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I see you useless biztards shilling crypto currencies all day, But nobody actually talks about how useful they are.
Nobody uses them, knows how to use them or plans on using them.
Doesn't matter if they scale or not. They're just digital pet rocks, that you don't actually want and shouldn't have paid for.
What you actually want is more fiat at a 10th of the price. My advice is go to the free section on craigs list and resell that bullshit on ebay.
Even diehard OG bitcoin maximalists and devs don't want to use their bitcoin. They just want to sell it to a greater fool on Wall Street.
At least Ethereum developers are trying to figure out new ways to use crypto currency in a desperate attempt to make their make believe internet money useful in some way shape or form.
Unfortunately it's still only used to dump ICO bullshit on biztards like you.
Nobody is using dapps or joining DAOs or even dumping on decentralized exchanges.

Please prove me wrong.

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Not really, it’s just another investment. All the decentralized aspects of it are cool though, so I think it might definitely make the world a better place. Every area where tech creates savings means more investment in other things.

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How is it making the world a better place?
And it's not saving anybody any money. It's only purpose is to violently fluctuate in value. When the price goes up, so do the fees. The more people "adopt" it, the worse it functions.

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Go back to Plebbit. They love to talk about adoption.

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Might need to GTFO soon and need to take my wealth. Cant do that with fiat or shiny rocks.

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I'm someone who occasionally browses this board and I don't get it either. I always see people posting random cryptos and saying they'll be worth buying into. Why? I never see anyone use any crypto except for bitcoin. I don't understand how a flavor of the month crypto has any value whatsoever. Do people actually use things other than bitcoin for any kind of purpose?

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No. But that's about to change
>pic related

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>any value whatsoever.
you mean, other than speculative?
because as long as it has that, who cares?

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these crypto shill posts are paid shills. ignore all of them. note how btc, eth, xmr, and neo all dont have these shit level shill posts on a constant basis.

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Its literally teenagers and 3rd world scammers

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How are you supposed to use your shitcoin?
It was my plan when I thought I could sneak off to another country with a cheap cost of living. But that plan only makes sense if I don't have to work.
Anyways, best of luck with your migration plans.

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The guy from distributed defense just got framed by the feds and was able to flee the country with millions of $$$ worth of BTC on his person. Can't do that with gold or cash.

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But I dont even understand where the speculation comes from.

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Been in bitcoin since 2013, don't really give a fuck about it changing the world as long as it keeps making me money. Mass adoption and more regulation would be detrimental to the wild price swings we have now though

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small businesses in australia especially coffee shops would to use crypto to avoid the high fees paid for debit card transactions

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That's just a wallet with a bunch of extra steps and hardware.
Good for him. I hope he doesn't have any trouble cashing it out. But that doesn't apply to 99.999% of hodlers. My dispensary doesn't even take crypto.
At best crypto is barely competetive with payment processors when nobody is using it. Visa charges like 1.5%+$.10. BTC has like $.25 fees.

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it might sound as a meme, but i use crypto as a store a value. sure, it might fluctuate up and down like an epileptic tard, but it still better than most alternatives.
i live in a shitty country with kinda oppressive government. its not best korea level oppressive, but still quite shitty. the whole country is a vassal to big banks (for example: youre forced to keep your pension fund in private banks, banks give 0% interest on your savings, you get absolutely raped by stupid clauses if you want mortgage to buy a house). when shtf, im certain that the government will bail out the banks by either printing shitload of money (making local fiat useless) or by using deposits (it already happened in a neighboring country). if you want pm (actual bullion or coins, not just paper) youre forced to pay 30% premium when you buy and stomach 20% discount when you sell.
basically, if you have several k laying around, youre either forced to spend it on trivial shit you dont need (like new phone, laptop, whatever) or risk losing it in near future.
thats why i keep ~1/3rd of my savings in various cryptos. no despotic retard whos bought by the banks can take my btc away, no matter whats it worth.

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Permissionless and uncensorable.
Fair and open.
Lots of unique features and amazing things to see if your mind is open(try shrooms).

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Sounds like you're definitely in it for a good reason, dawg. And it sounds like you're taking the right course of action. The risk reward sounds about right.

But has your currency lost 75% of it's value in 6 months? I know bitcoin has a consistent history of coming back with a vengeance, but this time, the speculation came from Venture Capitalists, that love to cannibalize their investments.
They were hoping to dump their bags on institutional investors, but they didn't take the bait.
The exchanges are even more shady than the banks and any one of them can melt down mtgox style at any time. Sure you can sell it on the streets, but that's not how prices are determined.

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