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yeah yeah yeah edition
In this thread, I'm going to compile the best passive income streams ordered by investment required, including both online and offline options
Little to no Investment($100-$1k)
>Social Media Marketing
>Digital Media or Marketing of any kind
>Web Development
>Freelance software development
>Affiliate Marketing
>Making Online Courses
>Self publishing Ebook(comprehensive guide:https://kindlepreneur.com/book-marketing-101/)
>product arbitrage

Some Investment Required($1k-10k)
>POS Systems
>P2P Lending
>Authoring or Online publishing
>Vending Machines
>Automated News sites or any kind of automated blog
>Automated online Arbitrage with the help of a buybot

Large Investment Required, but still very passive(10k+)
>Parking Garages or lots
>Batting Cages
>Rental Properties
>Buying Royalty rights on music, media, etc

I'm sure there are dozens of others that are out there but that's what I can think of off the top of my head.

if you have any comprehensive guide. Post them and ill add them here

Feel free to add more and share your knowledge, experience, advice with others, but I think that's a lot of value that you won't find in most threads here.
previous thread : boards.4chan.org/biz/thread/11422682

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previous thread:

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why tf cant i get the real thread thingy.

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fucking finally, apart from that retardeness LETS GET THIS BREAD BROS

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Keep this thread alive wtf

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Swooping in to keep this sucker alive. Will post screencap periodically. I'm wagecucking rn tho

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Can anyone recommend a good print on demand website with nice quality shirts? I have a memepage on Instagram and want to start offering nice t-shirts. Not a huge following but would love to give it a try. Also I want my own meme shirt too. Was thinking of using teefury or whatever site youtuber usually use like teespring.

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Although I have little experience with this field i'm very interested in passive income. Bump. Let's get this bread boys

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Anybody know a nice css framework that makes it easy to make website look nice.
One that would be suited for static sites.
Bootstrap, foundation, semantic and pure are just to generic looking and are not "design"

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Dividend Income Investor Here

It won't happen over night but compounding interest, especially with DRIP, will snowball in the future

If you're not making money while you sleep, you'll work till you die.

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look at semantic-ui
they had interesting themes

telerik also has good themes

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Bump eet

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Thanks, looks I will look into it

I am trying to make some fake donation website to scam some liberals

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Why not make a dozen fake gofundmes for liberal causes?

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I think it would leave to much of a trace, or am I wrong?

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Maybe use a VPN? Idk I just know some anons on here do it.

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Recently I've been toying with the idea of buying some inexpensive land at a lake my family owns a cabin on and building a cabin of my own to rent out to people over the summer or to hunters over the winter. does anyone have any experience with rental properties?

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how do I into tax evasion?

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No experience but I will share this that an anon shared in a thread on biz like 100 years ago for buying property

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Create a corporation and pay yourself a salary?

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What book should I write for Kindle?

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My goal in life is to end up owning a mountain.

I'm steadily building my business, but this still seems like an impossible dream.

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Yo guys what’s up.

If there was a software product that sent you an extremely insightful business or entrepreneurship tip/article every day via text, how much would you pay for it?

I’m working on the tech now and it’s not that hard to implement. I was thinking $6.99/mo.

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you still have to pay personal income tax on that tardlet

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no more cheap shipping from chyna

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How will this impact me as a leaf?

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Become the middleman

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Oh fuck dropshipping is done

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why not that new Whatsapp business stuff. Also 7 is way to much. You aint a newspaper

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I prefer brainlet

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What do you thinks fair?
Yeah me too that was dumb

Also press S to spit on dropshippings grave

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redpill me on arbitrage, anyone making at least 1k per month off it answers preferred

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I got $800 ready to start retail/online/local arbitrage, lookin for them sick tips

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Everybody's 13 year old cousin is a WebDev at this time

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It’s true, and there will be a lot more if dropshipping gets fucked

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Batting cages are a good passive income???

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Front-end jobs will likely become redundant/more automated before back-end jobs do

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I have a question. So let's say one builds an app or program that they want to sell to companies, what steps do you take to get the word out there?

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You sell it with heavy support to a company you believe will be successful using it to generate profit. When it works out there everyone will want it, if it's shit you kys.

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Checked and S
No more annoying dropshipping YouTubers shilling their "classes"

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I'm assuming the support is where you make the money right?

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Big dropshipper and FBA anon here. This literally won't impact me at all given the 1+ years it will take to complete. Not to mention the fact that I can just hold inventory here in the US and make more money since my CPU will be drastically lower.

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The idea is that when you can't point to other companies that are using the product you have to sell it as a wider package, with you guiding them how to use it to generate profit for them so you can sell the product by pointing to their success but it depends on the product.

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Ah I think I understand now. Thanks anon

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>No more annoying dropshipping YouTubers shilling their "classes"
this is the best part

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Does anybody here does amazon fba. If so what’s a good way to start?

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Too expensive. People dont want spam in there messages. Try email

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ay thats welsh on the little sign

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Completely saturated. The closer your systems can get to the exchange's server the more likely arbitrage will profit. Look into long term automated strategies instead.

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>blockchain transactions take several minutes in a highly volatile market
>cloudflare servers

nice joke npc

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I have read about CPA in Instagram, and recommend using the niche "free followers" for beginners, saturated?

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Do paid followers instead.
I sell them and its a good side income.

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I've tried dropshipping but there are many problems. Packages are from china so people started to freak out... and im from Slovakia there's problem too...

I'm javascript/web developer. Someone interested in starting out business or freelance projects? I'm not really into financial shit, I will take care of solution delivery - im good in programming and design.

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For anyone interested in ecommerce, here's a server biz created a few years back on discord: discord.gg MrPj6GE

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How can I monetize a novelty twitter account that is steadily growing in followers?

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How do you sell followers?

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This is a great thread, thanks OP.
Slumlording might cost a little more than 10k though, at least in the US.

I like the vending machine idea. One would probably have to buy 7 of them and get a contract with a newly built school or business building.

