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Getting the hang of it edition!
I'm not young poorfag or the original anon but I like to bump these threads to keep them alive.
IMPORTANT: the original anon who made these threads isn't here anymore. Some of the stuff on the list you won't get answers too. Sorry in advance

In this thread, I'm going to compile the best passive income streams ordered by investment required, including both online and offline options
Little to no Investment($100-$1k)
>Social Media Marketing
>Digital Media or Marketing of any kind
>Web Development
>Freelance software development
>Affiliate Marketing
>Making Online Courses
>Self publishing Ebook(comprehensive guide:https://kindlepreneur.com/book-marketing-101/)
>product arbitrage

Some Investment Required($1k-10k)
>POS Systems
>P2P Lending
>Authoring or Online publishing
>Vending Machines
>Automated News sites or any kind of automated blog
>Automated online Arbitrage with the help of a buybot

Large Investment Required, but still very passive(10k+)
>Parking Garages or lots
>Batting Cages
>Rental Properties
>Buying Royalty rights on music, media, etc

I'm sure there are dozens of others that are out there but that's what I can think of off the top of my head.

if you have any comprehensive guide. Post them and ill add them here

Feel free to add more and share your knowledge, experience, advice with others, but I think that's a lot of value that you won't find in most threads here.
previous thread: >>11490662

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To the product anon in the last thread: thanks so much for the info! I will look into the free 3D modeling software you listed. And thanks for the info on the prosthetics. I know that mainly kids need it, when I was looking into most people wanted a free arm from the website I visited. I thought if there's a market, I could make them and sell for cheap. It seems people in the UK really need them. The only hard part would be making one as the kid grows older. They had kits and stuff for specific arms you could make I guess one size fits all type of gig. But I think okay just begin with learning it as a hobby and then renting it out to others that need to print something. I am happy that I could at least offer some helpful advice. Seriously good luck on all your endeavors and I know you'll make it!
Replying to young poorfag: I really just randomly got hit with the idea of 3D printing at work. I have always loved robots and wanted to build a robotic hand. When I found out you can do it even if brainlet, I just had to figure out how and became really interested. I also found out that a lot of cool designs are free and open source. I don't know why but I just have a really strong feeling this is the business I am supposed to run.

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I always get dubs in these threads

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Oops wrong screenshot

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how do i make extra money in the uk. amazon fba viable here?

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If anyone has info on getting more followers on instagram if appreciate some input. I have a decent page with lots of likes on my pics. But even pages with 2 posts have like 400 followers. I'm at 50. I want to start a store with some t-shirts and hats. An anon in the last thread gave me some good info on how to start the store. Just need to build up more followers I think. TIA

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Lemme see I think I have a few screenshots about Amazon on here. Not sure about UK stuff tho.

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Obsessed watch anon here.

I created a new design in cad and will have it 3d printed soon. I plan on making a tangible prototype then launching a kickstarter.

What are some incentives to offer my backers?

Watch probably cost me a few grand to MAKE. Spending a lot on the quality. It will feel expensive in your hand.

I'm distancing myself from all those cheap Chinese startups.

Movement will be a swiss eta variant. I want it personal, but it looks like that will cost tens of thousands of dollars. I have yet to find the dial cost (intricate) and a new style strap (attached unique)

I'm going to need a large investment and I don't want my idea stolen..

Any tips would be appreciated.

Do I make everyone signs ndas?

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I can sell you followers and post likes.

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Brainlet here know nothing about watches but I can offer my opinion only. You know your audience and who's going to buy it right? Maybe see if you can get big YouTubers or approach watch channels to review your watch design and get them to help promote? Like make your amazing kickstarter video and send to YouTubers who love watches to see what they think. Maybe you guys could work out some tradeoff to promote your kickstarter. Not sure what you can offer backers. Something customizable might be too expensive. Like an extra strap idk.
If you don't want your idea stolen my guess would be get a patent lawyer or specialized lawyer so you don't get fucked over by anyone. Wish I could be more help. Maybe someone will pop up in the thread with some more advice.

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Hmm id have to think about it. I was hoping to grow it more organically. I also don't know their policy onnfake followers and likes. Don't know if I want to risk it.

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They aint fake followers.

Its intra specific SEO that will get you some followers, but you bored me.

Good luck

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Are you even favelanon?
He always seemed polite not dickish
Please don't come back

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I'm sad dude, I got banned because I posted a photo to help an anon, now I cant use 4chan pass and have to bypass these captcha.

Also, I got some bills to pay and I'm really stressed, sorry.

If you want send me a email and I'll guide you on that for free.

I'm just into a bad day.

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What kind of ways to make it personal are you thinking about ? I work with a startup on on-demand sapphire and gold pattern etching for watches. I guess we could exchange a bit on that.

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Okay how about I make you a deal. Do you have paypal? I'm a no coiner so I can only use paypal. I'll pay you for a guide on how to do it. What seems fair like 15 bucks? That way I can share it with this general and other anons can benefit. I am waging so it'll take a bit to make a throwaway email.

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Anyone else buying the Caleb Jones business course before it closes this Thursday forever?
I can't believe that I spent 650€ in this with how much of a poorfag I am, but it's just fucking worth it.

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[email protected]
It'll be up for 48hrs the website said. I never use these. Hopefully it works

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Who dat? Is he like a famous guy or are you just shilling lol.

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He's a kind of famous lifestyle coach that has been a business consultant for several decades, making hundreds of small and mid-sized business owners rich. He's also the owner of Blackdragon blog.
He teaches how to make location independent & diversified income with minimum work hours. Kinda like Tim Ferriss but with far more experience and success teaching it to others.

I bought his course and I think it's a massive value, that's why I mention it, just in case someone decides to check it out.

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Nah, I wont sell a guide that will be spreaded to everyone, they will saturate the weak spot I founded.

Sent you a email, I'll give you many tips and help. Pay me after if you thought it was worth.

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Interesting thanks for the info. I'm always wary if the guys who sell courses though. I'll look into his blog. Hopefully it helps other anons too. How poorfag are you? I hope you budget your money okay. Spending quite a bit on something like that you have to be careful but if it's an investment to you and has value I'm sure it's worth it.

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Alright then here is the protonmail thanks for the tip.
[email protected]
I'll promise not to share the info, but it's just kind of lame because of like to help other anons here. Most people who come here are very open about stuff.

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You can find him at calebjonesblog.com or blackdragonblog.com . Yeah I too am wary about people that look like they're advertising stuff. But if you look at some of his content you'll see he's the real deal and his content is some serious stuff.
>How poorfag are you?
Southern European millenial poorfag tier. This course more than doubled this month's expenses for me, but he warned a couple months before he would release it so I prepared accordingly.

I've been keeping track of my expenses for almost half a year with a nice little Excel spreadsheet template I made myself. There's so many adults out there that don't do this and it weirds me out now that I've been doing it for a while.

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Information is something, niche exploiting is another.

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pls answer, I'm pretty interested as it can kickstart another idea of mine.

In short, I can help you a lot with the dial.

>> No.11496032

And good on you anon! Yeah I don't know why people don't watch their expenses especially younger people. You never know when you might need that money. Man I've heard Europe has insane taxes i feel for you, but you'll make it if you plan! Keep us updated on any biz you start with this new course.

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can you also send that guide to me? [email protected]

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Sorry anon he said he'd help but I can't give away the info.

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thanks I tried haha
Stick around. What have you been up to? Waging?

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Don't even bother, I did this after working with every Richemont watch brand under the sun alongside Rolex and various swatch group brands.

Production costs were heavy, getting my hands onnselita movements was a pain and eventually you will get a lawsuit by one of the group's if your sales exceed most other startups ( meaning when actually profitable) .

You need to reduce costs and work off larger MOQ to remain profitable. Propper dial manufacturing costs a tonne as do the turning machines required.

Unless you have the cash to start up, or access with a low interest loan / convertible ownership option.

Do not do it...

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box presentation is one of the best way to make it unique

oh shit bro you gonna use real money for this autism love ya broo

cant you just make a partial one and then put your contact info in the "trial one"? so if people want more they can contact you and you can actually reach others, not on 4chan, you know what I mean?

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Extra fun tip... I'm a law /IP student and even my lecturers were shocked at the incoming lawsuits based on case and dial design ...

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lmao nah just school and been trying to learn all I can practically finding so ways to make passve income, but im just trading shitecoins and losing money in stocks lmao. been working on a SAAS product so im exicted to see how it goes if im a competent programmer. WBU broo

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oh lmao im making pepes for fun now so that's new
pic related is my first shitty one

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Thanks for reccing printful. I feel really motivated to do something with it

>> No.11497491

I would spend the money on it to share, but so far we've been in cotnact. Gotta wait to see if it works. I guess giving away his method is not worth the money. Def a way to make some on here you had a good idea. He's get clients at least from 4chin and they could tell others about his method.
Nice happy you have projects going. Not nice about losing money on shitcoins and stocks though. What are you going to school for? I'm just waging and wasting . About to go on lunch. Going to maybe make some designs for my Instameme clothes or start those ebooks.
Cute pepe. Why not trace one?

>> No.11497506

Dude im so happy that anon dropped printful on here. I'm also hoping to use it. Good luck!

