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First time I see this. It smells and tastes like real deal. Very nice effect especially when combined with nicotine. This is going to be a huge market. Legal in 50 states.

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Enjoy aids

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no thc lol nice scam

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Wow this is retarded I can’t believe you got scammed so easily

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>Very nice effect
lol ok

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>green cum
>no thc

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What is the fucking point you faggot, its non psychoactive.

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Bet you anything high school kids are going to start selling this shit to each other.

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It’s no thc. Might be good for someone who gets anxious and paranoid on all other types of weed because of the high thc content, since it’s just cbd or rather it’s bred to have most cbd and way less thc. I’ve seen them in Florida too

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look what I get in Cali

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it'll get you high, but it's not fun.
and it can actually kill you, unlike king chronic
it's like drinking rubbing alcohol during prohibition

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How to long the coming anti-CBD moral panic?

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I dreamed about it when I was young..does it taste good?

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This is actually illegal in NY because it gives people seizures. Don't smoke this shit, retard.

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>it'll get you high

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My bad, thought it was that Spice^tm bullshit my cousin smoked in the army.

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Lol there is no way you can get pulled over with that in your car and be okay. Just treat it like weed OP. Remember in the land of the free CBD is a Schedule 1 substance.

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It elevates the mood.

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This may be the next "JUUL".

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Tastes great, not harsh at all, smooth.

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You must be referring to synthetic marijuana, this is not it. This is just hemp.

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There are over 100 cannabinoids and over 400 terpenes, esters, polyphenols, etc, in cannabis you faggot.

And technically it's legal if it's below 0.3% THC. There's no chance that has zero THC, not even possible unless you remove the THCa synthase enzyme which there's no chance this shitty company did. Most hemp growers are well beyond that 0.3% limit anyways, little to no oversight but a nice loophole to sell in all states

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That may be why I'm getting so high on this.

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That might as well be crack let's be honest I smoked shatter back in college. I felt like such a scumbag smoking that.

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How much did you buy? A gram? How much $ was it?

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how much did it cost.. anyone seen this shit for sale in texas

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>no THC
>overpriced shit
Yeah, I'm sure all the beta cucks will be buying this garbage, invest in the company making it.

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you're not getting high, you're depriving yourself of oxygen.

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I could just imagine trying to explain that to the cops and eventually the judge as the railraod your dumb ass.

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>technically it's legal
CBD is a Schedule 1 drug. The Federal government is not allowed to spend money enforcing hemp prohibition. Notice I said Federal government. So to your local/state cop in a prohibition state, this """not thc legal hemp bud""" is marijuana and when they find it on you they are going to arrest you/fine you/cite you etc.

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having a marijuana analog is illegal.

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Its not shatter bro. Look up Matt Rize Ice Wax. its next level

it technically has less THC than shatter but has way more flavor/terps/cannabinoids. So it fucks you up but in a good way. Its pricy to, $120 a gram typically

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Did you even look at the picture you fucking idiot?

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No it's actually not, read the 2014 farm bill. Nice loophole there

I thought he wasn't in business anymore after the new Prop 64 regs? Is he doing business under Prop 215 still or something?

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nice try but people hae been arrested here for it. to fight it you would have to pay for a chemical test at a lab - which ends up being thousands of dollars

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Or you can not be a retard and only source hemp products from companies that provide lab testing, and keep the packaging with the product at all times. I have no doubt there's been people arrested, the only difference is that it has low THC. Nothing else.

No sympathy for people who are lazy with drugs.

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$15 for a gram. Went out fast, I had to go back and get more. I got a cbd wax/vape oil in a cartridge too. Also, a CBD vape juice, glycerin based in a bottle. The guy said to put 5/6 drops under tounge other then vaping it.

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I’m in the industry, based in Florida. It’s hemp flower but god knows where from. Empire is not known to be very forthcoming or qc

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That happens to me, hate it, become a total psycho sometimes

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yeah I'm sure the cops in FL won't take your ass in to county lockup because you say it doesn't contain in THC

tehy'll book your bitch ass on intent to distribute just like they do with kids holding oregano

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What's the difference between the terpenes and the tinctures? Can either be used with a nicotine vaporizer? Would love to mix with some nic juice if possible.

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>There's no chance that has zero THC
There is if it isnt actually cannabis you fucking mongoloid.

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>Matt rize ice wax
Who the fuck names a product after themselves? No way that shit is better than live resin, which goes for $60 tops a gram. $120 is fucking robbery. Not surprised from a guy who names shit after himself

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my grandma had a dozen hemp plants growing in her field. those are completely non-psychoactive, she was growing them for seeds (which are really tasty and nutritious) that she uses when cooking bread.
local faggot 14 yo kids raided her plants and were smoking the fucking leaves. not even the flowers, but leaves. those retards saw the same shape in "dude 420 lmoa" pics and thought thats what you smoke.

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fixed this for you

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>it isn't cannabis
Are you fucking retarded? Read what you just wrote, and do it very slowly so your tiny brain can understand.

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I think you severely overestimate the intelligence of the average law enforcement officer and underestimate what they will charge you with regardless of 'muh hemp loophole'

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Autistic seizure?
Are you ok?

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Its a waste of packeging. How they can all feel the non psychoactive cbd components in those strains is beyond me too.

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look what I got from my growroom

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reverse image search is a thing anon

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you don't have a grow room

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You don't have to smoke in front of cops you know?

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you know what's up
most of these CBD pills have thc in em too
I ate ~1400 mg of CBD and got rocked similar to a 50-80mg edible

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I would just like to be able to buy marijuana tablets to take when I have anxiety attack, I used to smoke bongs like a madman

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this is legal and has THC in it

poppy seeds are legal and have codeine and morphine in them

san pedro cactus are legal and have mescaline in them

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Ok you got me.

Doesn't change the fact that I'm growing like pic realted

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Proof: I know where to buy those boxes: https://www.auer-packaging.com/de/de/Eurobehälter-geschlossen/EG-8612-HG.html

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The exact ones:

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What kind of little bitch smokes weed with no thc just to be a smoker kek
Get blazed or don't fucking bother cuck

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It elevates the mood of the people selling fake weed to morons, sure

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