I know a wealthy man who owns laundromats in the Los Angeles area believe it or not. So that is feasible. It would cost more than 25K to start up your own though.

>Batting cages
Very nice idea, I like this one.

For the little to no investment section, just bare in mind anons that time will be the only cost for you to build up the appropriate amount of skill for those professions.

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Go to goodwill foo and buy cheap stuff sell on Facebook.

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no. fuck off, d*scordfag

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pass me that ig username bro i need some more memes in my life.

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what do you currently do?
thanks for keeping this alive brooooo
use bootstrap theme lmao
what dividend stock do you recommend? do you recommend etf too ?
brooo can you count me in too? id love to see how this all works out lmaooo
land is the ultimate finite investment bro
share the love

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anything your knowledgeable about

sos majestic af broo , just keep getting that bread bro and itll all work out for the best.

at max 99 cents, i can just listen to business podcast for free too , so you might have that struggle


i fucking hate how everybody is calling themselves a web developers for building fucking wordpress sites. We need to only code in non-normie programming language. or have a plague

im interested in this too

doubt its any good kiddo.

affiliate marketing and ads

thnaks bro hope you can share your insight in future /entg/ threads!

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why the fuck do I never have an idea for a business or an app -- i have the passion to go balls deep in a project but there's never anything popping up that I think would be worthwhile.

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what do you do now anon?

>> No.11433924

finance student

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how fucked is the us financially?

>> No.11434098

Pol/biz has predicted that the US will not be as fucked as the rest of the world.
t. Spends too much time lurking

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No problemo
I will always keep this thread going if I see it. Always something new to add to my screenshot collection

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okay anon, ill give you one. A company where you impregnate lesbians.

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not fucked as bad as the other parts of the world, because we have the dominant reserve currency. However, things will get bad because people have overextended their debt in the past 10 years. We're going to see a resurgence of radical Left/Right around the world including the United States. And depending on whether the Government bails out corporations again or not, we may see a president and congress even more radical and divisive than the current.

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Still very strong I would just say the investment market is still overvalued. just wait until interest rates go up for the fireworks

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Last year an anon posted a home-made device with chainlink logo that retrieved live data info of the price at the moment.
It was great because of aesthethics and such for cryptotards, but chainlink has been spammed so much that I can't find it.
Can someone enlighten me?

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Trump and China are going to meet in November fwiw

>> No.11435282

Is everything saturated?

>> No.11435398

It can depend on a lot of things. Like for example you could be the only guy who knows how to fix a computer in boonies somewhere like in PA. If you move to that state youd be one of the few making a living off of fixing boomers computers. So maybe location could play a big part in making a living in a saturated market.

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What is Vancouver lacking aside from competent drivers?

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Shit i have no clue I've never been out of the US. You're talking about Canada right? Excuse my brainlet self if I'm wrong. I would suggest if you have a craigslist or same type website that's popular to check out how barren the gig and job sections are. I live in CA but I was looking on Craigslist PA and the computer gig board has literally 2 posts for PA as opposed to here in California it's like pages and pages with new entries everyday. Whatever is lacking that's where you start.

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4,99 for someone San Francisco based maybe.
Rest of the world maybe 1,50

Also it has to be more then just text with the same news to everyone

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this thread is gonna die tonight eh :(

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guys to help asian guys get dates. unironically.

>> No.11437561

Heh I'm a white guy and can't get em either.

>> No.11437643

You don't have to be able to get dates to help other people get dates.

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Im an artist and semi-good with oil painting. definitely not perfect, but my results look good. I tried to wrap my head around how to effectively monetize this, while also using this as exercise to improve my skills. IMO there definitely is a demand for that somewhere out there, oil paintings just look very nice on a wall, much better than a printed picture could ever look like..

Is it a good idea to just publicly offer myself on craigslist-like sites, so people send me requests on pictures they want as a real oil painting? how much money should I ask for? oil paintings consume lots and lots of time, for a impressionistic mid-size painting I would already need 10-150 hours, depending on the motif. how to avoid the possibility that people dont pay for it when its finished? money in advance as requirement? I would appreciate some advice before going any further with these plans, thanks a lot

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what do you mean by "atms" in the original post

>> No.11438486

Running ATM machines I expect.

>> No.11438658

For affiliate marking how exactly do you go pick a niche? I have ideas but it's too broad and maybe overdone.

I can program, know computers and know Japanese. My ideas revolve around that. That and writing about Toronto.
Last resort would be to write about weeb shit.

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setting up your own ATM at a good place without one and charging fee when someone is using it.
Due to laws I think this can not be done in most of europe.

>> No.11439687

My plan is to learn Python and make some trading bots for Poloniex, Interactive Brokers, and Robinhood if I can find an API. Bought a couple books and did some youtube walkthroughs but I'm so easily distracted when on the computer this is gonna take forever.

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>> No.11439707

Plumber here, currently studying for my state license to start my own business.

>> No.11439737

share your work here! id love to see it !
running multiple atms lol.
just do it -Nike
fucking robinhood doesn't have an api bro i already tried. you could web-scrape it but its not as efficient.
hows the plumbing buisness

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Just my opinion but I would suggest making a bunch of appealing paintings and maybe try and contact a company that will reproduce them for hospitals, office buildings, etc. I met a guy who does that for a living here in LA but that's all the detail I know. That way you only have to make some paintings and just make digital copies to reproduce. It may be easier than networking with galleries or interested clients. Of course you can spread the word through social media and build a following, getting commissions that way. Look into niches and pander to that audience.

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>> No.11440607

Printful + shopify or Wordpress

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Awesome thanks! I didn't think anyone would reply to my post. I'll look into it. Appreciate it anon.

>> No.11440698

I had an answer so I answered heh teespring is ok too desu but if you wanna make it look more pro printful is the way to go, they got snap backs and some other shit you can make money from dropshipping

>> No.11441089

Oh great because hats would work too. I'm basically going to make some shirts with nice OC pics I've saved from here and have my instagram handle on the back. The handle should be easy to design just text and the instagram logo. I've never used shopify before though or dropshipped before.

