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Can someone explain GVT a bit to me? How do I make a trade on GVT? Is there a minimum deposit required?

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Are you talking about buying GVT on an exchange like Binance or using it on the platform when it's released on October 30th?

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Buy GVT, find a decent manager on the GVT platform judging by their past results, invest in them for however many GVT's you decide, wait, hopefully profit, repeat until retirement

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Once it launches and people realize you will need to use kyc this will dump hard

Sell before oct 31.

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Not everyone is a neet who is too scared to do KYC. The rich will.

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Almost every exchange requires KYC.

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Major marketing campaign said to start after launch.

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Found the gayboi
The fomo is real

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What's KYC?

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Lol. I had a feeling I wouldn't get a serious response

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I used Google like a big boy and figured it out

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Do that from now on big gay al

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Yes sir

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>I shilled GVT like crazy on r/crypto during August and September to the point where I got banned. I lost like 200 karma doing it too since those faggots all downvoted me constantly.

Oh so now that the price is increasing GVT is magically an amazing project to you retards?? But when it was priced low it was obviously shit?? How are you fuckers this stupid?!

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Karma isn't real and is completely worthless.

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/biz, do me a favor as stay out of GVT. Yall are a bunch of faggots and broke retards.

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I just find it crazy that normies see a purse that cost $1000 dollars and think omg! I have to buy that! it must be special or else it wouldn't be expensive! Same purse selling for $50 and they will think must not be good its cheap. Everytime the price drops on crypto they stop buying, everytime the price increases they buy. The NPC brain is fucked.

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You're not getting my GeVi's.

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Stop mentioning GVT in /biz/, don't want yall fuckers pajeeting my favorite crypto

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Next stop, 20
I personally want to see consolidation at 15 for the weekend

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Hurrrr everything has kyc

Kyc will prevent a majority of the world from using this platform. That’s what you idiots don’t understand. This shit is not going to be legal is lots of countries due to regulations.

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oh no what a shame, guess the people willing to use a VPN will have all the good managers for themselves. that sucks

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Lol, it appears gvt just released a statement concerning us customers. Just as I and many others have said all along, this shit will face regulatory issues in lots of places.
>at least poor niggas in Zimbabwe in invest their 1 gvt token
The sec fucks all. Get fucked.

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The whole reasoning why this was supposed to blow up is due to actual use from brokers. Not a fuckig neet in his basement. Brokers with connections in the USA will not touch this shit. Fucking 4chan idiots, I swear.

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im sure the autists who pulled 300%+ in a week as we saw in the tournaments will suffice

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Your not understand the premise of the token being worth tons of money. It needed adoption from brokers. You idiots don’t understand the difference between a broker and a manager. Adoption is what gvt needs for the tokens to be worth money. This is a huge blow to actual brokerage adoption.

These forex guys made big gains because they were playing with fake money. The crypto traders we’re pumping and dumping low volume coins on binance to win the tournament. It wasn’t legit.

Get out now. It’s gonna sit at sub 10usd for a while.

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So now the project is dead?

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Far from dead. But not the 100x everybody was saying. I highly doubt even a 10x any more. Fucking wrekt by america.

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FUCK! I hate my government

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I and many other anons have been saying this for months.
>hurrr durrr who cares about America
>their gonna start marketing in China
Fucking China... kek. Good luck with having that shit any type of legal to any type of chink.

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Yes fuck those (((people)))

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All of Europe is going to be rich because of this and America won't.

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Meh, I bought mine at $6 so I was still able to double up. But damn, I was hoping to ride this rocket to the moon.

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Sell GVT, Ruskies BTFO by Slavs

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that was my avg cost as well, just gonna hold it since I don't have that much anyway.

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managed to get out at 20k sats. what are peoples guesses where this thing will bottom out? 15k sats?

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i have some ZIL laying around, should I dump it for this?

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It was my biggest hold so I swapped mine out for some bitcone, comfy now.

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You think there aren't any good traders in London? The world's financial capital?

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good call. I only have 80, so not really worth it to sell for a quick 2x at this level. If they get their shit together with the (((SEC))) in a few years this could be an easy 100x. I can be patient.

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Room temper iq that understand the difference between
This will get used, but not at the brokerage level that everybody was thinking. They are also loosing their first mover when it comes to crytpo trading platforms. This project is on life support now. The leverage available sucks too.

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'Loosing' first mover advantage - whos the competitor?

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At least I still have Holo haha

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they should had released the news on 29th october.

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This. I could have made mad gains all month.

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whats the play boys? we rebuying when it bottoms or is this thing dead?

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They posted a ripped up American flag on their announcement until someone complained and they took it down.

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fucking americunts

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Exactly! Why not release the news when the price was going to dump anyway. All of us bagholders could have made way more money.

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The bottom won't be reach for a day or two. A bunch of fomo normies are at work right now and won't be able to trade until they get home. They will see their huge losses and sell.

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It seems all the culture racism is true
>russian are scammers
>chinks China hustle
Crytpo has taught me this is 100% fact. These russian fucks knew from the get go this would never be sec complain. They lied about the fucking howey test as well. Fuck them

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Yet another crypto project that turns out shit, ive become to the disappointment

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Well it was fun to feel that rush of gains for a little while. It made me realize my depression was directly related to the market. I'm going to make some changes with how and how often I view my crypto investments.

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Why can't scammers at least be smart enough to not kill the pump until october 30th launch day?

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It would be devastating to their product launch to have a 'sell the news' dump plus this announcement on the same day.

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because they're not scammers. this is unironically how a legit project conducts itself; transparently. blame the (((US government))) for this, not them.

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Maybe there was a chance that if the team knew this sec info and held back that they could face legal action in certain jurisdictions.

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>not scammers
>say the project passes the howey test, is not a security and is USA compliant
You got scammed faggot. They said them selves now they are working on a new project. They released a shit beta, their gv markets was nothing more than fucking metratrader 5. It was a scam all along. I can’t believe I lost a few grand on this shit.

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Yeah when I woke up and saw $15 this morning I felt a little tinge of that euphoria from last year. Damn I missed that.

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>They said them selves now they are working on a new project
No, they didn't. They're working on a new one for Amerifats.

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Where do u think that money and attention is coming away from?

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if the main platform is more or less up and running it shouldn't take away that much time/resources

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Honestly probably not, but it depends if you are American. ICONOMI are basically getting rid of their current token, and making a proper security token, as a share in their holding company with full corporate voting rights, legally compliant profit sharing and ability to vote to shut down the company and claim the assets. If you're US you won't be able to benefit from it until the SEC make a move or ICONOMI get compliant - they are probably way further ahead than GVT, but not sure honestly. If you're EU or rest of the world basically you can register on the iconomi website and will be able to benefit from it. Either way, they are about to release their full fiat gateway so anyone can buy a portfolio using euros no BTC or ETH needed. Based on my maths they need way more money under management to be properly profitable but its definitely a less stupid play than GVT. I won't compare it to ZIL, they're too different. You decide.

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unfortunately I am (((American))).

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oh also there isn't really enough info about the new token to know whether it'll be actually tradeable anywhere or for crypto for a while. It is a risk atm, keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks, they should be releasing more info. They use Medium mostly, but post links on (((Reddit))) and twitter

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Ah shame.

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yeah thats how I feel about it too.

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Because they are dump fucks and don't know how to p&d.

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