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yeah favelanon better enjoy this/entg/ wisdom bro and make even more bank.
fucking bear markets, butt shitcoin tradin is actually going good, some nice anon,named dylan, helped me out. Just the basics for now lol. lunch is unironically the best part of the day

>> No.11497778

>Why not trace one?
i want to hand draw it i guess.their only so many pepe so i want to get used to the facials design and then make my own original ones and hopefully one that gets pammed on biz like the npc one kek

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Good to hear you're actually making money on shitcoins haha I was just in a thread where some retard got JUSTed because he's not good with his money. Hope you see some success.
Well it may make it easier if tointrace over the pepe until you can get the shapes and face down. Then it'll be like second nature. I have mad respect for people who make oc on 4chan. It takes creativity and dedication. It's brought me serious joy over the years.

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same here bro if my pepe can make somebody smile its all worth it.

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have experience in the following:
SMM, digital marketing
dev shop/agency
affiliate marketing
pos systems
flipping websites / services
and others


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Even if people don't like it, it has potential to become a widely used meme. I mean nujak was super hated in the original thread that anon posted it in. But people in the thread immediately started editing it and posting their oc. Now it's a staple new biz meme.
Anything can happen.

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Does anyone build ecom sites and take a percentage of ongoing sales for keeping the engine running?

>> No.11498680

How do you come up with sites to make and flip?

>> No.11498811

did you have a parking garage under partial ownership too?

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Me and my friend were thinking of opening a business in China for a very unknown and emerging market, any tips for starting the company, getting investors, and overall obtaining the product? We think manufacturing the product would be too expensive at first so we would buy it from alibaba, brand it, and then sell it. Does this pose any legal issues and is it a smart thing to do?

>> No.11499179

fuck no I actually get angry when people offer revenue share in return for work

profitable audience, good niche and functional website or app. build revenue and flip.

nah i was here for all of those threads but i pretty much just lurk. posting today

>> No.11499216

Opening a business with
>no product
>no investors lined up
>no knowledge
>in China
Just a brianlets opinion but it all sounds bad. You are just picking a random product to brand for a small niche that hasn't taken off in scammy chinktown? You're going to get JUSTed my dude. The Chinese will undercut you and do it cheaper after they fuck you over. Do your due diligence you're basically asking for all the answers here. Sounds like you're still on the idea phase with no actual plan. Sorry to be harsh but it doesn't sound good.

>> No.11499275

forgot to add in that we arent opening it now, we are thinking in maybe 4 years or so when we actually have some capital, also you didnt provide any advice. Yes it sounds like shit right now but it can sound like less shit

>> No.11499281

Thanks for your reply. It's difficult enough finding a niche but a profitable audience? For multiple sites? I wouldn't know where to begin looking. Like trolling social media? I'm not going to ask you to hold my hand it just seems super difficult just to get one of those things haha.

>> No.11499301

Yeah I didn't provide any advice because what your asking for is very vague. I have nothing to go on short of doing the research for you. You have no product, I don't know the niche, literally no jumping off point for me to brainstorm dude.

>> No.11499303

its really not difficult. if you are referring to dropshipping its super saturated so if you don't have a fat sack of cash for ads your SOL

>> No.11499353

Not dropshippiing just making websites in general. I figured you basically come up with an idea for a site, build it and then sell once it takes off. Like for cooking, hobbies, or some fandom, like basically picking a subject and building a site around that idea. I've never built one before.

>> No.11499357

im asking for generic advice on starting a company, things we should look out for, im not asking for specific advice about my specific market, i did not state that. And the one thing i said about my market is that we think creating it is expensive

>> No.11499368

What would y'all think about a product with AI in it? I'm currently building a new type of AI architecture and thinking of training it on chess and have people play against it for money ($1 to play, get $100 if you win). Also thinking of doing some other things like seeing if I can rig something up to my lawnmower and have a completely autonomous lawnmowing robot.

>> No.11499385

depends on a majority of factors. i generally just see what already works and try to enter that market

>> No.11499484

>fuck no
Seems fair. What's the going rate on a custom ecom site that is set up to rank well in google for local sales? Shopify is annoying, and I'm currently using pattern by etsy which isn't customizable in any way.

>> No.11499497


upwards of $10k as little as $2k through an agency

i wouldn't hire a pajeet to set up an ecom solution. but thats an option too.

>> No.11499667

Yow! We only do like $117k in all venues combined. Too rich for my blood.

For $10k I'll take a swing at it myself. Just have to brush the dust off my wysiwyg open-source webbuilding app skills and remember how to set up PayPal buttons. Been years since I fucked with that stuff.

>> No.11499687

lol good luck with that

there is a reason that shops charge $10k for a custom ecom solution. soft investment for increased conversions. classic "business" owner though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

>> No.11499731

Well maybe another anon can help then because you can basically just Google generic advice.
Here's my advice
Don't work with them. I've lurked here for a long ass time and tons of anons have shared horror stories working with them directly or indirectly. Whether it be for their job or personal business. Take that if you want, leave it if not. Peace

>> No.11499776

Thanks ill have to do a little research myself. Just want to have an option to make some extra income.

>> No.11499792

Oh yeah, me and my friend know how bad chinks are, we have both attended international schools, my most recent one was with koreans, and they are 10x better than chinks, im hoping to find a westernized chink that i can befriend so he can help us in dealing with other chinks.

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you spelled Entreprenuership wrong you mother fucker. I ended up making another thread. I deleted it.

>> No.11499857

Don't take it personal. Just a budgetary issue. $10k is a big investment, for a small time operator, when you've already got a working system going.

I got this shit! Is comic sans on really dark backgrounds and music you can't turn off still cool with the kids?

>> No.11499917

i said $2k-10k

make the small investment for a usable website. but if not pay a skilled pajeet and clean it up after.

make sure your website resembles the space jam website and has at least 15 upsell popups.

>> No.11499947

anyone got any bootstrapping ideas for shy people? I'm convinced shy people aren't allowed to make money.

i wanted to try window cleaning, i bought the supplies i tried practicing, it was terrible, then the anxiety flooded in and i returned everything like a faggot.

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File: 107 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181023-161050.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Brah! Swear on my mom, I just looked up the spacejam site based on our back and forth.

>> No.11499976

i took 3 months to isolate myself this year. generally a hermit. never met my neighbors in a building of 600 people. operate 100% remote. it is possible (i have social anxiety)

>> No.11500039

never met neighbors? 600 people? holy shit man, i must admit that is next level shyness/anxiety. I mean I do have some anxiety but i can wave/say hi. I want to be remote too.

>> No.11500050

Don’t get into window cleaning. I did it for a short while and all u get are customers low balling you and inconsistent work year round. To clarify this is for residential. I imagine commercial contracts are a bit better in most cases.

>> No.11500053

Break it with brute force. Get a job as a telemarketer for a few months. When you're cool as shit with being told to fuck off by strangers, you're ready.

I broke my social anxiety as a recruiter. You've got to step on it before you can get out there and sell shit.

>> No.11500074

How exactly do you even earn contracts/work for self employment? Literally just call businesses and knock on doors?

>> No.11500138

You mad another thread without checking the catalogue? I guess we are both brainlets. Although I think I was just missing an r in the op

>> No.11500147

I sell my shit direct to consumers through etsy, fb groups/my page, a few other app things, and my own shitty website.

As a service provider, you can advertise on the same (minus etsy of course).

>> No.11500189

never met a neighbor. i think i have waved at a few and seen a few in the hall. no idea who lives across from me.

also haven't used the pool since i moved in lol. i like my privacy but have a decent social life.

knocking on doors is cold calling and digital marketing now a days. use contactout and linkedin to do B2B sales

>> No.11500193


>> No.11500207

For a college? Because that's what I'm doing atm and making cold calls is stressful

>> No.11500226

there is not the slightest doubt that you will fail

i'm doing tech recruiting under an umbrella company. very lucrative. 10% of their salaries and 20% when i cut out middle man. salaries pay upwards of $150k for top devs

>> No.11500235

Idk, but when you figure it out, let me know. I build most off my stuff by hand, or have 1099 dudes doing it, and I'm getting tired as shit.

>> No.11500260

My up changed, but I'm that guy.

I was a technical recruiter for embedded software and mechanical engineers. It was a pressure cooker keeping my numbers up during the obamacare years so i split and started my own unrelated business.

>> No.11500282

Why will I fail

>> No.11500283

Do you guys have any books that you would recommend?

>> No.11500286

Getting a part time wagie job has made it so much better for me anxiety wise. It took a year but I can talk to people pretty well, the nervous sweating still happens tho haha. Met a guy who washes windows in the mall at my wagie job, he worked for a company and bought the route when his boss retired. Now he works doing that route. I would assume the other anon is right go for commercial buildings preferably malls and stripmalls. The S method is what they teach you with the squeegee that's all I know. They pay 15 and hour hear in LA but all looking for experience.
You could look into technical writing, I was told that it's good for remote work. I would work on your anxiety. The only cure is controlled exposure. That's how I made progress. I quit every job after 5 months die to anxiety and stress spending most times as neet. Let me know if there's any questions I can help with.

>> No.11500316

I've got a copy of the 4 hour work week, it's pretty good. Although my personal recommendation is 'The Richest Man in Babylon'

>> No.11500338

ATM sounds like a decent idea in a very busy city, how would I go about doing this?
>parking lots
lmao try £50k+

>> No.11500345

Not him, but you're looking for no work/ investment with high return. The market is built to grind those inefficiencies that some people can briefly capitalize on into dust. The second you find a niche, if you actually do, 10 other guys like you will enter driving your profitability down; then, in 6 months an overseas factory will enter directly retailing for what your cost is.