>> No.11441869

Is ez pz man
Need help let me know Ill do it for you

>> No.11442234

thanks. i found a site called canva for design material

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>> No.11442689

Why would you post slumlording as $1-$10K?

There is literally nowhere in any country that matters where you could slumlord for $10k.

>> No.11443257

The OP is just a copy from some other anon who started the first thread. So far no one has figured out why he posted slumlording for so little.

>> No.11443285

Anyone have ideas for a website to monetize? I'm drawing a blank. Im going to start writing some ebooks on my time off, then make a shop for my instagram meme page. But I want to make webpages and start making that as passive income too. Any crazy/niche ideas welcome

>> No.11443309


"Anyone have ideas for a website to monetize? I'm drawing a blank."

this is a very stupid question and if you don't realize why, just stop chasing this particular goal. it is stupid because that is literally the key to all of this. even if your site sucks if it's info people want it will succeed. so you are essentially asking "give me the answer pleace" which is pretty dumb.

>> No.11443546

What books should i get on investing?

>> No.11443569

any critique for my dropshipping site? about a day in. Need to fix a lot and add personalized logos.


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So you're selling oils and diffusers? Why the fuck is there a lava stone bracelet in there? And the entire "Home Decor" section? It has nothing to do with the oils.

>> No.11443725

Wanted to appeal to girls who may enjoy all that crap. Lava Stone bracelets are used in aromatherapy. Cut out home decor, got it.

>> No.11443734

Can you post some here? I’d love to see them.

>> No.11443744

cause hes an idiot

let him lose his money

anyone who attempts dropshipping or private label without a fat sack of cash for ads is a desperate sad piece of shit

>> No.11443809

I love your idea about ebooks, what are you writing about? Maybe you could try working with rare topics you have a solid knowledge of.

>> No.11443872

Lel, wonder if its unironically a god tier book

>> No.11443900

why are you trying to bring me down for no reason? i want us all to succeed fren

>> No.11443921

if everyone is rich, no one is

>> No.11443925

/biz/ is big enough for the both of us fren

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>can't even greentext
Gee I am not sure why you are so buttblasted about my post. If it was a good idea I wouldn't mind paying royalties to an anon from the profits I made off the site idea via PayPal or a throwaway email attached to the post. The anons in these threads are really generous and have given me a lot of ideas that I've screencapped to share with new anons in future threads. The whole reason this thread exists is to discuss ideas for businesses with each other. Go be butt mad somewhere else. I prefer brainlet by the way.

>> No.11444077

Well I have a a few simple ideas. I have 2 recipe books (one for PA Dutch food), one simple weightless book, I was thinking of making a 4chan wisdom ebook with some screenshots I collected (lmao), also a book on making 3D printed prosthetics once I pick up the hobby next year. I have to think of more.

>> No.11444184

Holy shit you're doing God's work anon! Now that you mentioned a 4chan wisdom ebook, how about a general self-improvement ebook? You could try gathering information from useful boards and try to write it in such way it feels light to read, like an introductory book, then you can write a short following series of books, each one devoted to a specific area.

>> No.11444232

Yeah OP fix that
100-200k is more likely and I'm poorfag in Eastern Europe
A guy here, who owns construction business bought an old factory for 260k and turned it into a slum hive. Nets about 14k/ month.
Don't know the cost of renovation though.
All in all, ROI could come within 7 years,then you are neetlord.

>> No.11444266

That an awesome Idea! And thanks I basically board hop and lurk this site all the time so I save lots of nice posts from all over. Even the schizos on x have some sound wisdom.
I also had an idea for archiving reaction images and oc memes of 4chan and making that into a site that people could go by category and save for personal use. They could even submit oc. May be for a future date tho.

>> No.11444340

cmon bro, selling 4chan wisdom book is nice, but don't lure normies in here okay

>> No.11444377

Then maybe I'll just shelf the idea. I don't know how to make that type of website at the moment. I'll stick to my memestagram

>> No.11444410

Come on bro that defeats the purpose of 4chan , pls respect it

>> No.11444423

Lets say I have a product, and want to sell it on Amazon. How does that work exactly?
So I ship them pallets of my stuff?
How do I ship pallets, where do I get them, etc...

>> No.11444478

I just really enjoy a lot of the pics I find on here. Theres still new stuff I see everyday too. Memes are my one happiness bro. But I won't make that kind of website I promise. I enjoy the culture too much.

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Can you guys give me advice on either choosing a financial advisor, or advice on choosing the right loan for college?
I accepted "awards" and then added classes later on and now I'm under financial hold because I owe money. Food and classes come before the payments made towards housing and I'm not totally with the idea of getting kicked out of my room mid semester.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm sorry to ask here.

>> No.11444684

Affiliate site owner here (>>11430599 this guy). Sticking around for a bit to answer questions if anons have any about building affiliate sites.

>> No.11444741

My question is >>11438658

How do you go looking for affiliates

>> No.11444742
File: 26 KB, 687x209, 8888.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are these numbers realistic?
even tough its adsense and not affliate

>> No.11444847


The basic formula is to solve a problem in a specific niche. Think along the lines of "x for y"

>Best monitors for gaming
>Best self improvement books for startup founders
>Interior design for young bachelors

The only thing to really be careful of is buying intent. For example a site based on information around how to cooking recipes might not be the best (although you could VERY easily figure out how to draw revenue on upselling utensils/food delivery services/etc) because most people arriving at this site are looking for information, not products. A good way to think about it is in terms of what search terms someone may use to land on your website. Compare these two queries:

>gaming chairs
Low buying intent. The person searching this is probably only interested in learning about gaming chairs, what they are, why they might need/want one, etc. They are considered "top funnel" and are still pretty far removed from the buying process. Not to say it's impossible to convert, but there is easier prey to catch. Compare to:

>Best gaming chair under $300
This is a very specific query with high buying intent. Someone googling this has already decided they want to buy a gaming chair and even have an established budget. If your site comes up with an article "Best Gaming Chairs Under $300" then you just gave them exactly what they are looking for, and since they are already deep in the funnel, they are likely to make a purchase from your site.

