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Why does /biz hate free money?

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where do you bet ?

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Mac's comin' home with that soviet meat stick's head on a stick

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I don't fucking know faggot I'll find a.place how hard could it be?

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Literally who is khabib

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Do you want to take the opposite side of.my bet? We can write a smart contract using oraclize

Put your money where your mouth is cuck

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The best p4p in UFC rn, maybe zhabit edges him a bit

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these are the type of fucking idiots who post on /biz/ these days.

you started a post claiming to double your stack by betting on kebab without even knowing where and how you going to bet you fucking shit for brain mongoloid mouthbreather

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Never heard of him so that means is he's trash Conner in 1

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Should never bet until the day before the fight anyways, odds always changing and you could get fucked if something weird happens

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Khabib is -150 lol
cant double your stack on a -150 lol
I think I've talked to you before. I bet on fights professionally. Bettors club lol

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And I told you once again to not bet on this fight. McGregor CAN knock Khabib out. Khabib doesn't have a very good chin. But his god like wrestling makes up for it

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guys where can i gamble my gamble coins on this fight?

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Still doubting mcgregor at this point not gonna make it

I hate the lil cunt but he just keeps winning bet on him

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Exactly this. It is a pure gamble which can be decided in one second.

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>Jose Aldo
>best p4p
>gets knocked in 13 seconds

Good luck retard

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