>> No.11500361

iirc, the original entg anon spoke to a strip club owner, bought an atm from a manufacturer, filled it with his own cash for withdrawals/exchanges, and then just gave a small cut of fees earned to the strip owner.

>> No.11500370

>how do i make money without doing proper research and development

is what you are really asking. kys. all you guys try dropshipping and fail.

and no, $1-2k is not a sufficient marketing budget. good luck

>> No.11500393

Pretty much this

>> No.11500467

I hope you die a slow and painful death, perhaps in a housefire or years after being paralyzed in a car crash

>> No.11500470

is it at all important to style email with html elements and whatnot? does that make a difference than just plain text if you're reaching out to provide services?

>> No.11500482

>wishing your potential customers a painful death
never gonna /make it/ anon

>> No.11500584

Not nice anon...

I used to share warehouse/ workspace with a dropship supplier. He had Amish guys build jewelry cabinets for him and let other dudes sell them on the internet. He was talking about some website, worldproducts or something (maybe another anion knows...), that hooks suppliers up with vendors/ dropshippers. If someone can think of the website I'm talking about, maybe that's a good place for you to start your research and see if it's for you.

>> No.11500629 [DELETED] 
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What about staking? Im just staking KLKS in a vbox the hub and make over 50% ROI per year. And thats if the price doesnt rise. Coin is at 400k MCap right now so there is quite some room to grow. Working product and usecase with the hub, more than most Top 50 coins.


>> No.11500669

Speculative retail investment isn't generally a classed as entrepreneurial. Not even passing judgment, but please be respectful of our space here; the rest of the board is wall to wall crypto.

>> No.11500873

Come on now keep the shitty attitude out of this thread. You came in obnoxiously and they're basically right. Just chill

>> No.11500903

Could be a good tip if someone likes coins here and they do their own research, thanks for sharing but it's not really what the general is about.
Thanks m8 appreciate it

>> No.11501002

truth hurts. good luck on your niche dropshipping store :)

>> No.11501103

I'll bump with a gay question: should some of us start namefagging if the general is going to start being a daily? I know it's taboo, but there seems to be a few dudes here with some subject matter expertise, and it might be worthwhile to know somewhat who's who.

>> No.11501189

Aw damn bro I’d love to hear from you more on these thread you have so much knowledge

>> No.11501203

Woah bro you must be some some genius ? Python or c++?

>> No.11501216

Found it.

Btw, have no idea how legit these guys are, but the dude I shared space with was saying I should look into them for wholesale selling the things I produce.

>> No.11501230

Somehow I manage is hands down th bets book for entrepreneurship

>> No.11501250


>> No.11501263

I fucking want that. Affanon better trip fag , Op better tripfag just cause I love him, and everybody else who regularly post meaningful. Sorta like me

>> No.11501295

this is really vague my friend.
first of all, there is no AI until now, just very clever bots that are trained to do 1 job.
secondly i can think of MANY products with AI, but not many would need it.
Chess is pretty useless desu. I think shape recognition would be awesome. Or something that actually does work for you.

to be brutally honest i think if your best guess is to upgrade your lawnmower and mixing up AI and bots, you are probably not the person i would ask for AI.

>> No.11501314

Haha. I'll be onlinefurniturefag. My ancestors are smiling at me.

>> No.11501346

Please stay here forever. I want to learn to make an AI robot pls. So I can start skynet and terminators to hunt down the jew bloodlines that subjugate the world. And also to make a robot arm. Thnx

>> No.11501364

Ai powered self ejaculator? There's a market for that.

>> No.11501365

Op here
Oh man id love to tripfag but I can't think of a cool name. I'll get back to you guys on it

>> No.11501590

Imagine lol if end up like the guy who made the Hitachi back massager wand thing. I bet he didn't expect it to become a chicks sex toy haha. I just want to build a cool robot arm.

>> No.11501664

3D hand fag
Bionic hand weirdo
Ironically a chill dude
3D printer fag
Idk bro we can make some up within all of us . And if you want to trip code you use #(whatever word you want and only you know ) and it gives you a salt that nobody can copy

>> No.11501676

Say no to China my friend. No idea what the culture is like in SEA with business but I haven't heard any news stories of the Thai government executing people for making poisonous baby food, so, it really make you think. Seriously. There are other poor countries to try out.

>> No.11501697

I actually buy my chairs from Vietnam. (Very small part of my business) Seems to be fairly up and coming.

>> No.11501790

Okay yeah lol I didn't want to be 3D print guy because I don't even have a printer yet but I'll just be bionichandfag. I've never tripfagged before. Do I just put # before my name in the name section?

>> No.11501884

This is how you do it . In name enter the username you want then after it put #(word you want ) you can add another #(word you want ) to make it more secure
Like mine could be ypf#fag#chad and it give me some special salt that is used when those two words at use like that . So as long as you can remember those two words your safe and can remain known in threads

>> No.11501895

I just thought of bionic chad fag lmao

>> No.11501981

so as long as you remember the two words you first set we'll be able to recognize you even if you switch up as long as you input it in the name.

>> No.11501983

Thanks a lot I understand now
Lol I'm no chad id was actually going to go with brainlet instead haha. I have no experience but I try and give advice anyway.
Testing now

>> No.11502003


>> No.11502010

lol I wouldn't say genius, I'm just good at math is all. And neither python nor c++, I actually do most of my work in nodejs

>> No.11502013

so we have bionic-handfag, onlinefuniturefag , and affanon. very cool my doods . LET MAKE BIZ GREAT AGAIN

>> No.11502034

call me BoomerAIFag for the auto-lawnmowing lol

>> No.11502062
File: 7 KB, 250x242, 1528852819027s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anyone else have trouble staying motivated as a school fag?
Maybe I just need more sleep.

>> No.11502073

eh, motivation can be hard. Just gotta keep at it really. There's no magical solution other than to just keep grinding through. At least school ends though, wagecuckery doesn't.

>> No.11502085

I wagecuck in summers, I find I am extremely motivated then because I am constantly reminded about how shit wagecucking is. Maybe school is too easy so I forget how hard life can become? Hope that makes sense.

>> No.11502100

>calls himself a boomer when he messing with zoomer tech

>> No.11502111

Node js ? Wow I thought most AI library were in python and C++. Hows the library support ?

>> No.11502119

Major lifestyle changes helped me out I’d definitely recommend it

You got this anon I believe in you

>> No.11502124
File: 271 KB, 1080x1885, demo-content-filled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11502134

Yea that makes sense. A big thing about school though, it's not really moreso the degree that matters or even the work you do, but the connections you make and what you do with the people you meet. Maybe find someone that motivates you at school?

kek. >>11502111 the library support is god awful so I pretty much write all the code by hand. I don't mind that tho since I need the practice anyways.

>> No.11502145

Zoomboomerfoo lmao

>> No.11502161

Robbing blood banks is pretty good entrepreneurship desu senpai.

>> No.11502180

I would say maybe it's difficult because school is working for yourself in a way. I personally feel more motivated to wagecuck because I find it hard not to slack off when I'm at home trying to do my own projects. I have great work ethic at work too. Just not for myself.
And >>11502134 is right school should be a time to network and get close to people for job opportunities. You could make a friend/business partner. Its harder to do that outside of school.
>sleep at least 8 hours
>eat less and healthy
>be active
>be positive(very important)

>> No.11502181

As a schoolfag, I can guarantee that interest in what you are doing is key. If you aren't interested in what you are doing, get interested in what you will be able to do.

>> No.11502196
File: 315 KB, 750x816, 1536715811080.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Elaborate pls

>> No.11502203
File: 60 KB, 250x235, 1519554502596.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The funny looking dudes at the temple will pay you big bucks per kiloliter.

>> No.11502222
File: 313 KB, 735x720, monkaS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

H-How much is that in freedom units?

>> No.11502226

Im on a dropshipping webpage since march i guess, basic stuff, aliexpress.

Some do and donts:
Fb adds: dont
Anwords: only use the code

I tought the best way to promote will be trought instagram, but their algorithm fuck really hard, todays is pay their adds or no promotion trought social media, youtube influencers may work.

Now i realice the best way is seo, we literally use 3 time better the money putting it into seo than into adds, its *free traffic* at least now that its paying itself.

Some advide from other dropshippers? Wanna get into blackhatseo, meaby other searches than google alone, some info out there to rank fast and cheap? For now were top 9-10 in our main keyword and want to get at least 3 (no amazon as competitor).

>> No.11502238
File: 310 KB, 620x300, 0ca322ad4a75a864abe5fffae1b95559_f821.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Approximately 6,000,000 Kosher Salami pies.

>> No.11502263

Guys how the fuck do I market my dropshipping website effectively?

>> No.11502273

Hot fire cast iron brand children in the daycare in your suburban town with your logo on their forehead.

>> No.11502278

dont worry about that anon, create this: >>11502124

>> No.11502321

Imagine that house was actually worth 340k LMAO

>> No.11502330

its a demo site concept, brainlet. lol haha ikr use your fucking brain.

>> No.11502334

what is this?
>88 in ID
>doing business with Jews
something doesn't add up
Nice G E T

>> No.11502352

Thats actually pretty cool. You just came up with and idea and made a template for a website? That's pretty creative. How did you come up with it?

>> No.11502378

i was literally blackmailed by kikebook into not creating it. they have dirt on me so i can never launch the site officially. - its a long story. i just want someone to btfo the kikes by launching it and officially destroying their whole platform.