Finally, I wouldn't worry about addressable market size too much. Niche down > broad appeal. There are 7 billion+ people on this planet and they are all potential customers. If you try to go too broad (e.g. "Best cooking tools" website) you will be murdered by competition. If you niche down (e.g. "Best cooking tools for college kids") then you have a much better chance of hitting long tail/exact term matches.

Hope this helps..

>> No.11444872

No. These are auto generated by taking CPC bid prices and multiplying by page views. I don't doubt CMC makes a shitton of money, but not this much. AFAIK their main revenue source is sponsored ICO listings. They may also charge for API/data access on the backend but we have no way of knowing that. One thing that is critically important to understand in ANY industry but especially internet marketing is that if you have an audience (ig followers, popular website, etc) then you can monetize and/or partner with someone who wants to market to your audience.

>> No.11444982

Would learning Japanese or how to guides for pc be a good niche?

>> No.11445013

Probably. You need to think about what your viewers are searching for and if they are looking to buy anything. Guides for PC could be good because you can upsell things like software and hardware. For learning Japanese you can upsell language courses/apps/books, but I'm not sure about anything beyond that.

Also don't feel you need to limit yourself to stuff you know about or are interested in. You can use existing material on the internet, aggregate it, and use that as source material for your own site.

>> No.11445221

This really helps thanks.

Considering affiliate sites take time to build up I was thinking of doing both or would that be too much for someone who just started?

>> No.11445264

It won't be too much work but you will almost certainly get burnt out on writing content. Aim for 1-2 articles/week at 1,000-1,500 words per article.

>> No.11445351

This is really great! Thanks for sharing anon will save for future reference.

>> No.11445612

For languages, you can try setting up some blog coupled with a Youtube channel. As someone who wants to learn multiple languages, I go around looking for good, interesting material (non-cancerous youtubers who know their shit, for example). In fact, I would have done that with French but I landed a job (even though I already hate wageslaving)

>> No.11445692

none of this is anything new
you faggots arent gonna gain shit

>> No.11445840

thanks for the motivation
>t. NEET

>> No.11445856

There's 147 posts in this thread. Quote any one post where someone claimed these were new business ideas.

>> No.11445917

What was the last "original" business idea that made money? Everything has been done before you just have to do it better than the competition and you'll make money doing the "same old shit" everyone else is doing.

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>t. NPC
Basically muh nihilism, give up because you wont make it etc etc. Do you know why people get wagie jobs? Because they never actually try to branch out and make money for themselves or don't know how. If an anon can make at least enough to survive or even better make MORE money than he was waging it's worth a try. People don't even have to do it "better" they just do it consistently until they get it right. Be a bitter fag in a shill thread.

>> No.11446126

no one cares about new shit. there are plenty of old shit problems that people will throw money at you to solve.

>> No.11446144
File: 4 KB, 279x181, download (30).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How much money would I realistically need to start a video game flipping business ?

>> No.11446166

Time to short ali

>> No.11446202

>Recently I've been toying with the idea of buying some inexpensive land at a lake my family owns a cabin on and building a cabin of my own to rent out to people over the summer or to hunters over the winter. does anyone have any experience with rental properties?

Rental properties are only as good as your systems and your help. If you're doing short-term rentals, you're gonna need good platforms (AirBNB/Glampinghub/Hipcamp/VRBO/lodgify <- for direct) which will direct some traffic for a cut. But, you are also going to need a good, reliable cleaner, a reliable handyman (for when you need it--shit will break in high-traffic short-term rentals), and you're gonna need to pay quarterly taxes--which doesn't mean it isn't passive, it's just a pain 4 times a year (unless you want to pay someone to do it--which eats into your revenue).

Property management is not for the faint of heart, but honestly, if you do get into it, it might be cheaper to just start by renting out OTHER people's places for a cut. AirBNB has clamped down on cohosting...but the entry capital is negligible compared to building, then renting.

>> No.11446361

Taking the bait
Mp3 players weren't new when the iPod came out

Tablets weren't new when the iPad came out

Touchscreen phones weren't new, you see where I'm going with this? Fuck iPhones tho I loved Palm

Not saying we're all capable of being apple but you don't need new

>> No.11446857

how you do the private labeling?
create the oils yourself and order a lot of bottles and stickers on alibaba?

>> No.11446947
File: 107 KB, 1000x996, s-l1600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just got 30 of these from work. They didn't want to sell them, so I got them for free. they all have I7-2600 processors in them, and some have I7-3770s. I was just going to sell them on facebook as gaymer pcs, but I could just use them to make some passive income instead.

>> No.11446998

Op are you the guy with Rhodesian family, is early 20s, and is literally making people pay you to pay you via parking lot and ATMs?

If so I was in your first thread and screenshotted it a bunch

>> No.11447147

would sell them as soon as possible before they devalue.

small market for cpu renting/sharing compared to gpu

>> No.11447205

i've built my own website. been working on it for a month and just got it running online.
0 visitors, even a week after google indexing it lol.
now i'm reading everything i can on SEO. still got plenty of other improvements to make on it.
but the idea of it just never getting any viewers is a bit nerve wracking.
i don't expect to make money with it but i hope to.

its not so much the thought of failing, but the thought that i'll have to go back to a traditional job that terrifies me.

>> No.11447288

I'm pretty sure it's a different anon. Probably The first thread and copied OP to keep the torch going. Haven't seen the atmanon return to these threads at all.

>> No.11447309

That's a shame, his success stories were pretty interesting. I remember he mentioned that he was going to try and keep threads like this going almost daily, but I knew it wouldn't happen.

I was excited seeing this, though, and had some hope. Interesting thread, nonetheless.

>> No.11447320

Really? That's depressing. I was going to experiment with hosting game servers on VMs and seeing if I can charge 5-10$ a month on them. I guess I'll keep the best 3-5 for 'Reasons' and sell the rest. They're getting ready to recycle an old blade server too. I can only really part that one out, so it might be the new fun time experiment machine.

