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>they STILL don't get it

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drunkanon here. just poured a glass. will visit /biz in a few hopefully

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looking forward to it. lets hear it!

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What are you sippin bro? I'm having a jager-coke combo.

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Za Zdarovje fren

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black art. i don't expect many to be on when i come back and post so ill prob rattle off a few posts and take off.

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my fren, there are many of us online in different time zones. board has been slow so just tell us what you've been finding these days, it will be visible for all to see later when they wake up

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I hope you’re not larping. Drunk anon is awesome

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Tell us something interesting brother.

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Yeah. That ocean prediction was uncanny. If you look the signs were there, but that was a very specific thing to zero in on right before it was announced.

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Breathes in


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dAmn it feels good to be a Linky

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Drunk anon we're hungry for some breadcrumbs. Come back and drop any knowledge you can for us!!

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Anyone could get their logo on that page if they donated enough. No surprise since Sergey raised 32 million fucking US dollars on nothing but a whitepaper. After buying a lifetime supply of big mac meals he's still got 31.5 million leftover that he has no idea what to do with.

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Exercise patience LINK marines. Most of the people who made it off bitcoin were the ones who either forgot about their -then- infinitesimal stacks, or truly understood the impact it would have, and held.

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pee pee poo poo

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Fucking based and beyond beautiful

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updated list

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Fidelity Labs =/ Fidelity Digital Assets

"Fidelity Investments is spinning off a stand alone company dedicated exclusively to bringing cryptocurrencies to institutional investors.

Called Fidelity Digital Assets, the limited liability corporation based in Boston will provide enterprise-grade custody solutions, a cryptocurrency trading execution platform and institutional advising services 24 hours a day, seven days a week designed to align with blockchain's always-on trading cycle."

Dumbass Linkies

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eNIGggers BTFO

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pacing through my apartment rn, autistically clenching a clementine in my hand like a stress ball, racking my brain trying deduce how it is that no-linkers still haven't figured it out by now


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Fundamentals don't matter when the bubble has popped and everyone's fighting to sell

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"Fidelity Labs
a Fidelity Investments company"

In the OP pic. Nolinkers confirmed for illiterate swine

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What's your opinion on the current state of the Pivotal? It really looks like they already planified the Q4 development (they just added tasks up to 2 December)

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we'll be waiting fren

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>blockchain r&d division is unrelated to their newly announced blockchain division
oh and the president of that new division is also the former president of chain, another ic3 member

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i was gonna go to bed

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Me too but now we have to say and see what based drunkanon has for us tonight

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Still down 70%

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please keep this thread up so i can check it in the morning :(

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Whats ic3?

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Chainlink is love. Chainlink is life.

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i wanna choke that kevin rooke motherfucker till he starts turning blue for shilling this garbage.

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Hes just another assblaster larper wannabee, you guys are fools

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What he did mean by this?

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Fidelity labs is a Fidelity Investment Company ready to invest for 13000+ institutions. and they are right now they are part of IC3 Partners along with Chainlink.

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If that's true then why aren't there more projects associated with IC3?

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Please don't feed the trolls

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Hey do you guys know that fidelity also let's you invest in MoviePass? You know, HMNY? lol

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lmao not for me, I bought with Eth in the spring. For me it's up over 100%.

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drunkanon..where are you

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I've been sipping and waiting too anon, I need reassurance my tiny stack will provide me some relief.

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Gulp. So what exactly will fideility labs be doing? Will they build their own distributed ledger, powered by IC3 and use link to grab that data?

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Just poured a beer and hope to hear your perspective on recent evens

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where is drunkanon?

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Is there a chainlink usecase for fidelity ? What are the implicasions and usecases for them ?

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Bond dividends is just one usecase.
Fidelity is one of five which tested this with chainlink

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can you think of fidelity making use of smart contracts to enhance or cut costs on any of their products? every single one of those products is a use case for chain link

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OP is a big fraud!

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Getting the best exchange prices

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Drunkanon we need you

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Bump, where is he ??????

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You people have become this desperate for any halfway decent larper to come and reassure you of your bags.

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We got a new employee on the pivotal his name is Alex Coventry and he was balls deep in zensight, a Salesforce management tool! We gonna make it

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You win this time pee poo!

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You can find his CV online, he's a full on Bernie bro.

