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LINK $1 EOY 2021. Hahahaha. Enjoy your bags faggots

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I don't want to work for two more years

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Wait, isnt this awesome news for LINK?

Swift is migrating their payment traffic to be ISO20022 compliant which means they need to use chainlink to be compliant.

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Ya but it in da footure, so it baaad

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totally different standard. its XML. chainlink is JSON via a rest API

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You understand this requires heavy testing right? Its 11.000 banks and all have to be ready.

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It's no big deal converting JSON data into XML format or the opposite

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did you even read anything? 100% chainink isnt in compliance and coudlnt be

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>End of 2021 <-------- YOU ARE HERE
>end of 2030
>end of 2040
>end of 2100

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Here's a (you), queer

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Chainlink is love. Chainlink is life.

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If Swift partnership and cooperation is for real and Swift will be using Chainlink this means $1000 EOY 2021 will be realistic. Big ifs though

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Atleast my grandchild will not have to work, thanks to the old crazy lad who bought some crazy stuff back in 2k18

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oh no OP I have to wait 2 years for SWIFT to adopt Chainlink oh n0o0o0o0o000o0o0
lmao kys faggot thanks for posting this BULLISH as fuck news

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Swift does not use LINK, they will use their own decentralized oracle system

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link is shit

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is that wat the larp said couple of days ago that we have to wait till 2022 till 1000$

what if it's a certainty, i can wait 4 years for big bucks

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If this goes to $1000 I will have $100 million...that can't be real...

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And 1 billion if it goes to 10k

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I will be selling way before $1000 though. Not gonna make the same mistake as last year. I'll always keep 20k to stake.

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ok just checked that thread, was something completely different but he said we had to wait 5 years though so kinda same timeline, but if those 2 collide, it would be the 10k timeline

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>Chainlink isn't ISO 20022 compliant

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SWIFT will use chainlink, and this will make us rich.

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Are you going to respond after getting BTFO like this? Are you done pretending to be retarded?

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>End of 2018
>End of 2019
>End of 2020
>End of 2021
>End of 2023
>End of 2024
>End of 2025
>End of 2026

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literal nigger brains

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5 year projection is 4D FUD from a crappy larper. After mainnet launches, we will see all partnerships. The price will moon. The larp wants you to capitulate and sell. Remember, crypto prices are based on potential (ie tech stocks).

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ChainLink's PoC involved generating ISO20022 compliant bond coupon payment messages.

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Seriously. All this FUD and mainnet hasn't even launched, as if any coin was ever worth something before then.

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so I see 400% returns for a 3 year investment? I fail to see how quadrupling my money is bad.

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Smart contracts will be a common buzzword on CNBC in 2019. Enjoy the ride.

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