>> No.11447328

What is the purpose of this website?

>> No.11447351

It can take a long time to see organic traffic trickle in. Are you targeting long tail search terms?

>> No.11447364

it's news related. i think i can carve out a niche somewhere, as i plan to have some features i don't see commonly. but i have no idea if there's a market for it or not

>> No.11447389

just started reading about SEO last night, didn't even hear about this term until this morning. but it gave me some hope.
last night i was looking at the short tail search terms wondering how i could ever compete with that

>> No.11447398

Niche down and target search terms that are getting 200-500 monthly searches then craft articles that match the exact search.

>> No.11447466

This will make U.S. sellers grow largely desu
but it's a tad too late, Chinamans already have warehouses in U.S.

>> No.11447538

Who made this list? Does someone actually own a laundromat? Or is it based on prescription?

>> No.11447549


>> No.11447699

So is drop-shipping dead now that the US is pulling out of the treaty?

>> No.11447926

basically until the Dems fix world ties , again

>> No.11447952

Ah good old republicans, always helping small businesses and totally not trying to hand a monopoly to amazon.

>> No.11448202

remember my doods bump this thread , if you dont some dumb shitcoin shill is going to take our place.

>> No.11448270

Thanks for the advice! I was thinking Air BNB would be a good platform to look into. Do you think it would be cheaper to buy an existing cabin or to build one new myself? The property I’m looking at is a half acre for $8,000.

>> No.11448277

what do you mean by POS systems?

>> No.11448331

Point of Sale
You basically make an app that handles money transactions for a cash register I think is what he's referencing

>> No.11448379
File: 53 KB, 731x536, gKJDzlx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I figured he was talking about point of sales, I worked in a restaurant years ago the their system sucked. I don't think there is much room there, as long as the program works, the owners dont care. Now with tablets and the little pluggable card swippers, this market is soon gone

>> No.11448407

You can also rent out on vrbo.com and hipcamp.com. I think (no data, just giving opinion) that the best bet would be to dress up the cabin as a trendy/hip cabin place for millenials. Check out the existing listings on those sites for ideas of what I'm talking about. No idea how much new construction would be for a cabin but if you got a cheap plot of land it could be overall cheaper than buying an existing one.

>> No.11448535

growing a business is slow, and if this is your first ever attempt it will probably fail
keep learning anon, and don't sink too much time into any one project.
Now that project is live, it's time to start working on your next one (while doing occasional maintenance on the existing one)
luck and trial and error is a huge part of success. So, you have to attempt many things until you get a hit.

Also, ask yourself, why would people want to share your website with others? The best traffic is organic. A person checks out your website and it's just so damn interesting, useful, funny, whatever, that they share it with other people

>> No.11448541

Thanks for the sites! I’ll definitely look into the kind of work to go into planning and construction but I think I could probably build a nice two bed one bath for 10k so that’s 18k total for the whole project. That would be a very small loan and I could pay that back within 2 or 3 years if rentals go well. If not then I have a place to live mortgage free in a cozy part of the woods.

>> No.11448637

you're starting a business without knowing the value of what you're offering? You have no idea if people want what your selling? Why aren't you trying to solve a problem people want solved instead?

>> No.11448649

How do you find a good problem?

>> No.11448712

I came up with an idea that I think might make bank as a hustle but it requires both front and backend web dev, and one of you webdev anons point me in the right direction to learn that?

>> No.11448879

Is it possible to do reseller hosting in this day and age?

>> No.11448893

Can I actually make any real progress if I'm just grinding out safer high probability trades over weeks or month. I have only $1000 I wanted to risk to start which makes multi-legs trades hard to close out because of the day trading penalty under 25K. Any tips about strategy, resouces, or advice in general is greatly appreciated. Discuss

>> No.11449154

Affiliate anon if your still here, do you use ads on your sites?

>> No.11449399

I use adsense on one of my sites but will be switching to Mediavine for much better CPM rates.

>> No.11449436

Anybody interested in investing in building a wheat storage/elevator in Russia? There's a demand for modern facilities. You can immigrate easily, too.

>> No.11449523

Making 2 dollars on a 10-year-old copy of Gears of War won't cover the cost of you shipping it to the 10-year-old who bought it with their mom's credit card.

>> No.11449594

You have caught my attention. Please elaborate.

>> No.11449753

How is the idea of being a slumlord? How do I get into it?

>> No.11449850

>lol plumbing has been done before a million times, you'll never make any money
>haha as if anyone is gonna play a new webgame when other webgames already exist
>rofl look at this fag who thinks he can write articles people want to read
>why would you sell locally-grown herbs when others in your area are probably growing the same herbs
>nobody needs computer repairs anymore faggot, everything is done on iphones now
>this dipshit thinks his area needs a laundromat, lol obviously didn't google hard enough
>KEK dumb goy thinking he owns a worthwhile rental property, doesn't he know real estate is shit everywhere right now
>fucking retard, proofreading will just be taken over by AI in a few years anyway
>don't waste your time learning to code, no new programmers get anywhere these days
>oh yeah I'm sure your shitty fantasy serial is gonna be the next Worm
>that idea sucks as well, you shouldn't bother trying
>stop practicing, you won't get better
>lol trying again? What's that saying about the definition of stupidity?
>I'm trying to help you anon, be more like me

>> No.11450231


Self improvement gym anon here.
Guess what I'm gonna use for my people.

Once everything is done I want to compile that into an book.
Since I have to re-do everything (to make it presentable for the common people) for the gym people, I want to do an e-book too on the side.

reminds me of:
> no one is doing that so it must be a shit idea not worth the time
> everyone is doing it so it is a shit idea not worth the time

>> No.11450270


He make me divi king

>> No.11450693

Currently work for parents stone bussiness

>> No.11450718

stone business?
tell me more please.
just selling louse boulders or stonemaze / sculpture stuff?

