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Got some more AMB today, lets discuss this project. Who's excited for masternode onboarding?

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You're backing the wrong horse

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Hello Sanjeet Pashtunalwali you're early today

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>being paj != asian
just a fucking cooly

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10 bucks eoy. Prove me wrong. *pro-tip, you can’t

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Why do you say that?

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Expect a blog update tomorrow or early next week with good news.

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Migros partnership this week.
Rottweiler approve.

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There was an insider months ago posting info. Baby formula will be tracked from a huge company. Amb already developed dapps for big company’s, one a big q/c firm (I’m personally assuming tuv/sud)
Fish will be tracked as well, Vlad actually went into detail in one of the blog posts about how.

100k bundles all day once all nodes are on boarded. Thank me later.

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kys pajeet

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Got any screenshots I'm curious

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Sorry anon. Iv been following this shit extremely closely and connect dots my self. There was a few threads. Somebody was posting info “‘my aunt/uncle works at xxxxxx and said this”

There was another thread where an anon was calling premium goods well before we even heard about about a “vanilla exporter partnership”

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He's reverse FUDding none of that shit happened. There was an insider at one point but the team found out who he was and put an end to it.

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Can't trust anybody

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Whatever you say. Best of luck to everybody holding this.

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If migros and a japenese fish announcement get made load the fuck up. That’s all I will say. If those 2 check out the anon was 100% right and there will be a 100k bundle partnership announced after.

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The rumor part of what that anon says is true though. They are rumored to be working with tuv/sud etc but those are strictly rumors. The potential in this project is legit, but don't believe people telling you shit like 100k bundles at launch etc, that is highly optimistic and I'm pretty sure people are trying to spread that so they can FUD the launch when it isn't that high. "You guys told me 1 million bundles at launch wtf scam!" etc is what some people are playing at.

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You think a single partnership will be 100k bundles? Someone needs 1.6BILLION units per day tracked?

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Have we all forgot AMB is pajeet shit on the sidewalk while Devery is Budda reincarnated

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Fags on reddit said there is no way there will be a huge announcement because we would have seen insider trading when the contract was finalized

Idk wtf you call 3x in 3 weeks, but we saw a huge spike in price in April for no real reason. Seems like insider trading to me.

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Also, that’s not 1.6 billion units tracked a day, that could be 1.6 million units each with 10 events per day. Food for though. Good luck Ambros

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Do you think Pharma partnerships will take longer to be announced because they have more details to work out than food companies?

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Yes. Lots of regulations to be worked out, but amb has the connections to the eu and other governing bodies. Pharma and parishable good might be set up to automatically send a temp/humidity/ reading every hour. That’s 24 events a day per item/smart container ect. That’s can multiply very fast. More food for though.

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Meme partnerships and shit github. Its actually a marketing scheme and exit scam in process

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>marketing scheme
>by project that has had notoriously shit marketing
lmao what is with you devery cucks jumping on AMB hate, did a holder troll your TG or something

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Vlad Trifa wouldn't work with a scam company.

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>generic computer scientist with PhD.

Wow so convincing this guy is so good that their github is literally empty of anything useable

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Have you researched literally anything about him or what he's done?

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Spamming something like AMB which is actuall shit will draw hate with actual facts. Lul

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Yes insert generic PhD research which every PhD has in some form.

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Ok well you've outed yourself as a brainlet this is the last (you) you'll get from me

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The amb Accenture connection is easy to find. This doesn’t mean shit, but it does mean amb is working with huge company’s on pocs.

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forgot to give you a brainlet for your stupidity

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100% my niga.

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Tuv Sud is a lot more than just a 'rumor'

Their logo was plastered all over test net at one point ("Certified by Tuv Sud")

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My dude, you gotta look past Github

It's an afterthought for the Ambrosus team
They're team is more than capable and most of the work is being done behind the scenes with big corporates

Github activity is very, very low on their list of priorities

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In one of the ama chadsetti said they are still actively working with tuv/sud as well.

I remember hearing about lsg in March or April, totally forgot about them. If every single meal is on amb.net that’s gonna be huge.

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bearwolf where are you

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Let It die. All these fags will fomo in. Amb 10 mother fucking dollas eoy.

