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It's happening guys. AMB will be $100 EOY

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Fake LOL

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Bump don't be poor /biz/

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You're an idiot if you think this is fake (pic related) ,

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link is shit

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think it's allready priced in, or the market doesn't care at all?

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How can a partnership no one was expecting be priced in dumbass

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link is shit

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There's still some blood left in your agonising body little AMB. The wounds are lethal, but be a good sport and give up a spectacle before leaving.

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Look at yesterday's volume.
Someone got the info first and bought a lot, but I don't think they have dumped.
Smart play is to wait for a day or two to see if news get sold, buy the dip and dump in 2-3 weeks.

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do you see price movement? i saw it yesterday so that means yesterday it was news, today it's priced in... or everybody is sleeping

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Ever wonder how AMB got popular on biz despite being a rank 200 token?
Angel has and will keep dumping on you guys. He is sitting on 200 million AMB tokens generated from thin air.

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Unfortunately AMB is dead in the water. I've sold up. Kucoin is about to delist and TFD is leap years ahead and worth 1/10. Binance will delist in the next wave. AMB has failed to garner any respect and recognition no one cares about the project and it's effectively dead so do yourself a favour and sell on the next pump and move on this coin has no future.

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>using Link fud
As a stinky I'm kinda insulted
How's your $3/month gains from "masternodes are expenses" doing?

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i think they paid 1k a month

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Kek if you think I'm running a masternodes on either. Masternodes are a scam.

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Wrong. Pic related

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10$ eoy At minimum. Just watch.

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That image is pasta used in a link fud thread about a couple weeks ago.
Have any proof for Kucoin and Binance delisting?

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You can see it on Kucoin, although this is probably bullish given what a fucking graveyard Kucoin is.

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Special treatment does not mean delisting. There is no volume because
>everybody is holding this shit hard

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Literally going to retire on my sigma node. See ya, fucking stinky linkies.

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Anyone still holding these "enterprise chain" memecoins?

Lol, this is almost as pathetic as Digimarines.

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>look mom, I used the word memecoin again

Amb is going to be huge. If you can’t see it pour acid in your eyes because you already blind as fuck and it wont make a difference

You idiots the same ones who thought whole food and all these overpriced food retailers who offer a quality product would fail.

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nobody buys whole foods lel
AMB is scam

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>Nobody buys food at Whole Foods
Poor fag spotted

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supply chain cryptos were the dumbest idea ever and will be seen for the cash grab they are. notice they all emplioy the same scammy tactics? They're a relic from the bull market that will soon go the way fo the dodo

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Listen to this idiot anon
Or listen to premium goods and nds who will be using amb.net

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Did Nongh shim confirmed the partnership?

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This isn’t a vechain partnership.

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Ambrosus itself doesn't talk about any partnerships unless they're confirmed.

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Pls newfag, don't get too excited.

There's no credible business case for these shitcoins, they were a product of the 2017 bubble where you can drag a dead cat across the street, call it Crypto Cat and launch a 30-million dollar ICO collecting ETH from idiots.

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They even wanted to raise 100 million, but "only" got 30. Yeah, 2017 really was the year where everyone with a fancy idea could collect millions from the stupid masses.

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Why didn't you create an ico and become a millionaire then?

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Have amb them selves announced the partnership as well?

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their twitter account retweeted the announcement article, so yea

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And their official telegram news group also.

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So that’s 2 down 3 to go concerning actual use case partnerships enh? Fuck, I think we really might make it.

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In a few years this is going to be like that ETH fud post

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The first is that vanilla farming operation in Madagascar right?

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Technically premium goods, a top vanilla exporter is their client.

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Check out this AMB get

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it always amazes me how /biz can convince people to sell the bottom of any project when it starts to do its first successful steps and small victories
yes it's fun to watch sometimes, but in general people who post here deserve to live locked in a basement prison forever
literally nolife autists and basement dwellers

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Its funny because Chainlink can easily reproduce all of these shitty supply chains and someone can code Ambrosus in a day using chainlink oracles to fetch the data.
Insane how retarded people can be when they invest their money into a project that offers only a specific use case when they can just invest in one project that covers a plethora of use cases all these shitcoins are aiming to do.
To all of the idiots in this thread, google "Metcalfes law"

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Shut the fuck up and go to one of your containment threads you fucking autist

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The truth hurts to hear, I understand.
Dont worry, Im not saying there isnt any money to be made in Ambrosus. A rising tide lifts all boats. You just wont make nearly as much money as you could investing in Chainlink.

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Where would you fetch the data from? What kind of sensors does chainlink have?

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No it can't. The only thing chainlink can do is connect the data from external sensors to the blockchain. You still need to build the whole system on chain. AMB is a complete supply chain solution. You fell for the LINK larps, go actually learn what LINK is for retard.