>> No.11450878

I tried that briefly on eBay looking for things to sell. Silent hill games and resodent evil games still go for like 30+bucks of you can find a way to get them for cheap somewhere

>> No.11450888
File: 15 KB, 437x431, 1539010847506.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Day 3 i think that this thread is still going strong! Got my fortune read and I will not see financial success apparently. Still going to try though but I may be a forever wagie.

>> No.11450900

Nice anon
Fit has helped me lose like 40lbs. Still skinnyfat but lurking there has helped a lot. Hope you find success compiling that book. The sticky def needs updated on that board to be more helpful.

>> No.11450912


>> No.11450923
File: 30 KB, 1841x186, 4chan_wisdom.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The thing with fit and man other boards is pic related.
After years of sifting through threads that are supposed to gater useful information, I created a nice stash of good stuff.

While I am at it, thanks to everyone sharing knowledge.

>> No.11451000

>that pic
I wholeheartedly agree with that. Fucken saved. This place truly is special

>> No.11451210

I am the master of digits!!

>> No.11451374

If you sell the pc's, you can buy more efficient hardware to host stuff.

>> No.11451398

make a facebook page that links to the articles page with a good picture automatically on each post.

Also, make your titles a bit clickbait.

give your html an easy indexable layout in terms of tags and css

Try spending 10 bucks on google ads and facebook ads, but not as newspage, just for the niche you were talking bout

this is just the start

>> No.11451428

sounds very interesting

>> No.11451463

what are /biz/'s thoughts on btc atms? fairly low cap cost and you know normies will eat it up in the next bullrun. charge 5-8% txn fee, they won't know the difference.

>> No.11451571

I've seen a few and there's one where I work in the mall. It's in the foodcourt. Haven't personally seen anyone use it though. I would suggest putting a few in the ghetto so people can launder money easier. That dude in the (((vice))) vid used them. Although it's probably a higher risk of someone breaking into it.

>> No.11452138

Lots of countries have KYC laws for bitcoin atms now. Combo of ID scsnning plus a camera that takes your picture. So a ghetto locatiom would probably mean less use, not more

>> No.11452156

Sorry I'm typical American and forget other countries exist sometimes. Was thinking of American black ghettos because they use them more often than you think.

>> No.11452291

it doesn't work like that anon. nobody gets rich off of a good idea, they get rich from 1. hard work 2.already being rich (or more likely, having a lot of capital)

Uber isn't the first uber, apple isn't the first smartphone, tinder isn't the first tinder, and so on, and so forth. So don't wear yourself out thinking "WHY DON'T I HAVE A REVOLUTIONARY IDEA ALREADY I'M SO SMART"
It's better to have the passion to be able to go balls deep in a project. That's more useful. Revolutionary ideas are usually smaller than you think, and all those "really great" businesses and apps have already been thought of by other people. But if you work harder than your competition, and if you have more capital than your competition, then you will beat them.

>> No.11452793

My city has a few, but the fad is over

>> No.11453490


>> No.11453587
File: 460 KB, 1050x1064, NPC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.11453915

How would I go about marketing my eBook?

>> No.11453957

from OP post:
>Self publishing Ebook(comprehensive guide: https://kindlepreneur.com/book-marketing-101/)

>> No.11454002

maybe if you shared your site i would have visited it to give you the first nudge :).
reminds me of the first picture i sold on shutterstock, altough it was 25 cents it was still an awesome feeling :P

>> No.11454020

you can solve this by reading a few PUA Books.I also thought that i was going to die a Virgin when i was still 21 and now i'm 31 and married :D

>> No.11454173
File: 77 KB, 380x349, boomer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If you're not making money while you sleep, you'll work till you die

>> No.11454406

Based boomer poster

>> No.11455066
File: 103 KB, 834x691, npc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

next /entg/ thread will be NPC themed

>> No.11455667

I 100% agree with this. Diamonds in piles of shit, but I've found some damn good diamonds that have made me a lot of money and/or changed my life in very good ways.

>> No.11455859

what are some methods of finding places for ATM's. Ive been a salesman my whole life so the sale wont be a problem once I find enough places that one will say yes, and thanks to crypto I have enough for maybe 7 or 8 of these. I live in Manhattan and they are everywhere, I am willing to travel out to the far ridges like long island, queens or new jersey. Are there places that have a tendancy to need an ATM and not have an established relationship with an ATM provider?

>> No.11455881

Make a website and sell orgonite to protect brainlets from the 5g networks

>> No.11456011

I want to do a clothing line. Yes I know everyone and their 11 year old brother is currently doing one but I don't want to do designs on t shirts. I've targeted specific articles of clothing that fall into a certain "lifestyle" so to speak so the marketing would be selling the lifestyle instead of selling the clothes. Should I go online boutique or cut and sew?
Cut and sew needs a hefty amount of up front money but everything would be how I like it but boutique I can just resell stuff that fits the lifestyle almost like a dropshipping store. Opinions?

>> No.11456073
File: 49 KB, 325x324, 1512000363537.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hopefully a conservative white lifestyle brand and not some nigger lifestyle brand

>> No.11456103

Yeah sounds like it's some nigger line of clothes since that's the lifestyle jews have been pushing for years and is currently the most popular.

>> No.11456130

Surprisingly not targeting niggers. Definitely targeting white people with this one.

>> No.11456169
File: 76 KB, 321x348, 1539570109877.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pls no
No more npc garbage
I'm begging you

>> No.11456179

The original anon had good connections. He was able to put machines in very successful night clubs/bars and the like. Maybe start there. Drunk people won't care too much about the extra charges.

>> No.11456187

Absolutely a great idea

>> No.11456219

What advise would you guys give someone who wants to earn some money part-time besides studying and not a regular part-time job? Any small business ideas that would work well on campus?

>> No.11456240

>thinks some witch can tell the future .
come on anon !!

>> No.11456256

For the love of fuck, please stop talking like this. Thank you.

>> No.11456437

LMFAO, no one will read your book. Guaranteed the advice you will give will also be retarded

BTW this is coming from a 230 pounds sub 12% BF 6 foot muscle god. Which has a far better understanding of anything involving training and I still feel like I wouldn't be qualified enough to write a book that will work for everyone.