>> No.11502398

Holy shit imagine sperging out this hard over fictional money.

>> No.11502443

gtfo zoomer scum

>> No.11502458

Hmm.. thats fucked
"Big if true" as they say.
One day you should post the whole story and maybe a pastebin of every detail of how to make the site you want. The tough thing is like most kikes, they have the backing of the gubmint and can scrub shit off the internet. That's why the US is the way it is. See how they've basically coordinated the censorship across platforms? I'll catalogue it for future reference in case I want to make it myself. Stick around these threads in the future.

>> No.11502484
File: 936 KB, 644x644, 1536189454255.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sperging out about fictional money

>> No.11502550
File: 134 KB, 326x300, 9cd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Great advice brother!

How to upvote on this site?

>> No.11502573

No seriously, it was pretty standard to compare the irony a mansion is worth 1/3rd of a Million.
This guy freaking out about it like damn dude get a life LMAO

>> No.11502790

Alright yeah some people who come to this general who aren't usually a part of these threads forget what it's like to be civil so I understand where you're coming from.
Guys on biz are so used to shitting on each other they get defensive real quick. Scroll up through the thread you'll see posts like that.
But you kind of set me up with the fictional money thing haha no worries
Chill zone guys with a bit of tough love

>> No.11502805

Man can you imagine willingly going to Reddit everyday? Yikes

>> No.11502809
File: 144 KB, 394x360, 1536610870709.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its funny how emotional this board is.
I have been on this site for 10 years at least but only came to /biz/ recently.
You guys truly embody the pink wojak meme to the fullest.
Its kind of sad but in a way I envy you.
I kind of hate how you guys made me want to be greedy because I'm a Christian and the last thing I want to do is become some rich faggot.

>> No.11502836

sorry was late with replies, i am awfully sick right now

The lowballing wouldn't have been a problem for me. I just wanted to get used to dealing with people. My fear was getting a picky customer or breaking their window or screen. My aunt and uncle are OCD-tier neat freaks, and I'm just imagining dealing with someone like that as a customer. It was too much hassle to clean my own windows I still left streaks and specs of dust around the sill. I am reading about horror stories involving the screen. While I'm sure I could perfect it, I'm not very confident in this skillset as a business.

This might be a cool idea, I've been thinking about this. The only thing is, who is still answering phones in this day and age? By the way, what happens if you talk back to an unruly customer?

It's all good homie, I was checking with the search, but your thread didn't pop up. Truth be told I'm glad you made the thread, you're keeping it alive. And I'll be sure to help keep it up whenever I can.

I respect that anon. I got a few friends, it just means I have no excuse to start something despite anxiety/shyness. Especially since you're making it work.

I'm a part time wagie currently. And you're right, I think I have boosted my confidence a little. I'm a little worried to leave my current job, I have health insurance and a way to pay out my debt, but truth is I need to jump out and hustle. It's so scary dude.

>> No.11502888

So guys, I fucked up. I created an essential oils dropshipping site and it turns out the chinese essential oils I wanted to dropship are shit. What can I do to salvage my business? Sell only Diffusers? How do I turn this into something else potentially profitable.

>> No.11502900

Incredibly ironic though
Traders aren't supposed to be emotional or so they say constantly on this board. Money is the only other thing besides religion/beliefs that controls the lives of people, so of course they're emotional about it. Their lives revolve solely around it, me included to an extent. The people who made it and do well just come here to laugh at poorfags looking to get rich quick. I fucking die laughing everytime I see a pinkwojak thread with the title "I just want my money back" there are stories of family members turning on each other because of money that's how important it is to people. But really money is the illusion and the freedom it brings is the real prize. I think people forget that it's just a tool to that end.

>> No.11502938

Do it on the side or on your days off if possible. Make it manageable so you won't be too stressed or drained doing both. I am personally terrible at cleaning windows so I feel ya brother. I always leave streaks. look into the S method see if it's a thing. Maybe someone can teach you about window cleaning? Or offer to practice on a building for free? Maybe get a pane of glass on Craigslist and practice with that at home since you have the supplies yeah? Also check youtube maybe theres tips and tricks. Hope you feel better

>> No.11502978

You're totally wrong. 1 time I almost made a bad trade for 15 minutes I didn't think my order would go through and I freaked the fuck out for like the entire time raging at myself for being too slow on the order process to take.
If you aren't actually emotionally invested in your day trading you aren't trading properly.

>> No.11502980

I sold the supplies, but I am considering rebuying it. I still have a tbar/sleeve. I just need a squeegee. Honestly If I could figure out how to do it. Window cleaning might be the perfect job for me. You know what I'm gonna look for a job window cleaning. Thanks dude.

>> No.11502987

Damn you chinaman!
Fug let me put on my thinking cap.

>> No.11502993

Dude its not fucking hard to clean a window you can learn how to do anything on youtube man get a fucking life if you need to clean windows to eat food and live in a house maybe instead you should try robbing a bank or something you literal slave piece of trash.
Imagine cleaning windows you are lower than my dog's shit.

>> No.11503013

idk i heard about kids who bought a bottle of vinegar, lemons and water and cleaned windows with that and made like a grand in the summer. Maybe it's not the most lucrative venture out there, but the expenses are pretty low and you get to talk to people to find clients.

>> No.11503036

If you think making a grand is going to end your suffering then congratulations you are the smartest person alive right now.
Anyone else with 1,000 USD would easily complain and spend it all on something useless.
Making 1,000$ work for you for life as an investment is probably the best accomplishment in the modern age.
1,000$ doesn't even feel like 1,000$ anymore compared to say 5-10 years ago.
A 10$ bill feels like maybe 5$ these days and its going down.

>> No.11503042

it's for bootstrapping, I have another business idea unrelated to window cleaning, but you're right

>> No.11503043
File: 135 KB, 720x470, 20181023_183439.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is pic related you? Or are you being sarcastic? I'm confused. Never said I was right I always only offer my opinion.

>> No.11503085

Just washed "my" windows they are fucking disgusting asshole but it took me 30 seconds, if you do this for a living kill yourself.

>> No.11503086

>you literal slave piece of trash
>for wanting to conquer his fears and live a modest life
Doesn't sound very Christian to me dude.

>> No.11503092
File: 46 KB, 374x290, 10984039284.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nobody sounds Christian because nobody acts Christian you fucking retard.
You know what a Christian acts like? They flip over tables and whip kikes for exchanging money.
If Jesus was here he would hate every single one of you and punish you for being such greedy shekel worshippers.

>> No.11503128

>he still cleans his own windows
I mean, I personally hire a maid to clean my house for me twice a month. I save more money that way because now I don't have to buy cleaning supplies.

>> No.11503144
File: 1.78 MB, 320x228, 1440565312540.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then why did he die for our sins tho? He could have just peaced out because he hates all the greedy people in the world. I feel like you are sent to disrupt the good vibes of this thread. Jesus preached compassion, healed people, and sat with whores and sinners.
Are you perhaps jewish?

>> No.11503170

Good luck dude especially with the anxiety stuff. If you work at it, eventually it becomes a lot milder. Also ignore the jew spewing shit all over the thread.

>> No.11503186
File: 47 KB, 658x422, f11b0c6754a05654750ee0c23a3a78dd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh so that fag is shitposting, just realized it hehe. fair enough. yeah im gonna get to work now. you've been a great help to everybody in the thread, thank you anon

>> No.11503191
File: 857 KB, 800x450, 1536988818881.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He didn't die technically considering he rose from the dead he lives eternally in the Kingdom of Heaven unlike us plebs who live under Heaven to learn again what its like to be subcelestial.
Fuck you mortals are such retards its like you actually think you don't deserve to wonder why.
Jesus told us exactly why we are suffering and showed us how to help people but 2000+ years later we still worship money and sin every single day and nobody wants to help stop it.

>> No.11503222
File: 167 KB, 943x700, 1532736236976.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sounds like you enjoy the comforts of serfdom and slavery. Comfy!
Is your used wife too lazy to clean for you or do you just not inspire her enough to take care of your mcmansion?

>> No.11503321
File: 568 KB, 960x720, 1535053759698.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh no I'm in am x schizo thread again
>help people
That's what I try to do everyday, I personally believe this is a great value everyone should have no matter how small the help.
You're not helping anyone but doing the opposite of what you claim you are and believe in so not sure what exactly your aim is but yeah it's shitposting a good thread because you're a jew or truly a miserable person.
Good luck on your endeavors I'm sure I'll see you in hell after this life blessed life on earth.

>> No.11503339

What site should I use to create an llc? legalzoom is asking for $250 per year for an "agent" service, which I assume is a worthless scam.

>> No.11503349

Why did you lose your hand?

>> No.11503352

Is there a company in your town that will let you file paperwork for one? I know my town has one if I recall correctly. Not sure what the prices would be though

>> No.11503360

>let you file paperwork

>> No.11503400
File: 286 KB, 2048x1536, 1509869606274.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God made my hands White and Blue?
Did he really make yours fall off or is your name a prank?

>> No.11503411

This site has the basic info from what I've read. Although it sucks if youre a commiefornia fag like me and have to pay 800 a year.

>> No.11503426
File: 34 KB, 600x600, 1531780331927.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah but if you sign up for an LLC in California and get the paperwork let'd for you to operate will they grow your hand back or is that a no-no?

>> No.11503452

Sorry guys I fed the troll and now he won't leave. Gotta hit the sack for waging tomorrow and such so hopefully this thread will be around. Have a good night guys and keep it on life support if possible.

