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Constellation Labs CEO and founder Brendan Playford has disappeared from the company since July. They claimed he was on vacation, apparently this was a cover-up. Was at a crypto event last night in the city and heard a small group of guys discussing some drama at Constellation Labs.
Allegedly Brendan was day trading portions of the $33 million dollar raise for months and lost a substantial amount. I guess enough to get him removed as CEO.
The question is, did he lose enough that it tanks the company or was he removed for breaking policy? Does anyone know what the hell is going on here? I went to their Telegram and nothing is mentioned, just that his disappearance is not suspicious and no big deal which is just crazy if you ask me.
Is there some way to force them to show their trading history? And is day trading your investment illegal? If it isnt, it damn well should be.
Personally I think they will just pretend its no big deal, and that losing their founder and CEO within 6 months after raising $33mil is just industry standard stuff and not to worry.
Dont really give a shit about this coin but it pisses me off these people get away with shit like this.

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another shitcoin nobody's even heard of is never going to amount to nothing. what a surprise

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Fuck this shit. I lost money on this shitcoin. Their Telegram is run by some outsourced admins who don’t know anything about the project. All they do is greet people and post emojis when some pleb praises the project

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I sold this shit because it has completely stagnated anyways, and there hasn’t been any news about exchanges. But yeah the admins in the main telegram are acting fishy for sure

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this shit is either boom or bust. x500 or going straight to zero. hedge your bets, mine is medium. risk reward ratio for a coin with these fundamentials, at rank 423, are excellent.

also small caps are due for a pump, they follow last after mid caps, so likely soon. anyways, I dont care. do as you like

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>Allegedly Brendan was day trading portions of the $33 million dollar raise for months and lost a substantial amount.

lmao that explains so much

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Let the team give a chance to respond before pitchforks.

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All they’re saying is that there will be an announcement in a few weeks. It takes a few weeks to confirm your ceo is still around?

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I guess this explains why they have almost $0 for marketing. Why he disappeared and why the team has been avoiding this conversation for such a long time. Biggest question, what are the legal ramifications, can he go to jail for that? Is there any way to check their reserves and see how much he lost?

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In general are there laws in the US around misappropriation of investment? Does that apply to crypto?

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Did the team explain why Brendan was allowed to day trade with their investment funds? This seems impossible to defend, maybe even illegal.

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How about waiting for the actual update, before killing the project. Besides team has better economy than many other projects

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whew, an even greater clusterfuck than I thought this could be. Silicon Valley jerks being Silicon Valley jerks, who could have thought.

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is this tier 3 FUD?

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ghost their telegram and search for "Brendan" apparently not.

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Nice holding 5mill. Cant even drop my bag

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most of the discussion on Telegram are scrubbed, mentions of users being banned for bringing up the issue (kek). Admins curveballin' any other questions related to Brendan's disappearance. Sure looks promising. I am done combing.

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The day trading part of the story sounds like bullshit, unless you can at least name the crypto event. The CEO leaving doesn't need to be embellished, just sounds too much like you're spreading rumours as it stands right now

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>Constellation DAG faggots kept spamming Dero threads calling Dero a scam
>DAG is the real scam

And pls note I'm a Monero holder so I don't even care about Dero but at least Dero still has their pajeet autistic developer

DAG is literally a fully fledged scam

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bunch of retards spreading fake rumors and circlejerk around it, while lowkey shilling their DERO bags LMFAO.

wait for them to clarify before spreading stupid rumors anyone can manufacture on the internet kids.

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>”m-muh f-fud! :(“

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>literally only one post about Dero
>less than 4 minutes after being said, 1 post by this ID shows up and slams Dero

Like clockwork, every time

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Constellation have a very strong engineering / developer team, in fact that's their main selling point IMO -- so your reasoning makes no sense.
BTW, never heard of Dero until now and see no reason why DAG holders would care about spamming them, but can't stop spergs from sperging I guess

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Because Dero is also a DAG, more specifically a BlockDAG, and DAG holders are attacking all DAG-based coins because "muh DAG"

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stop hijacking this thread with the dero shit man, go make your own dero thread and gtfo here no one cares about that, go see LUX, phore and the other 1000 projects that does exactly what dero does.

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I was going to leave but now seeing how salty you become from just saying the word "Dero" I'm going to sit in this thread and promote "Dero" over and over again just so I can keep tasting your delicious tears.


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could you give me a quick rundown on Dero?

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Well that's fine, but you didn't address my point that Constellation's core dev team is still in tact, when you suggested otherwise - the CEO was not a dev, he wasn't even that articulate

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delicious tears is codename for my cum

let me hear you again


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It’s a shitcoin too. You might get some nice gains if a PnD group finds it, but pic related is the most likely outcome you will be in

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> I don't even care about dero
> here's a shill graphic from my dero shill folder

anon pls

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"I heard some whispering going on so I came here immediately to report my findings". This is a petty attempt at causing FUD. None of this is true. Hopefully OP got some cheap DAG bags as intended.