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Shut the fuck up and go to one of your containment threads you fucking autist. Your shitcoin is dead outside of /biz/

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that feel when your folio is 60% BTC / 20% LINK / 20% AMB and some ETH / XMR / LTC as spare change :^)

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>Where would you fetch the data from? What kind of sensors does chainlink have?
the source of data would most likely be unique to the specific company. RFID or any other form of described "sensors" is not revolutionary and is not anything new. Most shipping companies have been using that type of technology for 20+ years already. Where it differentiates with Chainlink is that fact that entire centralized infrastructure with data delivery can be automatized and save these companies billions. You don't need an entire new network built upon specifically tracking shipments when the value of these networks are built upon the amount of users it has generated.
>You still need to build the whole system on chain.
So wrong. Why would you need an entire new chain to build these systems? Think Http protocol, everything on the shared internet is thanks to one big entire network. You dont need to build a new protocol from the ground up if you want to make a new website.
Trade in your AMB for XMR and its a solid, solid portfolio.

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Stru and go kys.

You invested in a non symmetric face autist who has 0 experience in anything besides fucking philosophy. Vlad t... Steven Mayer, and super chadsetti are going places. Don’t ever compare link with amb.

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good argument. Really challenged my beliefs.

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rofl wasnt tfd partnered with nongshim already? lmfao amblets on suicide watch. better buy a real iot crypto like waltonchain

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Niga, amb is far behind rfid. This isn’t vechain or wtc, Fucking absolute idiot. Please go kys. You dont need to pass on your retarted genes.

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> RFID or any other form of described "sensors"
Please read

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why do linkfaggots have to fuck up EVERY THREAD
you fags make up a quarter of the boards on /biz/ go into one of those instead

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It's the other way retard. Why would you use Chainlink and design your own system with smartcontracts when there is already a complete solution with AMB you can use? AMB itself utilizes smartcontracts, holy fuck the very fact you think AMB can be built in a day with LINK shows you have no fucking clue what you are talking about. McFucking kill yourself eoy.

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Te-food did a pilot aka proof of concept. Obviously amb beat them out .

A company looking for a blockchain solution will usually “partner” with multiple options. Te food, ibm, amb ect.

You idiots don’t understand that partnerships don’t mean jack shit. Network usage does. These Korean gooks will TRACK EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF STEAK on Amb. That’s what adoption looks like.

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Feels good man.

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This is the beginning. Amb opened up an Irish office for a reason . There will be much more
/proof of steak

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I'm hype tbqhwyf

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Wrong. Wrong wrong wrong.
AMB is offering a specific use case, Utilizing DLT to tack shipments of products.
With a decentralized network, the number 1 thing that gives them value is the size of its network. The reason Bitcoin is valued at 6,xxx USD is not because its technology offers specific use case compared to the competition in the market, its valued at that because of the size of its network, the number of nodes, adoption rate etc.
The network effect is so especially true when talking about decentralized platforms. When talking about the value of your investment again I ask you, why would you invest into a single project offering a specific use case when you can invest in a single project that covers that specific use case plus a plethora more (auto insurance, payments of bonds/stocks, securities, derivatives, mortgages, and yes, supply chain)
Remember, the value of these networks is proportional to the square of the number of connected users.

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>Wrong. Wrong wrong wrong.

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I agree, network usage is what really matters
Also was about to point this out, link is meant to facilitate the ability for companies to create/utilize their own chains, software and hardware and interconnect them all among each other. But what is stopping them from using something like amb, where its own benefits come from a fast and ready made chain, development suite, pre-made software applications and company/user support and then using that in tandem with link?

This is assuming both of these will have adoption so we can cross out the otherwise hypothetical.

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Checked 10eoy

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Peep my gets earlier in the thread too we goin to 15eoy

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>AMB is offering a specific use case, Utilizing DLT to tack shipments of products.

Why not just use a tracking number?

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>What are bio sensors.
>What is decentralized
>What is trustless
>What are smart contracts for insurance claims that automatically get triggered when a sensor has a “red flag” reading
>What is saving money on your own system and simply using amb
Look into dhl poc with Accenture. amb is now connected to Accenture. Accenture used “ high tech temp/monitoring senors” to track dhl Parma on the block chain. This was 100% amb working with them to do this. The proof of concept was a success.
>dhl tweets a link to fatsetti talking about blockchain.

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Holy shit you got deluded by LINK larps. LINK is just data connecting. That's it. It's like a call function in programming. If today, you tried to write a smart contract to cancel an event on bad weather, you can't do that because you can't call weather data onto ETH. LINK is fucking MIDDLEWARE to connect data. It doesn't fucking create supply chain solutions out of nothing. Holy fuck loool.