>> No.11456453
File: 40 KB, 645x729, brainlet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

BTFO this thread neet if you can't handle my interest

>> No.11456456

You realize that fat pieces of shit will most likely be the ones buying it, right?

>> No.11456476

the market is extremely over saturated. If you don't have an impressive physique and a good social media following good luck selling that book. Even if you do have both of those things good luck LOL

>> No.11456551

You can say that about damn near every potential business venture. Sounds like you're a little jealous that he has the balls to even try it while you don't.

>> No.11456848

I have way more than enough money then having to resort to selling e books online lmfao. I also would have a much higher chance at succeeding then him

>> No.11456876

>not wanting to make passive income through ebooks

i make about 20K per year in dividends but I'm looking into other ways to get passive income. blogging, ebooks, etc. anything I can do that will shorten my time till a good safe retirement with passive income is a-ok by me.

and you'll never know if you have a higher chance of success unless you try. so walk the walk fren

>> No.11457089
File: 98 KB, 1462x2046, brainlet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11457124
File: 48 KB, 800x632, ilikebeer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why dividend stocks if you're going to drip anyway? You're taxed on dividends, and dividend stocks generally don't grow much, so why not put your money into something that will? Then you can put it into a div stock if you need the money.

>> No.11457130

Trade crypto
Fuck taxes

>> No.11457159
File: 91 KB, 720x413, 20181015_121656.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

On campus? The one anon who answered my 3D print question says he got a mini 3D printer and charges people to use it because he's in Uni. He said he does pretty well. Makes like small figures or whatever people want to print. It may cost like 200 bucks though. I attached screenshot of the website he used.

>> No.11457167

I enjoy that trash tho lol. Fortune cookies, tarot readings, and horoscopes. It's my guilty pleasure. And its free

>> No.11457177

But it's oversaturated, dude. You'll never succeed in that area. You said it yourself. There are 2 kinds of people in this thread. The people trying stuff and yes some are failing but at least they're trying, and then there are people like you who just sit on the sidelines yelling "You'll never make it!" And "That idea won't work!" You're just a lazy asshole who's scared to try.

>> No.11457201
File: 86 KB, 433x427, 1536514127390.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It only works for people who actually have willpower like all weightloss/training shit. Also stop being such a Debbie downer Mr. Chadthundercock go larp in a shill thread unless youbhabe something to contribute.

>> No.11457212
File: 3 KB, 79x124, 1539986584974s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Making a cool niche affiliate marketing website. Gonna pay a filipino VA $400/mo to work 40 hours a week on it. Need to make some kind of guidelines/template for him to follow to get work done and I'll make edits and approve of things for him. Will probably make tasks for him using Trello or Asana

>> No.11457306

That was me, yeah I do pretty okay. So far I’ve made my money back from the printer and the materials. It’s also very little work once you get it all set up. You just let it run for however many hours the print is. Recently I’ve been 3D printing Bongs and people are super interested in those.

>> No.11457434
File: 571 KB, 700x525, 1538877202976.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you guys think vending machines is a good idea? Ive got 12k saved up and like the idea. Do you reckon i should sell candy or cigs and how exactly do you set one up

>> No.11457469

That is way too much time and money allocated to an affiliate site.

>> No.11457676

I've heard vending machines don't make you a lot of money. Profit margins are small. Now claw games on the other hand

>> No.11457700
File: 30 KB, 363x363, 1538291109111.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Scamming children does seem like the way to go

>> No.11457928
File: 61 KB, 788x699, 5B658C16-1E45-41AC-AC67-99C873706010.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Always is

>> No.11458040 [DELETED] 

I've been toying with idea of opening something ike a juice bar that only employs homeless people and donates all the leftover vegetables/fruits to poor people. The social aspect would obviously be huge part of the brand. I live in a very "socially conscious" city where people love to feel like they're making a difference. What do you guys think about this idea?

>> No.11458051

Lol sorry about that wish I could have been more helpful. At least you have something going thoug. Christmas is coming up maybe mske some homemade like chocolate bark, wrap it up in bags and sell it? All you need is chocolate, pretzels, and candy canes. Could do a Halloween one too. I remember those kids that sold candy out of their backpack in highschool those kids did well.

>> No.11458072 [DELETED] 

I've been toying with idea of opening something like a juice bar or a bakery that only employs homeless people and donates all the leftover foods to poor people. Perhaps I could even do something like donating a meal to a homeless person for every X sold. The social aspect would obviously be huge part of the brand. I live in a very "socially conscious" city where people love to feel like they're making a difference. What do you guys think about this idea?

>> No.11458084

Buy claw games like>>11457676
said and put them in multiple dennys, ihops, pizza places, malls, etc. Or theres a guy that has like 5 big candy machines for like you know gumballs and stuff. He makes bank just at the mall I work at. He does so well that he pays like some guy 2k for a days work refilling them at multiple locations.

>> No.11458091

I've been toying with idea of opening something like a juice bar or a bakery that only employs homeless people and donates all the leftover foods to poor people. Perhaps I could even donate a meal to a homeless person for every X products sold. The social aspect would obviously be huge part of the brand. I live in a very "socially conscious" city where people love to feel like they're making a difference. What do you guys think about this idea?

>> No.11458101

You okay buddy? You're posting the same post but changed a little bit

>> No.11458133

Haha some light OCD.

>> No.11458243

Good idea you can pay the homeless people fuck all

>> No.11458254

Yeah im gonna do some math and figure out whats gonna make me the most

>> No.11458640

anybody have the holy pepe? the one with hair and looks like an angel

>> No.11458812

shut up dont kill my dreams but youre probably right unless my website blows up

>> No.11459363
File: 1.13 MB, 561x471, piece-of-piecea.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is madness.

>> No.11459376

Don't ask me for sauce. I think it was sweet.

>> No.11460373

keep the thread alive!

>> No.11460393

Bump for this

>> No.11460812

I've long wanted to make a 4chan but where each post is integrated into blockchain.