>> No.11503478

Imagine having 0-1 hand(s) and working a job.
Your family must fucking hate you HAAHAHA!

>> No.11503526
File: 14 KB, 278x400, 1385729078901.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Literally you
/pol/ was right again
Night guys

>> No.11503534 [DELETED] 
File: 1.24 MB, 1200x828, 1488.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11503546

I'm not jewish I wish I was cuz then I could turn you into matzos balls and feast on your pathetic 1 handless blood.

>> No.11503556
File: 1.61 MB, 1293x1293, 1537317832221.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey homies, remember to set your goals. Goals help keep you focused and avoid burnout. I usually make a word document and mark down my

Daily goals
2 week goals
monthly goal
3 month goal
then yearly goals.

I have a template that says the goal and then I mark down if I accomplished it or not. if I did how could it be improved. If I didn't, why? Plus always be honest with yourself, if you were distracted or lazy put that down for future reference on what to look out.

Keep in mind these can be modified and updated as you see fit. The most important part of goal keep is to see where you struggled in the past and why you failed to meet your goals then adjust accordingly, It's like having you be your own mentor. It's just like journaling with a slightly different purpose.

Believe in your dreams brothers, we're gonna escape the rat race and make it, but it takes hard work.

>> No.11503605
File: 21 KB, 320x320, 1536073788581.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Discord is for CIA interns to backdoor your PC.

>> No.11503633

Spaniard here.

With the rising prices of electricity bill (mosly because muh socialism and monopoly) is solar power a posible investment? We get 320 solar days a year... But we buy most of our elect to france :-)

Any info appreciated

>> No.11503672

my neighbors installed solar panels on their roof like a month ago. Honestly, it seems like a cool idea until you realize you can only get power for like half the day and the solar panels aren't cheap. You're honestly probably better off just buying from the util companies.

Their house does look sick af now tho so there's that.

>> No.11503754

Its much easier to use a combination of things like hydro and solar panels. Its not really cost effective though unless you have property with a large stream on a hill or mountain.
You could probably easily just create your own turbine engine from a rotor treadmill/bicycle or something lmao.
Maybe you should just start talking to your neighbors about protesting the electric companies. If enough of you formed a buyers union against the companies eventually they would have to negotiate with you.
If this seems to hard you could simply print out flyers and deliver them to your neighbors mailboxes asking them if they think the cost of electricity is fair in a broucher you have written out and ask them if they want to negotiate lower deals with the companies.
Another thing you could do is find out who owns the electric companies and follow the CEO of the company home and light his ferarri on fire with a molotov cocktail to send a message and because generally thats funny as fuck and I think it would be awesome to happen for you and me hahahaha

>> No.11503888

Stickers are so underrated in marketing fucking unironically

>> No.11503915
File: 44 KB, 657x527, D9DA8B7F-886B-43F4-8B66-E23FCD354BF5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11503932

Bump is the new upvote bro

>> No.11504040

Sell it , honestly and tell the buyer to switch out the product to either one they have oversight on or another chink manufacturer they trust. That’s my input though

>> No.11504144

Whats the plan, I’d love to hear it !

>> No.11504160

Come on bro exercise the qualities of Christ.

>> No.11504174

Hope too see you in this thread again !

>> No.11504190

You probably haven’t read the Bible eh , seem like you get spoon fed by the Jews bros

>> No.11504206

You must be a newfag to these threads huh

>> No.11504219

Your right thanks for this advice

>> No.11504226

Tell me why he lost his hand.
Can I find out why in The Bible?

>> No.11504238

Sell baby formula to chinks

>> No.11504319

LMAO from what I’ve read he hasn’t lost his hand ? You’re assuming he lost it cause his name is “bionichandfag” ,right?

>> No.11504449

Why the fuck else would anyone name themselves bionic hand fag?

>> No.11504775

That would be kind of nice just so we know we’re actually talking to the right people. I’m the anon who sells 3D printed nicnacks out of his apartment at college.

>> No.11504847
File: 1.02 MB, 1280x720, 1532912750171.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

R8 my name m8?

>> No.11504887

perfect 5/7

>> No.11504995
File: 12 KB, 430x403, 1540016971374.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone here create niche porn sites any advice to offer?

>> No.11505030

Yeah stop making porn you fucking kike you are a whoremonger
If you're going to make money from porn at least make some cheese pizza like the bigshots you fucking worm.

>> No.11505053


>> No.11505100

You're shadow banned.
Look behind you.
Just kidding don't drop your spaghetti fren

>> No.11505243


>Social Media Marketing
>Digital Media or Marketing of any kind
>Web Development
>Freelance software development
>product arbitrage

none of these are passive

>> No.11505414

There is no such thing as passive income except slavery ownership and usury.

>> No.11505517

fren, just got to your states secretary of state site. most states are easy and online. you really dont need a 3rd party which costs more and takes longer.

>> No.11505645

been lurking in all of these threads. I would like to here some thoughts on these ideas,
purchasing a vending machine route. I feel a barrier of entry is finding good spots so it maybe worth it to start out by purchasing locations.
purchasing a cookie delivery route, the route includes accounts such as walmart, wegmens, target etc (large name accounts)
photo-booth business , comes with list of clients along with machine.
purchasing a dropshipping website, shopify site.
party bus
I can get go over in detail the alleged profit, aswell as the cost to purchase all of these. but first the soundness of each of these ideas

>> No.11505652

Look up the $1.80 strategy. Essentially use hashtags and look for people in the same space as you, and actively give your $0.02 to 90 posts/pages a day. Don't do BS shit, actually engage. You'll be surprised how much will go down in the DM's and how many follows you'll get just by being an active member of the community.

>> No.11505690
File: 1.29 MB, 200x235, 1534907223845.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>How to upvote on this site?

>> No.11505736
File: 135 KB, 620x1200, 1539102106984.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sup /entg/, factoryfag here (not golfball anon)

Is opening an LLC and running a consultation business a good idea? I've been milling over this thought all day, as plenty of businesses are in desperate need of good advice and I'm looking to run a service, rather than sell goods.
Batting cage just won't work out in my shitty McCity

>> No.11505775

I'm a financial advisor. If you are smart enough then do it.
It's that easy. You shouldn't need to question yourself.

>> No.11505799

I just realized how ironic this post sounds.
Anyways you wont have competition unless you suck at your job so either make it or do something else.
I'd offer you help but you'd have to buy it!

>> No.11505846
File: 1.35 MB, 300x169, 1539834409977.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Is opening an LLC and running a consultation business a good idea?
you're going to open a consulation business but yet you are asking /biz/ for advice?

>> No.11505862

Dude even you are ironic here cmon!
Do you own a business selling consultation to investors and business owners?
He's miles ahead of you unless you're already established.

>> No.11505885

Just asking as a hopeful entrepreneur.
Not sure if there are legal hurdles I need to jump over, or if it's as easy as paying for a business license and handing out biz cards to companies with more cash than brains.
I'm smart enough, have a wide range of skills and knowledge and never spill my spaghetti.
I just don't know if it's worth the initial investment if I'm gonna spend a good chunk of my time hunting for payou- I mean work.

>> No.11505926

You don't actually need to hunt for a payout if you are a good financial advisor dude, think of your job as like a crypto hedge fund where you don't tell people you are hedging their money.
Everything people offer you as commission or as fees is just icing on the metaphorical cake of your real investments.
If you can't survive as a clientless advisor you aren't really going to make it anywhere.
Truth is a real financial advisor is basically doing people a favor if they are good at their job.
You should never feel pressured to sell yourself or hunt for their money. If they don't want to give you the cash then it's their loss, right?
Kind of why I don't mind help you out as a financial advisor with these tips.
I know for sure I can spend your cash better than you, which is why you should work for me, but alas I can't advertise on this site, last time I got ban hammered.
I have a few clients right now, looking into getting a few more, but I really don't care if business dries up, considering I spend most of my time investing, I'd rather not spend time actually discussing the logistics of my work with people not smart enough to do it themselves.
Too many people I thought were once smart end up just wasting my time for fun allegedly. I frankly am tired of it.
I know where I'm going.

>> No.11505934

By the way, when I say crypto hedge fund, I mean like a hidden or veiled hedge fund, not currency.

>> No.11506342

Is watch-anon here ?
I'm the anon with the watercooler manufacturing idea, and I got a good idea for his dial problem.

>> No.11506405
File: 107 KB, 595x720, 21383082103.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Let's enter the water cool industry as venture capitalists.
If you aren't pure blood Aryan or Ashkenazi you won't make it.

>> No.11506419

I am pure white, but I also got a tech that nobody else has :^)

>> No.11506500

I was the anon in another thread I got some ideas for vending machines. I need some capital to buy a machine or build one. I'm also taking an electronics and computer science class online. I figure a vending machine is just a bunch of robots working to deliver value to the customer. I believe that can be expanded, and with the tech we have now, I believe this can be scaled. But I'm just keeping it simple, I'm gonna try to get a machine placed at my job, I'm gonna sell a particular item that people constantly need at my job. And like I said I have even more ideas to expand upon it. I'm always writing down business ideas. I get 1 a week. Unfortunately, I lack the skills to make most of them a reality, or it requires some form of social media whoring, having a physical presence. I just want out of my wage cucking man and with no attention toward me.