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Wtf are you even saying. Github and the tech should be the only priority.

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I refuse to let it die

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Who gives a fuck.

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Could we realistically reach 100k bundles?

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AMBlets, before you believe a single word of FUD spewed by the mischievous MrBearWolf, ask yourselves the following :
- What effect did the genesis city auction have on the price on MANA ?
- What effect did guardian masternode onboarding have on the price of WTC ?
- What effect did a couple of partnerships with LITERALLY WHO companies have on the price of WTC ?

Now ask yourselves :
- What effect will MASTERNODE ONBOARDING + Apollo NODE AUCTION + MAJOR PARTNERSHIPS with multi bilion dollar companies have on the price of AMB ? ALL of these happening in Q4 this year
Honestly, if after all this you don't even hold a small position in AMB, you deserve to miss out on the intergalactic price action that's about to happen

Guardian masternode onboarding : https://masternodeguides.com/waltonchain-guardian-masternodes-announced/

Partnerships with LITERALLY WHO companies : https://www.investinblockchain.com/waltonchain-partnerships-q1-2018/

Genesis City auction, empty parcels of land in a game played by nobody : https://wiki.decentraland.org/index.php?title=The_Genesis_City_Auction

Apollo masternode auction : https://blog.ambrosus.com/cryptoeconomics-update-masternode-onboarding-procedure-598cdcb5491e

Nongshim ($1.83 billion revenue) partnership (: https://tokenpost.com/Korean-food-giant-Nongshims-subsidiary-taps-blockchain-for-end-to-end-traceability-of-beef-529

Premium goods partnership : https://blog.ambrosus.com/in-depth-the-madagascar-bourbon-vanilla-supply-chain-on-amb-net-7f42ab0f5c9e
DHL tweet : https://twitter.com/DHLGlobal/status/1041310929777053698

One Planet + Blend hub + Flatev partnerships : https://coingeek.com/ambrosus-joins-united-nations-sponsored-one-planet-network/

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based infoposter

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The dump is going to be epic when you baghalders realize that a zeta node will make less than the VPS costs to run it.

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How many bundles you expecting your self come eoy?

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Oh ya I'm sure that'll be the case now run along Sanjeet lmao

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who cares about end of year. is it a race? vision is 3 or 4 years

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Than go buy boomer stocks.

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Yes, in addition to this shit. If you hold no stocks you're automatically a short sighted woman

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>Github and the tech
That might be true if they did only tracking of products (like Devery), but it is most certainly not true for their focus on tracking conditions during transit. The sensors will ultimately be what differentiates Ambrosus from the rest -- it's already obvious how much this would benefit pharmaceuticals/industrial production, and we can't even begin to imagine the unintended benefits from enabling this sort of data collection.

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This will have far greater ROI than boomer stocks though

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Niga is the real deal. They got some fresh young people too who are literally at the top of modern sensor tech.

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Still think the most impressive dude on the Ambrosus team is this man https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roger_Wattenhofer

It's actually absurd the amount of top tier talent they have

Still a scam tho.... lol

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Wtf does that even mean you obviously have no technical experience. This is a shit explanation.

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Somebody asked about the 860000 current bundle cap on plebbit..... this was chadsettis response

“this is the current set-up / bandwidth. in parallel the business team will work on reaching this limit as soon as possible, whereas the technical team will work on pushing this limit further away”

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He's saying that sensor data which is generic gives value to his blockchain lmao literally the state of AMB holders. It's obvious that amb is literal trash and one application on devery protocol can replace AMB completely. (Muh temperature, muh sensors) gtfo pajeet

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Unironically based

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Kys DEV shill

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never heard of Ambrosus and now is everywhere
give me a quick update guys

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Do your own research. Google Vlad Trifa and Stefan Meyer.

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hate gypsies, fuck this coin.
thanks for the hu

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Ok friend your loss

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Only hasnt gone to zero due too binance effect and fake partnerships

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If you've never heard of it and now you see it everywhere, it means they need dumb people to dump the bags on. Coincidentally the AMB shilling began just before the token unlock.
The project is good, but this "hype" now is just bait to make you buy their bags. Wait and see what happens. It's already down 7% as we speak.

