apps, which btw is still fun

try it > merv.tech

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>bag of coffee
>no markup

Absolute fucking retard.

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Kcups have a vast markup for someone to spoon it into a little plastic cup for you, on top of the normal markup that any coffee would have. Don't be disingenuous when trying to argue a side, anon.

You're better off trying to appeal to ease of use or one of those gay reusable cups that were mentioned.

Or just buy a fucking $20 coffee maker and use what you would have spent on a Juicero or a Keurig or a Chainlink on some Skycoin.

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They're in jail

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If you honestly think $600 is a reasonable price for a glorified vpn that still relies on the traditional internet then good luck to you mate.

There will never be consensus. Also ask yourself why would they start selling all this hardware before they’d even completed the most fundamental parts of the software?

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>He thinks ‘mainnet’ will result in any kind of price action.

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Anyone on /biz/ who hasn’t noticed the real potential of Skycoin by now is simply retarded. You’ll never be able to convince a monkey that a phone is not a toy and why it costs 5 tons of banana

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>The first commit may have been a long time ago but basically nothing happened for years and it’s only recently started coming to life.

Are you retarded?


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ARK mike is in SKYCOIN and you are about to see what a complete scam ARK is

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I don't even care if sky is scam. It is a step towards decentralized internet. Even if it has a low chance of success, I'm going to take it. If there's a project with better chances to achieve it, let me know.

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SKYCOIN is a SCAM, no decentralised internet

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Disassemble it and sell it the parts are actually fairly valuable. Im in the same position btw but with a diy. It's not embarrasing really my friends dont even know about crypto I told them Im freeing up capital for the next btc move

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You can't build a device with better specs for $600.

Doing Skywire beforehand makes a lot of sense. Makes the actual development much, much easier while it's in alpha status.

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Nah, he was a hardware advisor and he stepped down because he was too busy.

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You saw the antennas right? Get this: they're going on the tops of roofs and people will use them to decentralize the internet.

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Get this: noone will bother

Skycoin has barely 1000 people interested in it, 80% of which will be pajeets

That leaves 200 people max to build a wireless internet
Of these 200, 50% of them will be bagholders or NEETs with no money or skill to do anything

So that leaves 100 people in theory to build a global internet

Another 50% of these will be synths coke buddies

So that leaves 50 people in total with any skills to do something. These people will all have jobs since they arent hopeless skill less NEETs or pajeets. They wont bother because there is literally no incentive to put an eyesaw legally questionable pajeet antenna on their roof to forward some packets to nobody

Sky is scam to get you to buy useless junk

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>Paid 1 BTC for some Raspberry Pi's in an aluminium case.
Not even the smallest amount of feels for u anon.

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Your math is wrong.
1500 actual users is more than most of the top 20 coins can say, lol. (there's several DIYs and other miners with only 4 nodes, etc)

They actually made sure that the current distribution is evenly done. What you see online now are an evenly spread global selection of operators for the testnet.
Once mainnet is ready, even if millions of pajeets pile on to the network, they won't get paid unless somehow someone needs to route traffic through India.

The people vested in Skycoin are definitely vested. Maybe everyone but you, who was too lazy to get their official miner working and earning.

My miner is DIY. I'll probably buy an antenna from them as long as it costs less than $150 and build some DIY antennas as well.

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The miner doesn't cost 1btc though, it costs about $600.

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SKY is a scam. no doubt.

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its gonna cost 1 BTC, you know it
everyone here knows it

enjoy your cult scam

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21 posts from this ID


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Nah, they actually grew to dislike the 1btc rebate model, they're steering away from it.

They're getting an online store together soon once they finish ramping up their production capacity.

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Those retards had it coming, trying to defend k-cups.

Did you know that I like Skycoin?

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