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Do you even have a fucking job?

>> No.11479514

No but I fear it might not be long now.

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My job is to not have a job.

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>need experience to get job
>can't experience if I don't have a job

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Being a good boy is a job.

>> No.11479539

its pronounced gif

>> No.11479543

>have a job
>hate it

what do i do boiz

>> No.11479835

my job is wanting to kill myself

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>Do you even have a fucking job?
does making 150k/yr sitting at home doing some occasional programming online count as a job

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nope...no one will hire me...

>> No.11480803

no, my brain in like a sieve, I can learn a difficult skill in a day but I will have forgotten it by the next, the best thing I'll ever be suited to is pushing a broom or putting paint on walls

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Not possible to get a job without knowing people and I don't know anyone.

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I will if you have 5 years of experience

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that you need a job to make money is one of the biggest lies out there

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How else you make it

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