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How many times do I have to say it.. BAT is trumps new weapon against Google. All the big tech companies are going to switch over to brave advertising.. They want the best, most trustworthy platform that makes them money thats all and they dont care what it is. Nothing can stop Mr. Eich

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Dumped everything I had into BAT back when it was #65, now it's #39, comfiest fucking hold and it just keeps going up. Going to be in the top 20 by end of month.

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Anon BAT is the golden ticket

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This pump is amazing in a sea of red

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Someone knows something ;) were gonna make it fren

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>BAT is trumps new weapon against Google
What in the fuck is wrong with you Trump worshiping retards? This is peak delusion.

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Nothing wrong Fren just stating facts.. Peter thiel, President Trump, Daddy Eich Trio is bringing Brave to the frontlines of the war against Google.

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as someone who's been a media buyer for companies since 2008, mostly google and facebook, I can confirm that companies will never switch to BAT/brave

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As someone who’s used aol since 1997, I can confirm I’ll never switch to internet explorer

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Facebook lied to advertisers for a year, inflating the number of users by 900%.. Do you really think they will stick around just because they've been working together for a while. Companies always looking for the next best thing that will make them money. You're delusional old fag, the future is now boomer

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based and redpilled

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Maybe the companies affected by this would be up for trying something else.

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Any buy under 4500 sats is good rn fren!

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Red pilled and based

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50k BAT enough to make it?

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Yes anon. We're going to make it. With just a very small fraction of only Googles ad share we will pump well past a few dollars.

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You think BAT could hit $1.50 sometime next year?

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Well before this year is over I believe.

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What about Brendan specifically stating "publishers and advertisers don't want to buy, sell, or hold crypto"?
Also what about Coinbase shutting down institutional services?
Where are these ad buyers going to park their billions of dollars?
Not in BAT. They literally can't (no custodian services) and they don't want to (according to the CEO Eich).

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BAT just feels like a gold hold. I go on the BAT Project Reddit often, it's always active with Brave community admins and the team is very open about their progress.

I feel like things haven't gone as fast as they originally thought but I'm not worried at all. They're clearly thinking long-term and Brendan is clearly a genius so it's comfy having him at the helm.

The ONLY issue I have with BAT is that I don't have enough of it, but luckily I feel safe buying it up to $.50. Hopefully I can acquire more BAT before the real pump begins.

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>is not used on Ethereum blockchain
>is centralized with over 88% of tokens being held by less than 100 people (not even counting UGP!)
>confers no rights of ownership or stake in anything
>has no viable use case (ethereum doesn't work, remember?)
>will not be bought by advertisers and publishers (per CEO's own words)

You are bullish on the Brave browser. All of the "progress" and "updates" you've been getting (lol roadmap where?) are about the browser and have nothing to do with the BAT.

The BAT will be jettisoned and abandoned but the browser itself has use. They will just go with the USD I shit you not.

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>companies will never switch to BAT/brave

What do you mean? For advertising? If you've worked in the online advertising sector you already know it's rife with fraud. That's straight up undeniable. Google and Facebook are at the heart of the online advertising industry, and while they have the biggest outreach, they also induce the most fraud.

Companies are going to switch to advertising where:
1. It's cheapest
2. It reaches the most amount of people
3. The data proving it reaches people can be held accountable (Google and Facebook fail massively at this due to fraud)

Brave Ads have such an insanely good idea behind them (i.e. incentivizing the user to watch the ad) that companies are naturally attracted to the project, if anything just to see if it works. Brave already has major advertisers on board. I've been using Brave BETA and you get some ads from Amazon specific searches, meaning Amazon is all but ready to purchase a round of advertising using BAT. Brave just needs to continue racking up the user numbers and they'll get more and more interest from companies.

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I remember you from another thread. I dispelled your garbage "BAT isn't Brave" theory then and I'm not going to do it again here. BAT and Brave go hand in hand and if you can't realize why the one is necessary for the other, I welcome you to Google it. Brendan has spoken about it 100x before. You're a lost cause though but it's nice to have dissenting opinion in a hugbox BAT thread

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should I fomo in or wait?

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Think about it. The BAT offers ALL of the drawbacks of being a cryptoasset but NONE of the advantages.

BAT DOES NOT USE THE BLOCKCHAIN. People need to do a deep dive on this shitcoin.

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>Almost all businesses, esp. advertisers and publishers, do not want to buy, hold, or sell crypto.
>esp. advertisers and publishers

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Im scared too

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BAKA lmaooo nice try. Bat will be used bro

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by who? the whole idea was that Coinbase would list BAT thereby allowing advertisers to use Coinbase custodial services.
That got canceled. Coinbase no longer offering institutional services.
Where are ad firms going to buy $1MM+ worth of tokens for their ad campaigns?
Also, BAT is not using the blockchain. Payments are settled over Brave's internal servers. That means no instant tips or settlements. Everything is going to be laggy and buggy. Once a month payouts and those have been buggy for literally over 15 months. Look at the github or try it yourself. I'll still be in here in a month if you want to make the thread saying I was right.