>> No.11460925
File: 53 KB, 543x960, 10649649_10208066978819892_4508476971283992492_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what's a good guide to start drop shipping?

I'm from Australia so unaffected by the trade war

>> No.11461165

Forex doesn't have the day trader penalty

>> No.11461403

Let reach the bump limit !

>> No.11461654
File: 24 KB, 396x385, 372D78CA-51E5-408F-B562-37F206C45C06.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I found it

>> No.11461688

SEO-writing (ie. descriptors for Casino games) is pretty dull but gets you couple hundred if you are good and couple thousand if you get hired.

>> No.11461943

I have to work up and redesign those infographics and "anon wisdom" screencap neverless.
Compiling a book with a guideline chapters and my own comments is the least amount of work.
Tons of anons benefited from that, so why not compile that information into a sorted book.

ok mr. "I have the longest dong on an anonymous kambodscha etch a sketch sharing imageboard."

>> No.11462116

Ain't no passive income without capital. If you got some capital, I suggest trying to be a silent investor.

U sucker. Wanna be my silent investor?

>> No.11462128

How much time u got on your hands? I've got some leftover supply lying around. Needs to be sold.

>> No.11462676

Just started my first Etsy store, going to start with some cheap IG/Twitter influencers to get those first sales.
Good portion of traffic check my reviews which is currently 0, need to gain trust.

>> No.11462734
File: 124 KB, 600x400, 1534636048447.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh man so happy this thread is still going strong. Just saw the perfect little shop for rent like 5 mins from my place on the mainstreet. Id love to have my print business there, just daydreaming about having my own business it's comfy. I still have research to do though. How's everyone doing today?

>> No.11462750

Interesting. Saved and thanks for sharing. Any more info?

>> No.11462768

Cool beans anon! What are you selling? Bought some cool t-shirts from etsy a while back.

>> No.11462837

Custom shirts and accessories. Using online services can hinder profit margins which make the shirts expensive but you sorta have to bite the bullet.

Been fun designing some OC shirts though. Got any tips for online sales? I tried Shopify a while back but I think it's saturated and everyone and their dog knows of AliExpress.

>> No.11463128

Yeah but you only take income that you need leaving the rest in the corporation to reinvest and grow. At least that's how I understand it.

>> No.11463493
File: 51 KB, 667x500, 91SHUh2sovL._SY500_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice! The creative part is always the fun part. Yeah well hopefully etsy isn't too expensive I remember briefly trying to open an account for whatever reason and didn't realize you had to pay. I guess if you niche your clothing right you may get more sales. I bought this shirt with Mulder from the xfiles talking to a cat with really cool lettering. It's really goth looking. I'm into horror stuff so I found a lot of cool things just searching that niche. I've only ever resold items on eBay so I don't really ha e any solid advice, maybe besides selling really unique stuff at a higher price. I've seen a ton of etsy ads for that bicycle tire wreath on websites. Saw a really creative Freddy Krueger wreath for halloween. They used parts of a Halloween costume and it looked really cool. Do a niche that's popular like that and see what you can get a bargain for and make something unique so you can sell it for a higher price. Pic related is the wreath. If you can target Facebook ads at those chicks who love horror stuff year round or maybe videogame stuff people go nuts for that.

>> No.11463504

Sorry for changing id I have to switch data and Wi-Fi because I'm out of the house rn.

>> No.11463512

Yeah the only reason I mentioned it was because some youtube guy talked about it when his reselling business got big and anons on this board have mentioned it also.

>> No.11463924

What do you want to print?

>> No.11464585

3D printing things (but mainly prosthetics) but I know I won't be able to sustain myself on that. Right now it's a fantasy, a day dream mostly but I'm working up to it and starting small. Saving money and doing research in the meantime. Then hopefully build a small client base once I streamline the process and work out the kinks. Theres a 3D printing place in Hollywood I may pay a visit to, to see how they do it. Or just basically rent out the machines.
Mostly I want to make a bionic arm but that's way later down the line.

>> No.11465638


>> No.11465877

what are you guys' thoughts on self-service car washes ?

Seems like a pretty passive income method.

>> No.11466176

Wherever I saw one, they had a good utilization.
But I bet they would cost a lot to set up and need long to get the money back in again?

>> No.11466429

From.what I've seen costs go up if you buy the service from these companies that do it all for you but if you break down the cost of equipment and go to alibaba the costs go down by 50% minimum. I think $30k is viable for a 4 lane wash. Which should generate at least 3k passive profit per month at ~4$ per car.

>> No.11466590

Is feel like 3D printing shops are going to be big in the future. Like you literally go to shop and can print anything you need on demand and with diffrent materials. Any tools you need any parts your missing any idea you want to model all are gonna go to 3D printer shop. That’s my input at least

>> No.11466601

How do I get my dropshipping to organically grow without ads?

>> No.11466804


>> No.11466888

I really hope that's true. I mean the community is great, these people make almost everything they come up with open source. If you have a basic laptop or desktop you can print anything you want. They even have industrial printers that print parts for airplanes and big machines. You can print with metal even. I feel like if I actually don't get too lazy and make this work it could take off. The town i live in is near 2 highschools and close to the animation industry. Really nice area I think for a 3D print business. The printer I want is around 500 bucks and I have to look into filament. YouTube and the internet have a wealth of info too.

>> No.11467472

yeah, i doubt NPC's are going to have personal 3d printers, but then again most have regular printers and now look what happened to print shops. so idk tho

>> No.11468299

no bump ? alright

>> No.11468808

Yeah well its more inexpensive to just buy a brand new paper printer than to get it fixed. And most things to do with documents can be transferred digitally these days. I don't think 3D printers will be going the way of paper ones unless it was incredibly inexpensive to get a good one say like 200 bucks versus 500+ that it costs now to get ones that are bigger and higher quality. 500 is still a chunk of change to drop for normans.

>> No.11468904

Nothing that wasn't already covered in your post on Reddit ;<) gtfo

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