>> No.11506648

I bet if you made a vending machine that takes bitcoin but also sells bitcoin you could get around the loophole of the bitcoin atm licensing

>> No.11506893

I wanna learn to paint in adobe how hard is it to make money with that without doing porn

>> No.11506923

Most artists make money on Etsy or Ebay you would have to sell your stuff tangibly with some kind of physical art work nobody is going to buy JPGs unless you put them into or onto something.
Graphics artist is a meme its simply used to apply your art online onto something in real life.

>> No.11507214
File: 40 KB, 645x729, brainlet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

don't like reading, eh? we call him bionic-had fag cause he wants to start a 3d printing shop around developing prosthetic hands lmaooo you can scroll up and see the conversation about this kek

>> No.11507233

where tf is the "fag" suffix?

>> No.11507246

I frequent /ic/ and I like to paint digitally. You want to buy a tablet, an intuos or even a bamboo will suffice. Though I'm hearing great things about the Huion product line. Huion has screens and can deliver the same levels of pressure as Wacom products. So virtually not that different while being cheaper. With wacom you'd be buying the name basically.

As far as software. Photoshop, Sai, Krita, Clip Studio Paint. Clip Studio and Photoshop are currently the best. Kyle's Brushes are the best brushes for photoshop. But you can get free shit online or make your own.

For some knowledge, take your pick /ic/ generals, facebook groups, certain subreddits. As a warning, don't spend too much time with other artists, they are miserable and worse than wagecucks. certain discord channels, there's ctrl+paint, drawabox, and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nap7dwHjD9Y < this series is amazing. It condenses important painting fundamentals for easy enough to understand. If you can take a couple months and join an Atelier, do it.

Finally making money. Ultimately, YOUR ART MUST APPEAL TO NORMIES. I repeat, YOUR ART MUST APPEAL TO NORMIES. Even low tier skill level artists make money when there work makes people feel something. Next, you need to be confident and consistent! What >>11506923 is correct for PHYSICAL media. But for digital, the two current avenues is being supported on Patreon or crowdfunding a project on Indiegogo. The most important business/art man is Jake Parker. He's the man behind the Inktober phenomenon. He seems to get it and has tons of advice for artists on his youtube channel. Here is a great video about making your own projects. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZLzI0CwhkA < if you do any of that, and take it seriously. You can turn it into a tangible product, or intellectual property that makes money.

The difficulty level is super high. Unless you're seriously making art everyday. I couldn't stomach it anymore.

>> No.11507251

that would interest me. I hadn't heard about such a law. Bitcoin ATM licensing loophole? I eventually would like to do RnD about creating a cashless payment system, in whatever form it comes in.

>> No.11507286
File: 612 KB, 1920x1368, ea5hyed5g.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you're talking about proper illustration/concept art, they require lots of years spent training (perspective, anatomy, rendering), just like traditional painting. You certainly won't become commercially viable in a short period of time.

>> No.11507300


>> No.11507335
File: 158 KB, 800x800, exposure.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If you're talking about proper illustration/concept art, they require lots of years spent training (perspective, anatomy, rendering), just like traditional painting.

*your mileage may vary. Some gitgud in a few months of grinding(intense dedication.)

>You certainly won't become commercially viable in a short period of time.

These two things while both true, are completely separate thoughts.

<this guy made over a million dollars selling posters of his comics. Skill level is very beginner. But your second statement is likely true. He did not reach that overnight. He likely spent years posting before getting noticed.

>> No.11507363

Super great advice friend thanks for sharing. I'll keep it as a reminder.
Yeah I agree discord is for big dummies
Don't give him any info! Until he tripfags all we can do is ignore him. Just think about it my dude. Earlier ornthe thread I mentioned killing hew bloodlines right? And all of a sudden this guy shows up, seems fairly normal and then tarts trolling hard. Or it could be that a bunch if anons are successfully sharing business ideas that aren't shit and some of us might succeed. This is classic shill/JIDF shit. He didn't even read the thread so he's not interested in it, only disrupting it. When the Jesus stuff didn't work he started asking about my hand. This guy is here for a reason.

>> No.11507403

Thanks for the reply I'll look into it
I've heard people who go into consulting make great money bit it's mostly anecdotal evdience.
Don't tell him youre white that's why he's here. To disrupt the thread. I bet he assumes we're all white. Can't be successful goy

>> No.11507432

Sorry for all the mispellings im on my phone

>> No.11507455
File: 454 KB, 1272x715, 1506074874871.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was more talking about getting hired as a freelance illustrator or concept artist by reputable clients (companies).
But then again you're probably right in that there's quite a few hacks who get work anyways, like in children book illustration etc.

>> No.11507486

If you draw cute stuff for a Fujo fandom you'll probably do okay. Some people gain a following even if they're a beginner.

>> No.11507521

...on your stupid name, fag.

>> No.11507523

oh shit your right

>> No.11507599

I read a while ago some guy on here talk about bitcoin atms being almost impossible to set up cuz the feds and the state law enforcement both will red tape your operation without huge fees so nobody does it.
If you did it inside a vending machine it might be possible to work around it.

>In the USA you must register as a MSB with FinCEN on the federal level.

Define Policies, Procedures and Internal Controls. Incorporate policies, procedures and internal controls reasonably designed to assure compliance with the BSA and its implementing regulations. These policies need to address risk size expected by operator based on conditions and area of operation, various transaction monitoring and documenting techniques etc.;
Dedicated Compliance Officer. Designate a person to assure day-to-day compliance with the program and the BSA and its implementing regulations. This should be a person with expertise in the field. Moreover, such an officer should have relative independence and authority within organization. This should be a person, who doesn’t obtain other functional roles, e.g. to eliminate conflict of interest, while limiting transaction due to prevention measures will potentially reduce revenue volume of operator;
Employee Training. Provide education and training of appropriate personnel concerning their responsibilities under the program, including training in the detection of suspicious transactions, to the extent that the MSB is required to report such transactions under the BSA;
Independent Audits. Provide for independent review to monitor and maintain an adequate program. This can be done by other employees / team in the organization, as well as by third-party consultancy service providers.

Then there is more state regulations and licensing in addition to that. It's different for each state.

>> No.11507607
File: 23 KB, 378x400, 0a69758859728c1eadd5092e4f2a1ac0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I could school you and you would thank me after.
I use Slack its a paid service, much better to work on.

>> No.11507609
File: 116 KB, 275x200, 1426534741477.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Fujo fandom
Cringe and bluepilled

>> No.11507629
File: 50 KB, 500x500, 1532584266041.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Being dark

>> No.11507635

Good morning fags,

The thread turned into a faggot sandwich overnight. Not sure what's going on there...

if there were any questions about starting a local service oriented hustle/ business from nothing, I'd like to help. I don't know shit, but I've turned $50 into fledgling self employment empire, and I want give back what I can.

As always, I recommend checking out M.J. Demarco's book Unscripted and his fastlane forum for advice that's much higher quality than mine.

>> No.11507653
File: 321 KB, 1280x720, 1536092613247.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Calling yourself fag
>Greeting people with the endearment "fags"
Wew lad, I can see why you sell furniture online and not in person like a normal human being.

>> No.11507726
File: 170 KB, 636x900, 1535850128908.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dude for the record I was just trolling you about the hand shit lmao I don't know if you have a hand you wouldnt answer me its just hilarious.
Youre right I didnt read the thread though hahaha
Why would I need to read this dumb shit I just came here to fuck around I started posting about robbing blood banks how is that "seems fairly normal" .... I was only here to prank around!
Doesn't really matter I'm smarter than anyone in this stupid thread.
If you take these kind of threads seriously you are not smart.
If you "need to succeed" and aren't already succeeding right now you are not smart.
If you are in need of help from 3rd parties with your business ideas and do not already run businesses helping other 3rd parties succeed as a source of helping you are NOT smart!

>> No.11507739

When I started using firchin, /b/ was 10 pages of candydoll and gore, fag meant bro, and you hadn't accidentally missed your mom's brown starfish and hit her tuna can yet. <3

>> No.11507751
File: 208 KB, 1028x700, 1439778943256.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dude you are the flamiest NPC I've ever seen congratulations bro those mental shackles binding you to being yourself are almost loose!
In no time you will shed your NPC skin and leave 4chan forever! I'm sure of it..
Did I compliment you for your use of emojis? Hello! Quirky!

>> No.11507792

Morning dude
Yeah it totally took a weird turn last night. The best you can do is not reply to schlomo here. Just suck up all the sweet you'd lmao
Anyway what do you think about a parking lot litter cleaning business? It was one of my first ideas while waging at the beginning of the year. Basically approach property owners offering to clean litter from their lot as a weekly service for maybe like 150bucks. I was way too chicken shit to actually approach anyone but I scoped a few places. All you'd need is gloves, trashbags, dustpan, and a broom.

>> No.11507798

Keep forgetting to switch on my trip

>> No.11507832

>parking lot litter cleaning business?
Holy shit are you taunting someone on this board?
This is has to be some type of mockery right?
Who are you making fun of or is it yourself?
You can't be seriously suggesting to people on business and finance to become a garbage picker upper ..... no? LMAO
Seriously? LMAO
C'mon dude tell me you are some type of 4D chess prankster.
Nobody does that but brown people right?

>> No.11507869

Over on fastlane forum, there's a dude running a few sweeper trucks that do that commercially. It's exactly one of those unsexy businesses that has fat margins, every stripmall needs weekly, and nobody else wants to do because of the hours.

I'd definitely get the presales/ contracts on that one though, before sinking any money into capital equipment, and see if sunbelt rentals does sweeper trucks too.