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gay virgin with too many posts and none are from the brave browser. what a tiny dicked fag JEJ

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Lolz just you wait anon. I make BAT threads every day. Ill help tie your knot when your done with it all. Just don't forget to live Stream it.. Ill tip you in bat but i guess you won't see it cause the servers are laggy huh? To bad

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I have more tokens than the both of you combined. How come you're unable to hold a contradictory viewpoint?
These are true facts:
>BAT does not use the ETH blockchain
>BAT could not use the ETH blockchain if it wanted
>publishers and advertisers don't want to own a legally murky token
>even if they wanted to own tokens there is not a single place they could go to buy them

How are ads going to be paid out if advertisers won't buy the token? Coinbase was supposed to solve that problem but they just canceled institutional services.

That's my question for you two absolute robots. How do we get paid from watching ads if advertisers won't buy the token?

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Lol you're a supposedly "huge" bagholder and know nothing of who I actually am.. And don't know the answer to that question.

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honestly I'm not even sure you pass the Turing test.

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>How do we get paid from watching ads if advertisers won't buy the token?

They have to purchase advertising campaigns by buying the token. They pay for advertising using USD (I'm assuming Brave will set prices in USD) and that fiat is used to buy BAT which funds the campaign. That's how I understand it. A certain % of that BAT goes to Brave and a % goes to the users watching the ads, which is then in theory used to support content creators, etc.

That's my understanding. Advertisers don't directly buy the token but the fiat they use to pay for their ad campaign is used to buy BAT which is distributed in the BAT ecosystem. I can't speak to your other FUD but you can post on the BAT project subreddit and get it dispelled, if you really want to.

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Delusional faggots. People don’t like to watch ads and your shitty coin that amounts to pennies a year isn’t going to change their minds.

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Yeah here's the beauty of it, brainlet: You don't have to watch the ads. You can turn them off completely, just like you're probably doing right now.

If you want to earn BAT, you watch the ads. It's win/win.

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i'm up over 25% this week on this "shitty coin" while you sit here and complain about how you are too braindead to buy the only legit project in crypto

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No need to answer a question asking if the ceo states his coin is useless. If you have such big bags why ask such a retarded question lmao.

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They dont have to buy crypto. They can buy a set $ amount of Brave ads that is converted to BAT when the ad is run and distributed to the publisher and user. This means companies wont have to worry about speculation and BAT itself will have fiat directly backing it.

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BAT is a fag coin. A contrived fag concept and the best part is that the batqueers don't even know about the ad payment mechanics, only about the little faggy donations.

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It's so funny

Anyone who is involved in ad tech knows that BAT has no shot of working


I don't give a fuck if you believe me but ad agencies still aren't used to Programmatic or Mobile after 10+ years let alone "Crypto" lol

>t. former youtube, adobe, and facebook employee who quit silicon valley who holds 100k BAT as suicide insurance

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>Brendan Eich opposed California's anti-fag bill

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you hold 100k BAT because you don't even believe the bullshit you write. advertisers don't need to use crypto to use Brave Ads. they pay in fiat and the fiat is converted to BAT which is paid out to users.

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Amazon is already interested in Brave and the proof is in this very thread. Congrats on your 100k BAT though

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As someone who used xanga and myspace I can confirm no one will use facebook and instagram.

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T. someone who doesn't understand how BAT/Brave are going to work once v1 rolls out.
I know its hard being a brainlet, so many faggots with low iq fudding BAT because its too hard to understand.

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>BAT does not use the ETH blockchain
>BAT could not use the ETH blockchain if it wanted
it's literally an erc20 token

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/biz/ unironically doesn't deserve BAT.

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I love how fags like you are always so sure it'll never work.... but "i got my suicide insurance bag"

Fucking luke warm faggots like you deserve the rope.

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please explain how BAT doesn't use the ethereum blockchain despite being an erc20? If I'm missing something I'd like to know but I think it's more likely you're confused anon.

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I only have 6k, am I going to make it?

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lol $20k worth of BAT. Probably worked at the call center

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As per the whitepaper, you will have $6000 in tokens

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>still using the $1 meme
>smoothbrain detected

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The $1 meme was designed to get people to read the whitepaper. The upcoming $8 meme will be designed to get people to read the updated roadmap

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We are gonna make it fren

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why does BAT need limited tokens or require investment from neets
wouldn't this business model just require brave to deal with advertisers?

why does bat matter at all, does it actually do something that's unique, is it scarce, can it be copied and replaced?

I don't get it (although I haven't researched it much)

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What's after $8?

>t.50k bagholder

Unironically poke around the subreddit. It will all make sense.

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I do not hold BAT but I wish you anons all the best

BAT / FAT bros

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You need to do your research anon.

The token has a limited supply, and its used as a unit of attention. Micro transactions and fees dont go well together. If you did a few days of research you wouldnt want to hold any other coins.

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By that point everyone will be redpilled and memes will be lost in rational price discussion

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Still time, any buy under 4500 sats rn is a good buy

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the project actually looks cool but I'd never invest in their tokens
I will definitely test and use it on brave browser though
their company says no plans for additional token creation but it's not like they're unable to if they change their mind

I hope they do succeed and you anons make some money but I'll keep my bets on things kept in a distributed consensus
I'll use it and test it because their vision is good for the internet overall

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If you have even moderate patience you will have $30,000.