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if this wasn't fud then why doesn't the team member give a statement instead of "baka". What is the "truth" if this isn't the real one. Go look at the telegram history, why are the team members playing politics and jumping through hoops whenever the issue is mentioned in the past? Why were people banned for bringing up issues? Dumpster fire in the making.

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Love the project, but the PR / mrktg team is one of the worst I've seen

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shipl me on dero, fk those dag scamers

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Why buy constellation when you can buy Nano? Nano can do everything Constellation can do and so much more!! Magnificent dev team and best commmunity!! NANO NANO NANO NANO NANO NANO NANO NANO NANO NANO NANO NANO NANO NANO

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Nano pulled off one of the biggest swindle in crypto, stay away from that shit

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it's known that the dev of dero asked mcafee to shill their coin, but was told to fuck off

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thx just bought 100k

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Was at a function in NY 2 weeks ago - Wachsman PR (recruited by the team to publicise Constellation) was discussing how Brendan exited in July (with his tokens), said to be massive divides in the team. Ian (Haad of Growth) also gone. Testing massively delayed due to severe code issues. Complete disarray internally with seemingly no way back.
I sold last week, looks like others are doing the same now this news is coming to light

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I just found this on another thread.....is this true...?? >>11130430

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The fud is strong on this beautiful Sunday. Another opportunity to shake the weak hands and buy the dip

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wow you need to step up your FUD game. So the PR team were discussing their clients internal issues huh? fuck I better sell because you and other people are too ...

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Ahahaha dero ur funny dude :D. Their ceo who has a story of exit scamming investors for millions of dollars? Or is this not worth mentioning cause "MUH BLOCKDAG"

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Just got banned from their telegram for asking if this is true. Fuck those assholes. I was going to buy the dip and help shill, too.


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damage control in full effect

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Check out the AMA, marketing hasn't started.

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As said before, the main selling point of this project is their dev / engineering team which has specializations in distributing systems such as NASA, Google, Salesforce etc.CEO stepping down or fired doesn't mean anything, but I do agree that the PR team must address this ASAP as FUD like this may cause unnecessary damage. Their PR team sucks and must step up.

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This project is still in its infant stages. The engineering team is incredibly strong. People come and go even at Facebook or Google or w/e. The project is still going strong!

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Fuck it, I'll buy those bags.

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Can nano do smart contracts?

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Anything can with a second layer, dumbass.

PS: Smart contracts are useless. Nobody will ever use them. Nobody is using them. Muh smart contracts.

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>Just got banned from their telegram for asking if this is true.
same here

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They've been hitting their deadlines, announcing new parters, hiring new team members and attending/hosting tech events. Also why would they start marketing before the market is done dying? This is the dumbest fucking FUD I've seen in awhile and probably why the price isn't getting effected. Yeah their PR team sucks but it's a new project and based on the test net code I think they're doing a decent job

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alongside with a CEO getting caught with his hands in the cookie jar. neat.

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Ive been banned from the main chat and trader chat. Can someone please ask them to confirm or deny Brendan was trading company funds, and if so show us what he gained or loss.
Its disappointing to have a CEO removed/fired/quit within the first year of launching his own vision. Those who say its no big deal clearly have no clue how crazy that is for any business, especially a small team.
But whats most important, did they blow a big chunk of their investment doing speculative crypto investing during this bear market. Someone needs to force them to answer this. If you are invested in this project, how could you not want to know the answer. Just get them to say he was trading or he wasnt, and the FUD can disappear. But they wont answer, and ban anyone who asks. Its a simple, yes or no. This is extremely suspicious, this is not something that takes time to answer, you were trading or you werent.

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t. pic related

I just like talking like that for the lulz
but srs
I think we’ll be fine

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LOL so you heard this at a function in NY too? desperate dero pajeets. even mcafee which is the biggest scam of 'em all is backing the fuck off of your filthy coin
Admins in telegram said that they will address this SOON. Your asshole must have been very itchy, but you should calm the fuck down

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Half of the moderators are there fore a few months aren't even close to the Silicon valley team. I don't think the CEO did illegal stuff, but that pic prives zeri. PW wouldb't know

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Someone show me a confirmation from the team that Brendan was not trading with their ICO funds. As far as I understand they refuse to answer this question. They can make up any reason why he is leaving, I want to know if he was trading their investor capital. Someone close with the project/team can you answer this?

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You guys are saying CEO's gone since July, but he's been active in twitter til Sept 21. Why don't you guys DM him there twitter.com/BrendanPlayford

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