>> No.11507881

NO I’m actually glad we can have your input I didn’t mean it sarcastically broo. Is getting into that field worth it ?

>> No.11507882
File: 8 KB, 250x246, 1537934367673.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Jews: Open a bank
>Goyim: Rent a truck from jews, pick up litter outdoors during dusk and dawn while jews are sleeping from their properties
Wow dude you have solved life's puzzle I think

>> No.11507885
File: 70 KB, 852x944, BD75B7F3-8A35-4ABD-808E-5EE7A1DEE325.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Haha all cool bro

>> No.11507888
File: 214 KB, 200x200, 1537916051142.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Is selling financial advice worth it?
Do you realize how dumb you sound?
You sound like the type of person I sell financial advice too, and I don't even want to give you mine cuz frankly I don't think you would survive a session.

>> No.11507901
File: 40 KB, 239x239, 1538806706382.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah man whatever try and do something legit instead of telling everyone I'm a jew over and over as if I would ever possibly be one, even unironically.

>> No.11507939

Yeah I know of sweeper businesses I was thinking more of smaller places. I have a lot of small brick and mortar stores in my town. I read about a guy who did it for a living and turned it into a full time business, he sells an ebook but it's a bit too expensive for me rn. Thanks for the info though.
>liking this guys input
Just ignore this guy and report trolling
>acts like a jew
>waaah don't call me jew!

>> No.11507949

Probably just stop responding to him all together. He's a financial advisor that's been up for 18 hours, apparently smoking adderall for strength, to troll a small business thread on one of the most obscure boards on the asshole of the internet. His best advice for people starting out has been, "don't try; you're too stupid" and, "either open a bank or don't do anything." I think courtesy is only going to go so far.

>> No.11507955 [DELETED] 
File: 23 KB, 482x346, CVE4NJT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11507965
File: 181 KB, 924x924, 13928210381.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Don't open a bank
This is how I know you are secretly envious of jews.
Stay poor idiot.
My best advice would have been open TWO banks.

>> No.11507976 [DELETED] 

Pro tip before I get banned if you leave your email I will give the first email posted my financial advisory course for half price. Anyone posting after gets nothing.
If you get quads I'll give you 75% off.

>> No.11508001

Basically yeah you summed it up. It's pretty funny though I posted something at 3am here and got a reply no too long after. I'll put a warning in the OP of the next thread. Posting style is pretty distinct so I'm sure new people will catch on. I'll try and post a bit more but I gotta wage for now.

>> No.11508014


>> No.11508026

Good luck out there broseph. Don't let them crush your soul.

>> No.11508031

Imagine if you worked at your own blood bank.
I bet you would stop being such a fucking idiot, LMAO

>> No.11508050
File: 433 KB, 889x1060, __izayoi_sakuya_touhou_drawn_by_gensou_aporo__7736fb6e31ede82d7e397961726280dd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Banned? You are not that bad, how about just remove the image?

>> No.11508092

He wants to report me so I'm just saying that this is the last chance to talk business with me off the site if you want to get rich.

>> No.11508135

Let him, it is fine. The problem is only those NSFW images.

>> No.11508159

I'm never going to post in one of these general threads again. Forget it dude, I'll leave you guys to your anonymous support group and keep my jokes to myself.
God damnit you guys are so slow lol.
Robbing a blood bank was the best advice I saw in this entire post and it was satire. >>11508135

>> No.11508228

>[email protected]

>> No.11508247

Alright bro congrats you won 50% of my course!
You won't regret it.
Imagine you got quads it would almost be free!
I'll email you. Get ready I'll give you the session right now if you want it ready to go.

>> No.11508256

>[email protected]
Totally looks like a fake email dude but here we go LOL

>> No.11508266
File: 171 KB, 660x488, 1533431973351.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Haha my job is easy as pie no worries thanks dude, I'm a low tier min wagie but my life is better than it has ever been desu. Used to be riddled with anxiety and couldnt hold down a job to save my life. Besides waking up early I work until noon, do some side jobs for friends and family and now I've got a private place to live. I'm also in better shape then I've ever been as well. Be thankful and have some joy in your life and whatever you do, things will turn out alright. Even if they don't at least you could enjoy it while it lasted, that what i believe anyway.

>> No.11508328

I sent you the application to your email.
If you didn't receive it post another email so I can try again.

>> No.11508493

Have a productive broski !

>> No.11508521

How did you get started and what do you recommend for staying competitive?

>What are the best routes to profit?
>What was your initial investment?

>> No.11508556

minimum wage slave here. what are the first steps to increase my income? It's my first job so I have nothing

>> No.11508579

First step is work for yourself.
Next step is work for yourself helping other people.
Third step is work together with people helping each other.
Final step is stop working and make work for people to help themselves.

>> No.11508585

You should've seen this place before crypto. So civil it was boring

>> No.11508593

I heard it was just comfy stock trading.
Sounds alright. I like stocks but I hate brokers and their regulations.

>> No.11508655

How do you develop a good work ethic? I feel like I would need to rent an office space to get out of my bedroom to get stuff done

Also how do you control your time, when you're in control of it? It might sound like a wagie NPC question, but how do you avoid turning a small and healthy mid-day lunch walk into wasting the entire day

>> No.11508669

The coked-up daytrader's >>11508579 vague advice is philosophically on the money, but if you're just looking to increase your income, and there's no other impetus, you may be better off just finding a better paying job or a second job. Small business is not really about money; that's just a side effect.

>> No.11508676

It's very easy to focus on one thing. You simply have to believe.
A lot of the times that cliche motivational advice is true you just won't believe it hearing it from somebody else unless you tell yourself it.
Just tell yourself it is easy to focus on success and you will do it.
Leave me your email I'll get you sorted on your business if you need advice. I'm already working with a few clients right now.

>> No.11508699

Jobs are for people who don't value their body or their soul or their spirit or their mind.
If you really wanted a job you would be a general of the army or something actually important but you are too intellectually diminished to think thats a good idea.

>> No.11508723

I completely agree, but you know as well as I do (if you're legit), that a minwage dude with only the some ephemeral desire to have more money isn't going to put in the work to get the actual entrepreneur engine cranking. You need money or gumption.

>> No.11508738

I'm from a third world country whos going through a financial crisis, so getting a better job with no qualifications is not easy
I want to study something that can make me decent money

>> No.11508751

You don't man thats why I started a financial advisory firm because I can make anyone rich.
Even if you invest your lunch money with my techniques you can become self employed and start any business in your area or online and actually do what you dreamed doing instead of some corporate marketing bullshit just to survive.
Everything I do I do because I want to.
I run multiple businesses already and I started them all myself with zero investors or business partners. Now I tell people how to start up their own careers instead of following in someone elses shadow.

>> No.11508769

Your country being financially downturned is a good thing. If you can't recognize this you have no idea what opportunity you are missing out on.

>> No.11508777

Can I get one too?
[email protected]

>> No.11508781

Checked. So close to quads I almost feel bad you don't get 75% off LMAO!
I'm emailing you as you read this.

>> No.11508787

Your English seems fairly decent, at least from our brief exchange here, can you speak it well?

If so, digital assisting (appointment setting, simple customer service support, etc) will probably pay fairly well depending how third world we're talking.

If not that, what simple skills do you have, keeping in mind people who knew how to mop floors have turned that humble skill into global empires.

>> No.11508788

You sound like a sleazy youtube con man
>just sign up for my free pdf book

>> No.11508793
File: 2.16 MB, 874x1819, __yuri_seo_closers_drawn_by_peanutc__066946bd1513df9b7b0aadea1dcdd8e1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I ask nicely will you give -75%, please kind sir?

>> No.11508798

Cool story.

Drop a link to your consultancy landing page, or fuck off.

>> No.11508845

I used to day trade with Multi-millionaire hedge fund owners who run concrete businesses in the blockchain industry. These guys taught me everything I know and I helped them become as rich as they are. In return they educated me to a level where I can take their hard earned skills and disseminate them for you.
You know that dumb saying you always here these types of con-men you are refering to say:
>fake it til you make it
Thats probably why you think I'm a conman, because I am exuding success and as you can see everyone in this thread already knows and trust I am high as fuck on stims because I seriously day trade all day full-time over-time.
You won't make it if you can only judge me from the sidelines and aren't competing. >>11508777
You just received your application form.

>> No.11508861

I don't own a website yet I just made my business cards today so I'm working on it.
Not sure if I actually want to make a website before I buy office space since I'd rather get a mailing address first for funds instead of having a website but no mailing address which is redundant.

>> No.11508867

I can't speak it well because I never needed to, but it's definetly something I should start practicing
I'm good at math and want to hop in the stem meme but my shit job takes too much of my time

>> No.11508872

If you really want to see my FAQ and inquire about my credentials just leave your email dude I'm not joking I do this professionally and you will soon find out you can do exactly what I'm doing if you just learn from me! You can maybe exceed my own position if you refine my self authored course and hone in on your skill into a more tuned application of investing and divesting.

>> No.11508882

I don't really care about what you do, I asked a simple question about work ethic and you immidately wanted to teach me how to run a business like yours. I don't really think people are interested in your advice if they have to sign up for a pdf book or have you email them a bunch of shit.

>just gib me your email dude

come on man, piss off

>> No.11508894


I don't want your email. If you have questions thats where you'll find me. Once this thread reaches bump limit say goodbye.
Can you day trade 40x per day on average without failing?