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Suck at coding. Couldn't be bothered.

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>Trade in your AMB for XMR and its a solid, solid portfolio.
later, there is still room for growth

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So does ser-gays fat ass but he still managed to rip off all you /biz idiots and continues to have you guys thinking you will be rich. He’s eating good every day at McDonald’s thanks to you idiots.

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>What are bio sensors.

They exist without memechains.

>What is decentralized

That's not an advantage, and certainly not in the corporate world.

>What is trustless

People trust a reputable corporation more than some Chink and Romanian scammers.

>What are smart contracts for insurance claims that automatically get triggered when a sensor has a “red flag” reading

Smart contracts have no legal weight, so no corporations are ever going to rely on them.

>What is saving money on your own system and simply using amb

They can save money by simply not giving a damn about some Shitcoin.

>Look into dhl poc with Accenture.


>amb is now connected to Accenture blah bla blah

Not a single dollar of value was sent to or generated on the Amn main net.

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>he doesn't know that AMB and LINK are actually synergistic to eachother

not gonna make it

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I can’t debate with stupid . The data is fuckig encrypted. Hashes are sent, not raw data.

The baby formula fiasco that resulted in deaths was all on a private database. The bad pharma that has caused deaths was all signed off by humans and inputted onto a private data base.

If you can’t understand how IoT gateways, smart sensors and all the other shit amb is doing, your done. Company’s will be able to lower their insurance costs when the risk managment people see, as well as cut their entire logistic/purchasing dept as well as gain public trust thanks to amb. It’s a win win.

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To add to this, governments will FORCE companies to use tech for transparency. This whole sustainable fishing/farming depend on amb and public block chains.

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You're entirely missing the point. If AMB does survive the next 10 years you won't see amazing gains off of it. Supply chains being built from the ground up is not properly utilizing this technology.
>LINK is fucking MIDDLEWARE to connect data.
and its all you need to properly utilize this technology. You don't need a whole new system being built around the tracking of shipments when those already exists in a centralized manner. A company can then use their already existing infrastructure and benefit from DLT by decentralizing its data delivery. There is nothing revolutionary about supply chains scanning food and bundling that information of its own blockchain. Delivery data via decentralized oracles can already do that with pre-existing technology.

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You have no clue wtf your talking about


So chainlink is developing these same sensors and IoT gateways as Amb. Fuck no. Amb has the brightest minds in sensor tech, using dna and other types of fancy shit, and they have the GUY WHO WROTE THE BOOK ON IOT working for them.

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You don't know what you are talking about.
>gather data from sensors
>pay chainlink nodes to connect it to your centralized supply chain
>realize you could've just directly connected the data
Hurr fucking durr.

>> No.11347485

You guys are both missing the point and purposefully nit picking. I dont know how else to get across to you guys that these sensors, or any other shiny bells and whistles this company can offer, does not give it real value.

>> No.11347488

Linkys are as deluded as ven and nano fags. Regurgitating the same retarded ass shit with 0 thought process going on. Fuck them. Real talk.

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Ok see you at 10 dollars eoy

>> No.11347516

You understand all of their high tech stuff is not out yet. They are linked up with a Swiss patent firm. Everybody saw the zip-ties in the amb documentary and laughed.. That’s nothing compared to what they have cooking.

>> No.11347539

My stinky friend, amb would be something companies would use to host their supplychain on, link is what they would use to connect to others. There's not really any competition between the two as >>11347377 (checked) noted.

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If AMB blew up tomorrow it wouldn't affect me at all and I would have no qualms about it. For your guys sake, I hope it does, but its just not where I'm putting my money. Best of luck to all of us.

>> No.11347579

I hope link does well also because it only further legitimizes the technology that we are all betting on.

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You will fomo in at 2 dollars

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Realistically, whever bundle number amb achieves eoy, multiple that by 7-10 to get your basis node cost
>if fatsetti gets a simple 10k bundles a day, your looking at .70-1usd
>100k would be 7-10usd
This is based on simple investment strategy’s where 10% annual return is acceptable. This didn’t even take into account fomo and speculation

Amb 10usd eoy or I’ll fight a bear.

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Checked as fuck senpai
Anybody have any expectations on bundles? Can we see 10k a day between these Korean steak fucks, the Afro vanilla farmers, Swiss coffeee alliance and trek?

>> No.11347907

>>11347599 (checked)
Damn, if they get to 100k bundles... do you think you could retire on a sigma node?

I think it could be a wait for a couple years but I'm just trying to be pessimistic, I have no idea how the bundles will end up being organized in practice.

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Finally gonna make some money

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