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>down 7%
>after being up 25%
>alts are in the shitter
>thinking a 7% dip ha anything to do with Ambrosus itself and not the market

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But the tokens don't unlock until at least January anon.

>> No.11526713

>thinking the tokens were unlocked

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It's too easy to spot the targeted FUD

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Too bad the market shits itself every time AMB announces something.

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our time will come

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give the guy a rundown you cunts


fuck off

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He was a troll

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/biz as it's best
so salty

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I have never seen a sub100 coin being FUDded so badly. What's up with it?

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People trying to accumulate and bagholders of other supply chain tokens that are dead ends and they're forever salty because of it

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kek that video, soon m88s

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The Github argument baffles me
How in the fuck is what they choose to show on Github representative of 'tech'?

I'm not a programmer, so I can't comment on the quality of code (which I assume is why this FUD is being pushed), although I can see that Ambrosus' Github is more (recent) active, has more contributors, and has more repositories

Not that it even matters because Github is only a glimpse into the underlying tech that the team permitted to be openly visible

Fuck off with this FUD, if you can even call it that

If after going through the teams of both Devery and Ambrosus, you actually think Devery is even close to capable of competing with Ambrosus you are fully fledged delusional

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Actually I work in advanced research and I know that PhDs are just semi intelligent guys with no that take really good notes and like going to school forever. Also they are mostly alcoholics.

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>actually I work in advanced research

Stopped reading. Go LARP elsewhere

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You literally just admit that your not technically minded yet your telling people to make investments on technical concepts. Github is the project and in crypto github is everything. These AMB telegram admins need to gtfo of biz. It's really fucking annoying

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I develop autonomous vehicles. Do you want to talk about various vehicle localization techniques or different decision making methods. How about image processing techniques for static and dynamic object classification? Maybe we should discuss probabilistic dynamics or whether autonomy is better solved through brute force artificial intelligence training or a more simplified robotics approach. Also remember AMB is absolute horse shit.

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Ranjeet your sister Shaqueefa called you forgot to rinse the street again after shitting

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>I pulled out a thesaurus to look smart for anonymous internet people to convince them to buy a different fake internet money

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You really dont get it anon. Not everyone is a brainlet.

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I'm just enjoying the extent that you're willing to go to FUD this project

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Fuck I gave you a you

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>1.6million x 10 = 1.6Billion.
The absolute state of AMBlets

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So are you going to explain why Devery is better? What makes their github better and why is that important? Genuinely asking for enlightenment

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units =/ events

reading comprehension

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Compare and you will see that devery has pages and pages of unique API function calls and blockchain querys that are one line of code and very clearly documented.

It's more then just clarity of documentation and how neat the functions are though. Devery has a well thought out protocol structure to generalize the supplychain issue and organize it into an proper searchable database but on the blockchain. Check out the devery Explorer which someone made very quickly during the hackathon.


Just actually take the time to read each github. You should be able to get a sense from reading it. Also Devery can do anything AMB can do but it can be done easier, way easier and it's also more flexible because of the structure and the js functions available. Thing is you may make more money on AMB because people are not involved enough to know to buy the better tech but just realize that AMB is an experiment. They just wanted to mark a blockchain with sensors and IoT concepts. It wasnt built for scale and their github shows it's not ready for it. Smart contracts make devery the better more transparent solution.

This is full of many assumptions made based on my technical opinion you should fully read both githubs before coming to your own.

Automotive Part Providence

Enterprise QR code generation for brands and their products.

Ethereum scaling will enable devery at an enterprise level for fully automated supplychains. I have done a few code reviews in industry with various options and it's either Devery or Hyperledger.

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You pajeets sure are passionate

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Why hold the EVE token though? Doesn't it suffer from the token velocity problem?

>> No.11528713

No they will be doing various things to solve that like burns on use and BTTS which will increase the overall amount used. If 1000 companies hold 10000 coins each that's 1M of the 100M. Now couple that with the amount of people who will speculate on it and also token burns on use devery will be fine with the standard supply and demand model. High token velocity is a meme as long as there is order books and free market capitalism prices will be choked up by supply control.