>> No.11508908

>Once this thread reaches bump limit say goodbye.
or you know, a new thread will pop up, isnt that the point of a general

>> No.11508918
File: 728 KB, 854x1400, __tanya_degurechaff_youjo_senki_drawn_by_twrlare__dab25add3da83929be5afac02a9366e3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I swear to God I will not scam you.
>[email protected]
xxx for censor

Well well, seems like I already learned your full courses worth, kek. Anything to say for your defence?

>> No.11508927

>you can do exactly what I'm doing if you just learn from me!
Haha. I turned $50, youtube instructional videos, and elbow grease into a $117k/year (and growing) repeatable sales process. Not that we're measuring dicks here, because you're a daytrader high on the longest recorded bull run in history, but I've got my system flowing fairly smooth. I just want to help youngsters, who want out of working for others, find their first client, for free/low cost, doing some simple local service, and to help them turn that singular win into something they do every day.

If my approach offends you, it really says more about you than me.

>> No.11508937

Yeah but I'm going to be working and you're going to be here wondering where all the smart people went off too considering the only other people offering advice are lazy idiots suggesting things such as water coolers, vending machines, becoming an EMPLOYEE (LMAO) and sweeping garbage from the parking lots.
Meanwhile I'm telling you to:
>Open a bank
>Become an army general
>Invest your money in educating yourself on investment hedging
You seriously don't have what it takes and you need my help.
If you didn't need my help why aren't you the president of your country or the CEO of a fortune 500 company or an army general or an investment bank owner?
It's probably because you're a stupid worthless lazy idiot without the knowledge to do anything worth experiencing.

>> No.11508954

You don't have to censor my email dude, it's just numbers.
My course is self authored and would probably take you at least a full day to complete. I doubt you even know half the terminology involved in investment banking and day trading, the studies, the TA, the techniques and resources necessary to keep up with trends.
Pass up on my course I really don't care.
I wish I was joking.

>> No.11508962
File: 68 KB, 634x548, 1533266694977.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice man 117 is a great number!
50 isn't a bad number.
Neither is 000.

>> No.11508976 [DELETED] 

[email protected]

>> No.11508990

I would say start small and give yourself like 30 min breaks. This is usually recommended for personal study but it may apply to your work as well. I wish I could help more but I have the same problem, working for yourself can be difficult unless it's all you have to fall back on.
He's actually being somewhat helpful now? That's actually suprising. Hope I didn't speak too soon.
If you can get the language down you should definitely learn to speak it better. There could be a lot of opportunities for you. You could even tutor others and charge what you think is fair. Although it may be hard to get a better paying job, side income may be your only chance. Check the links to previous threads for multiple ideas. There are also screenshots. Maybe something will jump out at you.

>> No.11508992

>[email protected]
Since when is mail.com a email provider?
I need one of those addresses! Looks sharp.

>> No.11508996

Do you want to share the course with your fellow anons? I read his blogs regularly but the guy is putting up such a coky front which irritates me because he himself has stated he is an introverted guy, out of shape and no pics of his Playboy-esque girlfriend. So kind of bothers me to make him richer even though I know he is skilled in business, dating and the independent lifestyle. Its like taking orders from a Boomer who thinks he is so powerful

>> No.11509001

If you couldn't tell I was joking from the very beginning you might need my course, just for the life skills, social skills ahem etc...

>> No.11509014

>How do I focus on something
>Take breaks
>Only do it for 30 minutes
Holy shit.

>> No.11509047

My course is infinity times better + 1. I guarantee it.

>> No.11509051

I'm sorry bro. I missed your reply in all of the disruption.

Ok, so digassist is probably out. Is there some knick knack, that'll appeal to a western market, that you can source locally and sell individually at a decent markup? Etsy hipsters love authentic brown people stuff, but you will have to play it off like you make it yourself. May be a jumping off point for something bigger.

>> No.11509085

Let's have a proper discussion without shilling your dumb email guide then.

>> No.11509088

Is success luck.. or is luck success? Find out!
Next time on... that episode where you ignored someone trying to help you succeed! -- I mean that episode heh where you uh left your email so I could teach you.... lol!

>> No.11509093
File: 1.39 MB, 1500x1355, __tanya_degurechaff_youjo_senki_drawn_by_ripe_c__83ea326926e53345307ce37daef2a686.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>swear to god, not a scam
>My course is infinity times better + 1. I guarantee it.
>plz send $15 to my ETH address
>I don't care if people take my course
Yet you came back
Yet you advertise it even more.

That's it, the final straw. Time to say bye bye.

>> No.11509102

alright, go shill your garbage somewhere else, the number 1 rule in these sort of entrepreneur forums is that the other users are NOT you customers

if the only place you can find customers is in these sort of places you're doing it absolutely wrong

>> No.11509106

I can't advertise on the site I will get banned. I successfully sold my course on this board 2 times before mods started banning me. I can only indirectly mention my business profession I can't actually literally shill you my business on the board.
You have to email me back and forth to have a Q&A about the program and how to complete the course and the bonus financial advisory benefits I offer.

>> No.11509112
File: 172 KB, 853x479, 1546465327.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bye bye.

>> No.11509117

Nobody cares about your fucking program, we want proper discussion about entrepreneurship, jesus christ man, go do some real actual marketing elsewhere and let us discuss stuff in peace

>> No.11509129

Man this nigga is a (you) machine
I've never gotten so many in my life!

>> No.11509151

if shilling your little guide on a monogolian basket weaving site is your version of "self-employment" i'd honestly rather work a real job

>> No.11509174

Listen my dude, he only just popped up in this thread recently. Trying to disrupt it for whatever reason. This guy is all over the place switching tactics like mad. Check out the old threads through the archive link in OP. Lots of great ideas and discussion. Stick around, hopefully we will be able to fix this in time. It's a sign we are doing something right.

>> No.11509184

I bet his course only includes some pdf that says to sell this guide for $15 to stupid idiots. That would be hilarious, I would not be even mad.

>> No.11509196

It's crazy, right? It's like the bloodbank trolling fell completely off the track at some point, and he became a south east Asian (you) producing mega factory. He should sell those at a nickel a pop and be retired by lunch.

>> No.11509197

There probably is no course. If you scroll through he just started out trolling in different ways. He keeps switching things up. Maybe he's a schizo

>> No.11509220

Definitely fishy af. A real troll or bait poster is going for yous. This guy is clearly paid. Maybe to archive our threads faster, make us disillusioned, turn off new posters etc.

>> No.11509234 [DELETED] 

>I've never gotten so many in my life!
>This guy is all over the place switching tactics like mad
>It's a sign
I think this has been worth it for me.
Made a couple above 50% trades in half a day.

> Maybe he's a schizo
Maybe you're an NPC.
Just kidding.
You always were thats the point!
I tried! Next time listen tehehe
Kind of awkward but thats okay some people are like super slow!.,,,,,,,
>This guy is clearly paid
>Going for yous
Bad luck guys!

>> No.11509244
File: 379 KB, 1000x1500, 68828357_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I still kind of like the guy. At least he has some spirit and is trying to do something, not just some empty shell.

>> No.11509252 [DELETED] 

Too bad you're the shell here unwilling to talk to me about financial opportunities you have trouble with.

>> No.11509269

I would only have more troubles if I would give you my $15, kek.

>> No.11509350

Yaeh... every anon that gets turned on to starting a small humble business with skills they already have, or could acquire easily, is one less that's going to dump their last $100 into coin du jour (Not that I'm knocking crypto). I hate to get all /x/, but there's definitely something more up with a dude that 18hr marathon shitposts up a small business thread, than just simple funposting. At least that says we're doing God's work here.

>> No.11509392

Imagine needing an imaginary alleged antagonist to give you the confidence required to think you are doing God's work.
God says you are not doing anything of note.
Go ahead, ask him!
Look around
Change your mind if you know whats good for you.
BTW whoever is the mod you should have just taken the course instead of banning me twice.

>> No.11509562
File: 1.27 MB, 2280x4008, __komeiji_koishi_touhou_drawn_by_darjeeling_reley__c6df02bfe788551350edcc153eb5ea65.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>BTW whoever is the mod you should have just taken the course instead of banning me twice.
Your skull is a bit thick, friend.

How about you give me a sneak peek of the course and I consider.

>> No.11509785

>doing something
Like what? Everything he says could be a fabrication. He's basically just shit on anons here.
That's true. I dont hate crypto either I got pajeeted last year trying to get into shitcoins which turned me off. I made like a grand on bitcoin though. It's just sad because most people putting their money in need it really bad.
Also yeah it's way too weird for this guy to randomly show up. We've had over 10 threads with no issue.
>Killing jew bloodlines mentioned
>people start to tripfag and form a community
>openly share business ideas and advice
>positive vibe overall
Basically all that has been different itt.
Also his posting style is all over the place. Goes from christfag, to anime girl posting, to frog posting within the span of like 15 posts.

>> No.11509852

So I watched a total time of 6 months/8500 episodes on tv shows. At least, I made a website calculate it.
30% was comedy.
Also a lot of movies but i did not track that,

I think this is considered a lot.
Can I use this to make money somehow?

>> No.11509969

He's too strange... Anyways, I'm undeterred; let's just keep helpin some niggas out. See you in the next thread, my dude.

>> No.11510030


>> No.11510048

Ima hafta put on my thinking cap but damn that's a lot of tv/movies. Will probably put in the next thread
See you there

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