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i'm on acid can someone reaffirm me that im going to be fucking rich so i get a good trip? please hurry

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>uh oh

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not with LINK

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its the only one with a good story for meme magic to work

yeah, youll make it but only and only if you help to shill

stop doing drugs and being a degenerate c u c k

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>holding link
>getting rich
pick one

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this desu
link is shit

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reported to CIA

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>Activate CIA mind control
>Reprogram worldsoul timeline
>Condition buy high sell low
>Buy high sell low
>Buy high sell low

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>i'm on acid
don't do this

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Relax bro.

These aren’t made up, they’re real connections. Wait 6 months and I promise you’ll see $10 link minimum

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I sincerely hope we fail because of idiots like you.
I hope it all turns out to be a hoax.
A turd-trail we all sniffed out and called 'breadcrumbs'
Because of you, your idiot decisions, and your weak-ass insecurity. I hope we fail.

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>>11467134 (OP)
Start preparing by hitting the gym & eating healthy.
Get ready for the singularity anon, you don't want to make it, just to stick it all under your tongue & fry your brain.
You'll enjoy it much more if you're only on the trips about once every 3 months or so for a weekend bender with high class hookers and mates, then getting back to reality keeping /fit/, running a business, educating yourself &/or travelling and educating your children.

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Its over for you
Learn how to enjoy poverty

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OP, watch this:


everythings going to be okay

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This. Find yourself a comfy street to shit on and some tasty waves, brah. Far out. Totally.

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I can recommend some music, that's about it
Demo 2
Takin A Ride
In A Gadda Da Vida

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if you are really trippin than money shud be the last thing on your mind

free your mind

field shrooms > sid js

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You are going to make it. Love yourself.

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We're all gonna make it, brah.

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Here you go anon. If you end up outside of time and space don't be afraid to do some digging yourself

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you can't buy your spirit back after you sell your soul

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u will lose all of ypur money

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Depends on what you hold. If its just chainlink, sorry that wont happen. Diversify at least.

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If you hold LINK, you already made it

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Last time I took acid which was about 6 years ago I thought I could see into the future. Well so far its not worked out the way it did in my trip.

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I've been planning first mushroom trip in years for a little while now. I'm going to add searching the future for the price of link to my to-do list. Taking 5g this time. I'm terrified.

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you can do it anon, just remember breathing.
tell us how it went

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My general strategy is to spend the whole morning relaxing, including yoga beforehand with a mild edible. Then come home from yoga, take the 5g (fasted), then take a really hot shower in the dark for about 10 mom even as it starts to take effect. Then I get in comfortable clothes I already have ready and sit down to watch planet Earth while I start to lift off.

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>mom even

Google software is getting shittier by the month

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Youll make it anon.

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All you nerds telling him not to do acid, fuck off. Have you ever even tried it? That's what I thought

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you failed anon


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Fuck, me too. I'm still pretty convinced I was right though. See you when Bitcoin hits $38k in a few years.

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I've tried it, acid is for basedboys.

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how are we supposed to know if you are referring to basedboys or basedboys?

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He's obviously talking about basedboys.

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whatabout >>11471799

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