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Why do companies insist on SJW trash when that objectively loses them money?

>> No.11447859

maybe because it objectively doesn’t (read: Nike)

>> No.11447860

Because they are funded by you know who

>> No.11447971

Ethics > a few fractions of a % profits

>> No.11447976

they are NPCs

>> No.11447981

Because sjw minded people are in the majority.

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My company is reactionary as fuck. Even the women are anti-#metoo. They aren't all right wing and it's (((diverse))) due to being in NY, but they aren't on that SJW shit. Even minorities who are democrats by default can be pretty based.

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Ahh yes, enslaving kids in Indonesia is now considered social justice. I forgot how low they dropped that bar; even Hermes Conrad can't limbo under it these days.

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somehow there is a market for useless things, products witout any function or real utility, somehow there are so many garbage that can be sell, and there are a lot of liberal progressive that buys that

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because they're afraid of what celebrities, the press, and the democrats will say about them
that or they're run by Cucks

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