>> No.11528738


not very convincing

>> No.11528757

I'm not trying to convince you to buy. Just realize that masternodes is a false sense of safety for price appreciation because it works on the same exact principles

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You and favelanon need to go kys

Devery is a fucking joke. Amb is a IoT token playing with supply chain to get started. Their whole streeze is IoT gateways ect to take the human element out. Their goal is complete smart cities. Devery can make whatever the fuck they want in their GitHub, they will still rely on humans to input the info. This is the whole problem and why everybody says supplychain tokens are a meme. They are a meme, but when you take the human element out and involve IoT, it becomes much more trust worthy.

Vlad triffla literally wrote the book on IoT. If you read any of Ambs blogs you will see their end game. On top of that, if you read the amb blog about sensor tech where Stephan Myer btfo every other supply chain token, you will see why amb is gonna blow up. I’m all in on amb, I have been following them extremely close and connecting dots.

Tuv sud
Accenture (dhl as well)

All of these companies are working with them 100% in at minimum talks or pocs

>Swiss coffee alliance
>Trek pharma
>Korean beef
>Flatbreads and powdered food
>Premium goods
All 100% confirmed SIGNED partnerships. They already have more real use case partners than any other crypto.

Wait a few more days and see. I’m not gonna argue with you fucks, if you don’t like amb don’t buy it, buy ven or dev or te foods and miss out

10usd eoy

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Writing books is not rare. Lol also no devery has a smart contract called DeveryTrust which can change the game and solve the garbage in garbage our problem by holding suppliers accountable. Essentially incentivizing the supplychain network to automatically resolve bad actors.

>> No.11528891

Amb will use smartcontracts with q.c firms that will automTically trigger claims based on parameters not being met during the shipping/proper care process. If a shipment of milk at one point reaches an unacceptable reading, the smart contract will automatically trigger a claim. They are also working with the eu, the un and other government agencies to make a better safer way to track EVERYTHING.

>> No.11528892

They are in talks sure. Then those companies will have someone like me look at their github who will then say "we cant do anything with this" then amb in order to retain them will be the sole service provider and then they will not be able to scale to everyone nor will there be incentive for them too unless the money goes to them and not the network and at that point why wouldnt all of those companies just pay IBM

>> No.11528903

>centralized database
Nobody cares about ibm, these companies have already had centralized database and people have died.

>> No.11528918

Sure okay where are the contracts. And does that mean they have a token? Also being on a seperate platform will drive up costs to the user because their apps will be the only ones maintaining the nodes on the network. Making it financially the wrong choice to companies or else the network would have to starve the nodes making them worthless thus slowing down or killing the network/decentralization

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Whatever you say Pham. Do what’s makes you feel right.

>> No.11528936

One of ambs main goal is to provide a superior service for less than ibm or a companies current supply chain solution. Your not following.

>> No.11528988

Devery Pajeets eternally btfo anyone weak handed enough to fall for their fud is a literal brainlet

>> No.11529014

Who are they partnered with? Who is good to use them? Lame ass un partnership and a fucking African school system. It’s a fucking joke. First it was modium fags fudding, than te-food, now Devery. They are all shit. Devery fags, lmk when you get an update from your team.

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We're gonna make it bro

>> No.11529041

Checked and yes we are. 10usd eoy.

>> No.11529089

Why are you so confident it will go that high by the end of the year? I think that could easily be achieved in the long run but why do you feel it will be so soon?

>> No.11529116

Because once nodes get onborded we will see what’s really hood.

>> No.11529155

Real shit my nigga on foenem

>> No.11529208

Ambrosus literally calls itself "Ambrosus - Enabling Sensors to Talk to Blockchain." If you can't understand the benefit of this (think Chainlink), you are too deep in computers and need to come back out into the real world.

>> No.11529236

hey, team.
marketing here makes you look really, really unprofessional. will never, ever, ever buy your product as a result.

>> No.11529238

If it goes to $10 eoy I will fly to switzerland and offer my body up to wattenhofer

>> No.11529241

This doesn't sound like it's grounded in any sound economic or commercial ideas. The small decisions matter. If they haven't decided the tokenomics, it's basically just an idea, not even a business proposal or a workable product.

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>thinking /biz/ actually matters outside of this autistic echo chamber

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Where'd you go

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bump before bed

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