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*sllurp* ahhh

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Alex Coventry also worked for empirical which was acquired by Tableau. Who have clients such as wells fargo

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Multiple Australian banks using Tableau right now

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link ?

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Phone posting at the moment. Just Google Alex Coventry empirical and his CV should be around the top of the page.

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link is the biggest mystery within the cryptosphere

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Software/Protocol Engineer
Cryptographic consulting for Legicash
April 2018 – Present 7 months
Developing an automated smart-contract arbitration system to accelerate cryptocurrency transactions and other financial interactions on the blockchain.

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Thank you fren, phoneposting on a broken phone too so hard to dyor, gonna dump another paycheck into link i guess, instead of fixing my display

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Marines can I get a quick rundown on Legicash? And why is the new guy involved with them? What does this mean for the Chainlink team? Possible partnership?

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No chainlink, 0 activity for 2018.

Abother shilling scammer...

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>he doesnt know some neets on /biz/ live on here just to get the one piece of juicy info on link

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Im not a neet and i also do this. Pretty sad desu

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i am a neet and this is all i do.This is my life atm. Ive noticed the best info usually comes out in the morning time usa eastern and night time.

I feel bad for sergey and the gang if they dont come through.

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Siemens uses Tableau.

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work, home, subway, always on this thrash sub and looking for link info

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>you guys are all idiots because I bought high

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Siemens + link dots... Ic3.

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The only way they will get it is when sergey dumps 650 million tokens and you all get ass fucked harder than I ever have.

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fucking kek

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Astro is now larping as a roastie...
Jesus christ this faggot is cringe. This is what happens when you get cucked so hard by someone who collects underage nudes that you actually become a woman to cope. F-

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Just admit you’re Astro faggot

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Just ignore the cunt

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I still dont properly know what an astro is desu -_-" but it's funny.

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We all know your wife cucked you and you lost the farm, but becoming a tranny isn't gonna fix your problems, z8

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You guys have me mixed up with the wrong person. I'm guessing this is biz level of cope when they see a strong woman. Their own toxic masculinity has made their male egos so fragile they cant face seeing a woman talk down to them so they blame it on a guy because you can't rape me xD >.<

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Kys kurt

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> -_-"
LOL are you me

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soo exactly how dry is your cunt?

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Both of you are fucking retards who are connecting dots where there aren't any. Sergey spends all his money on big macs it doesn't mean they have an imminent partnership with maccy ds coming up. You both give Linkies a bad name, please leave sell so that only those with high IQs get the moon we deserve.

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Just sold 100k

>> No.11418542

from june

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are you asain too?

drier than sahara

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No shit? So it's already done, We already made it. Just have to wait for the price to catch up

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is this like some npc way of telling me that im using a "trip" code?

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Shoot for the stars

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1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. Find a better hobby.

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hi astro
kys you mentally ill pedo faggot

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xD roflcopter im not an astro

your mom must be so proud you can count to 10 on the internet. Good boy

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Rutagaba is that you?

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could someone explain to me what is ic3 and why is so big?
4k poor linkie here

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Jesus Christ

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what happened to drunk anon? vodka coma?
lets play search for sergey while we wait

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Total Supply
1,000,000,000 LINK

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Vitalik just retweeted this
Is Vitalik tsundere and has a secret crush for Sergey?

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hi astro
kys you pedo faggot

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cypherium is on the list too, why arent we buying this if its so big ?

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That PS tempted me to buy stinky linky but I didn't

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you brainlet. here's some good bread crumbs >>11417072
>New employee Alex Coventry
>Worked at Empirical Systems in 2016
>ES was purchased by Tableau in 2018
>Tableau has a shit ton of clients
> SpaceX, Wells Fargo, BoA, Aeromexico, etc etc.
Let your mind wander the potential.

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This is one of those rare threads that fill me with genuine hope that everything will be alright in the end, and reassures me and the choices I’ve made to accumulate.

Most days this place is filled with primal screaming, not today.

Crypto is one hell of a drug. Roll on 2021.

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IC3 is pushing for crypto/smartcontract adoption basically.

That supply is going to decrease because tokens will be locked up. Thomas has a video where he briefly talks about this.

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Just converted another 10 ETH.

at this rate ill be 100% LINK EOY

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Sergey being right next to Ari should tell you everything you need to know

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My LINK stack flipped my ETH stack about 2 months ago. Never thought it would happen.

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