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This boomer made millions during the dotcom bubble and now he's investing in emoji domains he believes will become really popular soon, For instance the burger emoji domain could be valuable to Burger King, or the coffee emoji to Starbucks. Some big companies have invested in emoji domains already like Budweiser (the heart and beer emoji forwards to Budweiser.com) and Sony Pictures (the smiling blush emoji plus clapperboard emoji). What are your thoughts?


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I'm going to kill myself.

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Is .in taken?

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Lack of standardization for emojis makes this a dumb idea.

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That was the pile of shit emoji

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Or ICANN could be shooting themselves in the foot by suppressing emojis while others are offering them.

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What a time to be alive! I wish I was dead.

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It's simply a bad business decision to make your website unreachable to anyone who doesn't have both a smartphone and a keyboard with a particular emoji set. There is no profitability in this.

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Boomer bullshit which was (not so) interesting in 2012 or so. Was only working on .ws domains, Coca Cola bought some. But for real, where is the use case? I would rather register 10 new fancy startup-name .com's kek

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That's why companies are for now using them to forward to their ".com" website. But in time to come emojis will become more and more widespread and accessible to devices.

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This will not be anything like the dot com boom you silly faggot

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>something that’s not universally supported today has zero potential and is a bad business decision

Lmao never change /biz/. These are the same assholes boboposting and telling you your bitcoin is worthless and all going to zero.

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Emojis are not universally supported. My desktop doesn't have emojis.

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Do you not speak English as a first language? I know they’re not universally supported today that’s why I said NOT UNIVERSALLY SUPPORTED TODAY

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so riddle me this, faggot: how are Android (and all of the different phone manufacturers) and iPhone posters supposed to all navigate to the same URL?

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I misread, no need to be rude. Why are getting so you so angry over such a trivial topic? My point still stands that there is no standard, and it would be almost impossible to enforce one since it would exist at the app level.

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You are stupid and poor, enjoy staying that way forever.

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You truly have as little imagination as you have technical savvy.

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I have 10x'd my bitcoin stack in the past 9 months. I think you're projecting

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Even though he struck gold with generic domain names in the 90's, I think this is a gross misunderstanding of why zoomers like emoji names.

This is like applying boomer logic to a zoomer phenomenon. I don't think it's a very good idea at all.

"hamburger" dot WS? maybe if I could just put the hamburger into the search bar on my phone and it automatically goes to the website or something. If it's the top result when you punch in the emojis I guess I could see it working.

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Emojis are Unicode standard brainlet

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There's no standard for how they should be represented brainlet. Just go through all the different emoji sets on your phone and imagine your boomer mother trying to figure out which ones are equivalent without a reference.

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Wew lad. This is such a good example of somebody that cannot look 5 years down the line and cannot even comprehend progress or change.

>My desktop doesn't have emojis

top lol.

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Right so what does a burger represent apart from a burger, Cletus?

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Why does it feel like this is a shill thread full of emoji domain bagholders

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There are a lot of ambiguous and similar emojis anon, don't be obtuse.

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so you're going to advertise the hex code or what?

I'm sure you're already the proud owner of


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you're the one being obtuse, retarded nigger, by ignoring the most usable, universally recognized emojis and only focusing on the more obsolete, ambiguous ones which no one will care about.

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Imagine getting this emotional over emjois.

>please sir buy my domain emojis are the future do 100x in 2 week

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not all of them are obvious brainlet

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imagine being exposed as a literal brainlet on a vietnamese weaving board
>there are only ambiguous emojis which no one recognized
the absolute cope

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>Why are getting so you so angry over such a trivial topic?
Do you know that we're on the internet?

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It seems a bit premature since the domains are only in .ws .to .fm - the real boom will be when .com is released

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Wow the windows 'gis are real fucking dogshit.

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Beats a stretched out and ripped up vagina.

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what the fuck is she wearing? nigger shoes with some kind of horrific yellow lingerie leotard? all on top of a fucking pregnancy scar? fuck this gay earth

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my desktop has emojis, poorfag

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seriously though how tf could you push a baby out of that tight little puss?

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it could be an appendix scar, i dont think she has any kids

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I thought they were called emoticons

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emoticons are the punctuation marks, numbers and letters, like :-) or :3
emojis are the pictographic art you see on your phone for texts etc

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I have an appendix scar on my right side

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Lol, I can type burger with 2 thumbs faster than I can open the emoji menu, scroll to the food emojis and then find the Burger emojis

This is dumb boomer shit retirement to capitalise on the kids

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Burger - 1 second

- like 5 - 7 seconds

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thats retarded, we used to call that pictrographic art 'emoticon' in the MSN days..

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i remember those days too anon, it appears the definitions have been updated.

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once you use it it moves to the top of the list tho

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well almost nobody uses stuff like :) and such anymore and if they do, they're just 'smileys'. Emoticon was a small pic during the msn days and should still be, i dont get why it got a new name nothing changed but the apps. Emoji wtf..

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holy shit, what's up with that interviewer's stoner face?

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Emojis are seen as normie shit even by some very normie people. It's normie rock bottom, the seventh circle of normie hell.

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That would explain why he thinks that domain names are valuable, because he made his money back in the day when people would try visiting shit like "videogames.com." Discoverability and search engine placement is king, not stupid one-character domains. People care less and less about actual domains; think about it: how many times have you seen people type "facebook" into the search bar instead of just going to "facebook.com"?

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