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In addition to the token launch, the project is funded by Founders Fund, Foundation Capital, Propel Venture Partners, Pantera Capital, DCG, Danhua Capital, and Huiyin Blockchain Venture among others.

those investors aren't buying tokens, they're getting legit stakes in the company and returns
these ICOs have no legally binding obligations to make their token investors money

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They are given dividends from the 30% ad exchange fee that brave software collects. This doesnt mean the token is worthless though. It has a fixed supply, and the value can obviously increase tremendously from where it is now. I would personally rather have a stake in brave software, but this is the next best thing. A $5 token price is not crazy to imagine.

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There's no stopping if we hit 5$

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Yes google is a kek

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based retired by 2020 portfolio

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Seriously just seeing it now. I fully agree

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don't fomo in now, this could dump hard, at least wait for a retracement

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Any buy under 4500 is a good buy right now. Thw future this coin has shows how undervalued this project is

>> No.11460276

You forgot XLM

>> No.11460287

And skycoin

>> No.11460465

sorry I didn't know tether was gonna collapse again, any buy is a good buy now

>> No.11460491

One of the best risk/reward ratios in crypto. Its never seen a hype cycle either. If people actually did their research, and became red pilled BAT will become a top 10 very quickly.

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there's nothing stopping BAT from creating more tokens
there's really no reason to have a token at all

the way they worded it is at this moment there are no plans on additional sales or token creation
but there's literally nothing stopping them from creating more it's a weird crowd fund thing with no legitimate contract

>> No.11461140

why aren't token holders getting a dividend or what was it sia or something they had 2 different coins
one was a ownership token and one was a utility token

>> No.11461732

You're thinking of ICN and ICNX

>> No.11461779

thx wasn't sure
I think that's a better model if you want to be investing in a project

>> No.11461792

I was invested in both at one point, and trust me, BAT is the comfiest hold in all of crypto. That's coming from someone who bought ETH at $12.

>> No.11461811

I'm good, there's nothing stopping BAT devs from doing another sale, and you're not earning from the use and adoption of BAT
it's all based on an artificial scarcity and at the end of the day you're giving BAT free advertising because you're holding some bags while they collect 30% or whatever the take is for hosting the service

>> No.11461819


Is bat a good buy now? I mean it has pumped so much

>> No.11462323

normally FOMO is never a good idea but looking at the one month chart it looks like its a pretty steady and most importantly consistent rise. I got most of my stack at 10 cents, but recently grabbed some more even at 22 cents because I want to have as large a bag as possible.

Whatever you do DO NOT sell the coinbase pump(or at least don't sell your entire stack). Don't settle for 10-15%. This fucker is going to be so much bigger.

>> No.11463480

I second that! Coinbase pump is just the beginning

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This. The era of the 'flavor of the week' pump and dump is coming to an end. All that will matter soon is actual adoption. Brave is going to be the flagship for crypto adoption with the upcoming Brave wallet with built in metamask bringing dapps to the fingertips of users.

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Haven't followed bat that closely but I know it's probably a good one - any anons have proof of connections to Trump? Aside from the logo looking similar?

>> No.11463591

Peter Thiel is an angel investor for Brave, he's been in on the project since the begining. He is also closely connected with Trump as he was a donor and was a part of the transition team, beyond that I dont know what OP is getting at.

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Look at the regulatory environment. Both in the US and abroad. The (((EU))) will ironically be our friend on this as it chips away at Google. Trump hates Silicon Valley and won't lose a single vote hurting it. Eich has an axe to grind against Silicon Valley too.>>11463591

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Political advertising and strategy. Close ties

>> No.11464332

Hey I'm noob how do I buy this shit? Without using seven different fucking services? Seriously.

>> No.11464359

Coinbase addition is when it will be easy to buy. Easiest way I can think of for now is use Coinbase to buy Ethereum and download the Exodus Eden crypto wallet, send your Ethereum to that wallet and exchange it for BAT through the inbuilt shapeshift service.

>> No.11464743

I read that when it hits Coinbase it'll go up. I don't know shit about this. Why's it got to be so complicated? Can't I just use one app and buy the shit?

>> No.11464772

relatively new technology and emerging markets are usually complicated

>> No.11464967

I have it down to two apps for you. Coinbase and Exodus Eden, shapeshift is built into Eden.

>> No.11465004

this is why a coinbase addition will be game changing. At the moment i need to purchase bitcoin off coinbase, send it over to coinbase pro, send it over to binance, then purchase BAT. The whole process takes roughly 30 minutes. It's a fucking a mess.

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>not backing the man who was exiled from tech due to his political beliefs

Bro revenge and spite is the best motivation. Big dick B is never wrong.

>> No.11465768

That's simple enough. Appreciate it.

>> No.11466023

Brave has one of the most promising futures in the market. We are the the bare bones stage building up trust and users as the deals happen in the background. Biz is usually link tier but some anons share their secrets ;)

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What you meant to say is "fuck you prl niggers"

prl niggers are legitimately the only people spreading FUD about this coin.

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